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News sources on the web that are run by their accounting department and not by their news editors sometimes take their articles down or change their web site to a subscription one without notice.    

While we attempt to take down dead links on a timely basis it is likely you will run into some while surfing and would like your understanding in that it is not something we control.


While surfing we would like to suggest some rules to make help improve your journey. 


Rule of Self Interest

Whenever a person or a group comes out and gives numbers or makes a statement to show that their special interest is the reason that something bad is going to happen, or is already happening, those numbers and that statement should be more than questioned.   The amount questioned should be equal to the amount of money they are asking for as funding.


Rule of 50 pound of anything will kill mice. 

This is where scientific research is done to prove or disprove a point usually funded by a group that stands to gain or lose based on the results.  Life by itís definition means death is the final result so of course if you do or donít do something you will die.


Rule of Generalization

Whenever a person or a group comes out with a generalization putting everyone or everything in the same bag you should remember that the planet is made up of billions of unique individuals and  ďone size doesnít fit all.Ē   However for any special interest to deal with everyone as a unique individual would be the doom of their special interest so it is easier for them to try to remake you in their image.


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