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Decisive NO


ATHENS - Greeks overwhelmingly rejected conditions of a rescue package from creditors on Sunday, throwing the future of the country's euro zone membership into further doubt and deepening a standoff with lenders.  61% of 6.16M voters cast 'no' ballot.  (Reuters)


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COMMENT:   Between a rock and a hard place   Dumb and dumber

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Mosque and restaurant bombed   


JOS - 2 bombs blamed on the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram exploded at a crowded mosque and a Muslim restaurant in Nigeria's central city of Jos, killing 44 people.  (Guardian UK)  


MORE:   Explosions

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Iraqi jet bombs Baghdad




BAGHDAD - An Iraqi fighter jet accidentally dropped a bomb over a Baghdad neighbourhood on Monday, killing at least 12 people on the ground.  The plane - one of several Sukhois used by Iraq in the fight against Islamic State - was returning to base when the accident happened.  A military spokesman said a technical failure caused the Sukhoi jet to malfunction and drop the bomb, which struck houses in the Iraqi capital's eastern neighbourhood of New Baghdad.  (AP)


Living on benefits



Seifeddine Rezgui   Hani al-Sibai


LONDON - A leader of the terror group behind the Tunisian beach massacre is living off benefits in Britain.  Jihadi preacher Hani al-Sibai is one of the 'key influencers' of the Islamic fanatics believed to have recruited and trained gunman Seifeddine Rezgui.  But he is living on $78K a year in handouts with his wife and 5 children in a $1.5M house in West London, after using human rights laws to thwart attempts to deport him for more than 15 years. Last night, there were furious calls to deport al-Sibai, who has also been linked to Islamic State executioner Mohammed Emwazi, known as Jihadi John.  (Daily Mail)


PREVIOUS:   Sousse attacks   


'Integrity' rules relaxed 


OTTAWA - The federal government has softened tough anti-corruption rules for companies that want to do business with Ottawa.  The move comes after intense lobbying from industry, which warned of spreading economic damage because of the regulations introduced just 16 months ago.  (Globe & Mail)


Terror diverts focus


Amanda Vanstone


CANBERRA - Italy's top anti-Mafia prosecutor and Australian police are warning that the massive diversion of law-enforcement resources to combat terrorism is eroding the fight against the Mafia and other serious organized crime groups.  Australian authorities have failed for decades to dismantle the 'board of directors' of Calabrian Mafia godfathers across Australia, allowing them to entrench their drug trafficking operations, build alliances with outlaw bikie gangs and infiltrate government and police agencies.  (Fairfax Media) 


MORE   Fairfax Media coverage

COMMENT:   Difficult path to political donation reform

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3 facing murder charges



  Victim         Nick Dragich, Rob Ford & Adam?


CORFU - 3 Alberta bikers arrested after the Hells Angels international meeting and parade in Greece last month are now facing murder charges.  Dustin Swanson, a prospect in the Edmonton-based Westridge chapter, is charged with intentional homicide.  Fellow Westridge member Nick Dragich and Brent Koziak, of the Nomads chapter in Red Deer, are both now charged with 'collaboration' homicide for allegedly assisting Swanson in the beating.  The victim was taken off life support and died June 27th, according to his sister.  (Vancouver Sun)  


Chinese stock market


BEIJING - More than two dozen companies in China are postponing initial public offerings and security companies are pledging more than $19B for a fund to stabilize the country's free-falling stock market.  The Chinese stock market has been in free-fall for 3 weeks, losing 28% of its value since June 12.  Despite the plunge, the market is up 79% in the last year. The drop has wiped out several trillion dollars in market value in a matter of weeks.  (AP)


Charity challenges audits


GENEVA - The head of a small Ottawa-based charity is in Geneva this week to complain to a United Nations committee about the Canada Revenue Agency's program of political-activity audits.  Harriett McLachlan, president of Canada Without Poverty, is pleading her case before the UN Human Rights Committee, arguing that a special audit program launched by the tax agency in 2012 violates Canada's international commitments on human rights.  (CBC)    


25 murdered


Roman Theatre at Palmyra


PALMYRA - A video apparently released by the Islamic State group shows 25 men being shot dead in the ancient city of Palmyra, in Syria. IS said the men were soldiers captured in the city of Homs. They were shot dead inside Palmyra's amphitheater.  IS captured the site and the neighbouring city of Palmyra in late May.  (BBC) 


MORE:   Slaughter

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Teaching kids


Declaration of Independence


WASHINGTON - This weekend Americans everywhere will come together in celebration of independence and freedom as we mark the anniversary of the endorsement of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.  (Epoch Times)


MORE:   Independence Day   All men are created equal


Targeted by US intelligence


BERLIN - Revelations from WikiLeaks published this week show how boundlessly and comprehensively American intelligence services spied on the German government. It has now emerged that the US also conducted surveillance against Spiegel.  (Der Spiegel).


REPORT:   Euro Intercepts    Bugging Brazil

MORE:   NSA spied on Der Spiegel

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Latest TiSA leak


Wikileaks released the most updated draft texts on the proposed TISA, along with substantive analysis, on each of four massive services sectors. This follows on their release of cross-cutting annexes on Domestic Regulation, the 'Movement of Natural Persons,' Transparency, and Government Procurement, and the Agenda for next week's negotiations, along with what Wikileaks called the journalistic holy grail: the Core Text of the proposed agreement.   (Huffington Post)


REPORT:   July Trade in Services Agreement

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PM diverted money


Najib Razak


KUALA LUMPUR - The publication July 3, of devastating articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Sarawak Report tying Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to the diversion of nearly $700M from the state-backed 1MDB into his own accounts could be the final blow to bring down a leader who has been bullet proof from years of charges against his integrity.  (Asia Sentinel)


PREVIOUS:   Greed and Corruption


Canadian road signs




Boston Globe film critic Ty Burr returned home to Massachusetts this week after spending some time 'car camping' near the coast of NB with his wife.  Calling Canada a 'gorgeous country,' Burr used the first 43 words of his Thursday column to encourage Globe readers to pay our home and native land a visit themselves.  The remaining 723 words, however, were devoted to analyzing all of the confusing Canadian highway signs he'd passed during his weeklong trip.  (CBC)


MP fined $1400


Manon Perreault


OTTAWA - MP Manon Perreault will have to pay a total of $1,400 and will be on probation for one year after being previously convicted of mischief.  The 49-year-old Perreault has been sitting as an Independent MP since being ejected from the NDP caucus in June 2014.  She was found guilty earlier this year of mischief after she falsely accused a former employee of theft.   (CBC)


False threats


Canadian airlines are starting to feel the financial impact of a recent string of false threats, after several flights were diverted due to bomb threats in the last week.  The latest incident occurred Thursday on a WestJet flight headed to Victoria, BC from Las Vegas.  A bomb threat was called in around 4:20pm, and though the threat is not being treated as credible, the aircraft was being screened tonight by bomb-sniffing dogs. (CTV)


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Day parole wanted


All things crime blog


TORONTO - Convicted killer Paul Bernardo, who also pleaded guilty to numerous rapes, has applied for day parole in Toronto.  The lawyer for the families of Bernardo's murder victims - Leslie Mahaffy, 14, and Kristen French, 15 - says Correctional Service Canada sent out a form letter to the families last week advising them of his application.  Bernardo, now 50, was sentenced to life with no chance for parole for 25 years for raping and murdering Mahaffy and French, crimes he carried out with his then wife, Karla Homolka.   (CBC)  


Lawsuit judgment


Omar Khadr


SALT LAKE CITY - A US judge has granted $134.2M in damages to the widow of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan and another soldier partially blinded by a hand grenade in their lawsuit against former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr.  In their lawsuit, Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris alleged a teenage Khadr was responsible for the death of Sgt. Christopher Speer and Morris's injuries in Afghanistan in July 2002.  (AP)


Funding private Islamic schools


OTTAWA - The Saudi government is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to help finance the expansion of private Islamic schools in Canada, according to newly leaked documents that shine a light on how foreign states are helping finance a growing demand for religious education.   (Globe & Mail)  


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Ferry disaster




ORMOC - A ferry carrying 189 people, including at least 1 Canadian, capsized Thursday minutes as it left a central Philippine port in choppy waters, leaving at least 36 dead and 26 others missing.  They said the Canadian was among at least 127 people from the MB Kim Nirvana who were rescued by nearby fishing boats and coast guard personnel or swam to safety off Ormoc City on Leyte Island.  (AP) 


MORE:   50 confirmed dead





Gus Boulis              Anthony Moscatiello


MIAMI - Anthony 'Big Tony' Moscatiello was nowhere near Fort Lauderdale on Feb. 6, 2001, the night Miami Subs founder Gus Boulis was gunned down in an execution-style murder.  But Moscatiello gave the order to have Boulis killed, a Broward jury determined Wednesday, and now he's looking at spending the rest of his life in prison.  (Miami Sun-Sentinel)  


MORE:   Convicted

PREVIOUS:   Mafia soldier was FBI informant while carrying out murder 


Challenge to gag order


WACO - Matthew Clendennen, one of 177 people arrested after the May 17 shootout in Waco in which 9 people were killed, said the order in the state's criminal case against him is unconstitutional and outside the court's jurisdiction because he has not been indicted.  McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna requested the gag order Tuesday during a hearing in Clendennen's criminal case. District court judge Matt Johnson, Reyna's former law partner, granted the order.  (AP)


PREVIOUS:   2015 Waco shootout


Secret deal



Michel Coulombe    Steven Blaney


OTTAWA - A 2014 deal between the CSIS and the CBSA proposed the two agencies be allowed to share information and resources without the prior approval of their political masters.  'The Framework (Memorandum of Understanding) will also authorize (CSIS) to enter into more specific arrangements with CBSA, as required, without the necessity to seek your approval each time,' wrote CSIS director Michel Coulombe in a memo explaining the deal to Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney.  Blaney's office won't say whether or not the deal has been approved.   (Toronto Star) 




Canada Day


OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadians are 'blessed to live in the best country in the world,' and in his annual statement marking Canada Day, he says that good fortune is not an accident.  Harper says it is the result of visionary leaders, courageous men and women in uniform, waves of industrious immigrants, decorated athletes who unite us and Canada's families.  (CP) 


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2.4B lack sanitation facilities


UN - Some 2.4B people - 1 out of every 3 inhabitants of the planet - still have no access to sanitation facilities, the WHO and UNICEF said on Tuesday.  Of those, 946M continue to defecate outdoors, a very problematic practice, because in many places it creates a continuous source of disease and pollutes the water supply.  (EFE)


REPORT:   Progress on sanitation and drinking water 2015 update    


National security laws


BEIJING - China's rubber stamp legislature passed sweeping laws on Wednesday that increase the Communist Party's control and politicization of all aspects of society, including cyberspace, cultural products, and finance, bringing them all under the rubric of 'national security.'  (Epoch Times)    


MORE:   New security laws

DOCUMENT:   National Security Law (draft)

COMMENT:   Canada a world leader in surrendering its sovereignty

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Accused dies


Arthur Porter


MONTREAL - Arthur Porter, the former hospital administrator at Montreal's McGill University who was accused in a $22.5M kickback scheme, has died in a Panama City hospital following a battle with cancer.  (CBC)


MORE:   Crown wants proof Porter is dead   RCMP probe PMS appointment

PREVIOUS:   Corporate scandals    


US seeks bribe money


Mahamoud Adam Bechir


WASHINGTON - The US Justice Department is attempting to recover $34M, the cash value of shares Calgary-based Griffiths Energy used to bribe the Republic of Chad's former ambassador to the US and Canada.  In 2013, the former Griffiths Energy company pleaded guilty in court to bribing Chad diplomat Mahamoud Adam Bechir, 50.   (Global)  


MORE:   FBI press release    US seeks assets


Checkpoint attacks


Arab Social Media


SINAI - At least 35 people have been killed in ongoing attacks on several military checkpoints and police stations in Egypt's northern Sinai.  About 70 fighters of an IS group calling itself the Province of Sinai simultaneously attacked several targets in the area on Wednesday.  At least 22 of the fighters were killed and 3 of their vehicles were destroyed.  (Jazeera)  


MORE:   Deadly attacks   Israel closes crossings with Egypt


Dozens feared dead


Jakarta Post 


MEDAN - More than 100 people were feared dead after a military transport plane ploughed into a residential area shortly after take-off in northern Indonesia on Tuesday.  Officials said the plane plunged into a built-up area of the Sumatra city of Medan. Eye witnesses said it had appeared to explode shortly before it smashed into houses and a hotel.   (Reuters)  


MORE:   Crew names released   Death toll rises   Pilot mistakenly shut off engine


Man sets himself on fire




ODAWARA - 2 passengers died after one of them, a man, poured a liquid that was apparently kerosene over his head and set fire to himself while aboard a running Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train on Tuesday.  (Jiji Press)


MORE:   Man sets himself alight    


Channel tunnel closed, again


Channel Tunnel


CALAIS - Protesting ferry workers forced the closure of the Channel Tunnel linking France and England on Tuesday, blocking its entrance and setting fire to tyres thrown onto railway tracks.  Workers at ferry service MyFerryLink are trying to prevent job cuts after their company was sold to a Danish firm earlier this month. It is the second time they have shut the tunnel in less than a week, causing chaos for trucking firms and holidaymakers.  (AFP) 


CSIS website goes down, again


OTTAWA - The website for CSIS appears to have gone down again - less than 24 hours after a suspected rogue hacker disabled the site in a so-called denial of service attack.  The website for Canada's spy agency went offline shortly after 9am Tuesday. The hacker is trying to draw attention to the controversial Bill C-51, as well as the case of an Ottawa teen who was charged in an alleged 'swatting' incident.   (CTV)


Escaped prisoner captured


Richard Matt   David Sweat


CONSTABLE - The second of two convicted murderers who staged a brazen escape 3 weeks ago from a maximum-security prison in northern New York was shot and captured on an Amish dairy farm near the Canadian border on Sunday, 2 days after his fellow inmate was killed in a confrontation with law enforcement officers.   (AP)


PREVIOUS:   Escaped killer killed   Clinton Correctional Facility escape


More migrants rescued


LAMPEDUSA - Italian authorities were on Monday dealing with the arrival of another 2,900 migrants at southern ports after 21 boats were rescued in the space of 24 hours from waters off Libya. The rescues lifted to nearly 68,000 the number of migrants to have landed in Italy this year.  The figure represents a slight increase on the same period last year (63,885 arrivals January 1st-June 30th), which ended with a record 170,000 migrants landing in Italy. (Local) 


MORE:   Migrant numbers updated

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Seniors going bankrupt


OTTAWA - The golden years have become a tarnished chapter for some. Seniors are carrying more debt into retirement and, as a result, a growing number are going bankrupt.  According to the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, 10% of those who declared bankruptcy in 2014 were aged 65 and older.   (CBC)


US human rights report


WASHINGTON - The US released a long-delayed annual human rights report on Thursday, with strong words for countries like Iran, Cuba, Myanmar and Vietnam, even as it seeks to improve relations with them.   (Reuters)


REPORT:   Country reports on Human Rights practices for 2014

MORE:   Chinese report on US human rights

REPORT:   Human rights record of the US in 2014     


Take the money


OTTAWA - Nearly 60 members of the just-ended 41st Parliament have decided against running again this fall.  MPs who serve out their terms and don't run again are entitled to severance worth 50% of their salary.  That's a minimum payout of $83,700 for those earning the base MP salary of $167,400.  But changes made to the plan 3 years ago come into effect at the end of this year, and include increasing the age an MP can start collecting their pension to 65 from 55. There are 133 current MPs who wouldn't qualify for a pension until after the October vote at the earliest. (CP) 


PREVIOUS:   308 MPs of the 41st Parliament


2 dead, 2 officers injured


VINELAND - The SIU is investigating an incident in Vineland following a house fire late Sunday night where 2 Niagara Regional Police officers were injured and 2 people died.  St. Catharines dispatch said they received a call of a house fire at 3137 Epp St at 8:37pm.  During an "interaction" with someone from the residence, two officers were injured.  Shortly after the interaction between the officers and the person from the residence, there was a fire and 2 people are dead.  (Sun Media)


MORE:   2 dead


Father, son found dead


MONTREAL - Police discovered the bodies of a 39-year-old man and his 10-month-old boy Sunday evening following what appears to be a murder-suicide.  The boy's mother called police around 7:30pm when she became worried for her son's safety while he was with his father.  Police found the pair in a shed behind the man's home at 9:50pm on Vendeens Ave.  The couple was separating, but still living under the same roof.   (Global)  


MORE:   Murder-suicide   Apparent murder-suicide


Suspicious death


MASKWACIS - Police were called to a home on the Ermineskin First Nation Reserve on Saturday morning after EMS crews dispatched to the address found the body of the 53-year-old woman.   Investigators are treating it as a suspicious death.  (CBC)




MONTREAL - A 64-year-old woman is dead after a hit and run Saturday night in Montreal.  The driver fled the scene after colliding with the woman at 9:30pm while she was crossing Henri-Bourassa Blvd near Armand-Laverge Ave.  (CTV)  


MORE:  Woman dead


Impaired charge


FORT FRANCES - Police report divers recovered the bodies of 2 men from a vehicle in Frog Creek, in behind the Heron Landing Golf Course, after it had submerged along with another vehicle. The victims were a 23-year-old from White Sand First Nation and a 30-year-old from Pic Mobert First Nation.  An 18-year-old man from Thunder Bay is charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle, dangerous driving, racing a motor vehicle and driving with no licence.  (CBC)


Man charged



Maria Mitousis            Guido Amsel


WINNIPEG - Guido Amsel, 49, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and a number of charges related to the possession of explosives.  The hunt for Amsel started last Friday, when a bomb went off inside a small law firm south of the downtown area, severely injuring Maria Mitousis, 38.  Another bomb was found Saturday at a small business in another part of the city. Then Sunday night, yet another explosive device was detonated by police at a law firm closer to downtown.    (CP)


PREVIOUS:   Bomb blast   


SIU investigating


TORONTO - Police responded to calls about a man wielding a hammer at an apartment building on Gilbert Ave just after midnight.  An officer fired his gun after an interaction between police and the man.  SIU has identified the man as Andrew Loku, 45, from Toronto.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   SIU investigating


Body found, husband charged 



Shannon Madill        Joshua Burgess


CALGARY - Police have located the remains of Shannon Madill (Burgess), missing since Nov 2014, in the Ramsay home she shared with her husband.  According to police, the body of the actress was located in the home located in the 1900-block of Spiller Rd SE during the execution of a search warrant.  Shannon's husband, Joshua Burgess, 29, has been arrested and charged with second degree murder in connection to her death.  (CTV)


MORE:   Body found 


Victims die in hospital


Bernoit Cote   Marie-Josee Sills 


MONTREAL - Lawyer Benoit Cote, 51, and notary Marie-Josee Sills, 30, died in hospital after being shot at work on Thursday afternoon.  Cote was at one time the lawyer for Michel Dubuc, a man found dead in his home in Boucherville, on Friday morning. The bodies of Dubuc's two sons, Jeremie, 21, and Gabriel, 19, were also found in the home.  In 2013, Dubuc filed a $1.2M lawsuit against Cote.   (CBC)


MORE:   5 now dead 

PREVIOUS:  Murders-suicide linked to shooting   Drama


City can't ban Uber


TORONTO - The city has lost its bid to ban Uber from operating in Toronto.  In a decision handed down late Friday, Superior Court Judge Sean Dunphy rejected its request for an injunction, ruling that the California-based company does not need a licence to operate under current bylaws.  (Toronto Star)


PREVIOUS:   97% of licences are leased out


Hit-and-run arrest


MILTON - A 50-year-old Oakville cyclist is dead after being struck while riding his bike on Tremaine Rd Friday night.  The vehicle failed to remain at the scene but was located by police shortly after the fatal crash.  Oakville resident Michelle Maisey, 33, was charged.   (Inside Halton)    


Suspicious death


TORONTO - A woman's body was found at a home on Elmer Ave at approximately 10:38pm on Friday.  Her death is being treated as suspicious 'due to the way the body was located.'  (CTV)  


MORE:    Police investigating    




Cathryn Bawn


SAINT JOHN - Police say the deaths of 2 people whose bodies were found in a home in Saint John earlier this week, were the result of a murder-suicide.  Officers responded to a home on Red Head Road around 4pm Monday where a 51-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman were found dead.  A funeral service for Cathryn Bawn will be held on Saturday.   (Saint Johner)


MORE:   Murder-suicide

PREVIOUS:   2 dead   2 shot   Shooting incident   Domestic violence is not a private matter   


Suspect surrenders  



Abdullahi & Dirie                   Hassan


TORONTO - Kamal Hassan, 23, turned himself in at approximately 8pm on Friday, and was charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder.  Police said they responded to a call at around 7am on Sunday, after 2 people were shot inside a 22nd-floor apartment unit at 36 Lisgar St.  Abdiweli Abdullahi and Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie, both 26, were pronounced dead at the scene.  (CTV)


MORE:   Man turns himself in   Wanted turns himself in

PREVIOUS:   Victims ID'd   2 dead     




MORLEY - Tristan Wesley, 27, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of a 55-year old man whose body was found lying beside Highway 1 late Wednesday night.   (Beacon)  


MORE:   Son charged   Charged 


Assault victim dies


Dylan Darren Debreau


KITCHENER - Dylan Darren Debreau, 23, succumbed to his injuries in a Hamilton hospital on Thursday night, after suffering an assault on the 200 block of Lancaster St W around 11am in Kitchener on June 26.  Edward Joseph Bush, 41, was arrested a day after the assault. His charges were upgraded from aggravated assault to manslaughter after Debreau's death.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Charge laid     


Victims identified


FOX CREEK - RCMP say Hally Dubois, a 50-year-old Red Deer woman, and David Derksen, a 37-year-old man from LaCrete, were found dead when officers arrived at the remote camp around 1:50am Tuesday.  Daniel Goodridge, 28, is facing a list of charges in connection with the deaths.  Officers shot Goodridge Tuesday after finding him armed with a knife. He was taken by Air Ambulance to an Edmonton hospital in serious condition. (Global)


PREVIOUS:   2 stabbed  


Manager accused 


HAMILTON - A Hamilton woman who managed a Burlington Tim Hortons is facing a criminal charge for allegedly stealing more than $200,000.   As manager the woman was responsible for handling the day-to-day finances for the coffee franchise's owners, including handling cash deposits.  It's alleged she stole the cash between January 2014 and May 2015.  Mariel Abejero, 42, is facing a charge of theft over $5,000.   (Hamilton Spectator)     


In charge


Mayor and council


SURREY - Soccer lovers in Surrey BC may be thinking twice before playing in public parks, after a family soccer game was brought to an abrupt end by police who kicked them off for not having a permit.  Satnam Singh Pawer said he and others were playing soccer near an elementary school when a bylaw officer called the RCMP to help boot them from the city field.  (CTV)  


PREVIOUS:   2015 shootings in Surrey




PICKERING - Police are 'exploring the possibility' that a fatal stabbing in Pickering may have been a result of a random encounter.  Police said the stabbing occurred outside a home on Glenanna Rd at approximately 2:30am on Thursday. Police have identified the victim as Dionecio 'Deshane' Nelson, 25, of Brampton.  (CTV)


MORE:   Victim identified

PREVIOUS:   Stabbing   Car seen fleeing




VANCOUVER - Voters in all but 3 Vancouver-area municipalities soundly rejected a new sales tax to fund transit upgrades.  The region's mayors asked voters to approve an additional 0.5% sales tax to fund $7.5B worth of projects over the next decade, but the plan was rejected by a margin of 62% to 38%.  (Globe & Mail)  


MORE:   No voters lack faith in Crown Corp

COMMENT:  Fire boards, bring accountability




Cannabis Day 


VANCOUVER - A man arrested at a Vancouver marijuana protest on Canada Day is vowing to burn an award he received for his heroism during the Stanley Cup riot.  Vancouver police honoured Bert Easterbrook in 2013 with a certificate of merit - the highest award for civilian bravery - for stopping rioters from flipping over a truck two years earlier.  On Wednesday, he and two others were charged with obstruction after they tried to stop police from arresting a man for trafficking at the annual Cannabis Day event.  (Globe & Mail)


PREVIOUS:   Pepper spray used   19 years without incident   4 arrested   City Manager's cease and desist order   Dispensary regulations   Van votes to regulate 




LONDON, ON - London police responded to a medical distress call at 1825 Whitney St just after 3am.  Officers who arrived on scene found a woman with stab wounds. She was transported to London Health Sciences Centre by ambulance and later died from her injuries.  Police have identified the victim as Suzan Aisha Jacob, 50.  Police said Juma Kuol, 49, who was allegedly known to the victim, has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the stabbing.  (Global)


MORE:   Woman stabbed 


Man charged


LEECH - Police in New Brunswick have charged a 20-year-old Leech man with manslaughter after an incident Tuesday afternoon.  RCMP say officers responded to a residence in Leech, NB shortly before 2pm Tuesday, where they found a 48-year-old man lying unconscious.  Police say the man had been assaulted, and was taken to hospital where he later died.  Police say Jeremie Brideau, 20, of Leech was arrested shortly after police arrived on the scene.  (CTV)


Victims ID'd


Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune


GRANDE PRAIRIE - An autopsy has determined that Osman Mohamoud Hussein, 32, and Abdifatah Mohamed Abdi, 28, were both killed by gunshot wounds.  The men were discovered after police responded to an apartment building at 107 Ave and 100 St in Grande Prairie on June 27.  Investigators said that 3 suspects were seen leaving the area around the time of the shooting and they have been trying to find those individuals.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Victims named

PREVIOUS:   2 dead   Shooting 




Nellie Angutiguluk


MONTREAL - Police have determined that a woman's unusual death in her apartment in May was in fact a murder.  The body of Nellie Angutiguluk, 29, was discovered on May 18, 2015 inside her home at 7225 Nancy St.  Initially considered a suspicious death, police now believe that Angutiguluk was killed.  (CTV)


Woman awarded


David Pickton


VANCOUVER - A woman who was sexually assaulted by the brother of serial killer Robert Pickton says she is elated she can once again walk tall after winning a lengthy court battle.  Jurors awarded the 55-year-old woman $45,000, including $20,000 in punitive damages.  Pickton was convicted of sexual assault in 1992, for which he received a $1,000 fine and was sentenced to 1 year of probation.  (CP)


Judge slams police


BRAMPTON - A Brampton judge rebuked a senior Peel Regional Police sergeant and his fellow officers for 'self-serving and less than credible' evidence in court and 'lackadaisical attitudes' towards police search powers in a recent ruling on a drug possession case.  (Toronto Star)


Arrest in stabbing 


Jermaine Wood


TORONTO - Peel Regional Police have arrested a 29-year-old Brampton man in connection with a fatal stabbing.  Police responded to a call for help at a low-rise apartment building on Leslie St. at 12:22pm Tuesday.  Officers discovered a 61-year-old man with life-threatening injuries and he was rushed to hospital.  The man later died from his injuries in hospital.  Police arrested Jeremy Wood, 29, for murder.  (Global)


MORE:   Man in custody   Arrest   Suspect in custody




       Voci               de Simone             Suspect


VAUGHAN - New photos and video of the suspect clearly show a black man parking and walking up and down in front of the cafe the day before the June 24 shooting - about the same time of day as the shooting.   Pronounced dead at the Islington Ave strip mall scene were Maria Voci, 47, who worked at the cafe, and Christopher Desimone, 24.  2 others were seriously injured.  (National Post)


PREVIOUS:   Victims ID'd   Suspect's photos released   Police ID victims   2 dead


Wildfires in SK


Wildfires in AB & SK


REGINA - Emergency shelters are quickly filling up as thousands of evacuees flee from wildfires in northern SK.   More than 3,000 people have been forced from their homes in the La Ronge and La Loche areas. The number of evacuees was expected to grow later in the day.  There were 108 fires burning in the province as of Tuesday morning.  (CTV)


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Bunker demolished




TROIS RIVIERES - The Hell Angels bunker in Trois Rivieres is being demolished.  The city seized the "clubhouse" from the group for non-payment of municipal taxes following a Quebec Superior Court ruling in May. Once the building on the property is destroyed, the land will be sold.  The building has been abandoned since Operation SharQc in 2009, which saw the bulk of the Hells Angels arrested and charged with a litany of crimes including murder.   (CTV)


Man found dead


ATHABASCA - Early Monday evening, RCMP responded to a domestic disturbance complaint at a home on Cornwall Drive in Athabasca.  Officers responding heard a single gunshot as they arrived.  The Emergency Response Team then entered the home and found the deceased male.  He was the only person in the residence at the time.  RCMP are not releasing any details on the deceased.  (Global) 


Police seek white pickup


Andy Nevin


OTTAWA - Police are looking for a white Ford Pickup truck with front-end damage following a fatal hit-and-run on Leitrim Road on Sunday Morning.  Police believe the truck is an F-250 or F-350 from 2004 to 2006.  Police say a male cyclist was struck around 5:45am Sunday, June 28th, 2015, on Leitrim Road near Albion Road. The cyclist was found without vital signs and pronounced dead at the hospital.  The victim has since been identified by family as Andy Nevin, 39.  (CTV)


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Suspects reportedly seen


Richard and Jasmine Doxtator


NIAGARA FALLS - A pair of suspects being sought in the death of a Niagara Falls man have reportedly been seen in the Hamilton area, as well as in York Region, Police said Monday.   The report comes on the heels of Six Nations Police saying that a couple spotted trespassing on a property last week may be Richard William Doxtator, 38, and Jasmine Doxtator, 36, from Hamilton, who are being sought in the murder of Giuseppe 'Joe' Caputo, 70.   (Niagara This Week)


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Joel Gauthier


MONTREAL - Quebec's financial market watchdog, the AMF, is filing charges against a former director of the Liberal party who was also head of the Metropolitan Transport Agency.  Joel Gauthier is accused of filing false financial reports in 2013 when he headed a group of investors who purchased the construction companies belonging to controversial businessman Tony Accurso.   (CTV)


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Latest cash grab


VANCOUVER - In January the region banned organics from landfills and incinerators. For the past 6 months it's used education programs, but no fines to encourage buildings to comply.  But on July 1, fines for bringing organics to landfills are set to begin even though Metro Vancouver says the threshold will be high to allow more time for people to get set up.  (CBC)


DOCUMENT:   Greater Vancouver Bylaw #287   .pdf


Unprofessional conduct


EDMONTON - The Certified Management Accountants of Alberta has imposed heavy sanctions against Melissa Smith after a months-long investigation into inappropriate dealings during her 2 years as an executive at Dynalife labs, first as director of human resources, then as a vice president.  (CBC)


Death ruled a homicide


LONDON, ON - Robert St. Denis, 51, of Westminster Dr in Thames Centre was found dead Thursday morning.  A post mortem examination to determine the cause of death was conducted on Friday and on Saturday OPP said his death was a homicide.  (CTV)  


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Halifax Chronicle Herald


RESERVE MINES - Police have laid charges in connection with Thursday's fatal shooting in Cape Breton.  Cape Breton Regional Police say Brandon James Berthiaume, 24, faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder with a firearm.  Police say Brandon Kelly, 24, was found suffering from gunshot wounds and died at the Sydney Rd scene.  (CTV)   


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Jessica Rae Newman    Kevin Rubletz


CALGARY - Kevin Rubletz, 30, is facing a second degree murder charge in connection to the death of his former common law wife, Jessica Rae Newman, the mother of his child.  Newman was reported missing after leaving her place of work in Forest Lawn on the evening of March 10.  Rubletz and Newman were scheduled to attend court on March 11 for a custody hearing.  On May 4, a work crew discovered human remains in a rural ditch near Balzac  (CTV)


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2 charged


VANDERHOOF - 2 men face charges more than 2 years after a young woman was killed in Vanderhoof, BC.  The 18-year-old woman was shot in a home on Dec. 20, 2012, and rushed to hospital where she died of her injuries.  RCMP now say Kayne Penner, 27, faces charges of manslaughter and careless use of a firearm.  Richard Borne, 38, is accused of careless storage of a firearm, careless use of a firearm and unauthorized possession of a firearm.  RCMP will release no other details surround the case, including the victim's name.  (CP)



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