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Greed, Corruption or Incompetence


Greed and Corruption

Global Meltdown

Life in a banana republic




  Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Little pay off

CALGARY - City subsidies for professional sports teams like the Calgary Flames can be justified in the name of civic planning, pride or politics, but suggestions that they result in net growth to the overall economy don't hold water, economists say.   (CBC)   MORE:   Calgary offer for a new arena


More money or else

OTTAWA - CATSA says the number of passengers keeps rising at the same time that the agency's staffing costs are growing. But the federal funding isn't keeping pace.   (CTV) 


Entitlement overhaul

OTTAWA - A federal fund designed to give financial help to parents whose children have been murdered or gone missing has spent more than 14 times as much on administration costs as it has on actual grants.  (CP)


Where tax dollars go

TORONTO - It's been reported that Canada spends the 4th most per capita on health care of all of the industrialized countries in the world.  Yet, despite all that money being spent, Canada's health-care system currently ranks 30th in the world, according to the WHO and last amongst all OECD countries in terms of wait times.  Ontario has 3 times as many health-care bureaucrats per capita as Sweden and 4 times as many as Australia.  We have 10 times as many health-care bureaucrats per capita as Germany.   (Huffington Post) 



OTTAWA - Auditors got suspicious when invoices showed a mental-health professional working with Indigenous patients had billed Health Canada for more than 28.5 hours of counselling in a single 24-hour period.   (CBC)


Money for entitlements

OTTAWA - If the purchase is a penny over $20, a federal customs agent can intercept it, open it, delay it, add federal and provincial sales taxes, and, depending on the origin of the merchandise, perhaps pile on some duty charges.  Ottawa spends about $166M to collect $39M in additional taxes and duties.   (CBC)  REPORT:   Economic effects of raising DMT threshold   Feds not interested in cheaper goods for Canadians   


Harassed, bullied city workers

SARNIA - An investigation has found Mike Bradley, the mayor of Sarnia, engaged in workplace harassment.   (CP)   MORE:   Mayor slammed    I made my share of mistakes 



MOOSE JAW - City council has approved more than $400,000 in emergency funding for Mosaic Place and Yara Centre after an audit revealed huge financial losses at the facilities.  Council also dismissed the board that oversees both facilities.  (CTV) 


Docs paid

OTTAWA - Physicians in Canada were paid a total of $25B in 2014-2015, up from $24.1B during the previous period, according to a new report.  The average payment per physician remained virtually unchanged at $339,000 nationally, the CIHI said in its annual report.   (CBC)  REPORT:   Physicians in Canada 2015    Changing the system    Doctors' income  


Where the money is

YELLOWKNIFE - A Hay River man trying to sue the NWT government says he can't find a lawyer in the territory to take his case.  Of the about 170 lawyers who live and work in the territory, around 70 are currently employed full-time by the NWT government.   (CBC) 



OSHAWA - Robert Lutczyk, 40, the former Oshawa councilor and army reservist who kidnapped a city lawyer at gunpoint in revenge for financial troubles, took him in chains to a remote industrial compound with an arsenal of illegal weapons, then held off police in a standoff for more than 24 hours after the lawyer escaped, was sentenced to 8 years and 4 months in prison.  (PostMedia)  MORE:   8 years   Ex-councilor sentenced 


Justice lawyers' payroll

OTTAWA - A payroll screw-up at Justice Canada credited several thousand government lawyers with as much as $50M worth of time off that they didn't deserve.  The botched accounting - carefully kept out of public financial statements - has tied the department in knots, threatening negotiations for a new labour contract, prompting union (Association of Justice Counsel) grievances and forcing a massive payroll cleanup that has taken more than 2 years.  (CBC) 


Crown Corp compensation

OTTAWA - Taxpayers paid out more than $284,000 in compensation to 3 successive part time board chairmen of a little known Crown corporation called the Canadian Commercial Corporation.  (CBC)   REPORT:   2014-2015 CCC Annual Report  .pdf


Doctors paid $24B

Provincial and territorial governments paid out a total of $24.1B to physicians in 2013-2014, a nearly 6% increase from the year before, according to the latest data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information.  Canadian doctors' average earnings before expenses were nearly $336,000 last year, according to CIHI (CTV)


Potential conflict

CALEDON - Property records obtained show that Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson and Councillor Gord McClure were involved in separate land transactions worth at least $24M in the SW part of the municipality, where they are alleged to have pushed development.  (Toronto Star)  Allan Thompson   Gord McClure


Students' union fights back

SYDNEY - The Students' Union at Cape Breton University isn't going down without a fight.  The group says it will appeal a decision by an Ontario court ordering it to pay $400,000 into the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS).   (CTV)  Students funding CFS in legal attacks

Value of consultants

FREDERICTON - A consultant who was paid $13M to find savings for the New Brunswick government only saved $10M - or less, the province's auditor general says.  (CTV) 


Spending savings

HALIFAX - The government's decision to shuffle the $3.4M it saved by not paying teachers during a one-day strike to student grants shows the Liberals haven't been listening, the teachers union says. (Local xpress)     MORE:  High school winter sports latest casualty of teachers work to rule     Bill to impose contract on teachers passed


Spotlight on crown corp

WINNIPEG - The Liberal government won't explain the specifics of why it decided to formally terminate Donald Salkeld's appointment at the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation effective Dec 21 - the same day his term was already scheduled to expire.   (CBC)


Council asks RCMP to investigate

NANAIMO - City council has asked the RCMP to investigate Mayor Bill McKay over allegations that he is 'in direct violation of his obligations and duty to the City.' (Globe & Mail)  MORE:   Nanimo City Council   RCMP looking into allegations   


Processing fee

SYDNEY - The Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) wants nearly $43,000 to answer a resident's questions about municipal expense claims and contracts related to port development. (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   CBRM mayor and council


Bureaucrat faces fraud charge

MONTREAL - The RCMP have laid charges of fraud and breach of trust against Michel Fournier, a former federal official in relation to alleged 'bribery payments' of more than $2M from engineering firm SNC-Lavalin.   (Globe & Mail)   MORE:   Bridge official charged   Official charged   RCMP investigating   Suspected kickbacks    Federal Bridge Corporation      


Fraud charges

HALTON - David Atsushi Ohashi, 56, of Mississauga has been charged with fraud under $5000, use of a forged document, 3 counts of municipal corruption and 3 counts of accepting secret commissions.   (CTV)    MORE:   Halton manager accused


Acted in bad faith

KAWARTHA LAKES - An Ontario municipality opposed to wind turbine projects acted in bad faith when it unfairly threw up a roadblock that made it impossible for a company to proceed with one, Ontario's top court ruled.  (CP)   JUDGMENT:   2016 ONCA 0496


Price tag doubles 

WINNIPEG - With interest factored in, the price tag for Investors Group Field is almost double the cost of construction.  The province confirms the $209M stadium will actually cost $376M once loans on the stadium are paid off.   (CTV)


Restrictions for Crown Corporations

OTTAWA - The federal government is bringing in new rules for Crown corporations to try to rein in their spending on travel and hospitality.  (CBC)   MORE:   Crown Corp appointee expenses


Mayors' income 2014

MARKHAM - In 2014, Frank Scarpitti's salary was higher than the salaries earned by mayors in cities much larger than Markham.  (Toronto Star)



TORONTO - The Ontario Provincial government will unveil details of the new Jobs and Prosperity Fund, rolling all existing corporate handouts into one $2.5B program.  But economists warn it is not clear the province does the rigorous analysis necessary to see if those subsidies are working.  (Globe & Mail) 


Managers reaped rewards

OTTAWA - Veterans Affairs Canada managers made hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses for cutting costs as the department shed hundreds of jobs.   (Chronicle Herald)   MORE:   Overspends on administration


Overhaul to eliminate 1,300 managers

MONTREAL - Quebec's health care system is in for a major shake-up thanks to Bill 10, a plan to cut bureaucracy and improve direct health care services.  (CTV)  


RCMP investigating

MONTREAL - The RCMP is investigating how and why $1.5M in payments made their way into Swiss bank accounts belonging to Michel Fournier, the former boss of a federal Crown corporation.   (QMI)   PREVIOUS:   Suspected kickbacks    Federal Bridge Corporation  


Audit ordered

HALIFAX - NS's agriculture minister has ordered an audit for the Provincial Exhibition Commission, saying the troubled organization owes the province about $450,000 but hasn't made any loan payments and has refused to hand over financial data.  (CTV)


Not filing taxes

SASKATOON - As president of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority Tim LeClair has gone to China with Mayor Don Atchison, as well as to Spain, the Netherlands and Italy with a coalition of businesses and government officials from across Canada.   (CBC)  



HUDSON - Louise Leger-Villandre has had a sizable amount of assets seized by Revenue Quebec after allegedly lying on her business's tax returns and then trying to sell off some of her belongings.   (CBC)  MORE:   Property seized   Hidden microphones found at city hall   Municipal bureaucrat accused of stealing   Accused


Expenses questioned 

OTTAWA - A Canadian taxpayer watchdog group wants the federal government to explain costly expenses racked up by the head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  (CBC)   REPORT:   Langtry's expenses    Taxpayers squeezed     David Langtry 


Travel cost spat escalating 

OTTAWA - CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais recently refused to approve Shoan's proposed travel for 2015-16, which at first detailed potential trips totaling $78,000.  Shoan later reduced the amount to $48,000 'under protest.'   (CP)     

Phoenix pay fiasco

OTTAWA - The government report that recommended a new pay system relied on 2 studies by IBM and Price Waterhouse Coopers.  These were 2 of the companies that went on to help develop Phoenix for a combined price tag of more than $200M - and counting.  This appearance of a conflict of interest in the early days of the project are raising flags.   (CBC)  

Not very good

PS union agrees to changes

Carla Qualtrough     Debi Daviau

Debi Daviau's statement 

Phoenix Falling  

Pay system breaches

Privacy Commissioner of Canada 2016-2017

Commission to launch its own investigations

IBM contract for Phoenix system $185M 


Diplomatic passports

OTTAWA - Federal officials are raising questions about whether Canada should be issuing so many diplomatic passports each year, including some to retired officials who perform no diplomacy.    (CBC)

Special, Diplomatic passports

Sued by union over %


Firefighters launch counter claim 

Improvements needed to arbitration   .pdf

Sickness in the system   .pdf 

Public sector crowding out private 

Higher labour costs

Federal employee dies  

Embassy spending soaring 

Ottawa's culture of hidden receipts

'I haven't had one constituent contact me'  

How to contact your member Parliament  

Entitlements making workers sick

Labour reality check 2017   .pdf

Region riddled with duplication 

Entitlement trip track

Entitlement price hikes


Age of entitlement

Gaming the system

Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Public sector increased

Self audit

Public Service Commission

Sick leave

Fiscal analysis of sick leave .pdf  

Sick days not as high as Clement said 

Absenteeism costly

Want more money

Fundamental science review

More science please  

Serving the providers

Conference Board of Canada

Missing in action

Adviser gets $1.3M

Public sector advantage

'Significant' spending on compensation

Public service has been good to us

Exposing the blackest holes in Ottawa

'Severance' is good for us

Severance set out in contracts

Value in being a lawmaker

Ethics commissioner wants to get tough

Expenses are only part of the story

Crown expense reports cleaned up

Our MPs' spending secrets

MP pulls back expense curtain

Public Service wage growth: 2001-2012  .pdf

Civil servants hit the jackpot 

MPs feeling the heat

MPs unite to keep secret budget under wraps

Wanted: One selfless champion of democracy

Turned-off Canadians tuning out

Youth feel political disconnect

Media's role

Watchdogs or lapdogs

Risks of rewriting rules

Private tips help pry open doors

Ministers have been good for us

MPs ink secret deal on cash

Half-empty buildings  

Fiscal impact of Fed personnel expenses   .pdf


Minister breaks procedural

OTTAWA - Public Works Minister Judy Foote, the woman in charge of making sure public procurement is done properly and is supposed to control public spending on such purchases, threw all the rules out the window as she was renovating her office after the Liberals took power.  (Rebel)

Auditing the auditors

Money missing from embassy

MP loses post

Tyrone Benskin 

Government vehicles

Jaffer blames everyone but himself   

Sponsorship scandal    

Mounties rack up pricey hotel bill

'Clerical errors'

Gordon Campbell

Campbell's hospitality tab

Credit card in Vegas  

Sleeping bag defence  

Ethics rules broken   

Paradis report   .pdf     Christian Paradis  

Ethics watchdog taking a look

Paradis sure he will be cleared  

Parlez-vous pricey  

Languages of Canada   

RCMP probe $9M contract

More contradictions  

Governor General's flight cost $175K 

Cloud darkens

Gillani to tell MPs his story

Jaffer promoted projects in 7 federal agencies

Giving lobbyists a bad name

Jaffer used wife's office for business  

Giving lobbyists a bad name  

4th minister acknowledges contact

Value of political connections  

Watchdog launches inquiry  

Guergis probe

Tighter lobbying rules

Cabinet ministers to skip hearings 

Self promotion 

Party donors get contracts

Tory MPs not linked to contract probe

Minister defends appearance as guest

Gillani fraud charges withdrawn  


'Drugs and stock fraud'

Probe centres around cocaine

PI $13M in debt

How to get federal 'green' cash

Jaffer's partner: Life being 'destroyed'

How to get federal 'green' cash  

Helena Guergis   Rahim Jaffer

More of the story

Derek Lee 

'No substance' 

Guergis,Jaffer dined with Nazim

Guergis out of cabinet  

Tough-on-crime sentence for ex-MP

Drunk driving charges dropped


Case heads for plea bargain   

Ex-Mp shaken by cocaine arrest

Airport tantrum

Public speeches have been good for us

What is a conflict of interest?

Lobbyist charged

The Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists

Cronyism   Cronyism rampant

BC's lobbyist tracker needs big fixes


ON expands dysfunctional system

TORONTO - In an attempt to meet SCC deadlines for timely trials, Ontario announced an expansion of its criminal justice system, adding 13 judges, 32 assistant Crown attorneys, 16 duty counsel serving accused people and 26 court staff.   (Globe & Mail)  

ON to tackle delays by hiring more

ON doctors threaten job action

Broken system 'solution'

80/20 ruleResponse to AG report

Ontario's biggest political donors  

Ridership spikes after fare reduction 

Defence documents

Hospital fires exec

Another hospital linked

Vas Georgiou

Cashing in on services budget

Canadian tuitions among world's highest

Unions spent $6.5M on elections

Why the teachers unions' rule

AG to probe payouts to teachers unions 

Cost less than estimated

Judge reinstates union president

Union reinstates some 

TTC union heads fired

Audit finds waste

Audit of city cleaning services Part 1   Part 2


Empty airport express

Union-Pearson Express

Legal battle goes to arbitration

Education workers contract extension

Doctors, province return to bargaining table   

Fishing trip 'guest'

Raises for the entitled

Decline in experience

On track to modernize university funding

Focus funding on quality rather than quantity

Teachers well paid

Education at a glance 2015  

Teacher union's $65M fund

Payouts now top $7.1M



TTC fare increase

TTC billing


TCHC CEO out  

TCHC back into scandal

Unrule(y) behaviour  

Climate of fear

Budget target at significant risk

Government paid off unions

Corrupt is the word  

Union paid for labour peace

Confidential document   .pdf

An Entitlement too far?

$498M to build 30 new schools 

Price of goodwill with teachers

List needs more sunlight  

Sorry state of our unions

Severance set out in contracts  

Info leak

TCHC report

Audit uncovers

TDSB cracking down

You check out the TDSB 

TDSB trustees  

Entitled beat wage-freeze

Class-action lawsuit

Fired among highest paid


Bureaucrats are doing well

'Evidence of wrongdoing'

Mayor says 'millions' involved

'Possible corruption' 


Entitled buyout  

Association head defends salaries  

Benefits strain budget 

Just the beginning

Star: TDSB spending  

Politics behind decision

Province renews contract

Price a bit high

Costly work order data

TDSB was warned

Star: TDSB spending  

TDSB   Toronto District School Board  

Who made what  

ON mum on teacher's $410K salary  

PS salary for 2011      

Hospital execs contracts revealed  

New union  


Union vows to push

Kindergarten check-list


Government employee sick time  

Computer project balloons

Doctors' salaries

Hospitals have been good to us

'Social responsibility' = tax increase

Game changing for 'wise elites'

HST will hit Ontario household budgets

Funding 'a real issue'

Enjoy your tax cut 

Dire message for Ontario

Welcome to reality  

Austerity czar wants to curb spending

ON needs to take its medicine

Happy New Year Ontario  

Premier doesn't see MP/lobbyist conflict   

Lobbyist scandal  

Taxpayers paying for lobbyists   

Powering up HST pitch

HST backlash fears

Gee they noticed

Cut HST to 11%

Quebec to hike fees & taxes

Ontario reviews asset sales  

Can't stop the tax 

Most Canadians to pay more taxes & fees 

Province set to pinch pocketbooks

Ontario passes HST bill

McGuninty defends HST as job creator

More ‘good management at competitive rates’

Secret sweetheart deal  

McGuinty defends pay hike  

McGuinty blamed for wage hikes  

Police board was overly generous  

Defending $5.2M police paid duty perk  

TPS votes on 4 year, 11.5% pay hike  

Ontario's eHealth scraps raises and bonuses  

Bonus & raise time at eHealth Ontario 

Toronto hikes fines & fees

Ontario budget shortfall balloons to $6.4B


Sunshine on suspended officers

TORONTO - At least 12 police officers in ON earned more than $100,000 each in 2016 while sitting at home for most or all of the year, suspended over criminal charges yet collecting their full pay.   (CBC) 

ON sunshine list   OPG  

Ontario sunshine list 2016

Ways to make $100K  

Sun shines on public servants

Doctors are not on the list

'Net Zero' = $300M


Dalton McGuinty  

McGuinty officially stepping down

Pols need exit strategy

Budget shortfall

Waterfront Toronto

Charges stayed

TTC workers accused

OPG fires 3

Report highlights ServiceOntario mistakes

Black hole in sunshine list

Excess at OPG


Auditor's report a wake-up call for entitled

Criminal probe

Staff broke the law

For public service $100K isn't a lot of money 

'Free' tuition, isn't

Sick days costing

Dirty campaign

LIUNA local 183

List overlooks private contractors

Sunshine list drives salaries up, not down

OPG to pay $3.4M to fire 3 execs

Union exec quits

Transit officers fired

Lobbyists provided talking points

PS sick days cost $1B a year  

Another loophole closed

Canada's bureaucratic heritage  

Public service deal

'Outrageous' generosity with PS union  

Secret civil servant wage hike slammed

Fired official rehired

Cash funneled to construction union   

Employee, union reps charged

TTC   Metrolinx   Crosstown LRT 

How to avoid raise headlines

Ontario public servants hit with wage freeze

Entitled class-action suit

Public Service has been good for us

Canada's good to it's political parties

2009-2010 annual report

Take the cultural elitist test

A government job is a government job

TTC has been good for us  

Public service has been good for us

Ottawa to cut 245 patronage positions  

McGuinty defends growth of salaries

TTC art consultant

PS braces

Minor wholesale price   

No freeze on spending for PM's own

Broke Toronto 'finds' $100M  

Universities shelling out top dollar

Severance a 'sweetheart'

Mental health overhaul

Government a crapshoot

Utilities donating to political parties

$747K a bargain

OLG files countersuit

Watchdog focuses on consultant

Staff accused

Consultants cost ‘$1M a day’

Private club tax deal

Public service has been good for us

Big bucks in public service

Michael Fortier  

Rosdev Group

Ontario's $647M boondoggle

Bureaucrat pay loophole to close

Bureaucrats skirt rules to hide huge salaries

Cancer Care CEO defends agency's record

Healthy severance for Ontario bigwigs

New eHealth revelations

'I'm the scapegoat'

Overpayment on disability benefits a way of life

$45M saving claim was less than $1M

Millions wasted


City replaces stairs

TORONTO - Mayor Tory says the city will build new steps down a heavily-used embankment at an Etobicoke park after a resident got frustrated with staff's insistence that the job would cost up to $150,000 and decided to tackle it himself.  On Friday morning, city crews were at Tom Riley Park to remove an 8-step wooden staircase that retired mechanic Adi Astl built for $550 with the help of a homeless person.  (CP24)  


City takes down park staircase

Toronto rebukes man 

Light on entitled city spending

Threat no bureaucrat can abide  


Red tape

FORT MCMURRAY - Some 5 months after the wildfires that devastated Fort McMurray were extinguished, anger over red tape and the slow pace of insurance payouts and permit issuance is flaring in the remote northern Canadian city.  (Reuters)  

Fort McMurray wildfire  

Role models  

Mayor and council  

Wildfire reviews released  

Review of the 2016 Horse River wildfire   .pdf

KPMG Post-incident assessment  .pdf


Charged with extortion

THUNDER BAY - Mayor Keith Hobbs, 65, and his wife, Marisa Hobbs, 53, have each been charged with extortion and obstructing justice.  Mary Voss, 46, has also been charged with extortion.  In May OPP charged Thunder Bay police Chief J.P. Levesque with breach of trust and obstructing justice.   (CBC)  


Mayor charged

Hobbs charged

OPP charge mayor


Cloud darkens


Patronage hiring at Crown corp

SYDNEY - John Lynn, the CEO of Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation, seriously breached the corporation's code of conduct when he hired 4 Conservative-affiliated people without competition or proof of merit, according to Canada's integrity commissioner.    (CBC)   

Official 'terminated'

ECBC case report May 2014

A cancer on our system

Ethics probe


ECBC head fires back


 Municipal spending report card

TORONTO - The report card graded the 20 largest municipalities in Ontario based on an number of spending and taxation indicators, including spending on highly-paid staff and property taxes.  (CTF) 

Ontario municipal report card  .pdf  

Municipalities are richer than they think   .pdf

BC Municipal spending watch  .pdf

Federation of Canadian Municipalities     

Councils face fines for meeting in secret

How powerful are BC's municipal 'super PACs'

BC municipalities want carbon-tax revenue

BC municipal spending watch

Municipal spending climbs 80% since 2000

Municipalities need to be reigned in

Municipalities want more money

National infrastructure report card

'Least co-operative' city council


Worker paid under table

OTTAWA - A third foreign worker illegally hired by Ruby Dhalla's family has stepped forward with complaints of being severely overworked and underpaid.  Lyle Alvarez, 32, says the MP for Brampton-Springdale promised she would try to help her stay in Canada as a live-in caregiver if she passed a tryout as a housekeeper at the family's Mississauga home.  (Toronto Star)

Ruby Dhalla

Mother a world traveller


Nanny troubles

Plan to curb nanny abuse

Dhalla case not closed

Image takes a beating

Political agendas everywhere


Final arguments

TORONTO - David Livingston, who was McGuinty's chief of staff, and his deputy Laura MIller, are charged with attempted mischief and unauthorized use of a computer.  (CBC)

Ontario power plant scandal   



Crown dismisses 1 charge

Postmedia Coverage   

Wynne tries to find carbon 'sweet spot'

Sinners will pay

2016 Ontario budget

Highlights of budget

31 things to know

Budget graphics

'Service' fees to rise

OMERS report 6.7% return for workers  

Black market windfall

ON owes $315B

Kathleen Wynne

New potential tax dollars

KPMG new tax list

City of Toronto Revenue options study   .pdf

Games cost

Games came in under budget

Full audit needed 

More money

ON 2013-14 deficit $10.5B   


Premier seeks $2M in libel suit 

Hard drives deleted

$7M bonus plan

Budget surprises

Executive expenses cause angry

Wynne raps organizers over expense spending

2015 Pan American Games

Ian Troop 

Games were good for us

Impact of higher rates on servicing gov't debt 

Wynne defends bonuses 


Canada Lands to oversee

OTTAWA - In the wake of an expense scandal that rocked the board of directors of the Old Port of Montreal last spring, the popular tourism attraction is being placed under new management.  (CTV)  

Old Port of Montreal

Canada Lands Company


CEO grill over spending


Auditor called in

CEO accused

Montreal's Old Port draws heat

Mission of luxury



Admin costs keep rising

OTTAWA - Spending on headquarters administration at National Defence was 27% higher in the first half of the last budget year, despite the Harper government's insistence the department cut overhead, according to the most recent quarterly forecast by the parliamentary budget office.  (CP) 

'Extraordinary' change

Military makeover

Flight logs

MacKay took military jet  

Challenger 'true' costs  

No apology 


Walter Natynczyk


19th annual Teddy awards 

OTTAWA - The Canadian Taxpayers Federation held its 19th annual Teddy Waste Awards ceremony, celebrating the best of the worst in government waste from the past year.  Federal Teddy Winner: The CRA for paying an employee $538,000 in moving expenses.  Provincial Winner: Ontario's Electric Vehicle Incentive Program.  Municipal Winner: The City of Victoria's Blue Bridge.  Lifetime Achievement: Government of Ontario for its mishandling of the energy file.   (CTF)

Backgrounder 2017   .pdf

18th annual Teddy awards

17th annual government waste awards

2015 Teddy Waste Awards Background   .pdf

16th annual awards winners

15th annual Teddy winners

14th annual Teddy winners

13th Annual 'Teddy' awards

12th Annual Teddies waste awards

Keep the change

Taxpayers group reveals winners

Canadian Taxpayers Federation



Governance oversight issues

In a joint report released, the auditors general for NS, NB, NL, and PEI say changes are needed to the legislation and regulations that govern the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.   (Global)

Joint audit Atlantic Lottery Corporation   .pdf

Need to improve governs

Audit finds political interference, spending  

Atlantic Lottery Corporation

GeoSweep gamble



Regulators probe exec pay

Woodbine Entertainment Group   AGCO

Tab for scrapping slots

Insider win

Lottery 'winner' cuts a deal 

Lottery rigging

Hot Lotto fraud scandal 

$400M isn't enough

Ontario Harness Horse Association

Response to Ontario's 5-year plan

Province gives horse racing industry $400M

Insider' jackpots hit $198M

Gaming body to probe suspicious wins

Police foil plot to kill lotto winners

Police find conflict of interest

Fired lotto chief 'in shock'

Lottery instant scratch tickets under scrutiny

Ontario plans crackdown on online gambling

Conflict concerns 

Debate driven by self-interest

Casino money   

$3.6M sent offshore

Panel has been good for us

Cost of horse racing review panel

John Wilkinson

John Snobelen 

Elmer Buchanan 

Lottery 'winners'

Exec committee approves downtown casino

Lobbyists face scrutiny

Wynn latest to check out casino

Oxford Properties Group casino proposal  

MGM eyes Casino

Exhibition Place

Crown corporations of Canada  

It's mine

$12.5M lotto scam  

Police seek winner  

BCLC sued again

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

Interprovincial Lottery Corporation

Loto Quebec

OLG recalling Bingo tickets

ALC under-reported insider wins

Code to scratch lottery tickets cracked

Cracking the scratch lottery code 

Toronto votes down downtown casino

Casino debate enters 2nd day

Guilty plea

Store owner guilty

Probe ordered

Another lottery ticket seller wins

BCLC ups online gambling limit

OLG workers can no longer play

Gamble pays off

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

Western Canada Lottery Corporation


Deputy Ministers' entitlements

OTTAWA - The average bonus handed out to deputy ministers for 2014-15 by the Harper's government was $21,211 - the highest average amount since 2003-04.  Base salaries for deputy ministers in 2015 ranged from $192,600 to $326,500.   (CBC)  

Government and private sector compensation

Public service is good

Entitled keep getting richer

No one is controlling costs

Another appointed board ruling

Public Service Labour Relations Board

Appointees pay back

Boards of Referees

Handbook for Boards of Referees   .pdf

Not enough work

Fire bureaucrat

Keeping democracy at arms length  

Party has been good to us

Gift store open to government elites 


Tribunal hearings secrecy

TORONTO - When attending a public hearing at the Ontario Labour Relations Board, lots of personal information, including names and employment history, is said out in the open.   (Toronto Star)  

Unions take gov't to court

Sid Ryan  




Bills pile up

Entitled class deal  

Ontario Federation of Labour

MP pushes back



Ready to rumble


Fanatical students don't see racism

Academic boycott of Israel takes off in Canada

Israel: Universities helping IDF to be boycotted

CUPE vote to boycott Israeli universities

Jewish groups slam boycott

Unions decline in private sector

Labour leaders on the state of unions

What about the 20%

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