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Age discrimination

VICTORIA - In March, the BC government introduced its Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) program, which is the second stage of its fitness testing program for driver's licences.  Road Safety BC mandates every person at age 80, and every 2 years following, must undergo a Driver Medical Examination Report.   (CTV)


  Light on tax rebate

VANCOUVER - A BC Court of Appeal ruling lifts the veil of secrecy on a controversial tax rebate program for international businesses in BC and provides a glimpse into a multi-million dollar tax refund offered to one of the companies.  A watchdog agency calls it 'just the tip of the iceberg' when it comes to corporations receiving the tax break under the International Business Activities program (IBA).   (CBC)   MORE:   Clark defends bank rebate


10 years later

VANCOUVER - The Little Mountain site once held 224 low-income residences, but those living in the units were told they had to move out in 2007.  The closure was meant to be temporary. The federal government had transferred ownership of the area to the province, and the province selected Holborn Properties Ltd. to revamp the aging facilities.  But 10 years after its residents left, the land at 155 E 37 Ave is still mostly empty. (CTV)  MORE:   How province bullied residents out of Little Mountain


MLA money stolen

CHILLIWACK - Another BC MLA is alleging his office has had money stolen by a constituency assistant.  Chilliwack Liberal MLA John Martin says he was alerted to money from his constituency account possibly being inappropriately used.  (CBC)    PREVIOUS:   Contributing Writers


Taxpayers' money

VICTORIA - The BC government will announce it has named Toronto-based Kensington Capital Partners to manage a $190M pool of publicly funded venture capital.  As the Globe revealed this month, Kensington will manage the new $100M BC Tech Fund and take over management of an older $90M venture capital portfolio known as the BC Renaissance Capital Fund. Kensington advised the government on setting up the Renaissance fund in the late 2000s.  (Globe & Mail)  


Air ambulance landing ban

VANCOUVER - Helijet has been barred from landing on H1-classified helipads - the kind used at Vancouver General Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital and Royal Columbian Hospital - over concerns the company's Sikorsky S-76 ambulances don't comply with Transport Canada regulations.  (CTV)  MORE:   Air ambulances allowed back at 4 hospitals  



LILLOOET - A 22-year-old man who went on a rampage and injured 11 people at the office of a BC First Nation lashed out when life became too overwhelming.  BC Coroners Service identified the man as David James, a member of the Bridge River Band.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Band office attacked   4 remain in hospital   


Inquest recommendations

VANCOUVER - A coroner's inquest into the deaths of 3 people who died by suicide shortly after leaving a Fraser Valley hospital, where they were admitted for mental-health reasons, has issued more than two dozen recommendations in hopes of preventing similar deaths.   (Globe & Mail)   REPORT: Findings & recommendations   .pdf    Coroner calls inquest

BC's top billing doctor

VANCOUVER - For 13 years, Winston Tuck Loke Tam was BC's top billing obstetrician-gynecologist, seeing as many as 90 patients a day and bringing in up to $1.7M a year.  (Globe & Mail)  MORE:   BC scrutinizes disciplinary process  


Daycare fee hike

VANCOUVER - The letter from Natacha Beim, the CEO and Founder of Core Education and Fine Arts, a for-profit daycare with 18 franchise locations across BC, informed Scholastica Lee that her monthly bill for her 15-month-old son would be increasing from $1,590 to $1,840 as of March 1.  Explaining the company is committing to becoming what's called a 'Living Wage Employer' over the next 3 years.  The rate hike, come within days of the province announcing it would invest $1B in child care over 3 years.  (CTV) 


Nameless council member

NANAIMO - A special prosecutor has been appointed to advise RCMP officers investigating Nanaimo city council, BC's Criminal Justice Branch said.  (PostMedia)  MORE:   Special prosecutor appointed    City Council


New strata tribunal

VANCOUVER - BC has started up the world's only online Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) that allows condo owners in heated disputes to file claims over their smart phones avoiding the onerous cost and process of court.   (CBC)     Strata Property Act.   


Another tax grab

VICTORIA - Late last year, the government began forcing people to register their off-road vehicles, including snowmobiles, ATVs and dirt bikes.  A $48 licence fee is just the start.   (Huffington Post)  


Film welfare cut

VICTORIA - BC's finance minister said the province's film tax credit rate will be chopped to 28%.  He said the subsidy was forecast to cost the government almost $500M. (CP)   MORE:   Van mayor concerned about cut   Film welfare   Hollywood North welfare unaffordable   Pop-up film studios   


Sexism, cronyism claims

VANCOUVER - In December 2012, dozens of Vancouver-based Health Canada employees were called to a meeting in a local hotel. They were asked to consider joining a new organization, the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), which would assume responsibility for providing public health-care services to almost 160,000 First Nations people in the province.  (National Post)  MORE:   FNHA executive team   FNHA board of directors    Establishing the FN Health Authority in BC


13 months

VICTORIA - Harold Backer pleaded guilty to a single charge of fraud over $5,000.  The former investment dealer also got 3 years of probation. In an agreed statement of facts, Backer promised to pay restitution of $161,900 to 5 people.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Missing turns himself in   Client fears   3 fraud investigations taking place   


Accused of interfering

HAIDA GWAII - Premier Christy Clark has been accused of interfering in a local band election to help a candidate who supports a $10M wind farm proposal involving her brother, Bruce Clark. (Globe & Mail)


Regulatory crackdown

VANCOUVER - Nearly a dozen Lower Mainland pharmacies have withdrawn from PharmaCare in the midst of a regulatory crackdown by the provincial Ministry of Health.  (Globe & Mail)  


Subsidy doesn't like families  

VANCOUVER - The premium assistance program offers 5 levels of subsidies on a sliding scale for individuals and families earning less than $30,000, while those making under $22,000 would pay no premium at all.   (CP)  PREVIOUS:   BC resident premiums  

BC money laundering report

VICTORIA - A scathing independent report on money laundering at BC casinos calls for stricter reporting of suspicious transactions, saying that Lower Mainland casinos have too long 'unwittingly served as laundromats' for the proceeds of crime.  (CBC)

Dirty Money   .pdf

Phase 2 

Flawed regulation blamed

Triumph of bureaucracy and in-fighting

Vancouver Model in action  

Former minister insisted he wasn't soft on crime

How laundering was exposed 

Report crucifies Liberals  

Connects the points

Laundering of the proceeds of fentanyl trafficking

BC's 2017 overdoses

War on Legal Drugs: Opioids

Doors wide open

Banning politicians from lobbying

BC's real estate market in a nutshell

Money laundering whistleblower gets Eby's ear

Small step with loopholes

Real estate money laundering

Real estate money laundering

FINTRAC warning

Vancouver model

RCMP, Liberals to blame

Investigator was fired  

Willful blindness   

Postal code lottery 

Suspicious transaction

Facing deportation

Gambled $850M at AU casino

Tentacles far and wide

Tax avoidance

BC budget 2018

BC budget 2018   .pdf 

Business blindsided

BC budget highlights

Budget things 

Case details scams

2018 BCSC 0009  

BC real estate deal

2017 BCSC 2395  


Can't raise chickens on farmland

No ethnic communities in warning

On BC's farmland, lucrative tax breaks    

Law society confronts

No one knows

Transparency International

Property tax hike  

90,000 assessed value warning letters

House prices down 15%  

Advisory group

Developer guilty of fraud 

Cheats abuse housing program 

Class action lawsuit 

Ordered to repay

BC farmland

Lax regulations

Foreign buyer loophole

Drowning in red tape

New Homes and Red Tape in BC  .pdf

Vacant home tax

Empty home tax

Council approves tax  

Highs and lows of BC budget   

BC AG questions calculations

BC Budget 2017 

Rules useless

New mortgage requirements 

2017 BCSECCOM 17   .pdf

Minister's aide to lobbyist   

Self-regulation is a privilege

Change to real estate industry  

Money laundering concerns 

Financial Action Task Force 

Canada's measures to combat money laundering

BC budget update forecasts

Foreign buyers fleeing BC real estate market

Van house prices fall more than bank forecasts

Banks give foreign buyers a different set of rules

Very significant deficiencies


Incomeless students spent $57M

Incoming cash

BC's affordable housing

Frenzy cooled down

Self-regulated professions 2007

Real estate panel report  

Chinese money making Van unlivable

Limited BC real estate data released

BC housing data May 2016   .pdf

Letting the facts obscure story

Keen to move to Canada?

Chinese are largest foreign investors

Real estate loophole

Chinese buyers

Real estate probe

Oversight is a sham

Influence on BC politicians

CRA probe

CRA launches review

Out of the shadows  

How about a task force study solution

Report released   

Insider condo sales 

Not tracking money laundering 

Implications of the 2016 Budget  .pdf

Money laundering


Cost of doing business 

Tricks of the trade   

Shadow flipping crackdown

Empty housing units

We're not realtors  

Clark downplays real estate ties

Land brings in more income than working  

Shred it

BC in 2016, or Oceania in 1984?

BC Lottery Corporation

Union of BC Municipalities

Flaunt their money

Quebec's cash-for-visa program hurting BC

Impacts of Ferry fare increases

Hikes mean loss    

Crown agency failure

No conflict-of-interest in BC

Poverty and politics pay off    

Not a patronage appointment

'Culture of entitlement'

BC 2016 budget winners and losers

BC budget 2016  

Budget 2016 highlights

Vancouver spike in property assessments  

BC's debt to increase to $68B   

More money

Tax changes for 2016

BC's 2015 naughty and nice list

Expect food sticker shock in 2016  

BC Investment Management Corporation

BC public sector salaries   

Another crown corp success

Financial mismanagement   

Party staffers charged 

Graydon stepped down on Jan. 29, 2014 

368 houses flipped

Weakness in regulation

Homebuyers avoid taxes 

Real estate watchdog isn't

Farm credit cut taxes

Conflict of interest

Minister shuffled out

Amrik Virk

Nothing wrong

Code of conduct under review

Asked to repay $55K   

No jail for corrupt Doc

Charges laid

RCMP investigation 

Clark screws MMA in BC

BC Municipal Election Donations database

Ben Stewart 

Thank you raises


Party's 'special fund'

BC to limit new AG to single 8-year term

AG accepts offshore job  

Documents contradict claims

Pat Bell  

Shirley Bond  

BC minister accused

Minister shared with insider

Skeena Cellulose paper mill

Summary financial statements 2010/11

Issues with financial statements      

Premier defends pay raises 

CEO resigns over pay hikes

BC Liberals release scandal memos 

Liberals do not pay to hush critics

Liberals offered job to hush dissident 

High fares to blame

HST conversation

Scrapping of the Harmonized Sales Tax   

HST results by the numbers  


Campbell to step down  

BC Liberals 'self-destructing'  

NDP still trying to sell James to NDP  

James & NDP not ready for primetime

BC NDP faces crisis

BC Data website

BC's top paid public sector executives

BC coroners service  

BC Ferries current board

Campbell won't punish minister for comments  

2010: Aspects of Financial Management

At risk minister quits BC cabinet  

MLA at risk over HST 

No HST rebate for BC  

Liberals battered in losing battle over HST

Liberals admit HST will cost families  

BC gov't inflates social housing figures

HST to hit consumers the hardest

More harmonizing than harmony

Chinese community rallies against HST

$5B price tag for axing HST   

BC taxes up 15% 

Campbell faced caucus revolt  

BC cuts personal income taxes by 15% 

Doom and gloom predicted  

Seniors rewarded for a lifetime of paying taxes

Families paying more and getting less

Anti-HST petition approved by Elections BC

Elections BC official let go

NDP accepting HST

Accusations of deception

BC budget 2009   Colin Hansen

BC budget 2009

Tax grab offends

Sales Tax Harmonization .pdf

BC's forced union membership

VICTORIA - 'The first project out of the door' under the NDP government, the $1.4B replacement for the Pattullo Bridge, would include a community benefit agreement guaranteeing local hires and union-equivalent wages, benefits and apprenticeship quotas.   (Vancouver Sun)

Crown corp to handle union friendly construction

Funded projects should benefit all


Projects for trade unions   Party Funding 

BC government's successes   CUPE

New government

Hikes welfare, disability rates

Shredders, locksmiths  

Work permit   Taseko Mines   Party Funding

John Horgan

NDP asked to form government

BC's NDP to form government

Horgan to take over

NDP government

BC general election 2017

Liberal candidate loses memberships

Todd Stone

Fake membership emails  

Andrew Wilkinson wins BC liberals leadership

Who are AggregateIQ

BC firm linked to global political powerhouse 

Christy Clark

Party paying back

Liberals expel new speaker

Darryl Plecas 

Clark to resign

Polarizing premier  

Done with public life

RCMP involved 

Clark's hacking smear backfired 

Premier perk

GCPE justify

Access Denied   .pdf  

BC tax money     

What to watch for

Liberals holding on till defeated

Coming pipeline battle

BC votes 2017

9 votes could be a difference  

60% voter turnout

Recount in 2 ridings  

Ecotex agreement (.pdf)

Party donors appointed

Order of BC

BC Liberal party reinstates director

Executive board

Party reinstates woman charged

Ministry staffer charged

GCPE budget $38M

AGBC distinguishing between government program & partisan political advertising   .pdf

$100M fund for tech sector

Pre-approving won't solve BC's transparency problem

Guilty plea

BC Liberals are laughing

Everything stinks about top-ups 

No longer getting $50K

Trust and political staffers    

Light on troubling political culture  

Open government a sham

Premier orders staff to now save emails

Political staff routinely breaks rules

RCMP alerted

Scathing report

What is being covered-up?

Other recent appointments

Where your tax money goes

BC Liberals win, Clark loses

BC general election 2013

Christy Clark

Premier wins seat

21 MLAs cashing out  

Pollsters are the biggest losers

More BC MLAs bow out

John Les

George Abbott  

Mary McNeil

Kevin Falcon

Legislative Assembly of BC

BC general election 2013

Former MLAs entitled to millions

Third party sponsors

2017 SCC 6

Byelection turnout

Consumers stay away in droves

Clear winner was the Party of Indifference

BC Liberals majority

Decision BC 

MLA's pension payload

BC ministers stepping down

Siphoning crown corp profits


57% voter turnout  

Poll prediction failure

The pros and cons of MMP

BC general election 2009

Cash transactions plummeted

VANCOUVER - In a presentation to the House of Commons standing committee on finance Eby said that suspicious transactions to BC casinos had fallen to $200,000 in Feb from a high of $20M in July 2015. Casinos, banks, securities dealers, real-estate brokers, accountants and notaries must report suspicious transactions to FINTRAC, but not lawyers.  (Vancouver Sun) 

Officials flag unusual betting

Response Package MAG-2017-73301   .pdf 

New casino rules

Vancouver Sun: BC casinos

Charges laid

MNP AML report (.pdf)

Money laundering report released      

Money laundering at casinos



RCMP investigating

VANCOUVER - A complaint has been filed with the RCMP concerning a controversial City of Vancouver property exchange involving a luxury condo tower to be built at 508 Helmcken St.   (Vancouver Sun) 

Big money in BC politics

Brenhill development presale

Bob Rennie

Rennie's $25K lunch for Visions

All about politics

Vision Vancouver 


Plug pulled on LNG project

PRINCE RUPERT - The partners developing the $28B Aurora LNG project pulled the plug on the projectNexen Energy, a subsidiary of Chinese oil giant CNOOC, said it has decided with Japanese partner INPEX to stop work on a feasibility study on the proposal.  (CP)  


Petronas pulls out

Petronas cancels LNG project 

Liquefied Natural Gas Project Agreements Act

Approved with conditions

Feds approve LNG project 

Over promise, under deliver

US probe of IMDB in danger 

Clark & company meeting with the PM

Clark strikes back at LNG opponents

Court challenge

Democracy Watch   Pipe-Up network

Convenient for politics

EX-PM arrested

Former PM arrested  

Malaysia suspends China back projects

BC's LNG dance partner

Najib Razak


Malaysia's corrupt system

Deposits in PM's accounts exceed $1B 

US seeks to recover $1B

US probe veers close to Najib family

Wolf of Wall Street money laundering

Wolf of Wall Street film

$4B misappropriated 

Court petition

Conflict argument

2017 BCSC 123    .pdf

Court says it lacks jurisdiction

Decisions are unreviewable   

Pushing ahead

What were they thinking?  


1MDB scandal

FN rejects LNG deal

Voters' reject offer  

Pacific NW LGN major issues

Carnival of thievery

Najib's deal with China to pay off IMBD debts

Police seize paintings

LNG projects in doubt   

Don't mix investigations up AG warns media

$4B financial scandal 

World of scandal descends

Cracks widen in story

A Gift

PM cleared of graft

Decision to clear PM impossible to overturn

Murdered prosecutor

Sworn declaration

China buying 1MDB asset  

Scandals could have consequences

Whistleblower arrested

Sarawak Report

Tax deal

Bonanza might not come to pass  

Asia Sentinel: 1MDB

Emails blow fund wide open

Heist of the century

State investment plagued by scandal

Jho Low

PM diverted money

Wall Street Journal

Canada pension plan invests in Malaysia

Goldman Sachs' role in the 1MDB 

Scandal dampens LNG project in BC  

UMNO use arrest to defend 1MDB

Malaysian currency in free fall

Where did the money come from and go?

Conditional sentence

VANCOUVER - Brian Bonney, a former government communications director and a former director of the BC Liberal Party, pleaded guilty in Oct to breach of trust for using government resources for partisan purposes in relation to the Liberals' multicultural strategic outreach plan to target key ethnic groups in swing ridings ahead of the 2013 provincial election.   (Burnaby Now)

BC 2017 budget

Spend-happy budget 

Dyble report   .pdf  

Guilty plea from BC company

Sharing of Personal Information  .pdf

Elections BC

Port Mann Bridge contract ballooned

Another BC Liberal Donor

BC political spin

N Murray Edwards

Integrity BC

Investigation begins

Money trail

Mount Polley mine disaster

BC chief mines inspector.  (pdf)   

Guilty plea

Quick Wins ethnic outreach scandal     

Charged in ethnic outreach scandal

'Ethnic outreach' information leak

Public servants breached code-of-conduct

BC general election 2013

CEO resigns

Land procurement allegations

Questions about political ethics 

Legislative session closes

So you want to be an independent

Tech loses lawsuit

Teck Resources

Tech board of directors 

Weak mining oversight

Audit compliance & enforcement mining sector

Crony capitalism

Spill may harm aquatic life


Stop the lies

Water ban partially lifted

Ordered to clean up

What happens over time


Engineering firms sued


VANCOUVER - John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were let go at BC Supreme Court after a judge stayed terror charges against them saying that without the police it would have been impossible for them to carry out plans to place bombs at the BC legislature in 2013.  The couple was promptly arrested again and taken to provincial court.  (CP) 

BC's prosecution service  

2016 BCSC 1404  

Complete debacle

Officers were out of their league

A Subjective Test


CSIS may have helped radicalize 

Tough questions for RCMP

Found guilty

Meagre existence

Rules against secret hearings

Inexperienced officers

CSIS ordered to produce records

Judge order


RCMP may have acted illegally

2015 BCSC 2102 

Judge to clarify

Judge nearly declares mistrial

Bumbling idiots or jihadi warriors?    

Suspects' legal bills a concern

It must be the heat

Police tight lipped for a reason

Questions on BC terror bomb plot




RCMP used Mr. Big operation

Bomb plot

BC's affair with SNC Lavalin 

VICTORIA - SNC Lavalin's troubles are well known and documented. They include bribery allegations, an RCMP investigation, a 10-year suspension from bidding on World Bank financed projects and charges against two former senior executives.  "I don't have any concerns about their work in BC," said Todd Stone, a new MLA Premier Clark appointed transportation and infrastructure minister in early June. (Tyee)  

Canada Line

Sea to Sky Highway

WR Bennett Bridge

BC Ferries

Vancouver International Airport

Kelowna International Airport


Evergreen Line

Corporate scandals

Not photo radar

VICTORIA - Red-light cameras are now up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 140 locations across BC.   BC Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth says the cameras are not like photo radar, the unpopular program implemented by the NDP government in the 1990s.  (Global) 

Laws should change

Bureaucrats gone wild

Whisky seized

Prohibition raids

Whisky Society donations to charity

Cash cow photo radar 2.0 

New cash cow rules

Report finished

Where the rubber meets the road  .pdf 

BC's prohibition update 

April fools' fee increases

Wine pricing fixing dropped

Nanny state goes wild

BC Liquor policy review   .pdf  

Clark waters down expectations

Your opinion now accepted

Report not admissible 

Over promise, under deliver

US to file complaint over BC liquor reforms

Junk science

BC's drunk driving laws questioned 

More spin than reality

Prices rise at gov't monopoly

Suzanne Anton

Costs for paying less for US alcohol

Sin taxes

Fee changes

New liquor laws take effect

Cash cow

Notice they raised the price of beer

Pubs must now raise prices

Storm brewing

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Archaic laws

Interlock no longer automatic

BC distracted driving

Surveillance camera concerns

Photo-radar rage

Some punishment overturned

Tax measures still bubbling

Disputed tax break

Pacific Western Brewing Company


LDB contributed $929M to revenue

Regulators 'allow'

Distracted fine cash cow

Dissent over tax breaks

Follow the money

BC mulls 

No refunds 

Welcome to BC

BC impaired driving deaths down

Government can't keep up

Province new impaired driving laws    

Laws might not require complete abstaining 

More cameras

BC's Red Light cameras map  

Another government monopoly

BC loosens up

BC's 5 looniest liquor laws

Careers in the BC Public Affairs Bureau  

BC government Public Affairs Bureau

Tweaked laws return

Liquor sales to private sector 

BC drunk driving 

Part of law violates Charter

Avoiding laws for safety reasons

BC enforces tough impaired laws

Police begin holiday checkstop program

Breathalyzer question

Breath tests inaccurate

Lower limit would overwhelm system

Everybody is guilty

Toughest laws in Canada

BC administrative sanctions

Nanny state

Justice delayed   .pdf   

Denies $500,000 payment was key

VANCOUVER - A former Hells Angel denied a suggestion by a lawyer for the notorious motorcycle club that he was motivated financially to turn on the club and become a police agent.  David Atwell, who confirmed that he was paid $500,000 to become an agent and target the Hells Angels, made the comment while he was being cross-examined in court at the trial at which the BC government is seeking to forfeit 3 Hells Angels' clubhouses.  (Vancouver Province)

Biker brought from jail to testify

Civil forfeiture trial begins  

Clubhouses likely to be used to plan future crimes, Forfeiture Office says

Under cover evidence inadmissible     

Easy to seize

Patchwork process

Forfeiture can harm innocent people

Who pays for Civil Forfeiture

Oppal backs BC civil forfeiture review

Helicopter seized 

Civil proceedings

BC government's civil forfeiture legislation

Cars may be confiscated  

Seizures 'a reversal of important rights'

Property seized

Clause 39 of the Magna Carta  

BC's civil forfeiture ruling

Civil forfeiture programs failing grade

Civil forfeiture in Canada 

Civil forfeiture strikes again

Agency drops another seizure case

Forfeiture office abandons bid 

Family loses civil forfeiture battle  

2017 BCSC 0863 

Civil forfeiture settlement

Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Another Civil Forfeiture disputed

Another blow to BC's civil forfeitures

Civil forfeiture lawsuit

Civil forfeiture challenge

'Cruel and unfair' civil forfeiture process 

Meth lab tied to Hells Angels     

Civil Forfeiture money used

Building seized

Cash back

US taken    

New criminal forfeiture law

BC's civil forfeiture over the line

2012 BCS 100

Driving ban tossed

Alleged street race

10 year high in complaints

VICTORIA - 2 government ministries that provide services to BC's most vulnerable residents helped lift complaints to the provincial advocate to a 10-year peak, says a report released Monday.  Ombudsperson Jay Chalke's annual report said his office received 8,400 complaints over the past year from people seeking fair and reasonable treatment by provincial and local governments.    (CP)

2017-2018 Annual report

Poverty counts as neglect

Still no answers

Call for system overhaul

BC Supreme Court judgment

Plecas Review Report - Part 1   .pdf

'Culture of blame' leads to accusations

New youth watchdog

Bernard Richard


BC family justice system: Part 1

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  

Former AG settles

Former watchdog sues

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond  

10-years as watchdog

Child advocacy wrapped up  

Absentee caregiver

Broken promises    .pdf

Former caregiver shocked

Journalist hired to write report

Report blames children's watchdog

Watchdog offers damning review

Bob Plecas 

Review overlooks disregarding rules

Teen dies in government care

Teen dies in fall from hotel window  

Former group home subject of allegations  

Premier says there will be consequences  

Death under RCMP investigation

Death of Paige

Broken system investigation    

$625 per day for former senior civil servant 

Minister appeals ruling

Review ordered 

Stephanie Cadieuz

Ministry abused authority

341-page judgement  

Millions spent on talking 

Child advocate report 

Forced proposal

Last resort     

System failed

Abuse, indifference and a life discarded

'No-go zones'

OAGBC integrated case management

Computer system wouldn't win award

BC child welfare admits lapses    

System failed

BC watchdog sues BC government  

Infant mortality rate

Indigenous children’s health report

Who cares?   .pdf      

Residential care program

Lowest autopsy rate

VICTORIA - BC has the lowest autopsy rate in Canada, raising concern among some experts that too many deaths in the province - and even possible homicides - are inadequately investigated.   (CBC)  

System failed

Minister stands by system

Data lacking

Foster care in crisis

Spotlight on Ministry, again

Bad week for democracy in BC 

Police to investigate death

Foster child dies

BC's shame

Annual Review of the Budgets

BC Coroners Service

PTC BC Coroner

Public Affairs Bureau even bigger as GCPE

Government Communications & Public Engagement

'Deeply flawed' 

$66M on 'blue sky initiatives", $0 on service

$13M settlement

Why did 90 children die?

90 dead children  

Coroner investigates death

Children & Family Development

NDP corners Coroner's defenders

Aboriginal Child Protection   .pdf

Infant deaths sleep practices   .pdf

BC Chief Coroner

Site-C to go ahead

VANCOUVER - BC Premier John Horgan announced that the government is opting to continue construction on the Site C dam, rather than cancel or delay it.  (CTV)  

Mistakes in report

Could cost 50% more than budget

Little lies  

BC Hydro's public relations

Doubts about big project Site C   

Latest mega project

Tunnel to be replaced

George Massey Tunnel

Smart meters value

BC Hydro file 

Cost estimate start climb

BC megaproject overruns

BC tax increases 2017

Annual raise time

Company's secret

Cubic Corporation

Compass Card

Repair job needed


Everybody.....but the people  

Voters lack faith in Crown Corp

TransLink ticket fare fine

2016 BCSC 2274  

TransLink board expended 

Latest Crown Corp ambitious project 

BC approves Site C

Site C dam   

BC Utilities Commission

Appointed commission to set rates 

Questionable gov't dance partners

BC Hydro borrows more money    

Government backs PST hike 

Union of BC Municipalities

Hikes mean loss

TransLink building ahead of users 

Raise property taxes if No vote prevails

Sign of panic

TransLink salaries rise despite 'freeze'  

Opting out will cost you

BC Hydro fraud

Crown corp power deals

Crown corp's $750M settlement

BCUC organizational chart

Cash cow keeps getting milked 

Mayors' should take control of TransLink  

Great TransLink railroad job

Jessica McDonald   

Hikes a regular part of election game

Make up your own numbers

Russ Jones

Fast cities

Mike de Jong

Audit opinions are important

Class-action lawsuit

Problem with the deal makers

$30M to settle

Accounting shrinks deficit

Crown Corp blames customers

Crown corp = rates have to go up

Bill Bennett

Transmission line costs jump $150M  

BC Hydro market manipulation


Deferred debt set to jump

No time-of-use billing, honest  

BC Hydro actions questioned   

How BC Hydro is becoming the new Enron  

Public hearings cancelled  

Debate over BC Hydro service

BC joins birth control class action lawsuit

Effects of rate-regulated accounting

On the hook for $2.2B    


Powerex settles

We're the government we can use fine print

7% Crown Corp rate increase

Government killing forest industry

Audit of Management of timber

BC Hydro CEO quits

Rich Coleman

Mayors ignored by Minister 

Mayors’ gas tax

Metro mayors approve gas tax hike  

BC Hydro bummer  

Skeptic's guide to BC Smart Meters  

Smart meter  

BC Hydro rates only rise 8%  

Dave Cobb    

BC 'family friendly' 

What the BC Hydro report hides

Review of BC Hydro June 2011  

China's billion dollar bet on BC coal

Shale gas  

Great shakedown  

Terasen Gas

Crown Corporations  

SCC to hear appeal over BC power deal

Will Campbell rescue Plutonic

Commission says not in public interest

BC Utilities Commission

Terasen Gas

BC lowers royalty

BC's private power gold rush

Lucrative move from BC Hydro director to Site


Hydro's 10% increase plan under review  

Civil servants to review Hydro  

C consultant   Energy claims don't compute

BC Utilities Commission

BC Transmission Corporation

Stakeholder theory   Accountability  

Cost   GIGO

Strategic lawsuit against public participation

Green tax on electricity


BC Crown corps  

OPG reports net income of $623M for 2009  

MLA fined

A BC Supreme Court judge has fined former BC solicitor general Kash Heed $8,000 for violations of the provincial Election Act.  Chief Justice Robert Bauman could have forced a byelection for the violation but decided instead to allow Heed, a BC Liberal, to keep his seat in the BC legislature.  (CBC) 

2011 BSCS 1181  

Kash Heed

Heed cleared, again  

'Change of heart' prompted MLA probe  

Millionaire paid  

Reporter off air  

Liberal in criminal probe  

'Breached ethical obligations'

BC municipal spending watch

The latest report shows municipal operating spending, adjusted for inflation, has ballooned to nearly 4 times the rate of population growth in BC. 

Cities seek tax changes

California's big 'No" to BC power 

"AskAway' library service killed  

City Hall for sale part 1

City Hall for sale part 2

City Hall for sale part 3

Strong fiscal futures  .pdf

City of Vancouver addicted to debt 

Court ruling

OTTAWA - The BC government will likely have to hire hundreds of teachers and spend between $250M and $300M more each year on education, after the dramatic win by BC teachers in the Supreme Court of Canada.  (PostMedia)

BC school administrators are the highest paid

BCTF pulls online counter-military poster    

School Board audit


Right to fire school board   

Money missing 

Another school missing money  

Missing funds prompt questions  

Playground fund stolen

Figures misleading

BC didn't infringe

2015 BCCA 0184    2015 BCCA 0185

BCCA rules for government

Teachers to appeal    

Regulators' ruling

Government good for some

BC politicians to open expenses to public 

VSB forensic audit of board expenses   .pdf

Privacy complaint over audit

Board tied up in politics

Board suspends school closures

Allegations of bullying 

Probe into school 'safe rooms'

Isolation rooms

Inclusion BC

LRB ruling

LRB bottom line decision  .pdf

Teacher absences

Teachers unlimited benefit cost $1.6M

School officials getting raises without reviews

BC Teachers Federation

Poor choices  

Why cut costs when you can cut service    

Christy Clark's inner circle

Superintendent of achievement

Teacher preparation   .pdf  


Clark's Liberals spend $2.4M cleaning house

BC severance by 'the rules'

Education bureaucrats doing well

Secret deal leaves out victims

VICTORIA - The provincial government has apparently reached a deal that will see it compensated for leaky schools built at the same time as thousands of leaky condos. But how much, who paid, what will happen to the money - that's all secret.  Of some 160,000 condos built between 1985 and 2000 almost half leaked.  The total cost to consumers will be between $1.5B and $2B.  It's certainly the largest scam or fraud or failure or whatever you want to call it in BC history. 



Standards to be overhauled

Spike in suicide related to economy

BC land title system is safe & secure

Phantom bidding report slammed

Spotlight on WorkSafeBC

PRINCE GEORGE - While preparing investigations into 2 deadly sawmill blasts that it eventually botched, WorkSafeBC turned down access to a months-long probe by one of the mills' owners and then did not tell an ongoing inquest about the existence of this extensive hidden evidence, the lead lawyer for the provincial coroners service says.  (Globe & Mail  

Defends investigation

No charges  

Worked to death

Family sues employers  

Working to avoid claims

'Prime contractor' by default

Gordon Campbell  

Tree planting boss charged

BC coroners service 2015 inquest schedule 

2 more rogue dentists

VANCOUVER - Hua Zheng Huang has agreed to a permanent injunction that prevents him from practicing dentistry or representing himself as a dentist.  Vladimir Shapoval of Coquitlam, BC, is expected to be in court in the new year.  (CTV) 

Dentist accused of defrauding

Accused turns himself in

3 months for contempt

SUV found

Still working in July

Illegal dentist 

Whale watching boat sinks

TOFINO - At least 5 people have died after a whale watching vessel carrying 27 passengers sank off the coast of BC.  The boat, which is operated by Jamie's Whaling Station, had been sailing in the waters off Tofino, a small town on Vancouver Island, before making a mayday call around 5pm.   (Daily Mail)   MORE:   5 dead, 1 missing  Local rescuers credited   4 Brits named   Boat centre of gravity high   Leviathan II

UBC's bloated administration

VANCOUVER - When you take faculty at UBC's Vancouver campus as a whole, including sessional lecturers, librarians and others, it totals roughly 4,700, according to information provided by the university. That compares to 9,500 members of staff.  UBC has a 2:1 staff-to-faculty ratio, while Toronto has a 1:2 ratio.  (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   UBC Board of Governors   University tuition still rising

29 wildfires arson

PENTICTON - Police in BC's Interior region say they've been able to classify 29 wildfires from the last 4 years as acts of arson.  Between July 2014 and Sept 2017, the fires scorched hundreds of hectares of land in communities across the province's Southern Interior.  (CTV) 

RCMP BC wildfires 

BC failing to reduce wildfire risk

BC wildfire status   

More than 300 buildings destroyed

Arson suspected in 2 wildfires  

Who started the fire?

Returning home

Drone footage of Cache Creek

Returning home after a wildfire

BC wildfires live   Drive BC

Utterly insignificant

Magic thinking $65M budget 

Summary of 2013-1997 wildfire seasons

BC's climate plan update

Former AG sues province

BC deficit $1.146B

Boondoggle revealed

Looniest green scheme

Liberals promise to keep carbon tax

Audit of carbon neutral government

Carbon tax a sham

Costly carbon neutrality failed

Leaked letters

John Doyle

Why the carbon trust draws heat

Bill 37-2008: Carbon tax act

Scale of emissions from shipping 3 times higher

Bill 44

Carbon tax screws BC's North

International Carbon Action Partnership 

Public cooling on GW hoax

Summary - Kenneth Dobell   .pdf

BC carbon tax didn't hurt the economy

Carbon tax evolves

BC govt. opens carbon trading to public view

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act  

BC motorists seeing green

Strange business of Carbon Offsets   

Clark rejects mayors' carbon tax  

Asset sale

VANCOUVER - $493M - the money that the BC Liberals netted for provincial coffers when it sold a whack of land between 2013 and 2015.  $860M - the approximate sum that the government of the time could have netted had they waited just a few years.  The sums above represent the moneys as part of the provincial government's 'Release of Assets for Economic Generation' (RAEG) program between 2013 and 2015.  The provincial government didn't exactly net 'top dollar,' and a number of deals happened without an open and competitive bidding process.  (Global) 

Lobbyists industry

Liberals in a hurry to sell Crown lands  

Bill Bennett  

Charles Reid   

Pat Pimm  

Assault charge

MLA charged 

BC fined for 16 years in a row

Liquor commissions overpaid

Liquor Distribution Branch   

MLA arrested

Special prosecutor appointed

Appointment ditched

Patronage appointment

John Les

BC orders forensic audit

Another bad system

Campsites being scalped in bulk

Government apologizes  

BC apologizes

Sister seeks apology  

BC siphons from Crown Corp to balance books

State secrets

Light on backroom politics

Agricultural Land Reserve. 

BC Bill 24  

BC set to overhaul agricultural land reserve     

The Future of Lobbying

MSP fee hike cancelled

BC natural gas price hike 

$1B bust 

Crown Corp wants more money

Clark's pension cost $76K a year 

Entitlements are a minefield

BC lawyers protest 

Linda Reid

Medical Services Plan

More scandal for Speaker

Review ordered

Encana Corp

International Forest Products 

Canada Day changes

Fuel taxes in Canada  

Sales taxes in Canada  

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  

Hydro overbilling

BC Hydro probe

5 fired

Public pays

Outsourcing not bringing expected benefits

bcIMC   PSP investments 

AG accepts offshore job

Committee reverses decision

Watchdog dumped

Deloitte to probe MLA spending   

School boards having trouble paying

Another BC increase day

More BC eco fees come into effect

Ex-BC finance minister lands law position


Probe widens   John Les

Chilliwack broke rules on land reserve

Carole Taylor  

Taylor hired by bank

Conflict commissioner clears Coleman

BC Progress Board

Minister's brother granted tree farm deal

BC's Conflict of Interest Commissioner

Who crowned Gordo?

Kinsella linked to lobbying effort

Links to the 6 pdf documents

Lobbyists numbers game

BC Auditor-General

BC Transmission Corporation

Gas prices surging in Metro Vancouver

BC budget hits family pocketbook

Canada dodges bullet, but not BC

BC's dysfunctional tax system  

BC's regressive tax shift  

Can MLAs be kept honest?

Western Forest Products Inc.'s

Rich Coleman

BC's registrar of lobbyists

Kinsella's refusal

BC Ministry of Forests and Range

Work for payday loan firm was lobbing

Ken Dobell

BC's billion dollar giveaway

High flying governments can get too cocky



Seniors separated

VANCOUVER - If you need evidence of just how inhumane a bureaucracy can be - look no further than the image that made its way around the world this week of a sobbing elderly couple forced to spend the twilight days of their 62-year marriage apart.    (CBC)

Canadian couple forced to live apart

Heartbreaking photo

Health care hurdles

Canada's seniors care

Saddest photo I ever took 

 Another couple separated 

Selkirk Place Care Facility   


Attempt to hide incompetence?

Care Card  

CareCard fraud

9 dead, hundreds sick


BC Health Authorities don't want you to know

Cosy contracting

Audit of Family Maintenance Enforcement contract

Corpus Sanchez

Seniors left in dirty diapers: complaint

Abuse at seniors' home 

Centre for Spatial Economics

Hospital security guard charged  

'Honest mistake'

Conflict of interest claims

Crown CEO fired  

Nurse accused

UVic research contract suspended    


Combined ID card

5th employee fired

Officials fired over access to records    

Misguided decisions

VANCOUVER - A study from a Vancouver-based public policy think tank blames what it terms 'misguided decisions' and runaway costs for the current financial crisis at the ICBC.  The Fraser Institute study finds the corporation's problems began years ago and grew steadily worse with government inaction.  (CP)

Decline and fall of ICBC

BC to have limits

Payout caps

Cap on minor injury claims

Financial dumpster fire

How BC turned ICBC into a dumpster fire 

Late fees are criminal

ICBC recommendations revealed


Transportation Investment Corporation

Dysfunctional planning

Toll avoidance

25,000 people

IT projects need more oversight

Port Mann Bridge

Golden Ears Bridge


Crown corp crash and burn

Province's file bungling

Mayors favour property tax increase

Cities to find new ways to charge taxpayers 

Yearly rate increase time   

ICBC basic rates rise 6.4%

Bogus ICBC claim

No to TransLink reform

Refusal to reform raises mayors' ire

Billionaire not swaying voters

Yes banks on Pattison

Jim Pattison

Mayors try accountability committee

Track record derailing yes vote

Referendum about something much bigger

Bid to restore public confidence

Paying for 2 costly CEOs a YES setback

Failed CEO job best gig going  

A TransLink 'solution'

Overtime blamed for TransLink wages      

Getting it right

Crown Corp wants more money 

Transit cops want more

TransLink nixed cheaper solution

Tracking your cellphone  

Call for roll back

Raking in the cash

Golden Ears hemorrhaging money 

Golden Ears Bridge  

Port Mann Bridge

Another Crown Corp created

Crown Corp threat

ICBC overcharging error

Truckers choose free over toll

BC bombarded by rate increases   

Crown corp hikes exec bonuses

TransLink lower-than-expected revenue

No new funds  

Bonus time at TransLink  

TransLink board of directors 

Metro mayors latest cash plan

TransLink back at cash grabs  

TransLink get royal treatment

ICBC severance

Credit card bill

2011/12 financial summary

Legislature's accounting  

MLA's accounting a mess  

ICBC rate hike approved

Scathing government review 

RCMP not recommending charges

Another ‘fools' day in BC  

New bylaw flawed

Hydro's appointed board

Entitled getting a percentage   

Multi-billion dollar bridge issues

Falling ice      

Province gives power to TransLink  

TransLink’s money machine  

Waste of taxpayer money  

Coastal Ferry Act review  

TransLink spending questioned

Greenest City 2020  

Bleeding edge     

Blame high fares

ICBC joins the increase flood

John van Dongen

Experiment failing

Refused drivers licenses

42,000 unable to renew

Port Mann trips down debt reaches $3.6B  

Appointed lifetime passes

Crown corp wants rate hike

TransLink in the art business  

TransLink shutdown


A useless fine system

TransLink given more power

Fare increase rejected

BC Teachers Federation  

Our school systems are so last century

Governments target education

SkyTrain reopens

More TransLink planning

BC budget features higher user fees      

ICBC doubles net income

TI Corp may roll out loyalty program

Bridge traffic against regional growth plan 

Government takes $778M

BC Utilities Commission

LRB ruling


Crown Corp compensation

BC isn't Smart anymore

BC Crown corporations


Crown Corp has been good for us  

LRB salary & befits  .pdf

3 VPs let go

Changes for Ferries, TransLink

Fact finder on BC College of Teachers  .pdf  

BC Public Accounts 2010/11  .pdf   

Mayors want a cut of the pie

Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority

Bill 43 = higher taxes, higher fares

TransLink hijacked

Tough months ahead for wage policy 

$800,000 per lucky MLA

BC Bill 37-2007 remuneration act

25% More for Judges would be Injustice

Agencies and commissions 

Tourism BC

Tourism BC folded 

Public on the hook

TransLink  Canada Line  

Appointed TransLink raises property taxes

Politicians shunned

’We can ignore the review’

SkyTrain billions better spent on trams: Study

Appointed TransLink board wants

Katzie First Nation

Freedom of Information & Privacy Association

BC Rail lobbyists contracted Finance officials

6 years for Public Trustee  

Spaceship Canada

Fares to rise again

VICTORIA - Coastal travelers will see rising fares when sailing aboard BC Ferries over the next 4 years.   (CP)

4 years


Fast Ferry Scandal  


Impacts of Ferry fare increases

High fares, low ridership

Ferry system has gone adrift   

Ferry rate increase


Guilty of criminal negligence

Government blames property owner

BC Ferry tax rebate

BC Ferry price hikes

Ship was doomed  

'Box of lies'

Ferry was in 'best condition'

Passengers settle

Small award

Kevin Falcon

BC Ferries annual report

Ferry Rates increase April 1

Northern Adventure

Queen of the North

Ferry dumping

Ferry Advisory Committee   

BC ferries have been good for us

CEO defends his $1M salary

7-year wait too long for trial

Karl Lilgert trial

Captain recalls sinking

WorkSafeBC orders Ferries to reinstate

TTC gives green light to drug tests for key staff

BC Ferry board of directors

Lost ferry's toll on North Coasters

BC Ferries

BC Ferries Board of Directors

BC Ferry & Marine Workers' Union

Divisional Inquiry: Queen of the North sinking

Value of layers of government

OTTAWA - A newly released federal report says spending on security at the 2010 Winter Games was over budget.  But the department of Canadian Heritage's final figures might not add up.  Their final report on the federal government's involvement in the 2010 Winter Olympics provides a tally of what was spent on essential federal services at the Games.  (CP)

Province saw big 'shortfall'

City Hall on the defensive

Confusing calculations  

Olympic village losses quadruple  

Confirmed losses rising   

Olympic Village condos  

Vancouver 2010  

2010 Winter Olympics  

Lions Gate Bridge protests ends in arrests

Protest leaders disruptive behaviour

Protesters amass ahead of Olympics

Another costly lesson

Receivership for Olympic Village     

You don't need to know

Olympics come full circle  

Vancouver Public Space Network

Protesters threaten homes of officials

We see you

Crony capitalism

Big lie on Olympic liabilities

Bribery and influence peddling scandal 

Vancouver Olympic village  

Homemade security pass

Mounties in no win situation

Vancouver's surveillance presence  

Prostitution in Canada

IIHF investigating kickback scheme

BC to halt flights from rural BC during Olympics

Leaked Olympic Village loan info

Human trafficking and the 2010 games  .pdf

London Olympic budget rises

London Olympics budget climbs

A boondoggle in the making

Review of the VCCEP  .pdf 


Mountain Pine Beetle in BC


Prime Time Crime

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