Sunday, June 16, 2019

Virginia Beach shooting: ‘I’m going in’ brave cop says in dramatic audio

It was 35 minutes of terror. Audio of police radio dispatches from the shooting that left 12 people dead in Virginia Beach starts at 4:08 p.m. Friday with a steely-nerved dispatcher announcing, “One down — gunshot wound, 2405 Courthouse Drive, Building 2.” (New York Post)
  • At least 12 killed in Virginia Beach shooting
  • RCMP shortages highlight government’s failures

    Since last week’s opinion piece was published where I discussed the staffing shortages in the RCMP and how it was relative to crime concerns of folks who live in rural parts of the country, I have received a number of messages from people providing anecdotal snippets about service issues they are having or have had with the RCMP. (True North)

    Durham cop ignored robbery to help drug dealers

    A Durham cop seems to have forgotten that he’s supposed to arrest cocaine dealers, not advise, protect and assist them in their drug dealing. (Toronto Sun)

    North Van man who crashed both parents’ cars arrested for impaired driving

    A North Vancouver man who first crashed his dad’s car, and then a few hours later his mom’s, was arrested Thursday for impaired driving. (Vancouver Sun)

    Durham Region’s embattled police chief stripped of his authority

    It’s a “crisis of confidence” of emergency proportions. That’s how an Order-in-Council from the Ontario Solicitor General’s office described the situation in the upper ranks of the Durham Regional Police Service, prompting an order for the immediate removal of the region’s top cop. (Toronto Sun)

    Niagara officer shot by fellow cop now facing criminal charges

    A Niagara-area police officer who was shot and seriously wounded, allegedly by a fellow officer, has himself been charged in connection with the shooting. Investigators with the Ontario Provincial Police allege Const. Nathan Parker of the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS) resisted arrest, assaulted an officer and committed assault with a weapon during the altercation that led to him being shot on Nov. 29, 2018. (CBC News)

    NYPD officer hired hit man to kill her husband, young girl: court documents

    NEW YORK - Isaiah Carvalho Jr. woke up Friday hopeful that his life was about to turn a corner. Instead, he was told that his estranged wife, a New York City police officer, had been plotting to kill him all winter. (National Post)

    Details on Richmond Hill terror case doesn’t pass the sniff test

    When the World Trade Centre was attacked on September 11, 2001, I was in Calgary. I wound up at the airport watching all the international flights being grounded and stack parked wherever they could on the tarmac.  I did more than a dozen TV news interviews that day from the airport. The underlying message I was giving was whatever you knew the world as on September 10, it had now changed and changed utterly.(True North)

    Prolific offenders and hot spots focal point for Calgary police

    The Calgary police auto theft unit caught up with a familiar face this week, saying there’s lots of work to be done in curbing the city’s most prolific car thieves. On Wednesday, an operation manned by the specialized unit nabbed an alleged thief in a downtown Calgary parking lot. (Calgary Herald)

    Manhunt in Alabama after gunman shoots three cops, one fatally

    AUBURN, ALABAMA - Several police officers were shot, one fatally, in a trailer park south of here late Sunday night and a manhunt was on for the alleged gunman. (CBS)
  • Alabama gunman in camouflage kills police officer, wounds two more