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Return on appointments?

VANCOUVER - CTV News built a computer program to check the list of 1,600 current provincial appointments across the province, and compare it to Elections BC's database of party donors.  The results: a minimum of $4.78M was donated to the BC Liberals in the past 12 years by the 343 liberal donors who BC ministers or cabinet appointed to the boards.    (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   BC general election 2017   Green party sought cash from developer


Value of political donations

VANCOUVER - A BC Securities Commission panel has heard allegations that Paul Oei claimed a number of politicians were supporting a Metro Vancouver recycling plant project, allegedly the centre of an immigration-investment scam.   (PostMedia)  PREVIOUS:   MP and lawyer named in fraud lawsuit   RELATED:   Steelworkers paying the salaries of senior NDP staff


Special prosecutor

VANCOUVER - Thursday's announcement of a special prosecutor to provide legal advice to the Mounties is the latest development involving political donations in a province that has come to be described as the 'wild west' of campaign finance.  (Globe & Mail)

MORE:   BC's AG says budget ads are too political   Charity blames clerical error for illegal donation to BC Liberals   Possible class action   Legal action launched    BC Liberals sued


Federal party riding associations 

OTTAWA - Riding association for federal political parties are sitting on nearly $30M of taxpayer-subsidized cash, with little obligation to account publicly for how the money is spent.  (CP)   


Fundraiser charged

TORONTO - OPP have laid charges against Liberal Party fundraiser Gerry Lougheed for his alleged involvement in the Sudbury byelection bribery scandal.  (Global)    MORE:   Criminal charges laid   World of political patronage   OPP finish probe  

Fix vague election law

OTTAWA - A Senate committee says the government must 'urgently' amend laws to prevent foreign interference in Canadian elections.  Current laws have loopholes that could allow foreign money and online advertising to unduly influence voters and have an impact on election results, says the Senate's standing committee on legal and constitutional affairs in a report released Thursday.  (PostMedia)  REPORT:   Controlling foreign influence in Canadian elections   .pdf    Elections safe    Cyber threats to Canada's democratic process  


Party donations in court

VANCOUVER - A lawsuit singles out $645,000 in political donations to the BC Liberals, as well as $300,000 of salary top-ups from the party to its leader, Premier Christy Clark, over her 6 years in power.   (Metro)    


Return on investment

VANCOUVER - Just 177 donors paid $55M - about half of all the money received by the Liberals over the last 12 years - and subsequently received some $15B, as well as permits, legal changes, regulation changes and approvals, says Dermod Travis of Integrity BC.  He admits he has no direct evidence of corruption or bribery, but says he's uncovered a pattern BC voters need to pay attention to.  (CTV)   MORE:   Following the reported money  


Taxpayers' investments

OTTAWA - The term 'privatizing profits and socializing losses' is so widespread it gets its own entry in the US business definition site Investopedia: 'businesses and individuals can successfully benefit from any and all profits related to their line of business, but avoid losses by having those losses paid for by society.'   (CBC)      


'Man with the briefcase'

OTTAWA - Jean Yves Lortie says $15M to $20M in cash made its way in and out of his briefcase during his time as a political operative from the late 1950s to his last political campaign in 1993.  (CBC)     

Cash for access end

OTTAWA - The federal government is poised to introduce legislation that will put an end to exclusive, private fundraisers featuring cabinet ministers, party leaders and leadership contenders.   (CBC)

Bill C-50  

Bill fails to quell

Private fundraisers

Foreign activists influencing elections

Remarks Chief Electoral Officer Nov 23, 2016 

Money for access

This isn't money for access

PM using state visit to raise party money

Wealth One Bank of Canada

Donor was graft suspect

Bank's murky beginnings

Offering access

Commissioners called  

Sordid encounters of the Liberal kind

Money began to rain

Lobbying at fundraisers 

Taxpayers pay

Globalization isn't for ordinary people

Cash for access fundraiser

'Rules' were followed

Trudeau insists he has no ties to foundation

Insulation against cash for access inferno

Strahl resigns from foundation

Trudeau a big money draw

Foundation questions

Why we should give politicians free money

Liberals have slipped from 'Real Change' 

ON dark money loophole

TORONTO - Ontario's changes to how municipal elections work, sold as a way to give unions and corporations less influence in city politics, appear to have provided more cover for these groups to support their favourite candidates, in what one city councillor says could be 'the greatest dark-money loophole ever.'   (CBC)

BC leaves big money taps on

NDP- don't forget about us

Win for party bagmen

Watchdog investigates fundraisers

Law firm's cash for access

Money biggest single factor

ON overhauls campaign finance rules

AB cuts donation cap, limits party spending

Corporate, union donations in BC 

Parties use private data

Adviser to step down

ON fundraiser to be charged

ON party CEO will step aside if charged

Party downplays charges 

Liberals block campaign finance rules

Review act

Chiarelli, Sousa report   .pdf  

BC commissioner clears Clark

Too much of a bad thing

Cash-for-access fundraisers

Parties pack in fundraisers

Failed scheme payday

Pricey bargaining chip

Hold onto your wallet

Lobbying Commissioner

Not a conflict

Paul Fraser

Fraser continues to ignore reporter

One big, systemic family

Wynne change, Clark just shrugs

Lobbying Act charge

Cashing in

Clark still defending party fundraising 

ON aides sell tickets to fundraisers

Liberal appointments    

Cash-for-access fundraisers

Companies received $2.36B welfare

Return on investment

Cash for access


Ethanol industry

Bombardier's welfare

Fundraising backlash

How is this even legal?

Dinners with donors just part of the process 

Welcome to ON

Not influence peddling

Not against the law 

Fundraising reward

BC Liberal Party

Party payments

Clark draws fire

Payment is no joke

Everything stinks  

Still no ban

Fundrising has been good for us

NDP's holding company 

Fundraiser part of democratic process   

Liberals expected to raise $3M at dinner

Trudeau dismisses worries over fundraising

Liberal fundraising machine

Only in Quebec, eh?  

Money no guarantee of success

Government shouldn't be for sale  

By-election raised $2.2M

Donations still loom large at city hall

Legal party donations

Federal fundraiser

Wynne scraps private fundraisers  

Fundraising demands

Targets for cabinet ministers

Hydro one players paid for access

Liberal bagman

BC Liberals reject donation changes

BC Liberals greed for power 

BC's Clark vows 'disclosure'

Pricey meetings with premier helping fuel BC

Donations influence local elections

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