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No political interference

VICTORIA - There was no political interference in the BC government’s decision to pay $6.4M in legal bills for disgraced former ministerial aides Dave Basi and Bobby Virk, according to a new report by the province’s auditor general.  (CTV) 

Audit of special indemnities 

Cleared of conflict-of-interest

Opinion on complaint against Clark   .pdf  

Statement of facts   .pdf   

BC order to seal warrant    .pdf

Information to obtain a warrant  .pdf   

Search warrant app  .pdf

Fairness Report   .pdf


AG still in the dark

VICTORIA - 2 years after a pair of former BC ministerial aides pleaded guilty to leaking government secrets, the province's auditor general says he's still in the dark about a controversial $6M legal payout in the BC Rail saga.  (CP)   MORE:   BC concedes it has detailed bills    

Policy wouldn't stop payments

VICTORIA - The BC government will go after legal costs incurred by government workers found guilty in court, but that doesn't mean taxpayers are completely off the hook for costs such as the $6M paid to convicted former BC government aides David Basi and Bobby Virk.  (CTV) 


Inside a lobbyist's plan  

Developer fined $200K for $50K bribe

Dubious bluster from BC Libs on emails

Christy Clark

Gordon Campbell

Patrick Kinsella

BC public affairs bureau

Defence alleges Clark leaked information

Mark Marissen

Elizabeth Bennett

Railgate, A-Z  

Basi-Virk bombshells

More questions than answers

Inside the corrupt world

Ballad of Casey Jones

Perks not approved

Documents clear elected Liberals   

BC Rail lawyers cost $18M

Team wasn't surprised bidder raised offer

Railgate looks even more like Watergate

Missing emails may exist

Missing emails an issue

Back up email tapes erased

Bennett gone from case  

'Do not leave the impression that organized crime has penetrated the Legislature'


Payments raising questions

VICTORIA - Sure, a lot was happening in the Liberals' first term. But it's hard to see why a Crown corporation had to pay $297,000 to a Liberal insider for help understanding the new government. 

Kinsella paid to lobby

BC gov't ethics scorched by rail firms


Lavish pay baffling

VICTORIA - The salaries that BC Rail pays its senior bosses continue to astound.  Yesterday's column discussed the $570,000 shelled out to president Kevin Mahoney last year, to run a railway that's a piddling 39 kilometres long. The short line from Roberts Bank to Surrey is all that's left under BC Rail's direct control following the sale-lease of the main line to CN in 2004. 

Tielemans office trashed

Lawyers want 24 Hours info

24 hours' Freedom Of Information request

Raid case delayed up to a year

Defence alleges political interference

Defence alleges political interference

Railgate just got weirder

New charges, new questions

Erik Bornmann

Railgate: 25,000 more pages

Government secrecy in BC

Leg raid hearing intrigue

Spiderman in a Web of Intrigue 

Will BC Rail bomb explode?

The $1 billion privatization of B.C. Rail will be the explosive core of the upcoming April 2 trial of former provincial BC Liberal ministerial aides David Basi and Bob Virk on fraud and breach of trust charges.  (Tyee)

Basi, Virk, 'hung out to dry': Lawyer

Basi-Virk Defence: bold allegations

Basi -Virk case tests citizens' patience

Victoria cop sentenced

VICTORIA - Victoria police Const. Ravinder (Rob) Singh Dosanjh has been given a three-month conditional sentence for obstruction of justice in a case linked to the 2003 raids on the BC legislature. 


Rob Dosanih 

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