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Murder Victims




5th man facing charges

CALGARY - About 2:45am on Nov 23, emergency crews were called the 200-block of 10 Ave SW and found Strasser-Hird, 18.  Nathan Paul Gervais, 18, was charged with first-degree murder while Franz Emir Cabrera, 19, Joch Pouk, 20, and Assmar Ryiad Shlah, 20, were all charged with second-degree murder.  (QMI)    


Another swarming death arrest

5th man

4th arrest

3rd arrest

Fight death

Victim succumbs to injuries  


TORONTO - Police have made an arrest in the birthday party murder of 20-year-old Gaethan Kitadi.  Shane Raheim Chandon, 20, of Ajax, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.  (Toronto Star)

Man charged

Suspect arrested

Surveillance video released

Victim celebrating birthday

Deadly birthday party


Man shot dead      

Victims identified

TORONTO - Brenda Pathammavong, 16, and Premier Hoang, 18, were found shot dead inside a red Lexus when police arrived at the Centre Green Co-Op housing complex on Centre St E.   (Toronto Star) 

Police identify victims

Shooting victims identified

2 dead


Woman and man victims

2 charged

PAUINGASSI - Rodney Suggashie, 22, and Jamie Suggashie, 24, from Pauingassi First Nation face second-degree murder charges in relation to the death of a Neilson Garnett Owens, 27.   (CTV)   MORE:   Murder charges laid   


TORONTO - Police have charged a man with second-degree murder in the death of Nu “Sandy” Hua., 64. Police arrested Patrick Wai Leung Lee, 61, of Toronto.  (CityNews)   PREVIOUS:   Victim identified   Victim identified 

Suspect in hospital

TRURO - Gerald Rushton, 47, has been charged in the deaths of Elizabeth MacPherson, 54, and her daughter, Brittany MacPherson, 24.  (Halifax Chronicle Herald)  MORE:   Accused in double homicide   Another suicide attempt  

Suspect turns himself in

EDMONTON - Police said Justin Sandquist, 23, surrendered to police for the alleged stabbing death of Aaron Cote, 25, on Dec 18. (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Warrant out   Cops looking for man   Stabbing victim ID'd   Police name victim   



THUNDER BAY - Priscilla Thomas, 38, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Jeffrey Munroe, 35.   (CBC)  MORE:   Murder charge  

Police charge man

DISCOVERY BAY - Jamaican police have charged Omar Pollack, 29, with murder in connection to the death of Shirley Lewis-McFarlane.    (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:   Canadian murdered   Woman slain    


Suspect charged

WINNIPEG - Robert (Bobby) Thomson, 21, was reported missing in Winnipeg in July 2012.  Officers charged Tanner James Prevost, 21, with second-degree murder.  (CTV)   MORE:   Missing man dumped in river  


HAMILTON - Ernie Sitter, 57, was found beaten to death on Jan. 9 in his King St E apartment.  Rodney Ryan, 42, has been charged.   (Durham Region)   MORE:   Arrest    Victim identified   Murder confirmed   Suspicious death   


Babysitter charged

TORONTO - Police responded to a call in the area of Wilmington Ave and Sheppard Ave W where Allison Tucker was found without vital signs.  Maria Sosa, 34, of Toronto, was charged with manslaughter. (CBC)  MORE:

Charged   Police charge babysitter   Toddler drowns 

Arrest made

MISSISSAUGA - Jong Joo Park, 82, was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Goreway Drive and Morningstar Drive on Saturday evening.  Police announced the arrest of 20-year-old Keuth Geng of Mississauga.  (CBC)   MORE:   Man charged   Victim identified   Driver hunted   Police looking for car  



HAMILTON - Police have identified the 23-year-old man who was shot in the head on New Year's Day as Marley Rowe.   (CBC)   MORE:   Victim I'd   Gunned down at party   Murder   Homicide    


WINNIPEG - Leanne May Henderson, 31, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Keith George McFee.  (QMI)   MORE:   Homicide    Death a homicide   Victim identified 


Victims identified

MARKHAM - David Howe, 46, turn himself in to police.  An action that led investigators to both an apartment building and a parking lot in Markham where the bodies of Chi-Ling Yip, 42,  and Haimwanti Persaud, 35, were found.  (QMI)   MORE:   Double murder victim identified    2 bodies found   Double killing    

Most charges stayed

WINNIPEG - Suzanne Eckstein, 47, has pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of possession of an explosive substance - gasoline.  Eckstein was charged in a June 2008 Winnipeg house fire that killed Kenneth Dunn, 19.  Eckstein was accused of being part of a plan, along with Dunn, to burn down the house for insurance money.  (CTV)    


Mother charged

SASKATOON - Kellie Johnson, 35, was charged with first-degree murder in relation to the death of 5-year-old Jonathan Vetter.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Woman charged   Homicide   Charged

Stabbed before fire

BRANDON - An autopsy showed Earl Daniel Beebe, 39, died from stab wounds.  The fire was in a home in the 600-block of Victoria Ave.  (CBC)   MORE:   Homicide    



Son charged

CAPE BRETON - Merlin Demers-Kennedy, 30, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his mother, Michelle Demers Kennedy, 58.   (CBC)   MORE:   Son charged    Man arrested   Police search son's home in mom's disappearance

Canadian murdered

GUATEMALA - Police in Belize have confirmed that a body found in Guatemala is that of Brian Townsend, who lived in the Central American country of Belize for the last 9 years doing missionary work.  (CP)  MORE:   Missing man confirmed dead 



4 arrested

HALFIAX - Matthew Anthony Penny's burned body was discovered in Oakfield Park on New Year's Day.  2 men, ages 27 and 23, along with 2 women, ages 24 and 23, were arrested.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Victim identified   Murder victim identified   Autopsy 


BUSBY - Officers found Kevin Boles, 46, and Curtis Perrin, 37, dead inside the home, with apparent gunshot wounds.  Police arrested Alvin Boles, 70, at the scene and took him into custody.  (CTV)  MORE:   Double homicide   Man charged in deaths of son and another man     



Cold case arrest

HAMILTON - Police have arrested Richard Bennett, 37, in the July 29, 2004 stabbing death of Jay Page, 29.  (CBC)  MORE:   Police make arrest   2004 murder 


CALGARY - An autopsy confirmed the body found inside a car was that of Anthony James Fernandez, 19.   (QMI)   MORE:   Death ruled a homicide   Homicide   Body found   Missing man  



Man charged

ATIKAMEG - RCMP and paramedics were called to a home in Whitefish River at about 12:30pm, after a 21-year-old man was found by family members.  Lucky Darren Thunder, 19, has been arrested and charged with second degree murder.  (CTV)  MORE:   Charges laid  


EDMONTON - In the cellar of a bungalow near 128 Ave and 72 St, police discovered the body of William Joseph Maclean, 71.  Aaron Kohler, 32, has been charged with second-degree murder.  (QMI)   MORE:   Charge laid   Son charged    Suspicious death   Investigating



8 years

THUNDER BAY - A judge at the Superior Court of Justice in Thunder Bay has sentenced Joseph Wesley to 8 years in prison for the killing of Adam Yellowhead.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Man arrested   

Death a murder

TORONTO - Police said Vito Gironda, 59, was found at about 6pm Wednesday at 35 Ettrick Cres.  The case was deemed a murder after an autopsy.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Man found murdered on Christmas Day   Homicide 



High-risk offenders

WINNIPEG - Tim McLean, a 23 year old minding his own business on a bus from Edmonton to Winnipeg was attacked, stabbed and decapitated by fellow passenger Vincent Li 6 years ago.  (CBC) 

Law failing society

Granted unsupervised outings

Psychiatrist pitches unsupervised visits

Killing of Tim McLean  




HALIFAX - Glen Race, who was at the centre of an international manhunt after killing 3 men, has been found not criminally responsible for killing Michael Knott and Trevor Brewster in May 2007.  (CBC)  

Found not criminally responsible

Guilty plea to 2 murders

Race pleads guilty

'Unspeakable sorrow'

Glen Douglas Race

NCR debate



Impaired charges

MOOSE JAW - RCMP has charged Jesse David Taylor, 20, of Moose Jaw, stemming from a single-vehicle rollover on Sept. 15, 2013.  Jason Friesen, Joshua Patterson and Justin Kowalski of Mossbank - all 24 years old - were killed in the collision. (Moose Jaw Times Herald)   MORE:   Charged in 3 road deaths   Driver charged 

Conviction overturned

TORONTO - The Ontario Court of Appeal has overturned the conviction of Nahoor Araya in the 2008 shooting death of teen Boris Cikovic and ordered a new trial.  In November 2011, a jury found the Humber College student guilty of manslaughter. (QMI)  PREVIOUS:   Man found guilty   Araya murder trial



Suspicious house fire deaths

CASTOR - The bodies of Gordon Klaus, 61, and his daughter Monica, 40, were found in the rubble following a house fire in rural Castor.  Sandra Klaus, 62, Gordon’s wife and Monica’s mother, has not been accounted for.   (Beacon)   MORE:   Son feels treated like a suspect   2 identified as deceased   

3 charged

MONTREAL - Police said a warrant will be issued for the arrest of Kshawn Rocque, 22, for his alleged role in the murder of Fehmi Sen, 20.  Marlon Henry, 34, Rakesh Jankie, 34, and Shorn Carr, 31, have been charged.   (Montreal Gazette)  MORE:   3 charged   Gunshots in Cote-des-Neiges   Murder  




SOREL-TRACY - François Laramée, 50, appeared at the courthouse to face charges of non-premeditated murder following the death of Gabriel Farley, 71.   (CTV)  MORE:   Man killed in altercation   


EDMONTON - Police have charged Randal Gladue, 25, with second-degree murder in connection with the stabbing death of Travis Untinen, 36.  (Beacon)    MORE:   Police charge suspect   Charges   Man charged    Violent night




FORT ERIE - The body of 81-year-old Blake Nicholls was found in his home at 72 Bertie St.   (CP)


FORT MCMURRAY - Adam Gauthier has been sentenced after pleading guilty to careless driving in a collision that left a 64-year-old dead.   (CTV)



Looking for clues

LAVAL - Officers found the bullet-riddled body of Roger Valiquette Jr. in the parking lot of a rotisserie restaurant.   (QMI)   PREVIOUS:   Shooting   Man gunned down   Mafia shooting   Shooting linked to OC   Mafia    

Twins found guilty

EDMONTON - Twin brothers got two different verdicts in the trail of a teen strangled to death, but both were convicted of the strangulation slaying of student Emmanuel Amoah, 19.  (QMI)     Emmanuel Amoah 



Victim identified

SUDBURY - Timothy Lamothe, 29, was stabbed outside a residence on O'Connor St around 9pm.  Skylar Dalyk, 24, was arrested by 4am the following morning and has been held as a suspect.  (QMI)   MORE:   Charges   Stabbing


EDMONTON - Just after midnight on Nov 9, Andrew Frang was fatally stabbed as he and his girlfriend were walking the short distance from a pub to a restaurant in the area of 118 Ave and 124 St.   (Beacon)   Andrew Frang 



Victim identified

GARRICK - Roudy Bourque, 3, died Dec 4, 2012, in a hospital in SK.  Shane Paschke, 33, from Garrick, was charged with second-degree murder.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Charged    Arrest made

Canadian shot

SAN PAULO - Dean Tiessen of Leamington, ON, was identified as the victim in what appears to be a botched carjacking.  (QMI)   MORE:   Man dies in Brazil   Killed in Brazil   Canadian killed in robbery attempt  




HAMILTON - 2 groups of men got into a fight outside Viva La Pita.  1 member pulled out a hand gun and shot Tyler Johnson, 30.  (CHCH)   MORE:   Victim named   Victim shot


SUCKER RIVER - Ricky Jonathan Ross, 27, has been charged with murder in the death of Jodi Clarissa Roberts.   (CBC)   MORE:   Arrest made   Charged laid




PRINCE ALBERT - Crown prosecutors had proven that John Thomas Shaoulle was responsible for the death of Margaret Sewap, 33. (Prince Albert Daily Herald)   MORE:   Sentenced   Woman strangled, burned   Murder charge 

Teen convicted

FORT MCMURRAY - Rayden Dawson Tilley, 18, was sentenced as an adult in connection with the Nov 26, 2011, murder of a 31-year-old woman in a Fort McMurray apartment.   (Edmonton Journal)  PREVIOUS:   Young offender pleads guilty  




CONSTANCE LAKE - Officers responded to an altercation where they found Fabian Bunting, 35, with no vital signs.  Bradley Bunting, 28, was charged with second degree murder.  (TB News Watch)   MORE:   Charges   Murder charge 

12 years

EDMONTON -  Irineo Villaflor Odoy, 62, tearfully apologized to the family of victim Marietta Echavez, 52, and begged for forgiveness before being handed a life sentence with no chance of parole for 12 years.  (QMI)  Marietta Echavez  




EDMONTON - Officers were called to a home in the area of 25 Ave and 46 A St at about 4am, after gunshots were reportedly heard.  Police have identified the victim as Nicholas Kyriacou, 23.  Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Ahmed, 28, has been charged.  (CTV)  MORE:   Texts stopped   Man charged  

2nd suspect charged

EDMONTON - Police have charged Stanley Vincent James Shawyer, 36, with first degree murder in the death of 28-year old Philipp Woehrle in May, 2012.  Thaven Gardiner, 38, was earlier charged with first degree murder.  (Beacon)   MORE:   2nd person charged   Charged   Arrested   Charged  Philipp Jochen Woehrle  



Cops jeopardized case

MONTREAL - Justice Guy Cournoyer ruled that Kyle Sheppard, 31, may be extradited to stand trial for the murder of his wife, Katie Sheppard, 30.  However, Cournoyer said he couldn't use Sheppard's alleged confession in the ruling because officers didn't provide a "reasonable opportunity" for Sheppard to speak to a lawyer.  (QMI)  PREVIOUS:   Warrant issued 

Body found

BARRHEAD - Valentine Degenhardt, 45, of Salmon Arm, BC, was last seen in Barrhead, AB, on July 17.  During a ground search about 65 km NW of where Degenhardt's vehicle was found the RCMP located human remains.  (QMI)  MORE:   Remains found   Trio charged   Charge after man vanishes   Murder charge laid   Death of 'marijuana distributor'  




EDMONTON - 6 months before Brenda Moreside was discovered stabbed to death in her northern AB home, RCMP failed to bring assault charges against the man who would eventually kill her.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Inquiry to begin   Moresides case timeline

Murder charge

KASABONIKA LAKE - Nishnawbe-Aski Police officers arrived to discover Courtney Mamakeesic, 20, had been taken for medical treatment but succumbed to her injuries.  Clarissa Anderson, 21, was charged with second degree murder.  (CBC)   MORE:   Murder charge 




KITCHENER - The man charged with first degree murder in the death of Erin Howlett, 28, has been identified as Michael Ball, 22, of Kitchener.   (CBC)  MORE:   Charged   More than 30 charges   Foul play


MONTREAL - Sherri Thomas, 19, was killed in her home on Grand Blvd around 8am.  Thomas's boyfriend, Michael Gero, 23, was arrested at the scene.   (CTV)  MORE:   Charged with murder   Charged



Charges laid

EDMONTON - Kyle Curtis Scheck, 26, was stabbed to death in a gang and drug related fight at 128 Ave and 65 St  around 7:30pm Nov 14.  Detectives arrested Vincent Prentice, 47.  (QMI)   MORE:   Accused was not in prison   Charges   Stabbings   Autopsy confirms stabbing    Stabbing victim   Homicide 

2nd suspect charged

TORONTO - Police were called to 275 Bleecker St at 2:41pm on Dec 20, 2012 for a stabbing. Glenton Gibson, 23, died.  Juselelio Silva, 26, was charged on Nov. 18.  Trestan Brown, 19, was charged on Jan 11.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Charged    Charged  Man surrenders   Suspect surrenders   Stabbing   Double stabbing



Man arrested

KITCHENER - An 18-year old Brampton man has been arrested.  Jordan Gillis, 29, was struck and killed by a vehicle on Hazel St. near Austin Dr on the morning of Oct 20.  (CBC)  MORE:   Arrest   Arrest made   Victim identified 

Woman charged

WINNIPEG - Dawn Marie McFadyen, 32, has been charged after allegedly stabbing Brandon Lee How, 39, to death at the Capri Apartments on 2130 Portage Ave.  (QMI)  PREVIOUS:   Altercation   Stabbings   Homicide 




TORONTO - Neeko Mitchell, 25, was shot numerous times as he stood in front of the North Kipling Community Centre on Nov. 24.  (CP24)  

3 suspects caught on video

Victim ID'd

Police ID man

Friends mourn

Police identify victim




Son charged

TORONTO - Neil Williams, 27, has been charged in the stabbing death of his mother,  Janet Williams, 60, at a residence on Ronan Ave.  (CP24)   MORE:   Son charged   Victim ID'd   Stabbing 


SMITHS FALLS - The victim has been identified as 57-year-old Daryl Weedmark, 57.  Clayton Presley, 56, of Smiths Falls, was charged with second-degree murder.  (CBC)   MORE:   Fight led to death



2 charged

GARDEN HILL - Jerrold Moses Flett, 21, was found near a nursing station in Garden Hill.  Leonard Morris Beardy, 21, and Brandon Wind Beardy, 19, are facing a charge of second-degree murder.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Death investigated 

Hit-and-run update

VANCOUVER - The victims were identified as Marta, 66, and Juan, 76, Rosales.  Police found a truck matching the suspect vehicle description outside a Coquitlam home and arrested a World War II veteran Eugene Muirhead, 90.   (CTV)



Beating death

WINNIPEG - Patrick Jeremy Hill, 25, has been charged in the death of  Stacy Ralph Barkman, 39.   (CBC)   MORE:   Charged laid

Victim identified

HAMILTON - The victim is Jiali Zhang, 40.  Dalibor Klaric, 35, of Stoney Creek, faces a first-degree murder charge.   (CBC) PREVIOUS:   Charged   Blunt force trauma




CALGARY - Tamara Sophia Lovett, 44, is facing charges of criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessaries of life in connection to the death of her son, Ryan Lovett, 7, in March of 2013.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Mother arrested


RICHMOND HILL - Richard Skupien, 54, was found without vital signs in his Centre St home on Aug 24.  Kenneth Johnson, 47, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.  (CityNews)   MORE:   Roommate charged   Accused in roommate's death 



10 years

MONCTON - Kathy Horsman, 36, was driving along Killam Drive on April 17 when she collided head-on with another vehicle near the intersection of Edinburgh Drive.  In July, Boyd Atkinson pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death.  (CTV)

Suspect arrested

MONTREAL - Police have arrested Michel Duchaussoy, 43, who they suspect killed cabbie Ziad Bouzid in Cote des Neiges.  (CTV)   MORE:   Arrest   Taxi driver murdered   Driver shot   Taxi driver killed   Taxi driver killed



Father charged

GOOSE BAY - Thomas George Michel, 22,  has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his 4-month-old infant boy.  (Telegram)


EDMONTON - EPS have charged Harold Donald Papin, 23, with the stabbing death of Harvey Rob Frenchman, 20.   (Beacon)   MORE:   Man charged   Death suspicious




MONTREAL - Mathieu Vallée, 30, was shot in the alley near his home on Oct. 7.  The shooting took place in an alley between St Andre St and De Mentana St.  (Coolopolis)   MORE:   Shooting   Shooting

Charged with manslaughter

TORONTO - Police identified the victim as Toronto man Yassin Obsien, 31.  Investigators charged Jeffrey Mark, 40, from Courtice, ON with manslaughter.   (Toronto Star) MORE:   Manslaughter 



Manslaughter charge

WINNIPEG - Christopher Paul Maier, a 42-year-old Winnipeg resident, died in hospital after he was found critically injured outside the Royal Albert Arms Hotel.  Adam John Perrier, 33, faces other charges that include break and enter and forcible confinement.  (CBC)   MORE:   Suspect charged 


REGINA - Officers were sent to the 700-block of Athol St in the Washington Park area at around 3am in response to a report of 2 females fighting in the street.  Cassandra Joan Desjarlais, 24, was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.  The accused is Brianna Joyce Wesaquate, 29.  (CBC)


New trial ordered

OTTAWA - Leighton Hay was convicted of the first-degree murder of Colin Moore, 51.  Moore was shot and killed in July 2002 at a Toronto nightclub where he was hosting a monthly fundraiser.  (CP) JUDGMENT:   2013 SCC 61   Widow marks 10th year

Victim just out of prison

MONTREAL - Patrick Rivet, 45, was shot to death late on the night of Sept. 12, apparently while seated inside a van in the parking lot of Place Versailles.  (Montreal Gazette)  MORE:   Shooting   Fatal shooting   Gangland style shooting   Murder 



Senior killed

TORONTO - Francisco DaSilva, 87, was pronounced dead at the scene.  His roommate, Francesco Greco, 81, is charged with second-degree murder.  (QMI)  MORE:   Nursing home homicide   Roommate charged 

Murder charge

PELICAN NARROWS - RCMP have identified the victim as 40-year-old Heather Ballantyne of the Pelican Narrows First Nation.  John Bob Glen Custer, 19, of Pelican Narrows has been charged with second-degree murder.  (CP) 




WINNIPEG - Police identified the victim as Gary Nathan Houle, 23, of Winnipeg.  Jerry Samuel William Francois, 26, of Winnipeg faces a charge for manslaughter.  (CTV)   MORE:   Victim dies    Fight death

Psych evaluation

WOODSTOCK, NB - Kyle Edmund Scott, 19, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Sarah Kennedy. (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Man facing charge   Man charged 




SAINT-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU - Chao Peng, 25, was attacked around 10am Saturday morning on Mercier St.. The victim succumbed to his injuries later in hospital.   (CTV)   MORE:   Suspect arrested   Arrest


GRANDE PRAIRIE - Cassidy Dietrich, 16, was taken to hospital but died.  The southbound 2012 Chevrolet Silverado that hit the teen fled the scene but was later located abandoned.  (CTV)   MORE:   Teen killed 




PORT HOOD - Logan Patrick MacIntyre, 17, Morgan Christopher MacIntyre, 19, and 20-year-old Joel Cecil Chandler died when the car they were travelling in went off the road and flipped over on July 22.  (CBC)   MORE:   17-year-old charged 

Guilty plea

BERENS RIVER - Lois Cook, 38, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the July 31, 2010 death of David Brown Hudson.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:   Wife charged   Man charged in drunk driving death   Victim stabbed and run over



Criminal negligence

ESKASONI - Police say John Johnson passed away at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital on June 22.  Marcella Marie Johnson, 53, and Peter Young, 56, have each been charged with criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessities of life.  (CTV) 

Hit-and-run charge

GUELPH - Police have charged Anna Wilson, 55, with failing to remain at the scene of an accident hours after a cyclist’s body was discovered near the road.  The victim has been identified as Gordon Krofchick, 42, of Ariss.  (CTV)   MORE:   Woman charged 




MONTREAL - Edi Afker, 51, is facing charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder following a family dispute at Acadie near Marcelin Wilson.  His sister, 55, is dead following an alleged dispute with Afker, while their 79-year-old mother is listed in stable condition.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Man stabbed sister & mother  

Arrests made

HAMILTON - John, 50, and Mato 'Michael', 47, Josipovic were arrested.  James 'Louis' Malone was shot in the head in the early hours of Nov. 9 in the east end.  (CBC)   MORE:   Brothers charged   Police make arrests   Did bar fight precede shooting   Biker 'a real sweetheart'   Ex Hells Angel gunned down



Man in custody

NORTH BAY - The victim has been identified as Gordon Pilon, 51.  Peter James McArthur, 53, will face a charge of second-degree murder.  (CBC)   MORE:   Violent death   Charges filed

Body found

GATINEAU - The body of Marie-Josee Guenette, 41, lay just outside next to the triplex in a large garbage bin.   Alain Blais, 62, was charged with second-degree murder.  (QMI)   MORE:   Man charged   



Victim identified

REGINA - Police have identified the victim as Nolen Boyd Tanner, 18, of Regina.  Officers were called to a report of a fight in a yard and on the street in the 500-block of Montreal St, where they found Tanner.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Police probe death

Homicides down

OTTAWA - Canada's homicide rate in 2012 was the lowest it's been since 1966, Statistics Canada reported.  There were 543 homicides in 2012, 55 fewer than in 2011.  (QMI)  REPORT:   Homicides in Canada 2012 



Impaired charge

RED DEER - An 18-year-old man has been charged with impaired driving in a taxi crash that killed a Red Deer man.  Jonathon David Wood, 33, was killed while in the backseat of an Alberta Gold Taxi, when a truck driven by the unidentified teenager rear-ended the vehicle.  (CBC)


BARRIE - According to the results of an autopsy, Michael Baker, 52, was strangled at a rooming house in Barrie’s north-end. Police allege his death came at the hands of a neighbour: Ernie Bruce Richards, 51.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Charged   Man in custody 



Murders - suicide

LONDON, ON - Police have confirmed the names of the trio as Mohammad Walji, 43, Shyroz Walji, 42 and Qyzra Walji, 21.  (QMI)    MORE:  Questions linger

Impaired charges

EDMONTON - Tyhler Kennedy Keith, 21, is facing charges of impaired driving causing death and other charges.  (CTV)  MORE:   Victim was 'in prime of his life' 




SPLIT LAKE - Around 12:30pm Oct 29, police responded to a report of gunshots fired on Tataskweyak Cree Nation.  Police identified the woman killed as Annette Freda Beardy-Spence.  Craig John George Flett, 20, faces a charge for second-degree murder.   (CTV)  MORE:   Homicide 

Inmate death

LONDON, ON - Adam Harvey Kargus was sentenced 2 weeks ago for a series of non-violent crimes.  The 29-year-old Sarnia resident has been identified by police as the inmate found beaten to death in the showers at Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre.  (QMI)   MORE:   Inmate found beaten to death  Prison staff charged   Guards charged



2nd death

SUDBURY - OPP have confirmed that Deputy Chief Terry Boyle's body was found in the same home where Sheri-Lynn McEwan, 40, was found badly injured on Oct 7.  She later died of her injuries.  (CBC)  MORE:   Widower found dead   Police identify victim   Woman killed 


COROZAL - Officers were called to the ocean-front community of Consejo Shores after neighbours reported a woman screaming.  The woman has been identified as Patricia Lynn Nichiporowich, 57, of the Vancouver area.  (CP)   MORE:   Canadian retiree killed 



Possible link to OC

LONGUEUIL - Annie Dessureault, 35, was shot and killed in her Dandurand St home. (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Mother shot   Girl performed CPR   Woman gunned down

Died as a result of gunshot

HOBBEMA - Teagan Johnson, 15, died as a result of a gunshot wound.  (Beacon)  PREVIOUS:   RCMP probe death   Body found   Teen found dead    Suspicious death 



'A cruel death'

HAMILTON - Michael Sullivan died at Hamilton General Hospital earlier this month. Police have recovered the black Ford F150 they believe was used to run Sullivan down in the east end.   (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Killer truck seized 


VANCOUVER - Alexcia McKamey’s mother Jacqueline is still waiting to learn how and why her 14-month-old daughter died on Sept. 20 in Chilliwack.  (Abbotsford Times)  PREVIOUS:   Foul play suspected   Suspect released



Suspect on probation

OTTAWA - Mutiur Rehman, 20, facing second-degree murder charges in the stabbing death of Andre Boisclair was on probation from two recent robbery convictions.  (CBC) 

Victim had refused to testify


2 charged

TORONTO - Danny La, 22, was one of the 3 victims attacked near Spadina Ave on Sept. 30, 2013.   La never regained consciousness, and died Oct. 20.  John Pham, 24, and Somlack Litthimane, 24, have been charged.  (Toronto Star) 

2 charged
Victim identified
Police identify victim
3 in hospital after brawl

Victim identified

WINNIPEG - Police have identified the victim as Jamie Cook, 23, from Winnipeg.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Body found   

Impaired charge

OSHAWA - Brynn Alexandra Campbell, 21, is charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing death.  (CityNews)




LAVAL - Michael Del Giacco, 28, has been charged with fleeing the scene of a crime and the hit and run death of a 74-year-old man.  Prosecutors allege that Del Giacco was leaving the drive-through of a McDonald's when he ran over Claude Comte and Louiselle Lemieux Comte, then sped off.  Comte, 75, did not survive the crash.  (CTV) PREVIOUS:   Arrested   Suspect arrested   Man killed

Man charged

TORONTO -  Investigators say the victim was attempting to cross Kennedy Road when he was struck by a northbound Ford F-150 pickup truck that fled the scene.  The victim has been identified by family as Rafsan Alam, 22.  Charges had been laid against Anthony Sowkey, a 24-year-old man.  (CBC)   MORE:   Hit-and-run arrest   Charged   Getaway vehicle kills pedestrian   Suspect in custody



Tragic life cut short

CONCEPTION BAY - The murder of two people in a shooting in Conception Bay South last month was the tragic end to a 15-year nightmare of mental and physical abuse, say the parents of one of the victims.  (Telegram)  

Double murder-suicide

Gunman kills 2

Double murder-suicide

Suspect had an AK-47

Strip mall shooting

Sudden death



Couple arrested

TORONTO - Caleb Harrison, 41, was found dead in August in a home on Pitch Pine Crescent. - the same home where his mother died in 2010.  The cause of death for both is asphyxiation and that the 2009 death of Harrison's father - in the same home - is still under investigation.  Police say Melissa Merritt, 33, and her common-law husband, Christopher Fattore, 36, were arrested near Bridgewater, NS.  (CTV)  

Ex-wife and boyfriend charged


Couple make court appearance


Death deemed a homicide

3 deaths, 1 home 




KITCHENER - Anton Radisic, 38, was allegedly stabbed during an altercation.  He died in hospital of injuries he received in the stabbing.   Martin McNaney, 18, and his father Stephen McNaney, 44, were charged with second-degree murder.  (CTV)  MORE:   Stabbed man dies   Father and son charged 

Suspect kills himself

TRURO - Martin Thompson shot himself while surrounded by police shortly after 6pm in Colchester County.  His wife, Cheryl Thompson, had been found dead in her apartment at 5 Mitchell Drive in Truro Heights about 15 hours earlier.  (Chronicle Herald)  MORE:   Suspect dies   Strangulation  




VANCOUVER - Ryan Jeffrey Webster of Richmond is facing 2 charges of impaired driving causing death.  The crash happened on May 12, 2012 near Steveston and 4 Road. Jess Moses, 16, and Shane Moses, 19, were passengers in the 2006 BMW when it swerved off the road and crashed into a tree.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Loss of 2 brothers

Charge upgraded

KITCHENER - Babiker Moustafa, 56, was found and taken to hospital to be treated for injuries received when he was struck by a drinking glass.  Lowrans Yai, 34, was arrested at the scene and charged with assault.  That charge was upgraded to manslaughter after Moustafa died in a Toronto hospital.  (CTV)   MORE:   Victim dies in hospital   Charged



Impaired driving causing death

HALIFAX - The RCMP say an SUV collided head-on with a car in a crash that killed 55-year-old Mark Burnett, the driver of the SUV, and injured 2 females who were ejected from the car.  Kayla MacLellan, 20, of Lake Echo faces 8 charges. (CP)   MORE:   Woman charged 

Victim identified

TORONTO - Emergency crews were called to 33 King St around 5:30am.  Leila Chandrapaul, 37,  was pronounced dead at the scene.  Areef Khan, 34,has been charged with second-degree murder.  (CityNews)  MORE:   Man charged   Man charged   Stabbing




VAUGHAN - Teresa Dias, 72, was found suffering from a stab wound in a home on Summerwood Court at around 9:30pm.  Edmundo Dias, 82, of Bolton was taken into custody at the scene.  (CP24)   MORE:   Woman dies in hospital   Man charged   

Guilty plea

TORONTO - Germaine Lindo, 40, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing the death of Candance Lindo.  He immersed the child in a bathtub of scalding water at their Scarborough home on Oct. 29, 1993.  The girl died on Nov. 26, 1993.  (QMI)



4 charged

EDMONTON - Police have laid charges against 4 people in connection with the death of Ryan Holteen, 32, at the Edmonton Max Sept. 26.   (Beacon) 

Inmate homicide


Death being probed 


More charged

WINDSOR - There are more charges following a deadly stabbing in downtown Windsor that left University of Windsor student Kevin Kugathasan, 19, dead and 5 others injured.    (CBC)

4th person charged

Downtown stabbing

Fatal stabbing

Knife fight



EDMONTON - Tyrone Bell, 27, died from multiple gunshot wounds Friday, Oct 4.  (CTV)   MORE:   Victim died from gunshot wounds   Death confirmed a homicide   Suspicious death

Found guilty

EDMONTON - Cleophas Decoine-Zuniga, 26, the man charged in connection to the killing of Dylan McGillis on Whyte Ave in Nov, 2006 was found guilty.  (CTV)   MORE:   Convicted   Dylan Cole McGillis   5 years  



Murder added to program 

HALIFAX - Investigators say a woman was walking along Africville Road shortly after noon on Oct. 14, 2013 when she found the body of Matthew Thomas Sudds, 24, in a ditch.  (CTV)  Matthew Sudds    Homicide   Victim was shot  

Murder charge

THUNDER BAY - Richard Terrance Vrastak, 38, died in hospital.  Sheldon Mark Yesno, 32, has been charged.   (CBC) MORE:   Cyclist dies 



Husband charged

PETERBOROUGH - Iain Taylor, 57, has been charged with first-degree murder.  The body of Wendy Taylor, 59, was discovered in the home on Sept 27.  (QMI) 

Husband charged


Woman murdered



Targeted shooting

CALGARY - Officers found 22-year-old Surrey resident Trevor James Munro dead and another man and woman injured.  The survivors were rushed to hospital, where the woman has been listed in critical condition.   (CTV)   MORE:   Possibly drug related    Victims BC residents

Son charged

CALGARY - Police were called for a check on welfare at a house on Ranchridge DR NW at about 1:20pm and found the body of Lois Murray inside.  Andrew Douglas Murray, 29, is now facing a first-degree murder charge. (CTV) PREVIOUS:   Body found   Homicide  



Charged in stabbing death

MONTREAL - Mario Deka, 50, appeared in Montreal court to be charged with second degree murder after allegedly stabbing Christa Andree Georges, his 33-year-old wife to death on Perras Blvd in Rivieres-des-Prairies.  (CTV)   MORE:   Charges laid   Stabbing   Woman killed


CALGARY - Police have charged Julia McMillan, 40, with hit and run causing death after a 26-year old male pedestrian died from injuries he suffered when he was struck by a vehicle in the Forest Lawn area.  (Beacon)   MORE:   Alcohol is suspected   Woman arrested



Arrest in double murder

MONTREAL - Altamond Junior Little, 43, faces 2 charges of first degree murder, while Anthony Cole, 54, faces a variety of less-serious charges.  The 2 victims were Marjorie Dammier, 29, and Maxime Calado Berthiaume, 30.  (CTV) 

Charges laid
2 shot
2 suspicious deaths



Guilty plea

SASKATOON - Kyle Halbauer, 22, one of 3 men charged with the first-degree murder of Lorry Santos, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.  Santos, 34, was shot and killed in her home when she answered the door on Sept 12, 2012.  Halbauer, Joshua Petrin and Randy O'Hagan are all members of the White Boy Posse gang.  (CBC)

WBP murder trial set

Suspects charged

Multiple murders

Victims of drug trade

Decapitation victim ID'd

Victim ID'd

Shooting in Lloydminster   



Possible serial killer

MONTREAL - The investigation is looking into the murders of Wilton Lubin and Maurice Viens as well as the disappearance of Sebastien Metivier. All 3 were reported missing Nov. 1 1984. The investigation also includes the murders of Tammy Leaky, Denis Roux-Bergevin, Pascal Poulin and Marie-Eve Lariviere.  (QMI)

Murder charge in fire death

LONDON, ON - A man has been charged with first-degree murder and committing an indignity to a body in the death of Paul Curry, 50, on Sept 16th.  Shane Alan Wood, 37, had already been charged with arson and break and enter in connection with the fire.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Victim identified   Police identify victim and suspect



Another arrest

TORONTO - Emanuel Lozada, 22, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old Rameez Khalid, who was found stabbed outside the Four Seasons Centre in the early hours of Oct. 6.  Lozada is the fourth person charged in Khalid’s death.   (Toronto Star) 


Man sought

Police looking for man

Victim identified

Police looking to identify suspects




5 face charges

ST THERESA POINT - 5 youth from St. Theresa Point First Nation are facing second degree murder charges after the death of Wayne Bradford Wood, 28, who police say was assaulted.  (CBC)  MORE:   5 youths charged

Manslaughter charge

STONY PLAIN - Sean Steven Kovacs-Harkins, 19, had been charged with manslaughter.  Travis Colby, 30, died a few days after he was injured while allegedly trying to break up a fight.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Bouncer dies after altercation




MELFORT - Jordan Thomas Lumberjack, 30, is facing 2nd degree murder charges.  A 34-year-old man was found by paramedics with severe injuries from a stabbing on the Kinistin Saulteaux First Nation near Tisdale.  (CJME)   MORE:   Charged   Stabbing 

Arrested for beheading

BELEDWEYNE - A small Somali town is in shock following the beheading of 4 young boys allegedly by their Somali-Canadian father.  Police arrested Omar Hassan, 60, after the children, ages 11, 9, 7 and 6 were killed Monday.  (CP)  MORE:   Suspect worked in Fort McMurray




COLD LAKE - Garrett Blackman, 23, was arrested in connection to the death of Gregory Gannaw, 19.  Investigators identified 2 suspects in the homicide, Blackman and Stoney Bearhead, 26.  When RCMP officers went to the Paul Band First Nation, Bearhead was found dead.  (CTV)    MORE:   1 nabbed, 1 found dead   Suspect found dead   Victim ID'd 


CALGARY - James Allan Christians, 65, is charged with second-degree murder in connection with the stabbing death of Carmel Christians.  Police were called out to a home in the 100-block of Chaparral Valley Grove SE and found Carmel Christians deceased in the street and another woman suffering stab wounds.  (CTV)   MORE:   Arrest   Wanted man arrested



18 months

WINNIPEG - Patricia Harry, 26, has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for a high-speed drunk driving crash that killed Gerald Harry, 24, her brother, in June 19, 2009 crash.  (QMI)

Accused in custody

NORTH BATTLEFORD - Nicholas Clifford Giroux, 36, is accused of fatally stabbing Thang Sian Mang.   (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Man fatally stabbed   Men stabbed



Victim identified

TORONTO - Police responded to a call for shots fired at 285 Shuter St where they found Deronn Earle, 31, lying on the sidewalk shot. (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   Man dead   Man dies   Shooting 

Inmate homicide

EDMONTON - Detectives were called after a homicide was reported at the Edmonton Max.  Police identified the deceased as Ryan Holteen, 32.  (CTV)   MORE:   Homicide   Death being probed




HERBERT - Zuo Yu Qiu, 25, also known as Jerry Qiu, is charged with the murder of Henry Ginr, 79.  (Regina Leader-Post) 


WINNIPEG - Justin ​Latinecz died after being shot outside his house on the 100-block of Essex Ave.  (CBC)



2nd murder charge

REGINA - Bo Eichler, 32, appeared in Regina provincial court charged with first-degree murder in the death of Richele Lee Bear, 23.  Eichler was previously charged with second-degree murder in the death of Kelly Nicole Goforth, 21.   (CBC)   


Murder charge

2 murder charges


Man charged  


Victim identified  




TORONTO - Patrice Charles said the couple was discussing their Dec wedding while they sat in a parked car on Willowridge Road at around 1am.  Suddenly a man ran up to the car and began firing at Kahivesa Kavenandjamo, 25.  (CityNews)  


Gunned down

Victim dies


Guilty plea

KAMLOOPS - The court has heard that Jaipreet Toor, 46, stabbed his father Harsewak Toor, 79, outside his home after the elderly man denied him $20.  (CP)  MORE:   'Then his criminal life began' 


KITCHENER -  Mary Anne May, 55, body was found along a riverbank in a park near Tyson Drive at around 7:30am.  (CBC)   MORE:   Woman was murdered   Woman was killed



Teen guilty

EDMONTON - The admitted teen gunman was 16 at the time of the Dec 14, 2011, slaying of Russell Haidar.  (QMI)  

Russell Haidar  

Teen convicted


Guilty plea to lesser charge



Double murder-suicide

CONCEPTION BAY - Brian Dawe killed his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend before killing himself at a cemetery.  Dawe, 43, killed Julianne Hibbs inside the clinic in the Villa Nova Plaza shortly before he killed Vince Dillon in the parking lot.  Dawe drove to the Anglican Cemetery where he killed himself.  (CBC) 


Gunman kills 2

Double murder-suicide

Suspect had an AK-47

Strip mall shooting

Sudden death




Accident linked to death

TORONTO - Anthony 'Koko" Chang, 62, offered mercy to a younger man after their lives collided on the road.  Kimnarine Keshan Maharaj, 24, was charged with second-degree murder.  (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:   Stabbing   Police identify   Death treated as a homicide  

Murder-suicide victim identified

TORONTO - Merlishar Holder, 31, was found in the hallway outside apartment 1401 in the building at 2468 Eglinton Ave W just after 7:30am.  The man who police believe killed her fell from a 14th floor balcony.  (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   Apparent murder-suicide    Murder-suicide




CALGARY - Police were called to an altercation in the Sunset & Vine Sports Bar and Grill at 2220 68 St NE at about 1:45am on March 17, 2012.  Mario Alberto Gomez, 23, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Police charged Michael George Delday, 24, with first-degree murder.  (CTV)   MORE:   Charged   Police release photos  

Hit-and-run suspects

BROCKVILLE - Joseph Greer, 23, is one of the men accused of a drunken hit-and-run who is alleged to have moved the near lifeless body of Aaron Stevenson, 16, the teen victim to a local park afterward.  Rusty Pearce, 21, a second suspect  was arrested by OPP.  (Ottawa Citizen)  PREVIOUS:   Victim moved   Teen killed



Project Sugar Horse arrests

TORONTO - 8 people have been arrested by Toronto police for their alleged role in a series of killings and attempted murders, in which investigators believe some of the victims were randomly targeted.    (CBC)  

Group behind random murders

9 charged

Jermaine Smith on Aug. 27, 2011

Plea for help

Victim saved children

Man identified 

'Ruthless', 'random' killings

Group arrested  

Delano Coombs on May 10, 2012

Daniel Davis on July 19, 2012

Victim identified

Known to police


Man shot to death

Shooting death

Marvin Englebrecht on Oct. 29, 2012

Victim a mystery

Victim dies


Slaying at barbeque  



Suspect charged

WINNIPEG - Phillepp Amos , 25, died after witnesses say he was attacked with a machete.  Damian Fontaine , 26, has been arrested and charged.  (CJOB)  

Slain man was car thief

Man charged

Accused already facing charges

Suspect sought

Man dies after assault



3 years

EDMONTON - Brent Todd, 23, cried several times during the sentencing, as did his family and friends and the family and friends of 19-year-old victim Colby Baker-Buhay.  (QMI) 

Victim identified

SASKATOON -  Kelly Brian Diehl, 29, was found late in the evening on Aug 29, in the alley behind the Birchwood Apartments at 528 4th Ave N.  (CBC)   MORE:   Police identify victim 



Parents charged

MARKHAM - The child died on Aug. 22, 2013, after he was brought in to a local hospital without vital signs. Markham residents Kien Phat Tran, 21, and Thi My Phuong Bui, 22, were arrested.  (CTV)  MORE:   Parents charged    Couple charged

Couple identified

KEDGWICK - Police say the bodies of Raoul LeClair, 64, and his wife Nicole LeClair, 65, were found outside the home on Route 260. Police are not looking for suspects.   (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   2 bodies found   Police investigate sudden deaths  




YELLOWKNIFE - A 23-year-old man has been charged with manslaughter following a death after a party.  Police say Roman Bourque was arrested.  Emerson Curran, 20, of Ottawa, was flown to an Edmonton hospital where he died.  (CBC)   MORE:   Man charged   Student dead  

Teen charged

BOWMANVILLE - A 16-year-old has been charged with manslaughter in the Aug 28, 2013 death of Terell Vidal, 4.  Last month, they charged Tanya Berlass, 35, of Toronto, with failing to provide the necessaries of life.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Teen charged   Woman charged   Charge laid   Boy died of blunt force trauma   Death a homicide    




CALGARY - Police have charged Ryan Shuba, 32, in connection with a fatal collision in north Calgary in May that killed Robert Enstrom.  (Beacon)   MORE:   Man charged    Succumbs to injuries 


HAMILTON - The victim has been identified as David Pereira, 18.  Police say Raleigh Stubbs, 49, has been charged with first-degree murder.  (CP)   MORE:   Teen had plans   Homicide probe  




IQALUIT - Bruce Kayaitok admits he stabbed his wife twice in the abdomen with a broken mop handle.  Brenda Tootiak, 30, bled to death.  (CBC)   MORE:   Guilty

Guilty plea

ATLANTIC CITY - Antoinette Pelzer, 45, stabbed Po Lin Wan, 80 and Alice Mei See Leung, 47, to death during a robbery attempt in May 2012.  (CP) 



Death deemed murder

DORVAL - Bobby Charalambous, 82, death has been classified as a murder, following an incident which took place on Dec 16, 2012.  (CTV) 

Chief calls healing session

N'DILO - A 17-year girl from the community is charged with second degree murder in connection with the stabbing death of Dainel Faine, 21.  (CBC)



Waiting results 

EDMONTON - Homicide detectives continue to investigate the suspicious death of Marjou Mago,  32, who died after a fight at a residence in the area of 60 St and 35A Ave (Edmonton Journal)   MORE:   Homicide investigating   Man arrested

Charges upgraded

CALGARY - Kristoffer Del Campo, 30, was originally charged with manslaughter in the death of Lacey Manion on August 12, 2013.  Manion, 33, died of blunt force trauma.   (CTV)  MORE:   Charge upgraded   Charges laid against boyfriend



Reward offered

OTTAWA - Police have announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the Sept death of Amy Paul.  (CBC) 

Sex trade worker owed drug debt

Mother remembered

Homicide victim



Driver facing charges

BRAMPTON - Police have charged Ronald McWatters, 55, with criminal negligence causing death after a fatal 6-vehicle crash in Brampton.  The crash left a 61-year-old man dead.  (CityNews) 


SASKATOON - James Favel, 77, died in hospital on Aug. 31 due to serious head injuries.  Favel was the victim of an assault on Aug. 19.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Possible homicide   Witnesses sought



Man charged

PUKATAWAGAN - RCMP have charged a 20-year-old man with second-degree murder in the death of his 8-year-old sister.  Skye Midnightsun Bighetty was found unresponsive on June 29 in the basement of the family home.  (CBC)   MORE:   Mental health issues 

Shooting drug related

TERRACE - A double shooting in Thornhill BC that resulted in the death of a Eric Maurice Cardinal, 27.  Travis Leslie Stephens, 29, has been charged with murder and attempted murder.  (Vancouver Sun)   PREVIOUS:   Shooting   Manhunt   Shooting   3 'armed and dangerous' men




PRINCE ALBERT - Police responded to the 200 block of 15th St W where they found Davis David Broussie, 25, unconscious in a parking lot.   (Prince Albert Daily Herald)  PREVIOUS:   Suspicious death

Stabbing victim dies

TORONTO - Off-duty Markham, ON, firefighter Dominic Parker was fatally stabbed "without provocation" at a Toronto café.  Nabil Huruy, 23, was arrested shortly after the attack.  (CBC)   MORE:   Stabbing   Firefighter attacked   Stabbing



Stabbed, dismembered

LONDON, ON - Police have identified the victim as Alex Fraser, 20, of Orangeville.  James McCullough, 20, also of Orangeville, is charged.   (CP)   MORE:   Dismembered in hotel room 

12 years

LONDON, ON - "I miss her," Bryan Robinson said from the prisoner's box, prompting gasps and moans from Therssa Wilson's family and friends.  (QMI)  PREVIOUS:   Body is missing woman 



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