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Border town drives out migrants


PACARAIMA - Angry residents of the Brazilian border town of Pacaraima ran riot and drove out Venezuelan immigrants on Saturday after a local restaurant owner was stabbed and beaten.  The demonstrations forced hundreds of Venezuelans to flee back across the frontier on foot and residents set fire to the belongings they left behind and to tires to block the only road crossing between the 2 countries.   (Reuters)


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Greek bailout ends


ATHENS - Greece officially emerges from its bailout program on Monday, after 8 years of cutbacks enforced in return for massive loans and an economic collapse on the scale of the Great Depression. The huge debt pile in Greece and an even bigger one in Italy will remain a lurking financial threat to Europe that could take a generation to defuse.  All told, Greece now owes total debt of $366B, or over 180% of annual economic output.  (AP)


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Justified shooting


FOREST CITY - The Rutherford County Sheriff's Office said Steven Kelley, 46, was assaulting a woman Aug 8 at a home in Forest City where they lived with her 3 children.  Investigators said that during the assault, Kelley threatened to cut the woman's throat and kill everyone in the house. The sheriff's office said the woman's 12-year-old son got a gun and handed it to his 15-year-old sister, who shot Kelley in the chest.  (AP)


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Lawyers' cash cow


TORONTO - A Federal Court judge wants input by the end of the month into whether he has the power to decide how much the government should pay lawyers who successfully pursued an unprecedented lawsuit against Canada for the loss of Indigenous identity suffered by victims of the '60s Scoop.  The request by Judge Michael Phelan to the lawyers involved comes after Justice Edward Belobaba, in a separate but parallel proceeding in Ontario Superior Court, threw a legal grenade into the Scoop class-action settlement by decrying the $75M Canada had agreed to pay in legal costs as too rich by half.  (CP) 


Map loss


CALGARY - A PhD student is creating a database of every Indigenous woman and girl who has either gone missing or been killed in Canada and the US since 1900, with plans to use the data to craft an atlas mapping the crisis across North America.  Annita Lucchesi, a PhD candidate at the University of Lethbridge, wanted to include rates of missing and murdered Indigenous women in her now-completed MA thesis - but came to the conclusion that accurate numbers don't exist.   (StarMetro)


MORE:   Missing & murdered indigenous women database


Judge lifts publication ban



Robb Costello        Sara Burns


FREDERICTON - A New Brunswick judge has lifted a publication ban on court documents related to the Fredericton shooting that killed 4 people, revealing details about how the deadly attack unfolded.  The province's Court of Queen's Bench had issued the ban on Monday - hours after media reported on their content - imposing an information blackout on the sequence of events that claimed the lives of Bobbie Lee Wright, Donnie Robichaud and Fredericton police constables Robb Costello and Sara Burns.   (CP)


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Tribunal rules against Canadian 




SCRABSTER - DeeAnn Fitzpatrick said she experienced a decade of harassment while working at the Marine Scotland's Scrabster fishery office, on the north coast of Scotland. The incidents left her feeling desperate and depressed.  But the tribunal would consider only more recent incidents of harassment and did not take into consideration the photo, taken in 2010.   (CBC)


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OTTAWA - Canada's telecom regulator says the average household spent nearly $223 every month on communications services, including mobile phones, landlines, internet and cable TV in 2016.   (CTV)


Monsoon floods


KERALA - More than 324 people have died in the worst flooding in nearly a century in the south Indian state of Kerala.  Casualty numbers are expected to increase further.  Many have died from being buried in hundreds of landslides set off by the flooding.  (Guardian UK)


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Husband confesses




DENVER - The body of a pregnant Colorado mom who was killed along with her young daughters was recovered Thursday at the place of work of Chris Watts, 33, the woman's husband, the children's father and the man accused of killing them all.  Authorities found the body of Shanann Watts, 34, three days after she was reported missing.  Cops have strong reason to believe they know where the bodies of her two daughters, Celeste, 3, and Bella, 4, may be and are trying to recover them.  (Fox)


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Stewart Weldon


SPRINGFIELD - A grand jury indicted a man on charges of murder, rape, and strangulation, alleging he attacked 11 victims in a one-man crime spree that began in the spring of 2017 and continued until officers pulled him over for a broken taillight in May.  The 52-count indictment against Stewart Weldon, 41, alleging the man killed 3 women, raped, and strangled 7 other people, and kidnapped and assaulted an 11th person.  (Boston Global)


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IS terrorist arrested


Omar Abdulsattar Ameen


SACRAMENTO - Court documents allege that Omar Abdulsattar Ameen, 45, was a member of Al Qaeda and later ISIS. He is accused of killing a police officer in the Rawah District on June 22, 2014, a day after ISIS took control of the area, the Justice Department alleged.  (Time)


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Denis Nikandrov


MOSCOW - The former deputy head of Moscow's Investigative Committee has been handed a jail sentence of 5 and a half years for accepting a bribe from a notorious mafia boss.  Denis Nikandrov was detained in 2016 for taking a $1M bribe from jailed crime lord Shakro Molodoy. Several other senior investigators have taken a fall in the case, including Alexander Lamonov, the deputy head of security at Moscow's branch of the Investigative Committee, who was sentenced to 5  years in jail on bribery charges this summer.  (Moscow Times)


BC declares state of emergency


VICTORIA - The BC government has declared a state of emergency as hundreds of out-of-control wildfires intensify across the province.  There are 566 wildfires burning in the province, with nearly 29 evacuation orders forcing 3,050 people from their homes. Another 18,700 people are under evacuation alerts.   (CTV)


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Abuse report


HARRISBURG - Hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania molested more than 1,000 children - and possibly many more - since the 1940s, and senior church officials, including a man who is now the archbishop of Washington, DC, systematically covered up the abuse, according to a grand jury report released Tuesday.  The grand jury accused Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who leads the Washington archdiocese, of helping to protect abusive priests when he was Pittsburgh's bishop.  (AP) 


REPORT:   Pennsylvania Church sex abuse

MORE:   Priests sent to Toronto area for rehab   Vatican calls on priests to take responsibility   At least 11 traveled to Canada 

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Vehicle attack


Salih Khater


LONDON - Salih Khater, 29, a British citizen, originally from Sudan, has also been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.  He came to the UK as a refugee and was granted asylum.  3 people were injured after the car hit cyclists and pedestrians during Tuesday morning's rush hour.  The silver Ford Fiesta then crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament just before 07:40.  (BBC)


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Foreign buyers banned


The New Zealand government has banned the sale of existing homes to foreign buyers, saying New Zealanders were sick of being 'tenants in our own land'.  The ban applies to all nationalities, except buyers from Singapore and Australia.  (Guardian UK) 


Vote hacking


LAS VEGAS - Two 11-year-olds managed to hack into a replica of Florida's election results website in under 15 minutes and change names and tallies during a convention of hackers, organizers said, stoking concerns about security ahead of nationwide votes.  The boy and girl were the quickest of 35 children, ages 6 to 17, who all eventually hacked into copies of the websites of 6 swing states during the three-day Def Con security convention in Las Vegas over the weekend.  The event was meant to test the strength of US election infrastructure and details of the vulnerabilities would be passed onto the states.  (Reuters) 


Bill passed


TORONTO - The Ontario government passed a controversial bill to slash the size of Toronto city council on Tuesday.  (CP)


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COMMENT:   Much needed jolt to democracy


Bridge collapse




GENOA - At least 35 people are dead and several more injured in a motorway bridge collapse in Genoa.  A section of the giant motorway bridge collapsed shortly before 12pm on Tuesday, with tens feared dead and dozens injured.  The collapse, which saw a vast stretch of the A10 freeway tumble on to railway lines in the northern port city, came as the bridge was undergoing maintenance work.  (Local.IT)


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On-going battle    


GHAZNI - As Afghan security forces backed by US airpower continue to battle Taliban fighters in the eastern city of Ghazni, hundreds of civilians have been displaced with little means to survive.  Fighting raged for a fifth-straight day on Tuesday following the brazen attack by the armed group that threatens the control of the strategic city.  While information has been scarce, an estimated 400 people have been killed so far, including about 150 civilians, according the UN and the Afghan ministry of defence.   (Jazeera)


MORE:   Battle of Ghazni   Kabul suicide bomber kills 48 in tuition centre attack


Bus airstrike


DAHYAN - The Saudi-led military coalition fighting in Yemen's war has said it will investigate an airstrike last week which hit a bus of children returning from a picnic.  The Red Cross says last Thursday's attack killed at least 51 people, including 40 children, after a missile hit the stationary vehicle in a market in Dahyan, in rebel-controlled Saada province.  (Independent UK)


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13th murder charge


Joseph DeAngelo


SACRAMENTO - On Monday, authorities charged alleged Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo with the 1975 murder of a college professor in Visalia, California, while the alleged serial killer was still employed as a police officer. The murder of Claude Snelling is the 13th murder DeAngelo has been accused of thus far, and his earliest yet; he's also accused of committing nearly 50 rapes between northern and southern California from the mid-1970s to 1986, and evading law enforcement for over 40 years.   (Rolling Stone)


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Be a good neighbor


REGINA - The discovery of a woman's skeleton has prompted policy change among Regina's utility service providers.  Last year, the estranged family of a Regina woman asked police to check on her.  Officers found her at the home tucked in bed, but all that remained of her body were bones.  The woman's name has not been released, nor has the location of her residence, but it's estimated she had died 1 or 2 years before her remains were found.  (CBC) 


Canadian diplomat linked


A former Canadian ambassador was linked to an investment in a Macau casino VIP room leased from Hong Kong tycoon Stanley Ho.  And the federal employee was alleged to have received monthly cash payouts - delivered by hand in Vancouver - in a 'dangerous' scheme that might have risked CRA prosecutions.  The Canadian foreign affairs veteran involved in the case, John Peter Bell, served in many top posts including as ambassador to Malaysia, before being linked to Stanley Ho - who is a gambling mogul linked to Chinese organized crime, according to US documents.  (Global)


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Deportation death


CALGARY - Bolanle Alo, 49, died following an altercation with 2 CBSA officers last week on a flight from Calgary to Amsterdam.  (Global)


PREVIOUS:   Border altercation   Nigerian man dies after altercation with CBSA officers    Cause of death undetermined


Dumping raw sewage


Toronto, like the vast majority of Canadian cities, doesn't monitor real-time data of sewage leaks into lakes, rivers or oceans. As a result, it's unknown how much raw sewage flowed through overflow pipes when the storm overwhelmed the city's treatment facilities.  Environment Canada does require municipal governments to report annually how much untreated wastewater is spilled, but settles for calculations that are based on computer models, rather than specific data of actual events.  Data provided by the federal government shows in 2017, municipalities reported 215B litres of raw sewage were spilled or leaked without being treated.  (CP)


MORE:   Vancouver beaches closed  




TORONTO - A man was shot to death in an apartment building near Adelaide and Parliament streets at around 2am Sunday.  Police located the victim in a common area on the fourth floor of a Toronto Community Housing building.  The man, who is believed to be in his early 20s, sustained at least one gunshot wound to the head.  (CP24)




TORONTO - 1 of the 3 males stabbed near Sherway Gardens mall shortly before 10pm Saturday has died in hospital.   (CP24)


MORE:   Double stabbing




TORONTO - Police say they were called to a plaza in the area of Kipling Ave and Dixon Road just after 6:30pm on Saturday.  Paramedics say a 32-year-old female was transported to a trauma centre suffering from multiple stab wounds.  Minutes later, paramedics were called to a nearby residence where an elderly woman was found without vital signs. Elena Marcucci, 84, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Michael Colastosti, 31, was taken into custody at the scene. He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.  (CityNews)


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TRENT HILLS - Officers responded to an address on Church St between Trent River Road and Daley Road around 4:15am Saturday and found Scott McDonald, 43, suffering obvious trauma from an apparent gunshot wound.  McDonald was rushed to Hospital, where he later died from his injuries.  Police say two suspects were seen running from the area.  (Global)


MORE:   Shooting 


Possible homicide


MOOSE JAW - Around 11:23pm Friday night, police were dispatched to the North West part of Moose Jaw after a suspicious occurrence at a residence. Upon arrival, police had found a 21 year old male dead.  Sherwyn Pelletier was arrested in Regina Aug 18 and later that day Thomas Redsky Mcnab was also arrested.  Both are currently being charged with 2nd Degree Murder and Break, Enter and Commit the Indictable Offence of Robbery.  (Discover Moose Jaw)


MORE:   Treating death as a homicide 


2 charged


Ellie May House


PAUL FN - On Tuesday, RCMP officers found a woman's body.  On Wednesday, an autopsy determined Ellie Mae House, 31, was the victim of a homicide as a result of a gunshot wound.  On Friday Nora Flora Papin, 31, and Neil Benjamin Morin, 33, were charged with second degree murder.  (Global)


PREVIOUS:   Identified 


In custody death


PENTICTON - BC's police watchdog has been called in to investigate the death of a man in a Penticton jail cell.  Police say RCMP arrested a 55-year-old man for outstanding warrants during a traffic stop.  The man was transported to a cell block in Penticton.  During a routine check at 9am Thursday, the man was found unresponsive.  (CBC) 


Prison death


KINGSTON - Witton Luu, 25, died at the Joyceville medium security prison near Kingston last Wednesday.  Corrections Canada had no comment on the death, other than to call it 'non-natural.'  'Due to the Privacy Act and an ongoing review of inmate Luu's death, we are unable to provide the cause of death.'  (Toronto Star)


Officer hurt


CALGARY - Police say the officer was investigating a suspicious vehicle in the community of Legacy in SE Calgary around 3am Saturday when the driver suddenly took off, hitting him.  They say the officer was listed in stable condition in hospital.  Police are still looking for the vehicle, which is believed to be a stolen 2017 white Ford F-150 pickup truck. (CTV) 


MORE:   Police recover stolen truck  




Andre Phoenix


TORONTO - Andre Phoenix, 33, was shot to death in the parking lot of a Martin Grove Road plaza at around 11:30pm Wednesday.  Police previously said he was walking with his girlfriend to get pizza at a shop in the plaza when a vehicle approached the parking lot.  (CP24)


MORE:   Police ID victim   Named   Identified

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Autumn Taggart


WINDSOR - Autumn Taggart, 31, who was also known as Maya Madolyn, died of blunt force trauma in her unit on the third floor of 1382 University Ave W.  Officers found the victim's body on June 10 around 8pm when they responded to a report of a sudden death.  Police had not released the name of the accused.   (Windsor Star)


PREVIOUS:   Identified   Police name       


Cop accused


TORONTO - Durham Regional Police Const. Basil Odei has just been arrested for the third time in his career, this time charged with drunk driving while off duty and causing a chain reaction of collisions.  The question is why this convicted officer is still on the job at all.  A cop since 1995, Odei, 49, is no stranger to the courts.  (Toronto Sun)


2 charged


David Fiedler


MISSISSAUGA - David Fiedler is missing, but police - who now believe the 54-year-old is dead - this week charged two men with first-degree murder.  Fiedler has been missing since Dec 2 and his disappearance has been shrouded in mystery. Police arrested Marko Tubic, 41, of Hamilton, and Jeff Caissey, 45, of Bracebridge. They were each charged with first-degree murder.    (Toronto Star)  




Duran Laplante


SASKATOON - Officers responded around 10:40pm Friday to the 200-block of 5th Ave N, where they found the injured man in the hallway.  He was taken to hospital, where he died of his injuries.  Duran Laplante, 22, is wanted by police on a charge of second-degree murder.   (Saskatoon StarPhoenix)


MORE:   Wanted   Man wanted

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Teen killed


SHERWOOD PARK - A teenage boy died and 2 men fled the scene after a stolen vehicle fleeing from RCMP crashed just east of Edmonton on Tuesday, according to the ASIRT.  The single-vehicle rollover happened on the Sherwood Park Freeway near Anthony Henday Drive, shortly after 3pm.  (Global)


MORE:   ASIRT investigating




Joseph Stele


TORONTO - Police were first called to Garnett Janes Road near Ninth St at around 11pm Monday for a report of the sound of gunshots. Investigation suggests that a male was struck by a Dodge vehicle that subsequently fled the scene.  His daughters have identified him as Joseph Stele, 48.  The suspect vehicle was located.  Constantinos Hondrocostas, 40, has been charged with manslaughter+.  (CP24) 


Suspicious death  


KITCHENER - Yvonne Umutoniwasi, 28, was found dead inside a home on Pearl Place in Kitchener just after 2pm on Aug 12.  An autopsy was able to identify the woman, but could not determine the cause or time of death.   (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Suspicious death 


Woman charged


TERRACE - RCMP were called to a townhouse on the 4500-block of Scott Ave just before 1:30pm on Aug 2.  Nancy Morgan, 59, was discovered deceased inside the residence.  Mila-Ann J Watts, 30, is charged with second-degree murder.  (Terrace Standard) 


Man charged


FORT SMITH - Wilfred Abraham, 54, has been charged with second degree murder after a 48-year-old man's body was discovered on Monday night.   (CKLB)


MORE:   Charged




WINNIPEG - Police were called to the home on Wordsworth Way on Aug. 7 after getting a phone call asking police to do a wellness check. Inside they found 2 men, both dead.  Police have identified the men as Kok Aun Tee, 37, and Luis Miguel Almeida, 33.  The deaths were domestic in nature, said police. Tee was assaulted and 'sustained fatal injuries' while Almeida's death was self-inflicted.   (Global)


MORE:   Identified   Murder-suicide   Identified


13+ years



Catherine Campbell        Christopher Garnier


HALIFAX - Christopher Garnier, convicted of strangling an off-duty police officer Catherine Campbell and using a compost bin to dispose of her body will spend at least 13 and a half years in prison.  Garnier was convicted in Dec of second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body in the death of the 36-year-old Truro, NS, police officer.  (CP)


MORE:  13.5 years

PREVIOUS:   Garnier found guilty 


45 years 



Ghirmay          Semret                  Zekarias


TORONTO - Adonay Zekarias was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years after being convicted in April of the second-degree murder of Rigat Ghirmay.  But before Zekarias can apply for parole in that case he must finish serving at least 25 years for the first-degree murder of Nighisti Semret, who he fatally stabbed in a Cabbagetown laneway in Oct 2012.   (CBC)


MORE:   Double killer sentenced

PREVIOUS:   Guilty verdict in Ghirmay's murder   Guilty verdict in Semret's murder 


Man told officers to shoot him


WINNIPEG - A man who taped machetes to his hands and called 911 was likely high on meth at the time, police say.  Police officers were called to a home in Winnipeg's north-end Robertson neighbourhood on the morning of Aug. 10 after receiving a report of a man outside a home with a machete.  The man allegedly 'advanced on' the first police officers to arrive at the scene and screamed that he wanted them to shoot him.  (CTV)


Son charged


GRAVENHURST - Saturday at approximately 3:30pm, members of the OPP responded to a report of a violent altercation at a seasonal residence on Kahshe Lake. Upon arrival, John Kehl, 67, was located deceased.  Police have charged Adam Kehl, 30, the son of the deceased, with second degree murder.  (Gravenhurst Banner) 




ONION LAKE CREE NATION - Police were called to a home on the Onion Lake Cree Nation Saturday morning for a report of a stabbing.  Tyson Blair Crosschild, 28, was pronounced dead in hospital.  Dakota Dean Whitstone, 30, was charged with second-degree murder.  (Global)


MORE:   Stabbing   Man arrested 


Homicide investigation


William Edward MacPherson


LONDON, ON - Shortly before 8pm on Friday, police discovered the body of William Edward MacPherson, 60, in the ravine just metres from the sidewalk off Wortley Road.  On Saturday, police ruled his death a homicide.   (CBC)


MORE:   Police seek info on victim 




Ben Harris


ST ANDREWS - Justin Joseph Little, 29, is facing 14 charges following a hit and run that killed one 15-year-old boy and injured another 15-year-old boy near Lockport, MB, on Aug 10.  Family identified the teen killed in the hit and run as Ben Harris, 15.   (CTV)


MORE:   Justin Joseph Little charged   Accused has previous auto theft charges

PREVIOUS:   Teen killed 


Body found


Amanda McClaskin


MUSKOKA LAKES - Amanda McClaskin, 36, of Britt-Byng Inlet, was last seen on Aug 3 walking away from her home.  She was found Aug 11 in a wooded area near Lake Joseph Road in Muskoka Lakes Township.  Charged with second degree murder and indignity to a dead body is Mark St. Amand, 39.  (Parry Sound North Star)


MORE:   Body of missing found   Body found




SASKATOON - At 10:40am Saturday, police went to an apartment in the 200-block of Ave V S. There they found a 23-year-old injured man who was taken to hospital.  He died in hospital of his injury.  (Saskatoon StarPhoenix)


Hit-and-fun suspect


Marc Laurin


TORONTO - Police say that a 71-year-old man was riding a motorcycle westbound on Brimorton Drive at around 9pm Friday when he was struck by a black Dodge Challenger that was headed northbound on Bellamy Road.  The man was pronounced dead on scene.  The driver of the Dodge Challenger, meanwhile, fled the scene on foot.  Police identified the suspect as Marc Laurin, 29.  (CP24)


MORE:   Driver sought   Wanted 



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