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Assisted suicide


Casualties in the War on Terror

No one knows

TORONTO - Public health authorities in Canada and around the world have called for comprehensive tracking of suicide deaths, arguing that better, more available statistics make it easier for professionals to prevent suicides.  (Toronto Star)  


Moms suicide study

TORONTO - One in every 19 maternal deaths in Ontario is attributable to suicide.   (CBC)  REPORT:   Perinatal suicide in Ontario  


Start conversation

HALIFAX - Police Chief Jean-Michel Blais says his officers are seeing a disturbing rise in suicide calls, and is suggesting the city's suicide rate be released to help start a conversation around the issue.   (CP)  MORE:   How should we talk about suicide? 


Publication ban lifted

CALGARY - The death of Hanne Schafer was by any definition a nightmare.   (CP) 


You can kill yourself

MONTREAL - A Quebec coroner is recommending action by government, parents and teachers after a 15-year-old boy died from inhaling keyboard cleaner.  Dust-Off is advertised as a safe and effective cleaner but is not intended for internal consumption.  It is, however, one of an estimated 1,400 products that can be sniffed.   (CTV)


Suicide suspected

MONTREAL - After a difficult year that included a high-profile divorce and a custody battle that forced him to quit politics, tragedy has once again struck Quebec media magnate Pierre Karl Peladeau.  His new girlfriend, Marie-Christine Couture, was found dead Wednesday in her Montreal home. Police believe it was a suicide.  (Le Press)   MORE:   Woman found dead   Apparent suicide   Pierre Karl Peladeau  



BRUSSELS - Belgium's railways are suing the families of suicide victims to recover the cost of repairing damaged trains.  National railway SNCB has already clawed back 621,000 euros in the last 3 years by invoicing bereaved relatives for both damage to rolling stock and train delays.   (Daily Mail)   RELATED:    India's housewives are killing themselves 


Patient's self-immolation

BOCHUM - Prosecutors say a fire at a hospital in western Germany in which 2 people died was caused by a patient pouring disinfectant over herself and setting it alight in an attempt to kill herself.  (AP)


Suicide rate jump

EDMONTON - From Jan to June 2014, there were 252 suicides in Alberta.  During the same period this year, there were 327.  In an average year, there are 500, according to the Centre for Suicide Prevention.  (CBC)



VANCOUVER - The probation officer responsible for a troubled Chilliwack, BC teen didn't warn his caregivers that the teen was at risk of suicide before he hanged himself - one of a series of mistakes and errors that may have cost the young man his life, claims a lawsuit from the teen's parents.   (CTV)


GRAND BANK - 6 people have taken their lives in the town of Grand Bank in the past 14 months.  The situation has upended the entire community of just over 2,300 people.  (CBC) 


Death linked to workplace bullying

A PEI widow has been awarded benefits after her husband's death was linked to workplace bullying and harassment.   (CBC)  RELATED:   Family court linked to suicide


Online suicide game

The Blue Whale Challenge presents itself online as a series of 50 tasks - each increasingly macabre - over the course of a couple of weeks.   (NY Daily News)   MORE:   More than 100 suicides


Death of a journalist

TORONTO - Toronto Star environmental correspondent Raveena Aulakh was reported to have taken her own life on 28 May.   (Guardian UK)  COMMENT:    When a private tragedy becomes a public spectacle   Show us the suicide note   New managing editor  


Suspect dead

CALGARY - Police were called at approximately 11:30pm Sunday night about a violent home invasion along Beddington Drive NE.  As officers went to arrest the man, it became apparent he had taken his own life.  (CBC)   MORE:   Police look to ID suspect   2 in hospital


   Advocate suicide

CALGARY - Donna DeLorme, a Calgary woman who struggled for nearly two decades with multiple sclerosis and advocated passionately for the right to doctor-assisted suicide, took her own life.   (CBC)



BRAMPTON - Prashant Tiwari fashioned a noose out of a hospital gown, tied it to a ceiling vent and hanged himself in a psychiatric ward when his nurses left him alone for hours to attend a 'potluck lunch,' according to a statement of claim.   (Toronto Star) 


Lifting the curtain

Hospitals in Canada are under no obligation to publicly report the results of investigations when someone takes his or her life while under suicide watch. (W5)  MORE:   Transparency lacking   300 suicide deaths    


Suicide rates climb

Research points to the climbing suicide rate among elderly men; right now across Canada, 33 out of every 100,000 seniors, especially after the age of 85, kill themselves. (CBC)   World Suicide Prevention Day   Every 40 seconds   Preventing suicide    


No need for Senicide

LONDON - Official figures revealed so-called "excess winter deaths" rose 29% in 2012-2013 to their highest level for 4 years.  More than 80% of the 31,000 who died were pensioners aged over 75, who suffered from influenza as temperatures in March fell to levels not seen since 1962.   (Telegraph UK)  MORE:   Senicide   'Romantic' suicide     


Inmate suicide

OTTAWA - Alleged serial predator Yousef Hussein, 26, hanged himself at the  Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.   (CBC)   MORE:   Inmate commits suicide   Inmate suicide


Medically assisted deaths

Health Canada says there were 1,179 medically assisted deaths between Jan 1 and June 30 this year, accounting for about 0.9% of all deaths nationally.  In the previous 6 months, the first half-year in which medical assistance in dying was legal, there were 803 assisted deaths.  (CP) 

2nd interim report 

Assisted deaths

Not keeping data

Only 1 in 10 requests granted

1,300 have died since legalization


Medical Assistance in Dying

Law on assisted dying

'Reasonable foreseeable' death requirement

Federal rationale shot down

Senate approval

Jody Wilson-Raybould

No law is better

Bill back to Senate

Need not comply with SCC

Cost of drugs an issue 

Assisted dying economically untenable

Assisted dying stats in ON 

New strategy

OTTAWA - The Canadian military and government are adopting a more aggressive strategy to prevent suicide among soldiers and veterans.  (Globe & Mail)

Suicide prevention strategy  .pdf

Military suicide figures

Feds spent $694K in fight against veterans 

Forces officer commits suicide

DND hiring mental health professionals  

Mental health professionals

Ottawa has no special obligation to soldiers

7th known suicide

'Final desperate act'   

Death not counted   

Suicides 'troubling'

US military suicide epidemic 

Military steps up 


Report on military suicides

Report on suicide mortality 2016

Suicide risk factors

Minister orders examine of rates

Report on suicide omits Afghan impact

The Unremembered  

Soldier dies by suicide

Another solider suicide

2 soldiers found dead

Another apparent suicide

4th apparent suicide

Soldier attempts suicide 

More questions than answers

PTSDs expected to increase

3rd apparent suicide

Military to investigate suicides

Suicides hit Canadian armed forces

End of watch

VANCOUVER - A woman who left the RCMP after fighting against sexual harassment and bullying in the service has died.  Friends have confirmed that Krista Carle, 53, died by suicide on Friday. Carle was among several women who went public in 2011 about their treatment by superiors in the RCMP.   (CTV)

Former RCMP officer dead  

Mountie remembered   

Proud of her service 

We're not superman

Regimental service

Call for more PTSD support 

BC workers compensation board

Self-inflicted gunshot

Mountie dies


RCMP suicide

Officer dead

Officer's body found


Death in the line of duty

Suicides to be eligible

8 first responder deaths in 2016

Guards commit suicide

Officer dies

Officer dies in crash

Found dead 

Coroner's investigations

Officer suicide

Ottawa Police statement

Families of the RCMP for PTSD awareness

Family blames TPS for Officer suicide

Chief responds


Retired cop kills himself

Mountie pleads guilty to 3 charges  

Mountie found dead

Body ID'd as police officer

Body recovered from lake

Smoking medical marijuana while in uniform

Mountie an embarrassment

Pot and Mounties don't mix

RCMP boss embarrassed

Stripped of his uniform

Mountie says he has 'legal right'

Not in uniform

Ken Barker

Killing of Tim McLean


Cop kills self 

Coroner confirms suicide

Suicide confirmed

No pat explanation

And never mentioned again

RCMP spokesman found dead 


Veil on PTSD 

More mentally ill people 

Police resources drained

Policing mentally ill part 1  .pdf  

Policing mentally ill part 2   .pdf  

Families slam psych ward

Prevention focus of AB mental health

RCMP to 'modernize' its health-care 

RCMP has 'head in the sand'

RCMP scraps program for PTSD 

'False perception'

Toronto Star: PTSD series

RCMP under fire

Mountie says she had no support  

First responder suicide

QUEBEC CITY - The mother of a Quebec City paramedic found dead just over a year after treating wounded victims of the Jan. 29, 2017 mosque shooting spree wants more help for people like her daughter suffering post-traumatic stress.  Andreanne Leblanc, 31, was found dead in March, dress in her paramedic's uniform.   (CBC) 

Firefighter death

Capt Barry 'Bear' Dawson

Firefighter's suicide

Son blames US medical system

HINTON - A courtroom heard how Linda Jean McNall, 53, made a suicide pact with her mother, Shirley Vann, as the older woman's health worsened.   McNall pleaded guilty to aiding a suicide.  (CP)

Assisted suicide charge

Aiding suicide charge

Assisted-suicide crusader dies

Gloria Taylor

Why dying is easier for doctors 

Crusader dies  

Inside battle for the right to die

Feds to appeal

The fight for the right to die

Assisted suicide should be legal   

Right to die campaigner dies

Beatings the verdict  

Right to die hearing gets go ahead

UK opponents accused of hysteria

Canadian dies with aid of doctor

More suicides

NISHNAWBE ASKI NATION - The 49 communities within the Nishnawbe Aski Nation with the publicly known toll surpassing 20. More than half of the dead are between the ages of 10 and 15.  (Globe & Mail)

Friends to the end 

More suicides  

6th suicide

Another suicide  

4th suicide 

4 suicides


Pikangikum First Nation

First Nations

State of emergency

Wapekeka FN

State of emergency  

Province sends expert to Cape Breton 

Suicides of 7 aboriginal teens

Towards a better tomorrow   .pdf

QC side thriving while ON side languish

Ongoing state of emergencies

Fixes to stop native teen suicides    


A report isn't help

5 suicides 

Call for review 

Suicide pact

Attawapiskat First Nation

Youth overheard discussing suicide

Chretien's solution - move

Whole system breakdown

Reserve life

5 more attempted suicide

Neskantage FN state of emergency

How the suicide crisis unfolded  


Next stage of inquest

Treaty rights issue  

Things revealed so far

FN student deaths inquest

APTN Thunder Bay Inquest 

Shocking condition

Suicides turn focus north


Suicide emergency 

Canada leading global study

Inuit youth mortality rates 1994-2008   

State of emergency

Suicide epidemic

Coroner calls special inquiry

Record high  

Nunavut's suicides

Mortality rate higher

Suicide of 11-year-old

Man leaps 23,000 feet to death

Another teen found dead  

Harmful ban over 

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's attorney general says no one will be prosecuted for identifying Rehtaeh Parsons as the victim in a recent high-profile child pornography case.  (CP)

Case review released 

Review of response   .pdf  

System failed  

Learning from failure 

Suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons

Victim given back her name


No charges

Victim impact statement from father

No jail 

Bruce MacKinnon

Anti-bullying rules to take effect


Are bullying laws helping

'Bully' term diluted

Charges laid 

New info

Anonymous Friday release

'Expect us'

Death to be reviewed by 4 departments

Time to stand up to bullies  

Hackers say they've found tormentor

RCMP launch investigation

'This is wrong'      

Youth talks about what happened

2nd young man pleads guilty

Father of victim opposes ban

Attempt at publication ban 

Teens face child porn charges

Child porn charges

Police warn against vigilantism

Outside review of system  

Police could only lay child porn charges

Review on hold

Court grants adjournment for teens

Rape of Rehtaeh

Cyberbully laws

Social media demands justice 

Report 'won't help a single kid'

Cyberbulling report  

Accused pleads guilty

Complaints after media publishes name 


Amanda Todd  

Parents seek compensation

Suicide blames on bullying  

Facebook, bullying and a dead girl  

Students who bully could be expelled  

What parents can do

Putting bullying in the spotlight

US teen's suicide

Man arrested

More possible victims 

'Sexting' or child porn

Teen takes her own life 

Assisted suicide

VANCOUVER - A Calgary woman who received a legal exemption for doctor-assisted death has ended her life in Vancouver with the help of two physicians.  (CBC) 

Assisted dying report

Panel endorses medical assistance

Biased panel

Patient assisted

SCC gives Feds 4 month extension 

Quebec wins challenge

SCC strikes down ban

2015 SCC 5

'Dying with dignity' law

Right-do-die legislation    

Dying with dignity

Former MP an example


Fraser Health

SCC reverses course 

Committee appointed, will meet

Appointed won't determine response

Patient loses right-to-die case

'Health care' 

Alzheimer's disease

Middle-aged women US suicides 

'Dying with dignity'

Where politicians refuse to go

Ban fosters 'back-alley' suicides  

Back in the spotlight

Royal Society of Canada  


Right-to-die back in the spotlight 

Watchdog launches challenge

You aren't going to die with dignity

SCC strikes down ban

Accused of withholding report

Suicide allowed  

Military suicide numbers up

Inquiry into military suicide

Closing arguments  

Fynes public interest hearing  

Dying with dignity report

End of life surgery

No charges in assisted suicide

Elizabeth MacDonald died

Suicide ban to be appealed

QC Medical Aid in dying bill passed

Eroding US health insurance

Wrong number 

A painful humiliation

Rules are rules

Legal limbo

Barrier hasn't affected suicide rate

Australians set-up euthanasia labs

Chinese youth 'face suicide risk'

Japan providers on suicide posts

Murder or mercy

Court backs assisted suicide

Japan suicides reach record high

More killed by suicide than war

WHO Suicide

'Mercy killing' dad cleared

Exit International

Final call


Detergent gas suicide

Japan evacuates hundreds

Suicides increase

Teen's suicide tied to privacy law

Elderly pair found dead

Murder-suicide suspected

Man commits murder-suicide 

Japan's internet 'suicide clubs'

Lions Gate Bridge

Assisted suicide debate

Suicide high among China's youth

Russian army off-duty death rise

Jack Kevorkian

Suicide rising

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the US. Suicide rates increased in nearly every state from 1999 through 2016. Mental health conditions are often seen as the cause of suicide, but suicide is rarely caused by any single factor. In fact, many people who die by suicide are not known to have a diagnosed mental health condition at the time of death.   (CDC)

US suicide rate on the rise

Kate Spade

Anthony Bourdain

Robin Williams


Suicide by hanging  

Williams made a choice 

Baby boomers killing themselves

US adult suicides 1999-2010  

List of causes of death by rate  


Double suicide

MISSISSAUGA - Police said that a married couple's desire to kill themselves lay behind the house explosion this summer.  Dozens of homes were damaged when, on June 28, a massive explosion destroyed a house at 4201 Hickory Drive. The house's owners, Robert Nadler and Diane Page, were found dead amongst the debris.   (Toronto Star) 


2nd body found

Owners missing

Home leveled

House explosion

House explosion  


TORONTO - When Cheyenne Fox fell to her death from a 24th-floor Willowdale condo balcony in April 2013, it took just a few hours for Toronto police to call it suicide.  (Toronto Star) 

3 women, 3 deaths

Seeking justice

Suicide or murder

'Alcohol makes it easier'

No one reported her fall 

Insurance companies reconsider

Canadian insurance companies are changing the wording in their policies and reviewing whether to remove controversial clauses in group and individual benefit plans that exclude coverage for people who try to kill or injure themselves.  (CBC) 

Cheque from federal government

HAMILTON - The mother of a Hamilton soldier who committed suicide over 2 years ago is incensed that the federal government sent her dead son a cheque for one cent just a few days ago.   (CBC)     MORE:   One-cent cheque   'Insensitive bureaucratic screw-up'  

Scrap 15 minute suicide checks

TORONTO -  A Star investigation reported 96 patients have died by their own hand in half of Ontario's hospitals since 2007. An additional 760 patients were seriously injured attempting to kill themselves during that same time frame.  (Toronto Star)

Recommendations to prevent suicides

VANCOUVER - A coroners' jury examining the suicides of 3 inmates within 7 months at a BC prison has recommended an increase in the number of guards and unscheduled cell checks on the night shift.    (CP)   Mountain Institution     

Suicide tourists

12 Canadians were among the hundreds of 'suicide tourists' that travelled to Switzerland to end their lives with the assistance of a doctor.  (CTV)  MORE:   Woman take her right-to-die    


BRAMPTON - Members of a Brampton, ON, family have launched a $12.5M lawsuit after a 20-year-old man was found dead in the bathroom of the hospital where he was supposed to be on suicide watch.    (CBC)

MB suicide rate

WINNIPEG - According to the annual OCME report that chronicles the deaths of Manitobans they examine, 169 people killed themselves in 2012.   (Sun Media)

1 dead after toxic spill

MONTREAL - One man is dead after the leak of a so-far unknown toxic substance in a Montreal apartment.  (CTV)   MORE:   Suicide   

Man charged

VANCOUVER - Kenneth William Carr, a 53-year-old BC man has been charged with counseling a depressed woman to commit suicide, and police say he may have done it before.    (CP) 

Couple found dead

LEVIS - The bodies of Michel Daigle, 68, and his partner, Normande Labrie, 67, were discovered by police in their Saint-Romuald apartment.  (CBC)  MORE:   Suspicious deaths   Double suicide  

Bridge to get suicide nets

SAN FRANCISCO - According to the Bridge Rail Foundation, which has worked for a barrier, at least 1,600 people have jumped to their deaths from the Golden Gate Bridge, including 46 last year.   (San Francisco Chronicle)    MORE:    Golden Gate Bridge

Conviction reversed

SAINT PAUL - The Minnesota Supreme Court has reversed the conviction of a former nurse who was found guilty of encouraging Brampton teen Nadia Kajouji to kill herself in 2008.  (Toronto Star)   William Melchert-Dinkel

Suicide of a scam victim

LAUSANNE - Benoit Violier, 44, whose Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville was awarded 3 Michelin stars, committed suicide leaving no note.   Swiss financial magazine Bilan claims he was the victim of a vast scam allegedly masterminded by Private Finance Partners, a Swiss wine company based in Sion. (Telegraph UK)   


'Suicide contagion'

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal reported that teens who knew of schoolmates who took their own lives were more likely to consider it or attempt it themselves - a phenomenon the authors call "suicide contagion."  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Cluster of teen suicides   Online suicide attempt        

Suicide by cop

It is a phenomenon that has been around since at least the mid-1980s, criminologists and other experts say.  And it may even be growing, according to a 2009 study, which found that 36% of officer-involved shootings in a large sample from the US and Canada were suicide by cop.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Suicide by cop  

Suicide pact

VANCOUVER - The pact was formed by children from Grandview-Woodlands, a neighbourhood located next to the poorest postal code in Canada, and had gathered 30 names by the time police were alerted to it in September.   (CTV)   MORE:   'Apartheid system' of programs blamed

Rising trend

NANTES - At noon a 43-year-old man got off a bus near a state employment agency in the western city of Nantes. He stopped on a side street around 50 metres from the office, where he discarded his house keys, then doused himself with gasoline.  (AFP)  MORE:   Ivorian sets himself alight 

Ban upheld

VANCOUVER - The BC Court of Appeal, in a split decision has affirmed the law against assisted suicide, in a controversial and historic right-to-die case.  (CBC)   MORE:   Canadians approve of assisted suicide   This is not the end   Right-to-die on the agenda   


EDMONTON - Linda McNall, 53, was sentenced to time served for helping her mother commit suicide.  Canada Border Services guards will escort her to a plane that will take her to Phoenix.  (CBC)   MORE:   Woman to be deported   Psych evaluation ordered

Suicide report

TORONTO - The suicide rate for Canadian girls aged 10 to 19 has risen over the last few decades, but decreased for boys of the same age, a study has found.   (AP)   REPORT:  Suicide among children and adolescents in Canada    

Bad law draws criminal complaint

A Quebec man has filed a criminal complaint against Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu for a comment he believes could incite suicide.  (CBC)  COMMENT:  Why we all hate politics   Lots of support   End of life options  

'Survivors of Suicide'

CALGARY - They call themselves the ‘Survivors of Suicide'. They are the people left behind when a loved one takes their own life.  1 out of every 8 deaths in Alberta is the result of suicide.  (CTV) 

C-Train fatality

CALGARY - A woman has died after she was hit by a C-Train on  as she tried to cross the tracks.  Since the LRT opened in 1981, there have been 66 fatalities on C-Train lines with 18 of those being suicides.  (CTV)

Monk sets himself on fire 

KATHMANDU - Karma Nyedon Gyatso, a Tibetan monk died minutes after setting himself ablaze near Boudhanath stupa in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu.   (Phayul) 

Tibetan sets himself on fire

2nd self-immolation in 24 hours

Reward offered

Protest toll rises to 111  

'Political re-education'

100th reported  

Beijing tightens up

Man on fire  

Self-immolation in Tibet    

Self-immolations in Tibet

Tibet's epidemic of self-immolation

Exile sets himself on fire  

1 woman's path to self-immolation

Setting yourself on fire for a cause


Mohamed Bouazizi

Self-immolation protests break 50 mark

Crackdown on protests

Calls for end to self-immolations  

Man planning self-immolations dies

Activist dead

NEW YORK - Aaron Swartz, 26, hanged himself in his Brooklyn apartment weeks before he was to go on trial on accusations that he stole millions of journal articles from an electronic archive in an attempt to make them freely available.   (CBC)  

Aaron Swartz

Swartz's crime 


Internet activist commits suicide

Investigation ordered by MIT

Coder and activist dead

Demand Progress

Stop Online Piracy Act



American hero

Guideline released

WINNIPEG - The federal government has issued guidelines on concussions in sports to help with decisions on diagnosis management and treatment.  (CP)

Guideline on concussion  .pdf

Brain test results   Aaron Hernandez 

NFL cuts ties with NIH

CTE in most  

CTE found in 99% of studied brains

Doctor under investigation

Derek Boogaard

Sad rise and fall

NHL workers compensation


Todd Ewen

Death a suicide

Cowboy commits suicide



Concussions in football

Concussion settlement

NFL concussion payments   

Lawsuit settlement


CTE in rodeo star 

Mirra had CTE 

BMX legend shot himself  

Dave Mirra

Junior Seau

Seau brain shows CTE

Athlete brain donations  

'The game needs to change'

No Future League

Dave Duerson 

Hockey players who committed suicide 

Double suicide

TORONTO - Neighbours identified the married couple as Vladimir Fiser and Marika Ferber. They said the pair suffered from health issues.   (Toronto Star) 

Lifelong love story

Couple jump from 18th floor

What to do when someone dies

The death of a friend or family member is an emotional and difficult event. But even while grieving, there are a number of things that must be done after a loved one's passing. Here's a step-by-step guide.  (Toronto Star) 

Faith based funeral etiquette

Getting the death you want

Battle for your bones   

What to do when a stranger says he's going to kill himself

How people die   

Canadian suicide stats


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