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Lower Mainland Murders 2015 

Lower Mainland Murders 2014 


MONCTON - Police were called to a home at 39 Purdy Ave shortly after 11am Tuesday.  They found the bodies of a 54-year-old Moncton man and a 40-year-old Petitcodiac woman inside the home.  They say the names of the deceased and the circumstances surrounding their deaths will not be released.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   2 bodies found      Domestic violence is not a private matter


Son charged

BRAMPTON - Galina Alexander, 44, was killed inside her Kennedy Rd S home.  The victim's son, Hassan Salifu, 23, has been charged with second degree murder.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Jiu-Jitsu champ accused   Woman's body found   



MISSISSAUGA - Police have identified the victim as William Marcel Maassen, 36, of Mississauga.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Man found slain   Police release photo  Man found dead  


Man faces charges

HALIFAX - Cecil Boutilier, 33, appeared in provincial court on charges of dangerous driving causing death and failure to stop at the scene of an accident.  Police say Boutilier stole the van he was driving in before he collided with a car around 11:20pm Sunday.  (Halifax Chronicle Herald)  MORE:   Crash involving stolen van kills man  



HAMILTON - Police were called to an area near MacNab St N and Simcoe St W around 8:30pm after gunshots rang out.  Shariek Douse, 18, was pronounced dead at the scene.  (CBC)   MORE:   Victim also shot last year   


12 years

MONTREAL - Timothy Rapley, 60, murdered Marilyn Chalout, 65, on Mother's Day in 2011. Chalout was about to leave her husband when she was killed.  Rapley tried to take his own life after he strangled his wife.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Guilty 


Charges laid

MOUNT CURRIE - RCMP arrested Samuel Alec, 43, on Aug 14.  He has been charged with 3 counts of impaired driving causing death+.  On May 31, RCMP say a car hit 3 cyclists on Highway 99 north of Pemberton around noon, killing Ross Chafe, 52, and Kelly Blunden, 53.  A passenger in the car, Paul Pierre Jr., 52, also died at the scene.  (CTV)   MORE:   Charged    3 killed   Cyclists identified    Cyclists mourned 


Police seek witnesses

WELLAND - Police say that Richard Doucet, 49, from Welland was critically injured in an incident at the Golden Brothers Bar Saturday night around 2am.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Police seek witnesses   


Victim identified

CONKLIN - Tyler David McDermid, 20, from northern Alberta was shot and at a residence in Conklin, according to the RCMP.  (Sun Media)    PREVIOUS:   Body found


Facing murder charges 

MONTREAL - Pierre Keyshell Deranks appeared in court after turning himself in to police.  Aug 2, at around 3am, a fight broke outside a bar on Saint-Laurent Blvd.  2 men were fatally stabbed.  Another 2 were shot. They are recovering in hospital.  Jean-Francois Felix, 30, and Stanley Casimir, 23, were charged with attempted murder. Marc-Evans Jeantihomme, 23, was charged with assault causing bodily harm.  (CBC) PREVIOUS:   Suspect turns self in   New suspect   Trying to ID suspect   


16 years

TORONTO - Andrew 'Burnz' Burnett, 27, was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 16 years.  In September 2012, Burnett shot and killed Cory Campbell in a twisted love triangle tragedy.  (Sun Media)   PREVIOUS:   2nd arrest  Arrest


13-month old dies

NIAGARA - 13-month old Kody Smart died hours after suffering head injuries in his grandfather’s home. Kody was placed in that home just months before by family and children’s services, even though Biran Matthews, his grandfather had been convicted of child abuse 20 years ago.  (CHCH)   MORE:   Abusive grandfather   Infant dies    Toddler dies 

Remains ID'd 

WHISTLER - The human remains found at a Jane Lakes Rd gravel pit just outside Whistler June 17 belong to ake Brian Kermond, 19, who was visiting from Australia.  Investigators said they still haven't confirmed Kermond met with foul play, but his death is suspicious.   (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Human remains found   Decomposing human remains found 


Potential witnesses

WINNIPEG - The WPS wants the public's help in identifying 3 people in the area where Thelma Krull was last seen on July 11.   (CTV)     MORE:   Suspicious case   Police grasping at straws   Pond searches  



VAL-D'AMOUR - Steve Levesque, 33, is accused of shooting and killing Denis Lablanc, 48 on Aug 12.  (CBC)   MORE:   Arrest 



CALMAR - An autopsy showed the victim to be Mackenzie Leah Harris, 22, who was reported missing on Aug 1.  Police say the death is being treated as a homicide.  (Sun Media)  MORE:   Remains identified   Woman's body ID'd 


2 teens charged

TORONTO - 2 teens have been charged in last month's shooting death of Lecent Ross, 14, of Toronto.  A 13-year-old boy is charged wtih manslaughter+.  An 18-year-old man is charged with criminal negligence causing death+.   (CBC)   MORE:   2 arrested    Not forgotten   Shooting   Girl shot    



ENFIELD - Joseph James Greene, 55, was arrested after police carried out a search warrant at an apartment in Kentville on Thursday.  Police say Patrick Ernest Deagle, 47, of Bedford died of a gunshot wound.  (CTV)   MORE:   Suspect charged   Victim and accused knew each other    


Warrant issued

BROOKS - Mohamed Jama Abdi, 44, was last heard from on July 14 and was reported missing to police 10 days later.  Police say that Abdi's remains have not been located but they have issued a Canada-wide warrant for the arrest of Ali Abdullahi Awale, 40, of Brooks, for second-degree murder.  Investigators believe Awale left Brooks on a bus on July 16 and boarded a plane in Toronto on July 23 bound for Somalia.  (CTV)  MORE:   Suspect believed to be in Somalia    Canada wide warrant    



COURTENAY - Shane Stanford, 41, is now facing a second degree murder charge.   John Burns, 23, of Courtenay was  taken to Hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after.   (Alberni Valley Times)   PREVIOUS:   Arrest


Sister charged

TORONTO - Police allege that Hoa Hong Nguyen, 52, stabbed her older sister multiple times in the torso on the first floor of a home at Old Weston Rd. Police say they have identified the victim, who was purportedly visiting from Vietnam.   (CTV)    MORE:   Stabbing      


Victim ID'd

VAUGHAN - York Regional Police said the body discovered near Hwy 7 belongs to Fernando Anibal Acosta, 38, and they are treating his death as a homicide.  (CBC)    MORE:   Funeral   Body found



MISSISSAUGA -  Police say they received a 911 call at about 1:30am regarding a man who had stopped breathing at a building on Roche Ct.  Officers arrived and found Wayne Croft, 49, without vital signs.  His half-brother, Charles Croft, 46, was arrested at the scene and charged with second-degree murder.  (Sun Media)   MORE:   Charged   Stabbed   Half-brother arrested 



SOUTH INDIAN LAKE - Mark Dumas, 28, body was found close to the South Indian Lake, a day after he was reported missing.  Vernon Robert Baker, 18, is charged with manslaughter.  (Thompson Citizen)   MORE:   Arrest   Charged  



MCLEAN - RCMP have charged John Robert Strang, 48, with first degree murder of Lisa Strang, 47.   (CTV)   MORE:   Victim identified   Victim remembered by Premier   Homicide   


Believed to be homicide victim

TORONTO - Police said Shawn Kapadia, 22, of Mississauga, was likely killed on July 5 at Unit 118 of a townhouse complex at 7 Foundry Ave.  (CBC) MORE:   Missing may be entombed in concrete    Homicide victim   Believed to be murdered    Police look for evidence    Missing previously arrested on drug charges     

Cold case  

ROSTHERN - RCMP have charged a 65-year-old man with first-degree murder in relation to the 1985 homicide of Frances Wendland who was found dead in her Rosthern home.  The accused, Dennis Henry Hahn, was 36 at the time of the alleged killing(CBC)  MORE:   Murder charge   Wendland v Wendland estate 



YELLOWKNIFE - Dylan Blaze Charpentier, 19, has been charged with impaired driving causing death+, in connection with an incident August 30, 2014 that claimed the life of his cousin Luke Charpentier, then 21, of Yellowknife.  (CBC)    

Body of missing woman found

MONTREAL - Cheryl Bau Tremblay, 28, who was 5 months pregnant at the time of her death, had not been seen for 5 days.   Tremblay's boyfriend was taken in for questioning.   (CTV)   MORE:   Boyfriend arrested   Gendron to be charged 



CARROT RIVER - Ernest McKay, 20, and a 16-year-old boy were arrested in relation to the death of Dion Head, 42.  Head's body was discovered by Carrot River RCMP on the Red Earth First Nation on July 25.  (CBC)   MORE:   Murder victim   2 arrested   Investigation 


SAO PAULO - Brazilian police have arrested a man in the 2013 death of Canadian businessman Dean Tiessen, who was shot and killed while in Brazil in an attempted carjacking in December 2013.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Canadian shot   Botched car-jacking    


Son charged

OSHAWA - Officers discovered Walter Sollows, 76, unconscious and not breathing.  The man's son, Clyde Sollows, 53, has been charged with first-degree murder.  (CTV)    MORE:   Homicide   Stabbing 


TORONTO - The victim in the stabbing has been identified as Jamie Foster, 27.  Curtis Gordon Dawkins, 25, has been charged with second-degree murder.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Man charged in stabbing 


Killed in home invasion 

BOQUETE - A retired man from Port Alberni was shot and killed in a home invasion on July 18.  Joe Potrebenko, 53, grew up in Port Alberni and retired to Panama 5 years ago.  (CTV)  MORE:   Tragedy at River Ranch    Canadian killed in home invasion  


CALGARY - Farida Abdurahman, 33, was crossing Centre St N. at 43 Ave in a marked crosswalk when a silver Buick Regal hit her.  Police charged Robert Mark Varley, 58, with hit and run causing death.  (CTV)   MORE:   Hit-and-run   Notorious crosswalk    Woman killed    



DAKOTA PLAINS FN - RCMP responded to a residence on the Dakota Plains First Nation around 4:00am on July 16 and found a 55-year-old man dead.  Megan Rae Johnson, 32, has been charged with second-degree murder.   (CTV)  


OTTAWA - Gino Langevin, 45, has been charged in connection with the stabbing death of his long-term partner, Gail Fawcett, 54, on Anna Ave.   (CTV)  MORE:   Charged   Stabbing     Son grieves 


Reportedly arrested

VANCOUVER - A Peruvian newspaper is reporting that Norman Gilbert Riel, 42, has been arrested.  Riel was serving an indeterminate sentence after being convicted of the second-degree murder of Patrick Pugh.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Hunt on for fugitive     


WINNIPEG - Firefighters and police responded on July 20 to a blaze at 676 Pritchard Ave.  The body of Justin Harvey Chezick, 42, was found after the fire was extinguished.  On July 27, Romeo Ryle turned himself in.  (CTV)    MORE:  Turns himself in   Charges laid


Suspect arrested

VAUGHAN - York Regional Police arrested the prime suspect in the deadly Moka cafe shooting in a 'high-risk' takedown on busy Highway 400 near Barrie.  Police said Jason Hay, 27, has been arrested and charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder and 2 counts of attempted murder in connection with the June 24 shooting.   (CBC)


Parolee with history of violence

Already a convicted killer

Backroom gaming operation


Victims ID'd

Suspect's photos released

Police ID victims

2 dead  


Victims identified

TORONTO - Duvel Hibbert, 23, from Brampton, was killed at the Muzik nightclub after a shooting on the club's patio. Ariela Navarro-Fenoy, a 26-year-old woman from Toronto, was found at a second scene close to the Dufferin Gates, NW of the nightclub.  (Globe & Mail) 

Victims ID'd

Female Drake fan an innocent victim

Male victim was under house arrest

Money raised for cost of funerals

Cabbies left woman in line of fire

No security cameras, only paid police

Nightclub shooting

2 sought


3 arrested   

BRAMPTON - Joshua Hilario, 25, was taken to hospital where he later died.  Police arrested Dave Ramlogan, 22, Hakeem Ottley, 20, and Manpreet Singh, 22, on first-degree murder charges.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   3 arrested    Double stabbing arrests   Identified   Brothers stabbed   3 sought   Double stabbing     


SAINT JOHN - Officers responded to a home on Red Head Road around 4pm Monday where a 51-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman were found dead.  A funeral service for Cathryn Bawn will be held.   (Saint Johner)   MORE:   Murder-suicide   PREVIOUS:   2 dead   2 shot   Shooting incident   Domestic violence is not a private matter   



GRAND FALLS - Rock LaForest, 21, was arrested in connection with the death of Murielle LaForest, 53, and injuries to Jacques LaForest, 57. (CBC)     MORE:   Sent for psychiatric assessment     

Remains identified

EDMONTON - The body of Dylan Cleet, 27, was discovered in a burned 2011 silver Dodge Journey.  (Beacon)  MORE:   Body identified    Identified     Body found in burned vehicle  


SCC orders new trial

OTTAWA - The country's top court upheld an appeal court ruling that overturned the 2011 second-degree murder conviction of Jason Rodgerson in the death of Amber Young, 21, in Oshawa.  (CP)  JUDGMENT:   2015 SCC 38    New trial ordered   14 years for man who killed, buried mom 


CENTRAL WATERVILLE - Officers found 2 men suffering from what appeared to be stab wounds.  Both men were taken to hospital and the older man died overnight. He has been identified as Richard Foster, 68, of Bull Lake.  Andrew Merlin Schriver, 30, was charged with second-degree murder.  (CTV) 


Charged with another murder

VANCOUVER - Gloria Crystle Zerbinos, 30, is charged in connection with a homicide that took place at Alouette Correctional Centre for Women in Maple Ridge.  Police were called to the prison on Nov. 22, 2013, when April Peregooda, 51, was found unresponsive in her cell.   (Vancouver Province)  


Woman arrested in inmate death

Inmate death a homicide

Woman charged

Woman charged with killing mom

Lower Mainland Violent Deaths 2012


2 charged

TORONTO - Police have charged two 18-year-old men in connection with the stabbing death of Trey Theriault, 21.  Tyron Green and Saleh Osman, each face one count of second degree murder.  (CP24)  MORE:   Identified   Stabbing   Man dies   Stabbing 


CALGARY - A 17-year-old and a second suspect, Jessie Sky Copenace, 18, were charged with second degree murder.  The stabbing victim has been identified as Levi Marance, 18, of Red Deer.  (CTV)  MORE:   2nd person charged    2nd man charged     Charged   Stabbing 



GRAND MANAN - An 18-year-old woman was sentenced to 2-years probation in connection with a motor vehicle accident that killed Danielle Shaw Park, 17.   (CBC)   MORE:   2-years probation

Looking for clues

THUNDER BAY - On July 25, 2005, Alma Teravainen was found murdered in the variety store she ran on Cumberland St.  (CBC)  MORE:   10-years-later   Search for answers


Missing investigated by homicide

EDMONTON - The EPS Homicide Section is now leading the investigation into the disappearance of Dwayne Demkiw, a 42-year old man missing since Sunday, May 31. (Beacon) 


CALGARY - Steven Sharda, 20, of Calgary died as a result of gunshot wounds.  (Global)     MORE:   Police looking for connection    Victim ID'd    Shooting    Shooting   Fatal shooting 


Finance arrested

HINCHINBROOKE - The SQ has confirmed they have arrested Samantha Higgins' fiance, Nicholas Fontanelli, 22, in connection with her death and dismemberment.   (CTV)   MORE:   Charged      Identified   Body found   Body found in bag

Victim identified

EDMONTON - EPS said Kathleen Emma Morton, 27, had been identified as the victim in the case, and the Medical Examiner had confirmed she died of a gunshot wound.  (CTV)   MORE:   Shooting victim identified   Woman shot   Victim ID'd   Believed to be drug related 


Turns himself in

LONDON, ON - Mohamed Ibrahim Sail, 24, is facing a second-degree murder charge in connection with the death of Jeremy Cook, 18.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   2nd suspect   Suspect might have drowned   Deceased is suspect    Lost cellphone   Teen shot    

   Victim identified

CHARLOTTETOWN - The body of a woman found in PEI on Friday has been identified by family as Traci Lynch.   Joel Lawrence Clow, 46, of Pleasant Grove, was taken into custody.   (Halifax Chronicle Herald)   MORE:   Man in custody    Body found    



TORONTO - A Toronto man is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly sparking a rooming-house fire that killed Paul Ventura, 43, in May.  The deadly blaze inside of 1569 Dupont St began shortly after midnight on May 17.  John Jackman, 47, is charged.   (Sun Media) 

2 arrested
2 charged
Man, woman charged
Paul Ventura
Investigated as homicide
Fire deemed homicide
House fire claims life

Suspect dead

TORONTO - A 21-year-old man wanted for a double murder in the city's west end was killed during a shootout with cops.  Kwasi Skene-Peters was wanted for first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of Abdiweli Abdullahi and Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie, both 26.  (Sun Media) 

Police shooting
Wanted man dead
Police shootings disingenuous
SIU investigating
Suspect surrenders
Man turns himself in
Wanted turns himself in
Victims ID'd
2 dead    

Dying man confesses

TORONTO - A 91-year-old Ontario man living in a long-term care home has reportedly confessed to murdering a prostitute in London, England, in 1946.  The man picked out a photo of Margaret Cook - a 26-year-old prostitute whose murder outside a Carnaby St. club on Nov. 10, 1946, has never been solved.  (Sun Media)    MORE:   Man confesses to 1946 killing   91-year-old confesses  

Vineland explosion

VINELAND - 2 people are dead, and 2 police officers injured, after 2 explosions and a fire at a home at 3137 Epp St in Vineland.  Eugene Schmidt lived in the house with his disabled wife, Anne, and his son Karl. Neighbours say they have seen Eugene, but they have not seen Anne and Karl.  (CHCH)  MORE:   2 officers injured   2 officers injured   2 dead   



LEECH - Jeremie Brideau 20, of Leech, is accused of assaulting Elden Basque, 48, leading to his death.    (CBC)     MORE:   Suspect in court   Man charged


QUEBEC CITY - Sylvain Fournier, 41, has been charged with murder.  Joachim Aracil, 82 who was visiting Canada from Nice, died in hospital.   (CBC) 



OTTAWA - Police found Michael McRae, 51, suffering from multiple stab wounds.  His father John McRae, 70, was arrested at the scene.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Stabbing   Man dead


SAINT JOHN - Jesse Edwards Reynolds, 20, appeared in court in in connection with Jessica Ann Miller's death.   (CBC)      MORE:   Body of missing woman found   



MONTREAL - A man and a 10-month-old boy are dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide.  The two have been identified as Rafal Zembowicz and his son, Adam.  (CTV)   MORE:   Father, son found dead   Murder-suicide    


PORT ALBERNI - Autumn Desjarlais, 18, is charged with the second-degree murder of Carlene Jack, 19, after an altercation that was allegedly set off by a stolen sweater.  (CTV)   MORE:   Teen stabbed  


Mother and son charged

DARTMOUTH - The victim has been identified as Bradley Wayne Knoll, 59.  Michelle Florence Rhyno, 53, is facing charges of manslaughter and robbery.  Michael Raymond Rhyno, 22, is facing charges of second-degree murder, robbery and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.  (CTV)   MORE:   Mother, son charged   Stabbing nets charges   Police lay charges  

2 charged

VANDERHOOF - An 18-year-old woman was shot in a home on Dec. 20, 2012, and rushed to hospital where she died of her injuries.  Kayne Penner, 27, faces charges of manslaughter and careless use of a firearm.  Richard Borne, 38, is accused of careless storage of a firearm, careless use of a firearm and unauthorized possession of a firearm.  (CP) 



MISSISSAUGA - A 74-year-old man found dead and with a knife in his chest June 24 has been identified as William Wallace.   (Mississauga News)  PREVIOUS:   Suspicious death  

Suspect found dead  

MARIEVILLE - Police found the body of Daniel Masse, 59.  The slain men have been identified as Marcel Hemond and Michel l'italien.  (CBC)  MORE:   Police find body   Body found  


Victim dies in hospital  

EDMONTON - On June 30, officers responded to a call concerning an injured man just before 9pm in the area of 95 St and 101 Ave.   The victim, Lawrence Francis Mountain, 51, died in hospital on Thursday, July 2.  (Beacon)   MORE:   Suspicious death    Police investigating

Suspect surrenders  

TORONTO - Abdiweli Abdullahi and Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie, both 26, were shot inside a 22nd-floor apartment unit at 36 Lisgar St. Kamal Hassan, 23, turned himself in and was charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder.  (CTV)    MORE:   Man turns himself in   Wanted turns himself in    Victims ID'd   2 dead  


Body found, husband charged 

CALGARY - Police have located the remains of Shannon Madill (Burgess), missing since Nov 2014, in the Ramsay home she shared with her husband.  Joshua Burgess, 29, has been arrested and charged with second degree murder.  (CTV)  MORE:   Body found    

Victims identified

FOX CREEK - RCMP say Hally Dubois, 50, and David Derksen, 37, were found dead when officers arrived at the remote camp around 1:50am Tuesday.  Daniel Goodridge, 28, is facing a list of charges in connection with the deaths.   (Global)  PREVIOUS:   2 stabbed  


Found guilty

LONDON, ON - A judge has found Ruth Burger, 66, guilty of dangerous driving in connection with a crash at a London, ON, Costco store.  6-year-old Addison Hall died after she was struck, and her sister Rhiannon Bozek, who was delivered via C-section after the crash, died a week after the July 25, 2014, crash.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Family beyond devastated    Car crashes into Costco    

Victims die in hospital

MONTREAL - Lawyer Benoit Cote, 51, and notary Marie-Josee Sills, 30, died in hospital after being shot at work.  Cote was at one time the lawyer for Michel Dubuc, a man found dead in his home in Boucherville, on Friday morning. The bodies of Dubuc's two sons, Jeremie, 21, and Gabriel, 19, were also found in the home.  (CBC)  MORE:   5 now dead    Murders-suicide linked to shooting   Drama     



MORLEY - Tristan Wesley, 27, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his father, 55.   (Beacon)   MORE:   Son charged   Charged  

 Police seek white pickup

OTTAWA - Police say Andy Nevin, 39, a male cyclist was struck around 5:45am Sunday, June 28th, 2015.   (CTV)    PREVIOUS:   Hit-and-run  


Charge in stabbing death

MONTREAL - Wassim Filali, 20, has been charged with second degree murder and assault causing bodily harm.  A 26-year-old man died of his injuries shortly after he was brought to hospital. 2 others were injured in the brawl.   (CTV)   MORE:   Suspects appear   Man dies   Charged

Victim identified 

MILTON - Chris Harper, 50, was cycling south on Tremaine Rd when he was struck by a car also heading south   The charges against Michelle Maisey, 33, include drunk driving causing death, and failing to stop for a fatal collision.   (CHCH)  PREVIOUS:   Hit-and-run arrest  


Victims ID'd

GRANDE PRAIRIE - An autopsy has determined that Osman Mohamoud Hussein, 32, and Abdifatah Mohamed Abdi, 28, were both killed by gunshot wounds.   (CTV)   MORE:   Victims named   2 dead    Shooting   


LONDON, ON - Police have identified the victim as Suzan Aisha Jacob, 50.  Police said Juma Kuol, 49, who was allegedly known to the victim, has been charged with second-degree murder.   (Global)  MORE:   Woman stabbed     



RESERVE MINES - Police say Brandon James Berthiaume, 24, faces charges of first-degree murder.  Brandon Kelly, 24, was found suffering from gunshot wounds and died at the Sydney Rd scene.  (CTV)    MORE:   Shooting drug related   Charged   Man charged  

Assault victim dies

KITCHENER - Dylan Darren Debreau, 23, succumbed to his injuries after suffering an assault on June 26.  Edward Joseph Bush, 41, charges were upgraded from aggravated assault to manslaughter after Debreau's death.  (CBC)   MORE:   Charge laid 



PICKERING - Police have identified the victim as Dionecio 'Deshane' Nelson, 25, of Brampton.  (CTV)   MORE:   Victim identified     Stabbing   Car seen fleeing


MONTREAL - The body of Nellie Angutiguluk, 29, was discovered on May 18, 2015 inside her home at 7225 Nancy St.  (CTV) 


Arrest in stabbing 

TORONTO - Officers discovered a 61-year-old man who later died from his injuries in hospital.  Police arrested Jeremy Wood, 29, for murder.  (Global)   MORE:   Man in custody   Arrest   Suspect in custody  


KELOWNA - 2 were tied up during a violent home invasion. Sources say Amardeep Singh Ahluwalia was beaten to death in the Feedham Ave home invasion.  (Castanet)   MORE:   Victim identified   Police investigate



BERENS RIVER - On June 13, RCMP responded to a hit-and-run on Berens River First Nation.  Orval McKay, 29, was seriously injured and rushed to the local nursing station around 1:30am.  Nurses are upset and angry that Lifeflight Air Ambulance and a doctor never arrived.  (CTV)  MORE:   Air ambulance questions  

Canadian detained

SABA - Omar J. Elkadry, 27, of Edmonton has been arrested in the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba in relation to the homicide in April.  The victim has been identified as Kavya Guda, 24, from California.  Both were students at the Saba University School of Medicine.   (Edmonton Journal)     MORE:   Police make an arrest   


Backroom gaming operation

VAUGHAN - A gaming operation was being run in the back of a Islington Ave strip mall cafe where a gunman opened fire last month, killing 2 people.  Maria Voci, 47, and Christopher DeSimone, 24, were both fatally wounded.  (CTV)  

Victims ID'd
Suspect's photos released
Police ID victims
2 dead 

Death ruled a homicide

LONDON, ON - Robert St. Denis, 51, of Westminster Dr in Thames Centre was found dead Thursday morning.  (CTV)   MORE:   Homicide    

Body of missing woman found

SHELLBROOK - Danielle Nyland was last seen the morning of June 8.  (CTV)   MORE:   Body found   Body found in woods    Missing woman found dead 



TORONTO - A 26-year-old cyclist was rushed to hospital in life-threatening condition but later died of his injuries.  The vehicle failed to remain on scene.  Mitchell Irwin, 19, turned himself in.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Driver surrendered to police     Cyclist killed   Hit-and-run victim   Mourned in Halifax  

$50K reward

TORONTO - Brink's guard Larry Roberts, 29, and his fellow guard Theodore (Ted) Montgomery, 51, who was wounded, were ambushed inside the Agincourt Mall 1.23pm on April 24, 1980.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Cold Case homicide #16/1980    TPS person of interest  


Remains found

GUELPH - Seble Dietrich was last seen alive on July 10, 2014.  Her husband, Stephan Dietrich, has been charged with first degree murder.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Man charged   Accused was her husband  

Suspect charged

ALEXIS NAKOTA SIOUX FN - Upon arrival officers located a 39 year old male suffering from stab wounds.  William Alexis, 27, has been charged with first-degree murder.  (Beacon)   MORE:   RCMP investigate death     


Victim ID'd

LASALLE -   The cyclist killed in a hit-and-run collision has been identified as Kevin Emisch, 38, of Windsor.  (CP)   MORE:   Cyclist identified

Man faces charge

GUELPH - Sean Haverty, 48, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Chris Schweitzer, 38.  (Guelph Mercury)   MORE:   Publication ban on murder  


Assault victim dies

THUNDER BAY - Police say they have upgraded the charge against Cruz Nicholas Pelletier, 18, from aggravated assault to 2nd degree murder.  Larissa Charlie-Stillaway, 22, died Wednesday afternoon.  (CBC)   MORE:   Charge upgraded   Assault victim

Remains are missing man

SAANICH - Police have confirmed human remains found on a Saanich property are those of missing Victoria father Dana McKellar.  The 51-year-old man was reported missing in Sept 2014.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Human remains found   Search finds human remains


Impaired driving charges

LEDUC - Bobby Bartlett, 36, has been charged with numerous impaired and dangerous driving charges in connection with a fatal head-on collision in Feb that left 2 people dead.  (Sun Media)   MORE:   Charged in crash that left 2 dead    Crash victims identified  


NIAGARA FALLS - Richard Doxtator, 38, and Jasmine Doxtator, 37, were wanted in connection with the death of Giuseppe "Joe" Caputo, 70, who was found the morning of Friday, June 19.  (Niagara This Week)  MORE:   Police name suspects    Death a homicide



EDMONTON - Andrea Marie Berg, 42, was found beaten and stuffed inside the shopping cart, with her hands and feet tied, on June 16, 2015.  Lana Jane Pelletier, 36, has been charged with second degree murder and John Charles Kisil, 50, with accessory after the fact to murder.  (Sun Media)

Police charged man and woman

2 charged


Victim identified

Woman was slain

Homicide victim

Victim remembered


Woman dies from injuries

CALGARY - Gas station attendant Maryam Rashidi, 35, died from head injuries sustained after she was struck by a stolen pickup truck at a Centex gas station in NW Calgary.  (CTV)   

2 in custody

2 being questioned

Workers dies

Joshua Mitchell was on bail  


Charged in boating accident

LAC SEUL - Simon Chisel, 19, William Chisel, 30, and Kevin Briskett, 39, were killed in the incident on Lost Lake in Hudson last June.  Cameron Angeconeb, 36, and Tyrone Trout, 27, have been charged.  (CBC)      

Suspect charged

HIGH LEVEL - Gary Brian Junior Didzena, 33, was declared deceased at the hospital.  Lance Schasees, 28, was arrested in Chateh.   (Beacon)   MORE:   Charges laid    Homicide   Murder investigation


Charged in hit-and-run

TORONTO - Police allege Darya Selinevich, 22,  fled the scene in a dark blue BMW after hitting a 44-year-old Toronto man around 12:20am on Finch Ave, at Tobermory Dr.  (Sun Media)   MORE:   Facing charges   Hit-and-run arrest   Cyclist dead


WINNIPEG - Sources have identified former student Brett Bourne, 17, as the victim in the attack, which happened on school grounds around 12:30pm.  (Winnipeg Free Press)   MORE:   Stabbing outside school   Arrest made   Stabbing over relationship issues   



TORONTO - Police have charged Hasadinn Plain, 21, in the fatal stabbing of Danai Plain, 12.   (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Charged    12-year-old stabbed


WINNIPEG - Elmer Kakewash, 29, was found just after 3am in the 200-block of Dufferin Ave with a stab wound.  (CBC)   MORE:   Homicide


Clock of secrecy

VICTORIA - The family of Julie Khurana, 56, who is also known by her maiden name, Julie Cox, said that a coroner's report revealed she was killed by her husband, Peter Khurana, dying April 21 as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. They were also told that Peter Khurana, 58, then set fire to the home before hanging himself.  (Victoria Times Colonist)   MORE:   Deaths were murder-suicide   Murder-suicide   Domestic violence is not a private matter 

Police won't face charges

THUNDER BAY - SIU has exonerated Police in the August 2014 death of child killer Kevin Guy Boucher, 38.  SIU said there were no reasonable grounds to charge any officers with a criminal offence in the incident, which occurred after 8-year-old Brandi Marie Wingert was murdered and her mother injured at their Donald Street home.  (TB News Watch)   MORE:   SIU decision    Identified   Police identify victim   Murder-suicide      



CALGARY - Kevin Rubletz, 30, is facing a second degree murder charge in connection to the death of his former common law wife, Jessica Rae Newman, the mother of his child.   (CTV)

Ex charged

Arrest made

Ruled a homicide



Guilty plea to lesser charge

EDMONTON - Richard Suter, 62, will be sentenced for failing to provide a breath sample causing death. In May 2013, Geo Mounsef, 2, died after being pinned to a wall when Suter's vehicle crashed through a restaurant patio.   (Global)   MORE:   Lesser charged   Guilty plea    Accused    

Woman found murdered

TORONTO - Police say the body of Linda Scott, 65, was discovered when officers responded to a call at an apartment on Cedarvale Ave, around 12:15pm.  Justin Scott, 25, is being sought for the killing.  (Sun Media)   MORE:   Son sought   Wanted   Suspect arrested in Montreal  


Victim identified

CALGARY - Police have identified the victim as Taylor Zanoni, 23.  (CTV)   MORE:   Identified   Shooting victim    


CALGARY - The deceased is Ryan Edward Delve, 43.  (CTV)   MORE:   Identified    Homicide   Body found   


Body ID'd

WINNIPEG - Police confirmed there is now an 'open investigation' into the death of Audrey Desjarlais.  DNA tests confirmed the remains of Desjarlais - 3 years after her body was found in the Red River.  (CBC)     


WINDSOR - The body of Amir Hayat Malik, 32, was found in an alley behind 563 Brant St.  Colin Chrisjohn, 24, is charged with second-degree murder.   (CTV)   MORE:   Charges laid   Police release video  



TORONTO - Police have charged Syed Mohammed Ali Zaidi, 19, in the fatal shooting of Mahmedaarif 'Arif' Patel, 23.   (Toronto Star)  

Stabbing a homicide

EDMONTON - Claudia Mary Iron-Howard, 29, died from a stab wound to the chest.   (CTV)   MORE:   Police probing   Stabbing 


11 years

BRIDGEWATER - Terry Roy Levy was found guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Terry Green, 47, his daughter's boyfriend.  Green's body was found in a field on Little Tancook Island on July 8, 2014.   (CTV)   MORE:   Life sentence   Found guilty     Homicide 


FREDERICTON - Kennedy Corrigan, 2, died on April 9, 2004 as the result of a massive head and brain injury.  New evidence emerged prompting the arrest of James Paul Turpin, 36.  (CTV)   MORE:   Murder charge   Unsolved crimes - Corrigan, Kennedy  


Police appeal for help 

TORONTO - Police have determined the victim was Nitiyand Gary Singh, 22.   (CBC)   MORE:   Murdered   Man was murdered   Homicide   Death deemed homicide  

Police find vehicle

TORONTO - Nelisa Damota, 39, was hit as she jaywalked across Bloor St near Dovercourt Road at approximately 9pm on Sunday night.  (CTV)   MORE:   Mother killed   2 persons of interest   


To stand trial

CALGARY - Douglas Garland accused of murdering Alvin and Kathy Liknes and the couple's grandson, 5-year-old Nathan O'Brien, will stand trial on 3 first-degree murder charges.  (CTV)    MORE:   Garland to stand trial   Disappearance of Nathan O'Brien, Kathryn & Alvin Liknes    

3 killed

MOUNT CURRIE - The BC Coroners Service has identified the two cyclists as Ross Chafe, 52, and Kelly Blunden, 53.  The vehicle's passenger was Paul Maurice Pierre Jr., 52, a member of the Lil'wat Nation.  (Pique New Magazine)   MORE:   Cyclists identified    Cyclists mourned   Driver identified



TORONTO - Sabrina Chouart and Clyde Marshall, wanted in connection with the killing of Sina Parsi, 32, were arrested at a Walmart store in Nigaria Falls.  Parsi disappeared on June 9, and was found dead June 12, in a Toronto apartment.  (CBC)    

Suspects arrested

Fugitives arrested

Suspects arrested

2 suspects

2 wanted

Pair wanted

Police hunt for couple

Homicide takes over


Woman charged

MONTREAL - Daisy Lachance, 29, was charged with second-degree murder after Serge Levac, 54, was stabbed to death.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Stabbing   Man found stabbed 

Guilty of impaired

OTTAWA - A judge ruled that Dr. Christy Natsis was within Bryan Casey's lane and did not brake or slow down before smashing into his vehicle.   (CTV) MORE:   Found guilty   Natsis guilty 



REGINA - Police have charged Steven Blaine Pascal, 36, the brother of Trent Pascal, 22, with his murder.   (CBC)   MORE:   Brother charged    


SAINT-HIPPOLYTE - The victim, Sandro Duquette, 23, was known to the police.   (Journal de Montreal)   PREVIOUS:   Death deemed suspicious    


Suspects named

LONDON, ON  - Officers responded to Richmond St found Jesse Scott James, 23, suffering from several stab wounds. He later died in hospital.  Police are looking for Isak 'Strapz' Adams, 20, and Elvira 'Maya' Krstic, 18.  (CTV)   MORE:   Suspects turn themselves in    Victim identified


EDMONTON - The deceased is Jason Costouros, 32.  He had spent some time behind bars in the past, after being found guilty of accessory to murder, in the death of David Wong more than 7 years ago.  (CTV)   MORE:   Shooting   Man found dead on parents' driveway  Convicted   Shooting 


Grandson charged

TORONTO - The victim has been identified as Herma Parkes, 71.  Police have charged her grandson Cameron Alexander Mossaddad, 23, with second-degree murder.  (Sun Media)   MORE:   Man charged    Woman found dead  

Accused had history of assault

REGINA - The man accused of killing Celeste Yawney, 33, is Duran Redwood, 26, an ex-boyfriend who was previously convicted of assaulting her.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Charged laid   Police investigating death  



WHISTLER - Luka Gordic, 19, was killed during an altercation in an alley near a nightclub on Main St between two groups.  Homicide investigators say three 17-year-olds are charged with manslaughter, and a fourth 18-year-old man is also facing charges.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Violent weekend   Man killed   

Death result of homicide

SAINT JOHN - A coroner's inquest jury said Serena Perry, the 22-year-old psychiatric patient at a hospital in Saint John, died from asphyxia due to strangulation as the result of homicide.  A male patient was released without being charged.  Perry was an involuntary patient at the hospital's psychiatric unit.  (CP)     


Woman mourned

WINNIPEG - Emergency crews found Kathleen Leary inside her Cheltenham Cove home with serious upper body injuries and she later died.  A youth known to the victim has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder.  (CTV)   MORE:   Youth charged


SADDLE LAKE - Gordon McGilvery, 41, has been charged with second-degree murder after police found the remains of Creedance Cardinal, 31, in a 'secluded location' on the property after doing a search.  (CBC)   MORE:   Man charged   Murder charge laid 


Charges laid

EDMONTON - Police have laid several charges against James Miller-Laney, 29, including dangerous driving causing death and flight from a police officer causing death.  (CTV)   MORE:   Man charged   Woman dies    

Victim ID'd

WINNIPEG - Dorothy Dykens, 89, was the victim of a homicide in the 400-block of Tremblay St.  Melissa Joyce Gabriel, 35, has been charged.  (Sun Media)   MORE:   Victim identified   Accused had troubled past    Arrest   Charged



TISDALE - LaTasha Gosling, 27 and her children, Janayah, 4, Jenika, 8, and Landen, 7, were found slain.  The male suspect was tracked to a home in Prince Albert, and when police entered the premises they found him dead.  A 6-month-old baby with him was found alive.   (CBC)  MORE:   Killer identified   Killer sent pictures of bodies   Woman had broken up with boyfriend    

Body found

NIAGARA FALLS - The body of Alexander Fraser, 49, was recovered at the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station in Niagara Falls.  4 people have been charged with killing him, even though his body was missing.  Victoria Harvey, 20, Brad MacGarvie, 25, Duran Wilson, 29, and Thomas Nagy, 25 were charged with first-degree murder.  (Canoe)   MORE:   Body of missing man found   4 charged   


13 years

CALGARY - Haden Didier has been sentenced in connection to the May 1, 2013 stabbing death of Kurlan Rick Joseph, 25.  (CTV)   MORE:  Sentenced   Life sentence   Police lay charges   Domestic stabbing   Charged  

Investigated as homicide

TORONTO - A fire that broke out in a home at 1569 Dupont St and left a Paul Ventura dead is now being investigated as a homicide.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Fire deemed homicide    House fire claims life   Paul Ventura


Victim identified

TORONTO - Abdiweli Mohamed Yusuf, 21, was shot in the doorway of the Rotana Cafe on Danforth Ave.   MORE:   Victim ID'd   Shooting   Man killed 


WINNIPEG - Milton Brian Richard, 35, is dead after he was reportedly stabbed in the 800-block of Alexander Ave around 11pm.  (CBC)   MORE:   Stabbing  


2 charged

EDMONTON - The body of Adrian Gregory, 30, was found on Dec 30.  Shane Terry Tym, 28, and Sarah Jane Postumus, 29, face charges of first-degree murder.   (CBC) 

2 charged

Man and woman charged

2 charged

Body identified

Suspicious death




TORONTO - Marlon Lennox Mason, 33, was shot as he was getting into his vehicle that was parked in front of a home on Campbell Ave.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Shooting   Man dead

Assault victim dies

HAMILTON - Gordon O'Hara, 33, and Joshua O'Hara, 27, both of Hamilton, face charges in relation to the killing of William McConville, 40.  (CHML)  MORE:   Victim dies 




BURLINGTON - Ryan Powless, 29, was pronounced dead at the scene after the car he was driving was struck head-on by a pickup truck driving the wrong way on the highway.  Ricardo Cabral, 35, faces numerous charges including impaired driving causing death.  (CTV)   MORE:   Victim identified 

3 charged

KITCHENUHMAYKOOSIB INNINUWUG - Joshua Nanokeesic, 16, was found in need of medical assistance on Friday, April 24 and subsequently died on May 11.  Loyal McKay, 19, Joshua Darion Storm and a 17-year-old have been remanded.  (TB News Watch)   PREVIOUS:   Now a homicide  




HAMILTON - Richard Doucette, died after he was stabbed on the evening of Feb 28th, 2014.  Sean Harold Micks, 30, is charged.  (CP)   PREVIOUS:   Stabbing victim   Police name victim   Man dead, woman critical    

Driver charged

EDMONTON - Police report they have charged David Gershon Bookhalter, 60, with two counts in connection with a fatal hit and run.  A 26-year old woman was pronounced deceased at the scene.  (Beacon)   MORE:   Driver charged   Motorcyclist killed    



Death a homicide

GARDEN HILL - RCMP are treating the death of Teresa Robinson, 11, on the Garden Hill First Nation as a homicide.  (CBC)  MORE:   Homicide    Body found     

Ruled a homicide

CALGARY - Police say the death of Jessica Rae Newman, 24, whose body was found near Range Road 284 and Township Road 264 has been ruled a homicide.  (CBC)   MORE:   Homicide    



5th person arrested

REGINA - Bronson Chad Gordon, 30, was arrested for first-degree murder in the death of Reno Lee, 34.  John Earl Desjarlais, 34, Daniel Theodore, 31, and Andrew Michael Bellegarde, 21, have each been charged with first-degree murder.  Jonie Victoria Reed, 29, with accessory after the fact to murder.  (CTV)   MORE:   More arrests made   


LETHBRIDGE - The 3 victims, Kyle Devine, 27, Clarissa English, 24, and Dakota English, 18, died from multiple stab wounds.  Austin Vielle, 21, is facing 3 counts of second degree murder.  (Beacon)   MORE:   Charged with 3 counts    Motivated by jealousy   Charged   Victims identified   Identified   3 victims identified   



Conviction overturned

MISSISSAUGA - Ontario's top court has overturned the conviction of Mohamad Al-Kassem who was found guilty of criminal negligence causing death for striking and killing Ronald Persaud with his SUV on Dec. 16, 2009.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Court overturns conviction   Free on bail during appeal   Jury reaches split decision  Charged    Arrest in hit-and-run  

Granted new trial

QUEBEC CITY - Quebec's Court of Appeal has ordered a new trial for Alain Perreault, found guilty in 2011 of killing Lyne Massicotte, 43, a woman he met online.  Her remains were never found.  Perreault was arrested 6 years later after making a confession to an undercover police officer who was posing as a criminal in a 'Mr. Big' sting operation.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Convicted 




LOUISVILLE - Scott Hunter was visiting the area with a friend for the Kentucky Derby.  Tyrone Thomas, 19, Fatima Abu-Diab, 20, and Fahed Abu-Diab, 18, face murder and robbery charges   (CBC)   MORE:   Toronto man shot   Man slain   Not guilty pleas  


OTTAWA - Sharif Said, 21, was found dead  Khalid Mohammad, 26, is charged with second-degree murder. Abdulaziz Abdullah, 28, is charged with accessory after the fact.   (Sun Media)   MORE:   Shooting leads to charges    Identified   Police investigating




KITCHENER - Police say they've arrested Noel Francis, 27, in connection with the murder of Devane Anttony Campbell on Nov 30, 2012.  (CBC)   MORE:   Charged laid   Man charged   Shooting victim   Shooting    


SAUGEEN FN - The deceased has been identified as Robert Johnson, 66, of the Saugeen First Nation.  Jesse Farr, 19, has been charged with second-degree murder.  (CTV)   MORE:   Charge in elder's death  




TORONTO - Lascelles Allen, 51, has been charged in the death of Suraiya Gangaram, a mother of 3 school-age children whose body was found on Friday in a townhouse on Danzig St.  (CBC)   MORE:   Ex-boyfriend charged   Named  Stabbing   Body found  


HALIFAX - A judge has sentenced Victoria Henneberry and Blake Leggette for the murder of Loretta Saunders.   (CP)   MORE:   'Is that justice?'   Loretta Saunders case    Guilty pleas   Pleads guilty   Letters from killer's perspective   Charged   Charges laid   Body found  



Canadian killed in India

MOGA - Harinder Singh Sran, 46, went for a holiday to India with his parents and brother on March 30.  (Winnipeg Free Press)   MORE:   Canadian gunned down    NRI killed in clash over land   


TERREBONNE - Police say Richard Rousseau, 50, was shot in his wheelchair.  A gun with a silencer was left at the scene.  (CBC)   MORE:   Former biker shot   Man shot 




YELLOWKNIFE - John Wifladt, 39, was one of 2 men found seriously injured on Dec. 14 in an apartment on the third floor of Sunridge Place on 51 Ave. He died later in hospital.  Denecho King, 22, has been charged.  (CBC)  MORE:   Murder charge   1dead, 1 injured   Homicide 

2 charged

GRANDE PRAIRIE - Adrian Jordan Snider, 25, was reported missing on March 31.  Patrick Decque, 29, and Dominic Decque, 27, have been arrested.  Police continue to look for further suspects.  (Sun Media)   MORE:   Brothers charged   Disappearance



Triple homicide

BURNS LAKE - Rueben Buhler, 54, has been charged following a triple homicide.  Police arrived and found 1 woman and 2 men dead inside a home. The identities of the 3 victims have not been released.  (CBC)   MORE:   Triple homicide


OTTAWA - Connor Stevenson, 18, was stabbed multiple times.  Police arrested David Dubois, 19, on a charge of second-degree murder in the case.  (QMI)  MORE:   Arrest   Stabbed to death   Victim identified   Stabbing 



Youth charged

WHITEHORSE - A 15-year-old male has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Brandy Vittrekwa, whose body was found on a walking trail in Whitehorse Dec 8.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Found dead       

Father charged

TORONTO - Edward Bernard Junior Dwyer, 24, suffered stab wounds and was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later. The victim's father Edward Dwyer, 58, was taken into custody at the scene.  (CP24) 



Victim of domestic violence

BRANDON - Bradley Dean Harris, 51, was living alone at Westman Youth for Christ's U-Turn project home on the 100-block of 5 St.  Corinne April McKay, 45, was arrested at the scene and is charged with first-degree murder.  (QMI)   MORE:   Bystanders tried to intervene   Witnesses   Sabbing       

Man dies after B&E

KIKINO METIS SETTLEMENT - A 38-year-old man died in hospital after being seriously injured during an incident in a home.  Cody Patrick Hardy, 22, and Tamara Myrna Hardy, 27, were charged with second degree, break and enter and robbery.  (Sun Media)  MORE:   Man dead   Charges laid   2 charged



Charges laid

CALGARY - A 16-year-old girl, sustained trauma consistent with being struck by a vehicle. Security cameras show the victim was struck by a taxi.  GPS technology used by the taxi company has been able to positively confirm the vehicle in question.  Stanislaw Maguder, 70, the driver of the taxi, has been charged.  (CTV)   MORE:   Taxi driver charged in hit-and-run   Police charged taxi driver   Hit-and-run   Woman killed

Sentence doubled

OTTAWA - Vlad-Nicolae Precup got a 2-year jail term in 2011 for running down Mitchell Anderson, 38, a man who'd stroked the hood of his shiny red sports car in July 2008.  Precup won a new trial from the Court of Appeal for Ontario - but likely wished he hadn't when a judge handed him a 4-year prison sentence.  (QMI)   MORE:   4 years    New trial   Appeal court overturns conviction   Driver gets 2 years 




WINNIPEG - Godfrey Hayden, 27, died after he was stabbed multiple times at a party.  (CBC) MORE:   Family grieving    Name released    Homicide   


SASKATOON - Billy Johnston, 44, was pronounced deceased.  (CBC)   MORE:   News shocks family   Witness describes violence   Injured man dies




SASKATOON - Michael James Robertson, 28, Nicole Ashley Paddy, 27, were taken into custody.  Rocky Genereaux, 42, died in hospital.  (CP)   MORE:   Suspects arrested    Victim identified    Victim identified   Victim    


CALGARY - The deceased has been identified as Rodney Conway, 44.  Joshua Jayson Matechuk, 25, has been charged with second degree murder.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Identified   Police release identify   Hotel standoff




WINNIPEG - Police found Garry Godson with gunshot wounds. He died in hospital.  (CTV)   MORE:   'My boy is dead'


EDMONTON - The deceased had been identified as Trevor Keith Deleeuw, 25.  (CTV)   MORE:   Victim shot    Shooting fuelled by drug debt     Suspicious death 




MISSISSAUGA - The deceased as Ming-Chien (Theresa) Hsin, 59.  (CBC)  MORE:   Body found  Body found

OPP probe death

DRYDEN - The deceased has been identified as Travis Scott Herbert, 35.  (CP)   MORE:   Police investigating   




MISSISSAUGA - An 84-year-old man has died after a daytime stabbing in Mississauga that also sent his 80-year-old wife to hospital.  Trae Worrie, 21 has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.  (CTV)    

Victim ID'd

TORONTO - Police are investigating the city's latest homicide after Donald Beckles, 46, was shot multiple times outside his home at 163 Jamestown Crescent.   (CBC)     MORE:   Identified   Shooting  



35 years

CALGARY - Guevara Wilson Clorina, 28, pleaded guilty in the stabbing deaths of Chona Manzano and her 5-year-old son Gabrial on May 16, 2013.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Charged  


EDMONTON - Paula Stiles, 44, was found dead inside her Sherwood Park home. (Edmonton Journal)   MORE:   Mother found dead    Sudden death   Woman found dead




CORNWALL - Jacqueline Martin, 52, had no vital signs when she was discovered around 9am at a home on Carleton St.  Jonathan Michaud, 28, was arrested and charged with murder.  (CBC)   MORE:   Son charged in death of mother   Man faces murder charge    

Remains found

CALGARY - Human remains discovered in the Longview area are those of Nicholas Lush, 32.  Cody Kenneth Bauer, 24, and Kristopher Goerzen, 22, have both been charged with first degree murder.  (Beacon)    PREVIOUS:   2 charged   Suspects charged   2 arrested




FORT MCMURRAY - Nigel LaFrance, 19, has been arrested and charged with first degree murder in the death of a 26-year-old man.  (Global)    MORE:   Arrest in stabbing death    Stabbing   Homicide 

Victim identified

EDMONTON - A man whose body was found inside a fire-damaged vehicle on Highway 16 has been identified as Grant Potts, 25.   (CBC)   MORE:   Body ID'd     Deceased identified   Body found    




CLARENCE TOWN - Geoffrey Harding, 88, was stabbed to death while on vacation in the Bahamas.  (CBC)   MORE:   Suspect in police custody    BC expat   Stabbed to death 

Homicide victim

SASKATOON - Danny Tsannie, 16, was pronounced dead at the scene.  (CTV)   MORE:   Likely a homicide   Death suspicious   Teen found dead      



Nurse charged

PENETANGUISHENE - The charges against Joanna Flynn involves the death of a woman at Georgian Bay General Hospital identified as Deanna Leblanc, 39. She died on March 2, 2014.  (CBC)   MORE:   Nurse charged    


ST JOHN'S - Ronald Thistle, 67, has admitted to drinking the night before and the morning of a St. John's collision that claimed the life of Nick Coates, 27.  (CBC)   MORE:   Man admits he was drunk   Memorial car show gets support 




BRAMPTON - Joshua Hilario, 25, died, his brother Chris, 30, is in hospital after they were both stabbed outside a home on McGraw Ave.   (Brampton Guardian)  PREVIOUS:   Brothers stabbed   3 sought   Double stabbing   


TORONTO - Curtis Murray, 25, and Corey Murray, 29, have been arrested for the murder of Trevor Seraphine, 17.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Wanted arrested   Suspect charged   Victim ID'd   Shooting   Image of suspects  



Suspect found dead

RIMBEY - The victim has been identified by police as rural resident Paul Michanuik, 70.  Mounties confirmed the lone suspect in the killing had been found deceased.  (QMI)    MORE:    Death deemed a homicide    

Man charged

KITCHENER - Kate Lynn Reid, 51, was last seen in early January, and was reported missing at the end of that month.  Hugh Rayburn McColl, 61, has been arrested.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Murder charge laid      Human remains identified   Missing presumed dead  




EDMONTON - The victim has been identified as Casey Darrell Crier, 29.  (CTV)   MORE:   Death deemed homicide     

Boyfriend charged

HAMILTON - Police have identified the victim as Renee Neganiwina, 26. Joseph Snelgrove, 38, is now in police custody.  (CBC) MORE:   Man charged     



Death deemed a homicide

TORONTO - Khee Hien Liem, 72, of Toronto was discovered semi-conscious at 2267 Lake Shore Blvd W. He was taken to hospital where he died from his injuries.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Victim identified   


BRAMPTON - Kathryn Horne, 58,was discovered with obvious injuries.  Richard Pereira, 36, was arrested at the home and is facing a second-degree murder charge.  (CityNews)   MORE:   Identified       Homicide    Homicide



Soldier kills 3, self  

KILLEEN - Police said Atase Giffa opened fire on 3 people, killing 2 and injuring 1 before forcing his wife, Dawn Giffa, 28, into another home, where he killed her and then himself.  Atase Giffa initially opened fire on 3 people: Lydia Farina, 31, Larry Guzman, 40, who were killed, and a 41-year-old woman at a residence on Godman St.  (Killeen Daily Herald)    MORE:   Canadian woman killed   Kingston woman dead in Texas 

Woman charged

MONTREAL - Jessie Quannaaluk, 55, was formally charged with second degree murder following the death of Paul Andrew Brown, 57.  Brown had a previous history of domestic abuse charges and was facing charges of sexual offences against minors in Montreal at the time of his death.  (CTV)  MORE:   Charged    Victim had just returned from court on sex charges    Homicide   



Son charged

PEEL - Ryan Ernest Roy, 25, is accused of killing Phyllis Roy, 52.  (CBC)   MORE:   Man charged   Son charged   Body found    

Victim identified

PRINCE GEORGE - Jason Hall, 45, was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound and later died.  (CP)   MORE:   Jason Hall is dead   Former biker shot dead    




CALGARY - Less than 3 hours before the body of Mohameddek Ali Mohamud, 25, was found near the park's ski jumps, the victim was called to a meeting by an unknown person.   (QMI)   MORE:   Body identified   Body found   Suspicious death


WINDSOR - Nancy Galbraith-Quick, 40, died Feb. 26, 2006 when she was hit while crossing the roadway.  OPP have arrested Scott Douglas Quick, Nancy Quick's former estranged husband.    (CBC)   MORE:   Estranged husband charged 




MISSISSAUGA - A pedestrian who was struck and killed in a hit-and-run has been identified as Bruno Trimarchi, 47.  Rui Santos, 54, of Mississauga, has been charged.  (Mississauga News)

Beaten to death

LOS CABOS - Police in Mexico are investigating the murder of Marty Gary Atwood, 50, found beaten to death on a beach in Los Cabos.   (QMI)   MORE:   Canadian identified     BCS Noticias



Court overturns jury verdict

WINDSOR - The witness had not heard Donald Dodd's voice in almost 5 years; at the time, she was with her boyfriend at a bar where loud music was playing and she was drinking and using cocaine.   Yet she testified that early on the morning of June 29, 2008, she heard Dodd's voice on her baby monitor - through static and for only about 4 to 10 seconds - at the location of the beating deaths of Peter Kambas, 53, and Vaios Koukousoulas, 63.   (Toronto Star)


Convicted wins appeal

17 years

Jury convicts

2012 ONSC 94 ruling on admissibility of statements

Police name skeletal remains




Charged with 3 murders

WINNIPEG - John Paul Ostamas is charged with 3 counts of murder.  Officers identified the man found dead behind 329 Hargrave St as Donald Collins, 65.  Police also identified the man found dead, hours later, behind 333 Portage Ave, as Stony Stanley Bushie, 48, Myles Monias, 37, died after being attacked on April 10.  (CTV)


Charged in 3 deaths


Suspect in custody

Assault victim dies


Man dies after beating  



Bus driver charged

FORT MCMURRAY - On October 28, 2014, a vehicle headed southbound on Highway 63 at Mariana Lake collided with a northbound passenger bus.  2 people inside the vehicle died as a result of the crash.  Police said that Kaliappan Subramaniam, the driver of the bus, was facing a total of 18 charges stemming from that crash.   (CTV)  

Extradited to Canada

TORONTO - Rabih Aikhalil, 27, of BC, is a suspect in the murder of John Raposo, 35, who was shot several times in June 2012 on the patio of the Sicilian Cafe on College St.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Wanted back in Canada   Suspect extradited      



TTC driver charged

TORONTO - A TTC bus driver has been charged in connection with the hit-and-run death of Amaria Diljohn, 14.  Dhanbir Shergill, 28, of Bowmanville has been charged.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Bus driver charged   Victim ID'd    Bus struck girl    Hit-and-run    Hit-and-run     


WINDSOR - A Windsor man has been charged with first degree murder after a 49-year-old woman died.  Richard Scott Raymond, 26, was charged with first degree murder and aggravated sexual assault.  (CTV)     MORE:   Man arrested   Woman dead   



'No one would help'  

ATHABASCA - Wyatt Thunder, 20, was walking behind his cousin Lee Thunder, 12, when the boy was struck by a van.   The driver fled the scene.  (Edmonton Journal)    MORE:  Hit-and-run arrest 

Victim identified

EDMONTON - A 23-year-old man who was fatally wounded in a stabbing spree that injured 4 others has been identified as Deng Mathew Garang Tong.  (QMI)   MORE:   Stabbing victim ID'd   Stabbings



Suspicious death victim ID'd  

VICTORIA - Scott Owen Smith, 26, body was found in the Inner Harbour on March 5.  Police are classifying the death as 'suspicious.'  (Vic News)   MORE:   Father desperate for answers   Body found        

Body found

ROSEAU RIVER - Hyde Hayden, 14, whose body was found Sunday behind the school in Roseau River First Nation may have been beaten and left outside in the cold.  (CTV)   MORE:   Death investigated   Homicide 



Husband charged

VICTORIA - Daniel Blake Penney, 51, who attempted suicide, has been charged with the second-degree murder of his estranged wife Mary Caitlin Walton, 46.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Suspicious death  

Impaired driver charged

TORONTO - A man is facing several charges, including impaired driving causing death, in connection with a fatal collision involving a TTC bus last November.  Osman Abdirahman, 23, of Toronto, has been charged.  (CP24)    MORE:   Impaired driving charge



6 arrested

TORONTO - 6 suspects in the murder of Malcolm Marfo, 22, who was fatally shot inside a 2063 Islington Ave housing complex have been arrested.  Identified as Saieed Hagi, 20, Sharmarke Farah, 18, Hanad Farah, 21, Ali Mohamed Isse, 21, Lioban Hussein, 20 and Mohamed Omar, 26.  (Global) 


6 charged

Members of Dixon Bloods arrested

Dixon Road Bloods

Shooting victim dies

2 shootings are related

Shootings related  



Charged in 2 separate homicides 

EDMONTON - Police arrested and charged Sean Jacob Jennings with second-degree murder in the connection with the 2014 shooting death of Alor Deng during the early morning hours of July 20, 2014.  Alberta gangster Theoren Gregory Poitras was found dead in a home in Richmond, BC on Oct 2, 2014.  (QMI) 


Crime wave ends


Facing 2 separate murder charges


Victim ID'd


 IHIT identified victim





EDMONTON - Police have charged Darren Jason Young, 37, with second degree murder for the fatal stabbing of James Milliken, 23, on May 16, 1997.  (CBC)   MORE:   Suspect charged   1997 gang murder investigation 


MONTREAL - Marina Porcu, 36, has been charged with second-degree murder after her brother Giulio Porcu, 37, was fatally stabbed.  (CTV)   MORE:   Woman charged   Accused   Stabbing   Stabbed man dies



Woman charged

LETHBRIDGE - Julie-Ann Nicky Agerskov, 21, has been charged with second degree murder in the death of Katheline Amber Buck, 43.  (CTV)  MORE:   Death under investigation     


CALGARY - An altercation with Alan Devon Bird, 20, ended with Jaime (Acres) Orellana, 30, being fatally shot.   (CBC)   MORE:   Charged   Victim remembered   Support  



EDMONTON - Mohamed Ahmed Adam, 33, died from gunshot wounds.  (CTV)  MORE:   Homicide   Police investigating


PRINCE ALBERT - Robyn Laura Ermine, 27, was charged in connection with the homicide of Evan Tyler Bear, 27.   (CTV)



Woman charged

MONTREAL - Parents of an 11-month-old boy who died at a St. Jerome daycare on May 4, 2011 are relieved to learn that caregiver Yolande Belanger, 60, will face charges.  (CTV)   MORE:   Accused in death of baby   Died from being shaken     

Impaired charges

BADDECK, NS - Victor William Rhyno, 45, of Middle River, faces charges of impaired driving causing death and impaired driving causing bodily harm.  Malcolm Angus Fraser, 59, of Middle River, was pronounced dead at the crash scene Aug 2014.  (CP)    



Teen charged

SYDNEY - A 15-year-old boy is facing charges related to the death of Christopher Walter Chafe, 18, who died after being run over by a school bus at Sydney Academy earlier this month.  (CTV)   MORE:   Teen who pushed victim charged   Student killed in bus accident

Father sentenced

MONTREAL - Francis Bastien, who pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 50 months behind bars for his role in his son's death in December 2008.  Bastien was not present when his girlfriend Stephanie Meunier killed young Jeremy.  (CTV)   MORE:   50 months     Meunier guilty   Father participated in torture 



Remains of 2nd person recovered

ANNAN - Remains of a second body have been recovered from an Annan-area house fire discovered Jan 30.  OPP said Urmas Aarni Polli, 59, and Denise Deborah Kelly, 51, were both 'unaccounted for' after the fire.   (QMI)  PREVIOUS:   Body recovered after fire   Operation Red Dog   Bayou of Pigs 

Impaired driving

WHITBY - Provincial police said a Jeep Wrangler was travelling west on Highway 401 when it lost control at approximately 10pm. The Jeep was rear-ended by a transport truck.  The truck driver, Lindsay A Findlay, 51, was pronounced dead on scene.  (CTV)   MORE:   Fatal crash   Driver facing charges 



Bus driver charged

HAMILTON - Police say Radika Nankissoor, 56, of Brampton, Ont., died after being trapped under the bus.  The 66-year-old bus driver from Hamilton in a GO transit bus is charged with careless driving.  (CP) 


BARRIE - Milan Segota, 55, was knifed repeatedly in the chest and died in hospital.  A second-degree murder charge has been laid against Terrence Barrett, 29.  (CP)   MORE:   Victim, suspect identified 



Fight death

VICTORIA - Kyle Syrenne, 26, was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries on Saturday.  RCMP say a taxi had just dropped some people off when a physical altercation broke out between a group that included the cab's occupants.  (CP)     MORE:   Man fatally beaten  


HAMILTON - Dashminder Deol, 37, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter and offering an indignity to human remains. Harmanjit Singh’sbody was found floating in a flood basin in Stoney Creek in late November.  (CBC)  MORE:   Arrest   Charges laid    



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