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Life in a Banana republic

Greed and Corruption

Sponsorship Scandal

Asian triads and Sidewinder

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The globies

Registry of Lobbyists


Mistakes in bill but passed anyway

OTTAWA -   Conservatives have used their majority on the Senate's legal and constitutional affairs committee to reject Liberal amendments that would have corrected the mistakes in C-525.  (Globe & Mail)    


Research flaws

OTTAWA - Two business groups say they're alarmed government research used to justify sweeping changes to the temporary foreign worker program appears to contain several flaws as more companies find inaccuracies.   (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   Data doesn't correspond with reality  


Scarp payouts for quitters

WINNIPEG - Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling for a crackdown on severance packages for politicians who quit voluntarily.  (CP)   PREVIOUS:   Revoke pensions for convicted MPs & Senators   


Do as we spin, not as we do

OTTAWA - The cost of paying Conservative political staffers working in a network of satellite minister's offices ballooned by 70% during the same years the government was asking departments to tighten their belts.   (CP)   COMMENT:   What price, democracy?


Another error

OTTAWA - The Senate knowingly approved a crime bill with an error that could weaken the legislation and invite challenges by defence lawyers. (Globe & Mail)   COMMENT:   Crime bill mess    'Administrative error'    Private members bills get scant scrutiny   Bill filled with mistakes


Limits on politicians are illegal

EDMONTON - A platform promise from a candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party, to limit terms for elected officials in Alberta's government is being met with criticism - legal experts say it infringes on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  (CTV)   MORE:   Term limit        


Likely unconstitutional

OTTAWA - The government proposed sweeping changes to the Citizenship Act last Feb when it introduced Bill C-24, dubbed the strengthening of the Canadian citizenship act.  (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   Bill C-24   


'Systemic interference'

OTTAWA - Suzanne Legault delivered her second report following an investigation into cases that date back to 2009 in the office of cabinet minister Christian Paradis, who held the Public Works portfolio at the time.    (CP) REPORT:   Interference with Access to Information: Part 2   


Reward for incompetence

OTTAWA - The Total Transfer Protection program was designed to keep have-not provinces “whole” if for whatever reason they qualified for lower equalization payments than the previous year.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:   Ottawa's shift     


Canadian nose dive

The international press freedom watchdog ranked Canada 20th in the world for press freedom in its latest index, down from 10th place in the 2012 index.  (Huffington Post) REPORT:   Press freedom index 2013   Radical transparency    


Parties take a hit

OTTAWA - Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer told Members of Parliament they need not feel constrained by caucus lists that dictate who can deliver 60-second statements or, for that matter, who can ask questions in Question Period.  (Globe & Mail)    MORE:   Speaker opens door   Free speech battle is for MPs to decide    Andrew Scheer 


Broke the rules

OTTAWA - The federal ethics watchdog has determined former cabinet minister Jay Hill breached the Conflict of Interest Act when he contacted his ex-colleagues about a forthcoming multinational energy deal.   (CP)   REPORT:   Conflict of interest - Hill   .pdf   Jay Hill 


Premiers spending habits

Premiers in the East appears to be doing a better job at managing their provinces’ finances than those in central and western Canada, a new report from the Fraser Institute concludes.   (CTV)   REPORT:  Measuring the fiscal performance of Canada's premiers 2012   .pdf    Spending habits ranked   Canadian Premiers 


Useless ban to be lifted

OTTAWA - The government is going to lift a ban on transmitting early election results.  (CBC)  


Services for Dummies

With the holiday travel season in full gear and Canadians heading to foreign destinations, Ottawa is reminding travellers of what consular officials can and cannot do.  (CP)  


MP charged

EDMONTON - MP Peter Goldring is now sitting as an independent, after he was pulled over at 95 St and 153 Ave at about 12:30am on Sunday, Dec 4, by an EPS roving patrol as part of the Check Stop program.  (CTV)    MORE:  Peter Goldring  


Political pressure

OTTAWA - Political pressure and bureaucratic haste are behind a litany of financial management problems at the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor).  (CBC)   MORE:  Yukon Energy Corp gets cash from CanNor   YDC


Interim replacement

OTTAWA - Deputy Auditor General John Wiersema will take over from outgoing Auditor General Sheila Fraser until a full-time replacement has been found.  (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   Her greatest hits   Farewell   Warning over watchdog's independence   Coming challenges   Party leaders wield too much power   Sheila Fraser     


Stacking the committee

OTTAWA - A federal agency that's supposed to safeguard transparency and openness in government hiring practices cooked 4 of its own employment contracts to make sure favoured workers got hired.   (CP)  


Unionist threatened politician

VANCOUVER - A researcher with the United Steelworkers of America has been charged over alleged threats against New Democrat MLA Jenny Kwan and her family that include tossing dog feces on the roof of her home. (CBC)    

Ethics probe 

OTTAWA - The federal ethics commissioner has begun a preliminary probe into allegations Winnipeg South Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge violated conflict-of-interest rules when he supported new legislation that could benefit an app he's developing.  (Winnipeg Free Press)   MORE:   Complaint triggers ethics review  Rod Bruinooge


Spin report masks problems

OTTAWA - Public Works says its multibillion-dollar makeover of Parliament Hill is right on schedule, but an internal document casts doubts on that claim.   (CP)    MORE:   Restoring the Hill     Parliament Hill  


Lobbying Act charge 

OTTAWA - The RCMP allege that Jamie Carroll failed to file the appropriate paperwork with the federal lobbying commissioner's office before he started lobbying politicians on behalf of a client.  (QMI)


'Man with the briefcase'

OTTAWA - Jean Yves Lortie says $15M to $20M in cash made its way in and out of his briefcase during his time as a political operative from the late 1950s to his last political campaign in 1993.  (CBC) 


Expats win back voting rights

TORONTO - More than one million Canadians living abroad are now eligible to cast ballots in the next federal election after a court struck down a law stripping them of their voting rights.   (CP)  


Party exec fired

 OTTAWA - Dimitri Soudas has been forced out as the Conservative Party of Canada's executive director after trying to interfere with his fiancee's Conservative nomination battle.  (CBC)    MORE:   PM demanded resignation   Harper asks party to investigate   Alarm bells   No backing down in her quest for the prize   Dimitri Soudas   Eve Adams  


Spending billions on 'professionals'

OTTAWA - Federal departments and agencies spent more than $10B annually for the past 4 years on professional services.  (Toronto Star)  


Federal party riding associations 

OTTAWA - Riding association for federal political parties are sitting on nearly $30M of taxpayer-subsidized cash, with little obligation to account publicly for how the money is spent.  (CP)    MORE:   Biggest reported spenders 


Yet another high overhead program

OTTAWA - A federal program that buys internships for science-and-technology graduates is pricey, with administration costs as high as 44 cents for every dollar spent.    (CP)   NSERC   Christian Paradis   Suzanne Fortier     


Pollster censured

OTTAWA - A Conservative pollster has been censured by the market research industry's watchdog for conducting a misinformation campaign against Liberal MP Irwin Cotler.  An investigation by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) has concluded that the actions of Campaign Research Inc tarnished the image of the market research profession.  (CTV)


Sovereign citizen movement

VANCOUVER - Brian Alexander is a self-proclaimed Freeman-on-the-Land and one of a growing number of Canadian followers of the so-called "sovereign citizen" or "Natural Persons" movement.  Adherents have "freed" themselves from what they see as an overbearing government that has overstepped its bounds.  (CP) MORE:   OPP is watching


PCO blinks

OTTAWA - Privy Council officials have ended months of stonewalling and handed over documents requested by the federal information watchdog only after Information Commissioner Robert Marleau threatened to have his staff enter the Privy Council offices and seize the paperwork themselves.  (Toronto Star)   Making themselves feel important? 


Watchdog declines to investigate

OSHAWA - The federal ethics watchdog will not investigate Finance Minister Jim Flaherty over allegations of Conservative ties at the newly created Oshawa Port Authority.   (CP)  PREVIOUS:  Oshawa council questions ties


Bogus addresses

CBC News has obtained evidence that unregistered voters got on the voters' list in the Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence in the last election without providing an address, in violation of Elections Canada's own rules.  (CBC)


Money for nothing

OTTAWA - The Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board (CEIFB) has just about everything a budding government agency could want.  (CBC)   MORE:  Office with nothing to do


Pollsters facing scrutiny

OTTAWA - Canada’s polling industry could be in for a shakeup in 2012, after some major knocks to its reputation in 2011.  (Toronto Star)


Time to test leaders

Given the state of the global economy, it might not surprise you to learn that psychopaths may be controlling the world (Tyee)


Staffer leaked report to impress

OTTAWA - A former junior staffer in a Conservative MP's office apologized for releasing a confidential finance committee report and admitted he did so to impress friends - friends whom he may have asked for a job.  (QMI) 


Ministry doesn't enforce

VICTORIA - That seems to be the position that BC municipalities and staff in the provincial Community Development Ministry take regarding the Local Government Act and its provisions dealing with groups that either act like civic parties or try to influence elections by endorsing and advertising on behalf of candidates. (Vancouver Sun)  Ending the Gong show  


'Party's over'

That’s a question we don’t often ask when we’re talking about democratic reform. But if we’re looking for radical solutions to political malaise in Canada, why not consider abolishing political parties altogether?  (Toronto Star) 

Politicians have image issues

Public perceptions of the ethics of political leadership   .pdf   

87% don't trust politicians

30% believe politicians take bribes   

Fear of falsification

Avoiding providing data


Fair Elections act gets surgery

OTTAWA - Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre announced changes removing the bill's major defects.   (Globe & Mail)

45 amendments

Pierre Poilievre


MPs should be suspended

Shelly Glover

James Bezan 

Parties don't want to show spending 

Canadians shrugging off election act

Elections Canada questions   

Elections bill feels like payback   

Election bill unchanged

Documents keep secret  

Political parties outside the laws 

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act


Attack on democracy

Public information blocked    

Poilievre doesn't rule out changes


Ramming bill through

Do you have the right ID to vote

Voter identification at the polls

Green Party Candidate refused right to vote 

Accusing election watchdog 

Author of report contradicts minister

Regulated raises for MPs and Senators

Election reforms

From enforcer to statesman

Not exactly as advertised    

Damages level playing field

Marc Mayrand

Election bill to be amended

Election bill worse

What's wrong with the new election act

Privacy concerns raised

May 'compromise' elections

Nothing wrong in using Parliament resources

Bill sends 'very poor message'  

Documents keep secret

Elections Canada setting up 'integrity office' 

Something to hide

Canada Gazette

Spies told to take secrets to the grave 

Parties don't face the same rules   .pdf    

Collecting survivor benefits

DELTA - She's fought for a decade, and still nothing has changed.  A Delta woman is still hoping changes will be made to prevent people who kill their spouses from getting survivor benefits through the Canada Pension Plan.  (NEWS1130)

Victims' bill

Bill C-32

Victims bill of rights

No sentence will bring a loved one back 

Chinese currency hub

BEIJING - Canada and China have signed a reciprocal currency deal that's expected to dramatically boost exports.   (CBC) 

Canada-China agreement highlights

Canada-China deal worth $2.5B

China invest $42B in Pakistan

Harper raises range of concerns

Laws by treaty 

Canada-China investment treaty  

Trade deal threatened

Consolidated CETA text   .pdf

On the way to parallel justice

Leaked pact shows Canada caved

Law by secret trade agreement

APEC China 2014

$1.25T as China counters US

EU trade deal released

Consolidated CETA text

Leaders celebrate trade deal

Opposition from Germany

Pact prompt scrutiny

Canada EU trade pact

Canada has an international trade meeting

Canada not the only country to use treaties

Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership

Trade talks


Law by treaties in spotlight




Bill not about cyberbullying

OTTAWA - Justice Minister Peter MacKay has called Bill C-13, the anti-cyberbullying legislation he introduced last week, a key tool in "ensuring that our children are safe from online predators and from online exploitation.”   Although child psychologists and youth activists support increased attention to this issue, they say C-13 is unlikely to stop cyberbullying.  (CBC)   


Bill a Trojan Horse

Another 'larger agenda'

'Cyberbullying' bill

Bill C-13

Bill C-30 protecting children from predators

Peter MacKay  


Ban instant messages

OTTAWA - Canada's information commissioner, Suzanne Legault, recommends in a special report to Parliament that specific controls be placed on instant messaging to preserve government records and respect the access to information law.  It found there were approximately 98,000 BlackBerrys issued and that the instant messages that are sent and received on those devices are automatically deleted, usually after 30 days.    (CBC)  

Instant messaging putting ATI at risk  

Big brother job opening  

ATI in peril


Information annual report 2012-2013

Watchdog warning

Threatened by deterioration of transparency

Suzanne Legault  

’Culture change’

Access to information requests

Pilot project

Feds 'not the most transparent'

Canadian Election Study

Liberal staff interfering

Workplace 'mobbing'  

MPs lap up free trips

Layton champion of elite

Failing grade 

Review of free expression 2011 


165,000+ voted improperly

OTTAWA - More than 165,000 people seem to have voted improperly in the last election, a new Elections Canada report has found, and the system for voting needs to be overhauled, although there isn’t enough time to do that before the next election.  (National Post) 

Compliance Review  

Voting process at serious risk

None of the above

The Real outsiders


Left out of the political process

But who cares?  

Democracy in terminal decline

2012 Audit of UK democracy

Lost in translation

Canada's national joke

System is broken

Voters as political consumers


Tories stimulus signage

Action Plan  

Only a third politically involved

Down play partisanship

I refuse political fairy tales

Pent-up anger unites the land  

Exercise in futility



OTTAWA - Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro has resigned as a Member of Parliament but won't rule out running again if he successfully fights his convictions on Elections Canada Act violations.  (CTV)   Dean Del Mastro  

MP quits, keeps pension

Found guilty

MP convicted

Found guilty

Revoke pensions for convicted politicians 

Election act charges

Elections Canada press release 


NDP owes 'significant' sum

OTTAWA - The committee that oversees House of Commons spending says the Opposition New Democrats owe a 'significant' sum for salaries improperly paid to aides who worked out of satellite party offices in Quebec.  (Globe & Mail) 

Black hole of party accountability

Poisoned political culture


Out-of-court settlement needed for NDP

Thomas Mulcair

Mulcair testifies about staffing


NDP's satellite offices

Elections Canada investigating NDP

NDP staffers are actually in Quebec offices

NDP defends use of parliamentary funds

Emails contradict Mulcair

NDP expense muffins  

NDP returns money 


9 months

GUELPH - Interfering with a citizen's right to vote merits real jail time, an Ontario judge declared as he made Michael Sona the first person ever to spend time behind bars for violating the Canada Elections Act.  (CP) 


Political dirty tricks


Judge lifts publication ban

Witnesses revealed  

Robocalls fine

Paul Dewar 

Charged under election act

Campaign staffer charged  

Robocall complaints doubled

Will the Mounties get this man  

Robocall scandal

Court throws out election result

Election result 'null and void'

Political parties are a concern

Summary investigation report on Robocalls

2011 Canadian voter suppression scandal    

Changes will register robocalls

Election results upheld

2013 FC 525

Court wouldn't remove MPs

Borys Wrzesnewskyj

Ordered to pay costs

Helena Guergis

Robert Staley   

Baird sys PMO Chief has no conflict 

Nigel Wright 

MP in offshore tax probe

MP's former employer targeted by CRA

Andrew Saxton  

MP can keep his seat

SCC upholds Conservative win  

Wajid Khan

Khan 'stepping aside' from party caucus 



More urban politicians

TORONTO - When Canada next goes to the polls, there could be 15 new federal seats in Ontario – and 11 of them would be in the GTA.   (CityNews)  

Patronage appointments

Global Meltdown  

Privy Council morale boosters

Ontario to get 21 more seats in Parliament

New boundaries impact Northern Ontario


2014 omnibus budget bill

OTTAWA - The Conservative government has introduced another mammoth omnibus budget bill that includes a grab-bag of measures, ranging from tax breaks for beekeepers to provisions banning cable companies from charging for paper bills.  (AP)

Bill C-41 

Another bloated omnibus bill

Bill C-31

Latest budget bill includes non-budget items

Budget bill loaded with unrelated measures

Bill sells out American-Canadians     FBAR

All Bills for the current session

US Congress offers little warmth to snowbirds 

Do politicians cause downsizing?   .pdf

Administration of the House of Commons

Administration of the Senate

Lack of expense details

Contracting problems   

Salaries for members of Parliament

'Magic' among budget watchdog must-haves

Conservative spending spree in overdrive  

DoD kills order

New snag   Sikorsky

2013 FC 402   .pdf   

Not able to follow the money

Cuts haven't save any money

Audit released

New rules for crown agencies

Crown corporations

$250M mystery

Claims not backed up 

Reform to archaic accounting system

No downside to bid-rigging

Dishonesty is the best policy

RCMP won't investigate

Tony Clement  

Paperwork ‘not perfect'

Treasury Board president

Clement faces firing line  

Documents contradict Clement  

Guide to G8 legacy projects

Clement accused  

Overpromise, under deliver

Spending is good

Parliamentary Budget Officer

Court dodges Page ruling

Kevin Page 

Governments hate democracy


'Rules were broken'  

3 strikes on Tony  

Accounting process needs to be 'rectified'

Interim PBO keeps Page's fight alive   

Accounting for the billions spent

Cash cow state secret

Cooking sole source contracts

Procurement practice reviews

Choosing G8 projects

Cash, new rules

Michael Ferguson

Spring report 2013

Main findings

Mayor embarrassed  

Reins tightening on crown corps

Report like manna for 'government-in-waiting'  

Our vanishing money

$3.1B missing 

Search and rescue plagued

NDP calls for probe of spending  

Funding decisions hidden

Civil service & politics clash  


G8 Legacy Fund audit

National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy

RCMP probe

Lawyers don't grasp gov accounting

Replacing Canada’s Fighter Jets

F-35 program slammed  

Michael Ferguson 

Tony Clement

Sonia L'Heureux 


More spending cuts

Canada needs more spending cuts     

Agencies have 'challenges'

Tame budget officer

Next parliamentary budget officer

Federal government posts $18.3B deficit

Banking has been good to us

Bloomberg Markets

We are the government

Departing watchdog's warning

Whistleblower law used to muzzle

Watchdog swan song

Addicted to spending

Canada's crime rate fell

Over budget

Watchdog 'disappointed' by Senate ruling     

Open, now closed?  

Open government Canada

Chapter 1—Financial Management

All parties share the spoils

Budget passed

Feasibility of budget for support ships   .pdf  

Analysis of Criminal Justice in Canada .pdf  

Expenditure Monitor 2012-13Q2   .pdf  

Ethics commissioner report   .pdf

OPSIC Report 2010-2011   .pdf

Clement vows to clear the air  

Spending scandal reignited 

Documents to RCMP    

Clement discussed funding

RCMP probe allegations

F-35 Canadian procurement

Replacing Canada's fighter jets

MacKay affirms F-35 purchase

Peter MacKay 

Damage control  

Private firms jack up prices

Lax on 'sole-source' contracts

Procurement Ombudsman  report

Military kept Parliament in the dark

Sole-sourced jet purchase  

Row over Canada fighter jet  

MacKay defends $9B jet purchase

Tories sole-sourced purchase

Reports watered down

Andrew Saxton  


'Hit the reset button'

Watchdog taking legal action

Jet plan 'reset'

Global wrecking ball

Bourque F-35 files 

F-35 Canadian procurement

KPMG picked    KPMG


Engine-crack grounds fighter


NWT gets an F

The Government of the Northwest Territories has received an F grade for the second year in a row for the amount of red tape business needs to overcome to do business in the territory.  (CBC)  

Red Tape report card   .pdf  

Red Tape Reduction Commission

More secrets

Golden scissors award  

BC Minister gets nod

Federation Independent Business

Only in Canada, eh

Joe Handley

Deh Cho Bridge

AG to look at bridge project 


MP pension reform

OTTAWA - The Conservative caucus has accepted a government proposal that would ease the burden on taxpayers by more than tripling how much members of Parliament and senators kick into their pension plans.  (CBC)

Pension plan relies on taxpayer-paid interest

Treasury Board report

MPs tackle their pensions  

MPs seek $250K for legal costs  

'Losers' are new millionaires 

Canadian federal election 2011  

MP pensions verge on bizarre

Losing an election not bad  

Grabbing positions  

59.1% voter turnout 

Calculations for MPs   .pdf    

More MPs  

30 more MPs  

Parliamentary associations

Party quells unrest in ranks   

Conservatives plead guilty

Party officials avoid charges  

In and Out scandal  

Doug Finley   Irving Gerstein 

'Unrealistic' assumptions

Law won't apply to MPs

Elections Canada  

Majority government  

NDP linked firms get cash 

CTV: Election  

Parliament of Canada  

Results, ridings & candidates


Lobbyist broke rules

TORONTO - Once-powerful lobbyist Jeff Lyons, who was caught up in the MFP computer leasing scandal, broke lobbying rules last year by contacting a councillor about a large unawarded contract, the lobbyist registrar says.  (Toronto Star)

Slippery shakedown  

Jeff Lyons

Political donations not benign    

RCMP lay more charges

New charges

New charges    

3 separate investigations

Banking records seized by RCMP

New allegations

Trudeau's advisor linked to Carson 

Watchdog quits

Watchdog chair lobbying


Chuck Strahl

Working for Enbridge since 2011

Strahl defends his conduct

Fed organizations with political appointments 

Minister's email sparks complaints

Bureaucrats ignore House

Youth drawn to public service

Political staff aren't running amok

McGuinty refuses to close loophole

Sweetheart deal under attack

Political staff shouldn't meddle 

Bureaucratic enablers take over the asylum

PM's statement

Spy watchdog steps down

Deborah Grey  

Symptom of a larger problem 

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines 

Teaching PS how to be ethically challenged

Canada School of Public Service

School of PS under scrutiny

Jocelyne Bourgon 

Frank Brunetta  

inkwashingPolitical parties operate outside privacy laws 

Do the zoomer math

Cabinet ministers regularly interfere

27 members appointed aides

New lobbying rules

100 top lobbyists 2009

Lobbyists' Code of Conduct

Power brokers take a hit

What public function?

Report blocked

Cyber trails

How lobbyists almost derailed a bridge 

Keith Beardsley

Files not closed on Carson case  

Carson's ties to money launderer

Carson's other escort lover  

How did a fraudster get in

Carson was Harper's guy

Background: Bruce Carson affair

Top Mountie not involved

No conflict of interest

New lobbyist

Canadian Strategy Group

Bruce Carson

Influence peddling

Carson investigation

OPP investigating 

Lobbying probe

Carson timeline 

Aide left school with debt

Lobbyists’ breach of code

Karen Shepherd

René Fugère and André Nollet 

Paul Ballard   Mark Jiles 

Graham Bruce.    

Lobbying activities  

Jaffer broke rules  

Watchdog calls for penalties 

Ron Liepert  

Charged with fraud

Carson charged  

Carson penned lobbying report

Criminal past  

RCMP asked to investigate

Code of conduct breaches

Appointment process 'fiction'

Appointment system takes a hit

Network finds its way into posts

Appointment system good for us

Leo Housakos  

Rahim Jaffer 

Commissioner of lobbying

Tories propose new watchdog  


Cabinet broke the law

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada says that Ottawa illegally collected employment insurance contributions for 3 years under the former Liberal government (CTV)  

Government had right to surplus   

Top court says Ottawa broke law

Lawyers dominate Parliament


Tax evasion

AUGSBURG - Karlheinz Schreiber, who was involved in a corruption scandal linked to former German chancellor Helmut Kohl, has been convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to 6½ years in prison.  In Canada, Schreiber was the key witness in a public inquiry into his business dealings with former prime minister Brian Mulroney. (CBC)   

Brian Mulroney  

Airbus affair

Karlheinz Schreiber

Oliphant Commission



At the inquiry

Why did Mulroney take the cash?

Tax payers on the hook

Tax deal standard practice in 2000


We have nothing to hide

OTTAWA - The prime minister’s national security adviser, federal lawyers who work on terrorism cases and intelligence analysts in the Privy Council Office would be forever forbidden from discussing sensitive aspects of their work under proposed new rules.   (CP)

Lifelong secrecy vow

Security of Information Act

Thomas Mulcair

Jean-Pierre Kingsley

Elections Canada

Another secret fund 

Mulcair apologizes

NDP doesn't serve special interests

MP resigns

Oda's MP pension

Insider prompting

Bev Oda  

We have nothing to hide

No oversight 

Why would people trust politicians 

All in

MPs shouldn't throw stones at Senators

Take the cloak off MPs' expenses

Call for accountability

MPs   Senators

MPs ink secret deal on cash



MPs less experienced

BDC has been good for us

Being speaker good for me

Phantom commission

Ministers ring up hefty travel tabs

Taxpayers dodged a stompin' 

Canadian left in dark about MPs


Campaign contributions

CALGARY- Following the firestorm of criticism after hidden video emerged showing a home builder’s plan to try and control city council, Global News has taken a close look at campaign contributions from Calgary’s 2010 municipal election. (Global)   

Exercising his democratic right

Plan to control city council

Developers can't buy aldermen

Home builders raise $1.1M 

Calgary City Council

Preston Manning   

Fundraising documents

Joe Lougheed

Electoral officer contradicts claim 

Illegal donations

AB's chief electoral officer announced fine

Over spending

28 ineligible donations

Agent 'unintentionally' accepted donation   

MP quits

Stepping down

Peter Penashue  

Rookie mistake

Illegal political donations

New allegations


Manitoba Liberal Party

Party boss faces charges 


Cadman's cash

Chuck Cadman's former financial advisor says the late Independent MP was in good financial shape and would not have been tempted by a $1M life insurance policy allegedly offered by the Conservative Party in exchange for a vote.  (Ottawa Citizen)

Lawsuit dropped

Parties' self-interest prevails

$1M added to defamation suit

PM files libel suit

Cadman legal controversy

Tape wasn't doctored

Harper says he authorized an offer to Cadman

Judge orders analysis of Cadman tape

Crucial date pulled from Cadman book

Enticement for MP loyalty

No apology to Harper, Liberal vow

PM to sues Liberals for libel

Cadman and the offer

Like a Rock: The Chuck Cadman Story


Budget bill passes

OTTAWA - The government's second budget passed in the Commons despite outcries from opposition parties, First Nations chiefs and other critics who say the bill is bad for democracy.  (QMI)   

Cameras are on, so are we

People on Parliament Hill are about 90% bullshit  

Politics and morals, ends and means

NS to get $870M from feds in oil royalties

Have not Ontario

Democracy compromised by voting system

Democracy in Canada

Who's the boss?

Canadians losing faith

Satisfaction with democracy

Canadians are less satisfied

Allan Cutler: 'It has gotten worse'

Populist party

Altered in latest omnibus bill

Jim Flaherty  

Budget cuts hit front line services

Cuts will be felt in programs and services

Ontario public sector salary disclosure 2007

Another raise for MPPs

Where does the shoe pinch most in Canada

No consensus among premiers

PS too 'isolated' from Canada

Insecure bureaucrats

Canadians give MPs a failing grade

Senate to audit appointed

Equalization payments

Ontario expecting little help from feds

Ontario releases 2006 public sector salaries

BC oil could ease crisis

Job power tipping to the West

Millions face old-age poverty

Federalism really is dysfunctional

Equalization consensus remains elusive

Quebec sets sights on Alberta oil cash

Budget 2012: Monitoring update   .pdf


End of per vote subsidy

OTTAWA - Canada's federal political parties are girding for the end of a per-vote subsidy that has padded their coffers in recent years and looking to cash in on last-minute donations at the close of 2014.  (Globe & Mail)

Into the cess pool

Subsidies for Federal political parties

ON fairness commish bills taxpayers

Understandable budget a negative


Brent Rathgeber

'Lack of transparency'

BILL C-461

Committee report on Bill C-461

Party doesn't own MP's seat

A lot of stuff goes on in the PMO

Shine light on Senators and MPs

I stand alone   

Info czar slams Harper on access

MPs pass accountability act

National security vs. Liberal ethno politics

Accountability bill full of new places to hide

The Whistleblowers Bill and FAIR

Time to stop PMs' from ruling like Kings

Tories start draining the subsidy swamp

Tories want to create 'integrity commissioner'

The Harper revolution

Tories' untendered contract draws fire

Liberal cleanup had little effect

Free the trained seals

Federal Accountability Act and Action Plan

93% of forest owned by governments

No more 'entitlements' 

Greasing the skids of entitlement culture

Bill may change Ottawa 'forever'

Humbled MPs start anew

Second thoughts about information reforms

MPs in top 2% of wage earners  


Trial on pause

OTTAWA - The trial of suspended Sen. Mike Duffy is on pause this week as the judge hears arguments over whether to admit a piece of evidence.  (CP)

Senators to be singled out for claims  

'Making a choice shouldn't depend on what you think you can get away with' 

Senate moves to block release of report

No written notice

Gang murder could help Duffy

Senate expenses proposal

Following the trail of cheques

Constitutional residency requirement

Finance official

Unsolicited contacts

Duffy Trial: week 2 recap

It's about the Party first



Criminal code violations 

Breaking down the $200K


31 charges

Duffy faces charges  

Senate reform 

2014 SCC 32

SCC rejects Senate overhaul plans

SCC rejects Senate reform proposals

Senate expenses scandal 

Canadian Senators

Canadian Senate

Death leaves Senate without a leader

Fraud and breach of trust

Senators bristle

Senators booted

Justin Trudeau


Liberal senators now sitting as independents

Measuring government in the 21st century   .pdf

Ad spending  

Ministerial responsibility

Year of hot air

Less than 2% decrease in spending

Honour in politics is missing  

Expenses missing key details

Bigger isn't better 

Liberal senators now sitting as independents

Charged with fraud

RCMP lay charges


Patronage house will stay  

Taxman wants Brazeau’s house


Brazeau's troubled rise and fall

Brazeau heads to rehab



Suspended senators not off the payroll

SK to table motion calling for Senate abolition 

'Backroom deal'

'Deal' confirmed

Harper not swayed by appeals

Harper fires back


Duffy complies

SK to table motion calling for Senate abolition


Cheque broke the law

SCC begins hearing Senate reform arguments

Time to take back control of the constitution

Tory bagman tried to sway audit

PMO   Nigel Wright  

Senator resigns

David Braley

Scandal tainting red chamber

Duffy recovering from open-heart surgery 

RCMP documents on Wright and Duffy Part 1

Complaint filed

Ex-PMO lawyer's emails not deleted 

Staffer stood his ground

Wright-Duffy money trail 

Probe a high-wire act 

Many ironies

PMO staff influenced

RCMP probe into Wright-Duffy affair

Fraud, breach of trust

Senate scandal loan

Wallin's chance to speak

Text of Pamela Wallin's speech

Quebec court rejects senate reform plan

Senate plan unconstitutional


RCMP seeks Harb's bank info

Accustomed to entitlements

Harper told him to repay money 

Transcript of Duffy's speech  

'No apparent work'

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu

Surprising things in court documents

Senate ethics issue

Criticized from all sides

Harper calls on Senate to reform itself

Audit cost $530K

Pamela Wallin court document

Duffy evidence of 'criminal wrongdoing' 

Lies have been rechristened spin  

'Political staffers'  


RCMP widens probe

Canadian Senate divisions

Constitutional work to be done

Ottawa's golden rule

Most Elite VIP-only club around  

Senate protects the entitled

One small win for freedom  

$65K paid

'Era of accountability'  

Senator retires


Resign before conviction = keep pensions

Overseers were involved

Senators respond to report

AG to scrutinize expenses

AG to review expenses

Audit could take 18 months   

Ottawa's golden rule

Most Elite VIP-only club around  

Toronto two-step  

Years of 'fixing' not a solution 

Wallin's repayment bill

Party denies secret fund

'Under protest'

Senate garnishees salary

Court documents

RCMP documents

Search warrants  

LeBreton steps down

MPs will get pensions topping $100,000 a year

Claim expenses

Home 'uninhabitable'

Didn't live at 'primary' residence

Cops investigate senator's dealings

'Never lived' in Maniwaki

Provinces insist consent required

Senate can be reformed

Bill C-7

Surprising things

Audit heading to RCMP

Audit & Senate report documents

Process 'fundamentally flawed and unfair'  

Party bagmen guide to the Senate

RCMP launch criminal probe of $90K cheque

Stop dithering in Duffy scandal

Senator repays $90K

Politicians vs regular Joes

Politicians should take care of their own mess

Senator sorry

MPs increase their travel budgets 6.7%

Another reason to distrust journalists

Parliament tourist guide training

RCMP alleges Duffy changed bank address

Senate won't 'monkey around' with Wallin audit

Zimmer retires from senate

Value of Senate committees

Former senator begins jail term

Resignation lets Lavigne keep full pension  

Still spending

Not a 'fat cat'

Changes in expense claims

Legal challenge

Terry Mercer

Jim Munson

Pamela Wallin

Mike Duffy

Patrick Brazeau

Mac Harb

Auditing cash cow

Wallin resigns from board

Senate appointment perks   

Senators ordered audit sanitized

David Tkachuk

Carolyn Stewart-Olsen

How was the report 'whitewashed?'

Duffy wants to give 'the whole story'

Fabric of corruption and moral corrosion

Entitled to their entitlements

Senate selection committee

Elizabeth Marshall

Questions about residency

Dennis Patterson

Audit to be make public

Senator owes

Duffy sought cabinet perks

Senate scandal still perk-olates

Senate expense changes

11 new rules  

Duffy made secret deal

Repayment involved 'no party money' 

Expenses for election campaigning

Wright wrote personal cheque

Dishonesty spreads to PMO

Criminal investigation

Things in the senate expenses audit

Audit faults senators and rules

Repay living expenses

Canada's expensive senator

Representation still the big issue

Wright resigns  

Nigel Wright  

Canada's loss

Harper's speech to caucus

Those who seek to benefit should leave

Another Senator leaves caucus

Wallin forced out

Findings removed from Duffy's audit report

Who do you trust?

Senator resigns from caucus

Duffy tried to influence CRTC decision  

Senate living expenses uproar  

Senator takes kitchen exit  

5 more appointed Senators

3 senators subject of audit

Bad PR year for appointed Senators

Senate living expenses uproar

Access to Senate information

Senator reimburses

Senator to repay part of stipend

Controversy over relationship with assistant


Released on bail   

Removing senators a difficult task

Attendance 'not a high priority'

Expensive AB senator-in-waiting   

Forced leave

Senators fights order to repay

Senate wouldn't let AG in

Mac Harb  

Senator used father-in-law's address

More appointed senators

Nominee Senator couldn't wait

Doug Black

Free spending public servants

Fundraising letter focus of probe   

What confidence?

Appointed Senators

Gerstein faces spending charges

Senate banking committee

About Senate committees  

Expenses average $469K per MP

Senate can't do anything

Compensation comparisons   .pdf  

Pressure on

"Fed up?” billboard campaign

Joyce Fairbairn

Senate pleads for privacy

Right and wrong way to exit  

Senator legally incompetent

7 more appointed

7 more lottery winners

Irving Gerstein 

6 months for fraud

Raymond Lavigne  

Need for oversight

Flood of patronage

New senators

Senate lottery winners appointed

Senator denies lobbying  

$9.5M fine for bribery  

Niko admits to bribe

Niko Resources

Senator accused of bilking

Mobina Jaffer   BC Law Society

Perks of appointment

Senate of Canada

'Two-tiered' justice

Senator probed over billing

Law society opens investigation

Bert Brown 

Senate showdown

'It's not justice'

Don't reform, stop funding it  

What we need is merit pay

Senators reject oversight  

Senators have to moonlight 

Canadian political crisis

Harper anoints ‘elected’ senator

Senate dilemma

Senate has been good for us

Senator faces criminal charges

Senate Liberals accused of delaying ethics bill

Tory baby steps in Senate reform

Tories introduce bills on Senate

National security vs. Liberal ethno-politics

Senate expenses exposed  

Senator's still costing  

Senator charged with fraud

Senate reform bill  


Senator guilty of fraud  

Still spending  

Senate plans to study itself

Term limits

Start Senate overhaul by autumn

Senators keen to get on TV despite jokes

Senators head for sunny Cuba

Senate subcommittee on population health

Liberal senator wins 'Teddy' award

The senator who cried wolf

Senate 'guts' accountability bill

Senate shuts down fund

Michael Meighen   Wilfred Moore

Sitting MPs collect pensions  

Almost half of MPs are moonlighting

5 more Senate winners appointed

Prorogation's wasted

PETA's pie of terror

Alienated from the political process 

PM demands Senate reform, 'not a report'

Harper lays out his vision for the Senate

Senators grill colleagues over Dubai trip

Appointed Senators in spin control

Document senators warned against trip

Senators blasted for expensive Dubai junket

National Security Committee

Members of the Senate who appointed them

Colin Kenny   Tommy Banks


2014 fall report of the Auditor General

1 - Responding humanitarian crises

2 - Combatting transnational crime

3 - Mental health for veterans

4 - Providing relocation services

5 - Support for the automotive

6 - Nutrition North Canada

7 - Documentary heritage

Appendix - Costs of Crown Corp Audits

Public pensions a State Secret

Report at a glance

StatsCan can't get good data on small areas

Prisoners not entitled to own cells

AG Spring 2014 report  

1 - Public Sector Pension Plans   

2 - Procuring Relocation Services

3 - Aggressive Tax Planning

4 - Capacity of Penitentiaries

5 - First Nations Policing Program

6 - Transfer Payment Programs

7 - Outsourcing Management Services

8 - Meeting Needs for Key Statistical Data

9 - Examination of Crown Corporations

First nations policing not working

Risk posed by public sector pensions

Those with government pensions, & the rest


2013 fall report of the AG

Main Points

1 - Follow-up Audit on Financial Reporting

2 - Access to Online Services

3 - Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy

4 - Canada’s Food Recall System

5 - Preventing Illegal Entry Into Canada

6 - Emergency Management on Reserves

7 - Oversight of Rail Safety

8 - Disaster Relief for Producers

9 -Offshore Banking


Conservatives pull plug on Unity Council

OTTAWA - The Harper government is scrapping funding for the Canadian Unity Council, effectively shutting down the Montreal-based agency founded to promote federalism.   (Montreal Gazette)

New book investigates shadowy federalist group; Pettigrew named

Liberals under fire; aide's role questioned    

Secret to 1995 federal grant lay by dumpster

Conservative ridings getting more handouts

RCMP looking into 1995 grant

Edmonton city hall grabs tax refunds

Cut to GST will be only gas taxes relief 

Key Liberal slams Martin government

Firearms Centre pays for report that has nothing to do with registry

Charest government on defensive over debt

Political system faces 'meltdown'

Liberals spent $5B on wrong aircraft

Canadians' trust in government plummets

Feds struggle to keep income tax cuts

Three decades later, government still flawed

Time to hold government accountable

Pay hike for gov't officials more

Minister has 'zero' accountability

Opposition to Gomery's proposals

RCMP demotes officer over political bid

Why Toronto is Liberal bedrock

Trust in governments, corporations and global institutions continues to decline

Dictators, Prime Minister Paul Martin style


Quebec court awards $335K

MONTREAL - A Quebec court has ruled in favour of former Via Rail chair Jean Pelletier in his wrongful dismissal suit and ordered Ottawa and the Crown corporation to pay more than $335,000 for lost salary and damage to his reputation.  (CBC)

VIA to pay Pelletier 

Quebec Superior Court Justice Langlois

Pelletier wins second case

Failed Liberal candidate given federal job

Pelletier files legal motion to block VIA firing

304 top political aides eased into PS jobs

Liberals accused of campaign payroll grab

David Smith lies to the Ethics Commissioner

Union drops plan to pay candidates

Feds lost secret papers

Ministry staff being used in SK


Liberal majority

TORONTO - With all ridings reporting, Ontario Liberals were elected or leading in 59 constituencies to 27 for the Progressive Conservatives and 21 for the NDP.   (CBC)

Ontario general election 2014 

Kathleen Wynne

None of the above
Public interest 2nd place
Union attack at least unprofessional
Political public service
OPP releases political attack ads
Public sector muscle influences elections

None of the above

Declined ballots jump 1,300%  


Liberal majority

MONTREAL - The Quebec Liberal won 70 of the legislature's 125 seats, compared with 30 for the Parti Quebecois. The Coalition Avenir Quebec took 22 seats and Quebec Solidaire finished with an additional seat for a total of 3. (Toronto Star) 

Quebec votes


Marois era is over

Philippe Couillard

Pauline Marois

Quebec general election 2014   

Greed & Corruption Quebec 


BC Liberals win, Clark loses

VICTORIA - BC Premier Christy Clark defied poll predictions and led the BC Liberals to victory but she failed to keep her own seat.  (CTV)  

BC general election 2013

Christy Clark

Premier wins seat

21 MLAs cashing out  

Byelection turnout

Consumers stay away in droves

Clear winner was the Party of Indifference

BC Liberals majority

Decision BC 

MLA's pension payload

Canadian Taxpayers Federation

BC ministers stepping down

Siphoning crown corp profits

Donations to BC parties   

Pollsters are the biggest losers

More BC MLAs bow out

John Les   George Abbott  

Mary McNeil   Kevin Falcon

Legislative Assembly of BC

BC general election 2013

41.3% voter turnout

Former MLAs entitled to millions

BC general election 2009

An alternative to 'first-past-the-post

Vested interest

Ontario to vote on voter reform

Voters to decide how to pick MPPs

Government won't allow reform

Generation of entitled to entitlements


AB MLA transition allowances   

57% voter turnout  

Poll prediction failure

AB general election 2012

Politics is good for us

Fewer and fewer mark X

Alberta general election 2008

Appointment threatens WorkSafeNB

Record low voter turnout

The pros and cons of MMP

Why electoral reform won't work

Overhaul elections: petition

Proportional representation

Tough sell to politicians


Nine Nations of North America

Auditor General of Canada reports

BC election prediction project

Election Canada


Prime Time Crime

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