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Parliament set ablaze




BURKINA FASO - Protesters angry at plans to allow Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore to extend his 27-year-rule have set fire to parliament.  The city hall and ruling party headquarters are also in flames in the capital, Ouagadougou.  A huge crowd is surging towards the presidential palace and the main airport has been shut. 5 people have been killed in the protests.  The military fired live bullets as protesters stormed parliament.  (BBC)  


MORE:   Protesters march on presidential palace   Protest again president   Vote on constitution cancelled      


No hope




BADULLA DISTRICT - There is no hope of finding survivors after a mudslide tore through a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, a senior official has warned.  Disaster management minister estimated the number of dead in yesterday's disaster would be fewer than 100, although villagers said the figure could easily exceed 200.  (Daily Mail)


MORE:   Badulla landslide


Mass graves


HIT - The bodies of 150 members of an Iraqi Sunni tribe which fought IS have been found in a mass grave.  IS militants took the men from their villages to the city of Ramadi and killed them on Wednesday night and buried them.  In a separate case, witnesses said they found 70 corpses from the same Albu Nimr tribe near the town of Hit in the Sunni heartland Anbar province.  Tribal sheikhs from Albu Nimr say both sets of victims were among more than 300 men aged between 18 and 55 who were seized by IS.  (Reuters) 


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'High-risk travelers'


OTTAWA - While only one of the roughly 90 suspects under investigation as part of the RCMP's extremist traveller program has been charged with terrorism for allegedly joining Islamist fighters in Syria, 5 others face passport-related charges.  The RCMP released a list of their names identifying them as: Ahmad Waseem, Mohamed El Shaer, Ali Abubaker, Naomi Mahdere and Hamza Omer.  (National Post)


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House fires


WINNIPEG - Statistics show that residents of Manitoba First Nations are far more likely to die in house fires than people living off reserve, due to outdated and overcrowded housing, poor fire prevention education and an often total inability to respond when fires break out.  (CP)  


MORE:   Poor firefighting capability   Reserves need $28M for fire protection  


Blowing away money


TORONTO - Wind turbines are sucking money out of Ontarians' wallets, a new report says.  The report zeroes in on the Global Adjustment, the difference between the market price for electricity and what it actually costs to get the electricity, as one of the main culprits for Ontario's rapidly rising hydro bills.  For instance, the GA covers the guaranteed price paid to wind and solar powers producers, usually well above the market price for electricity.   (QMI) 


REPORT:   What goes up 


US war on drugs


WASHINGTON - The contentious debate over international drug policy was potentially transformed a few weeks ago, when the US strongly reiterated a major shift in policy.  William R Brownfield, assistant secretary of state in the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs summed up the key idea underpinning the shift at the UN on Oct. 9:  'Things have changed since 1961. We must have enough flexibility to allow us to incorporate those changes into our policies … to tolerate different national drug policies, to accept the fact that some countries will have very strict drug approaches; other countries will legalize entire categories of drugs.'  (Reuters)  


MORE:    Brownfield UN statement   UNGASS 2016   


Armed groups


BOGOTA - Illegal armed groups in Colombia make approximately $14B a year in drug trafficking and illegal mining activities, said the country's top financial intelligence official.  According to Luis Edmundo Suarez, director of the financial crimes unit FIAU money, Colombia's drug trafficking groups launder some $10B annually, a figure corresponding to about 3% of the country's Gross Domestic Product.  The FIAU estimates that illegal mining generates around $4B annually for organizations like rebel group FARC and neo-paramilitary group Urabenos.  (Columbia Reports) 


Officer shot


Shaun Diamond


LOS ANGELES - A police officer shot to death late Tuesday in Los Angeles County was killed while serving a warrant as part of an investigation into a feud between rival motorcycle gangs.  The slain officer, Shaun Diamond of the Pomona Police Department, was hit with a single shotgun blast to the neck late Tuesday.  Authorities arrested David Martinez, 36, of San Gabriel, California, whom multiple sources described as a full member of Mongols Motorcycle Club.  (NBC)  


MORE:   SWAT officer shot


Rocket explodes


Antares rocket


WALLOPS FLIGHT FACILITY - The owners of a commercial supply ship that exploded moments after liftoff promised to find the cause of the failed delivery mission to the International Space Station and warned residents to not touch any debris they might stumble across from the craft, which was carrying hazardous materials.  (AP)


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Watchdogs warns


OTTAWA - Privacy watchdogs from across the country are urging the federal Conservatives to balance any new national security laws against Canadians' fundamental right to privacy.  (Toronto Star)  


MORE:   Police power laws need evidence based approach   Empty chairs at spy watchdog 

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Spotlight on Canadian government


WASHINGTON - The Canadian government is failing to meet its international obligations to prevent and to provide recourse for harms related to Canadian mining operations in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to a new report by the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability presented to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, DC.  (CNW)


REPORT:   Canadian extraterritorial obligations   .pdf

MORE:   Mining abuses under scrutiny 


State of homelessness


OTTAWA - The State of Homelessness in Canada report, released Wednesday by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, recommends providing financial assistance to 836,000 poor Canadian households each year in the form of a housing benefit or a new affordable housing tax credit, as well as creating 88,000 new units of supportive and affordable housing over a decade.  Those proposals would cost $3.752B annually - $1.719B more than what governments currently spend on the problem.  (QMI)  


REPORT:   Homelessness in Canada 2014

MORE:    Homeless report card

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Stealth taxes rise by 50%


LONDON - The amount of tax revenue the Government has collected through indirect or 'stealth' taxes has risen by 50% over the past 10 years.  The amount collected by HMRC in indirect taxes grew from $150B in 2003-04 to $223b in the last tax year (2013-14), research from Bloomsbury Professional found. (Telegraph UK) 


Hunt for 'black money'


DELHI - India's government handed over the names of 627 Indians with foreign bank accounts to the Supreme Court on Wednesday after public outrage over rampant tax evasion.  The Central Bureau of Investigation said in 2012 that $500B was held by Indians in tax havens overseas.  India has a flourishing 'black money' economy that functions parallel to the legal economy. Undeclared income is used to fund election campaigns and buy land or real estate in order to avoid paying property taxes.  (AP)


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Cannot sue


OTTAWA - The Supreme Court says a couple on a Toronto-bound Air Canada flight from Charlotte, North Carolina who ordered a 7-Up in French from a flight attendant and instead received a Sprite cannot sue the airline for violating Canada's language laws.  (QMI)


JUDGMENT:   2014 SCC 67    


Child poverty falls in Canada


HALIFAX - UNICEF is commending the Canadian government and its provincial counterparts after it found the country's overall child poverty rate decreased during the recession 5 years ago.  The child poverty rate decreased from 23% to 21% during the recession from 2008 to 2011, pulling roughly 180,000 children out of poverty, UNICEF Canada said in a new report.  (CP)


REPORT:   Child poverty up in rich world

MORE:   Quarter of British children living in poverty


New mass grave


Maria Pineda & Jose Abarca


IGUALA - Mexican authorities searching for 43 students who disappeared after clashing with police last month are investigating a suspected mass grave.  Mexico's attorney general said the testimony of two arrested members of a drug gang had led them to the site.  He said police officers had confessed to handing the students over to the drugs gang in southern Guerrero state.   (BBC)


PREVIOUS:   2014 Iguala massacre  


Murders - suicide


Daksha, Jitendra, Trisha & Nisha Lad


CLAYTON - Jitendra Lad, 49, may have killed his wife Daksha, 44, and their 2 children, Trisha, 19, and Nisha, 17, before hanging himself in Blackberry Way, Clayton.  Worried neighbours had not seen the family since Friday so called the police who found them dead. (Daily Mail)  


MORE:   4 bodies found 


Population reduction not a solution


The pace of population growth is so quick that even draconian restrictions of childbirth, pandemics or a third world war would still leave the world with too many people for the planet to sustain, according to a study.  Rather than reducing the number of people, cutting the consumption of natural resources and enhanced recycling would have a better chance of achieving effective sustainability gains in the next 85 years, said the report published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  (Guardian UK)    


2 genes linked


A genetic analysis of almost 900 offenders in Finland has revealed two genes associated with violent crime.  Those with the genes were 13 times more likely to have a history of repeated violent behaviour.  The authors of the study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, said at least 4-10% of all violent crime in Finland could be attributed to individuals with these genotypes.  But they stressed the genes could not be used to screen criminals.  (BBC)    


Saving people encourages others


Joyce Anelay


LONDON - The UK would not support future search and rescue operations to prevent migrants drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, the Foreign Office has said.  Foreign Office minister Baroness Anelay has said such operations can encourage more people to attempt to make the dangerous sea crossing to enter Europe.   About 150,000 migrants have been rescued by Italian ships over the past 12 months.  This year alone, some 3,000 migrants have drowned.  (Telegraph UK) 


Suspected second leaker


WASHINGTON - The FBI has identified an employee of a federal contracting firm suspected of being the so-called 'second leaker' who turned over sensitive documents about the US government's terrorist watch list to Glenn Greenwald.  (Yahoo)  


MORE:   FBI raids home

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Girls detail abuse


MAIDUGURI - Victims who escaped the Nigerian Boko Haram kidnappings in which hundreds of women have been violently forced to convert to Islam have spoken about their ordeal.  The abuse of more than 500 women and girls since 2009 has been detailed in a Human Rights Watch report that says they are whipped, beaten or killed unless they convert to Islam. Many have also been raped or forced to accompany the group on operations.  (Telegraph UK)


REPORT:   Terrible weeks in their camp

MORE:    More girls abducted   Escaping

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2nd victim dies


Jaylen Fryberg


MARYSVILLE - Gia Soriano, 14, died Sunday night.  Soriano was one of 4 critically injured teens taken to a local hospital after Jaylen Fryberg opened fire inside the cafeteria of Marysville-Pilchuck High School Friday, killing Zoe Galasso, 14, and injuring 4 others before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  (USA Today)


MORE:   Pilchuck High School shooting     


Anti-fraud operation


MADRID - 51 regional and municipal political leaders, mostly from the governing Popular Party, have been arrested on the orders of Spain's anti-corruption public prosecutor and High Court in Madrid in a police operation across 4 Spanish regions.  The 51 suspects will be charged with money laundering, falsifying documents, tax crimes, bribery, influence peddling, misuse of funds, misconduct in public office, revealing secrets, undertaking negotiations prohibited to civil servants, administrative fraud and criminal organization.  (Spain Report)  


MORE:   Anti-corruption raids    


Brazil re-elects



Dilma Rousseff


BRASILIA - President Dilma Rousseff was re-elected by a narrow margin on Sunday, ensuring that Latin America's biggest nation will remain under the control of a Workers' Party.  She won 51.6% of the valid votes cast to secure a much reduced mandate.  (Guardian UK)  


MORE:   Rousseff promises reform    Brazilian general election  


Spotlight on conspiracy site


HONG KONG - For weeks, the China Daily and other top Chinese news organizations have been reporting on 'secret meetings' between Hong Kong democracy advocates and US organizations.  The 'secret meetings,' supposedly have been uncovered by what is described as an authoritative and respected Bangkok-based researcher named Tony Cartalucci. The problem is that as nearly as can be told, there is no such person as Tony Cartalucci. And what 'Cartalucci' appears to have done is to have created a chain of biased or bogus online stories that travel in a circle from Bangkok to Moscow to Beijing to Hong Kong in an effort to discredit the Occupy Central movement.  (Asia Sentinel)


PREVIOUS:   2014 protests   Triad  


OPP to lead security probe



Nathan Cirillo              Zehaf-Bibeau


OTTAWA - The OPP will lead an independent investigation into the events that occurred in Ottawa Wednesday, when security personnel at Parliament Hill shot and killed a gunman who had breached the Centre Block.  The OPP will conduct their investigation at the request of the RCMP.  Mounties and Parliament Hill security staff shot and killed gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in the Hall of Honour, steps away from where MPs from all three political parties were holding their weekly caucus meetings.  (CTV)


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COMMENT:   Media spin doesn't reflect reality   Quit calling these guys terrorists    

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Evil clowns


Evil clown


PARIS - A wave of panic sparked by evil clowns stalking French towns has spread to the south of France where police on Saturday night arrested 14 teenagers dressed as the pranksters, carrying pistols, knives and baseball bats.  The phenomenon of dressing up as an evil clown and terrifying passers-by - a trend which has also been seen in the US and Britain - cropped up in the north of France in early October.  (AFP)


PREVIOUS:   Evil clown sightings  


EU banks fail stress tests


BRUSSELS - European banking regulators (EBA) warned on Sunday that 24 banks in the EU had a $31.7B capital hole after being tested over their financial strength.  (Guardian UK)  


REPORT:  EU wide stress test results 2014

MORE:   Vulnerable EU banks identified   Majority of banks passed ECB stress test


10,000 mark


The UN health agency said Saturday that the number of confirmed, probable and suspected cases has risen to 10,141. Of those cases, 4,922 people have died. Its figures show about 200 new cases since the last report, 4 days ago. Even those grisly tolls are likely an underestimate, WHO has warned, as many people in the hardest hit countries have been unable or too frightened to seek medical care. (AP)


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Mosque vandalized




COLD LAKE - Non-Muslim Cold Lake citizens are rallying around their Muslim neighbours after the local mosque was vandalized in this northern military town.  (QMI)  


MORE:   Residents help clean up    BC Muslim association threatened     Burnaby mosque in spotlight

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State of emergency


SHEIKH ZUWEID - Egypt declared a three-month state of emergency would begin Saturday in the north and centre of the Sinai Peninsula after a suicide car bombing killed 30 soldiers.  The bombing on Friday was carried out by a suspected jihadist who rammed a checkpoint with his explosives-packed vehicle.  (Telegraph UK) 


MORE:   Foreign hands behind attack

PREVIOUS:   Car bomb   Sinai insurgency   


Woman hanged


Reyhaneh Jabbari


TEHRAN - Iran hanged a woman on Saturday who was convicted of murdering a man she said was trying to rape her, the official IRNA news agency reported.  Reyhaneh Jabbari was hanged at dawn for premeditated murder. It quoted the court ruling as rejecting the claim of attempted rape and saying all evidence proved that Jabbari had plotted to kill Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former intelligence agent.   (AP)  


MORE:   Hanged for murder


Officers killed


Danny Oliver    Michael Davis Jr


SACRAMENTO - One of the 2 sheriff's deputies killed in a shooting Friday died 26 years to the day after his father, for whom he was named, died in the line of duty.  Homicide Detective Michael David Davis Jr, 42, was a 15-year veteran of the department.  Sacramento County sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver, 47, also was killed.    Marcelo Marquez, 34, and a woman were taken into custody.   (CBS)


MORE:   2 deputies killed   Suspect was deported twice 


Wanted captured


Marcos de Jesus Figueroa


BOGOTA - Marcos de Jesus Figueroa, alias 'Maquitos Figueroa,' an alleged Colombian drug trafficker captured in a luxurious house in Brazil is under investigation for more than 100 murders in Colombia, including the killings of several politicians.   (EFE)    


Latest omnibus budget bill


OTTAWA - The Conservative government has introduced another mammoth omnibus budget bill that includes a grab-bag of measures, ranging from tax breaks for beekeepers to provisions banning cable companies from charging for paper bills.  (AP)


DOCUMENT:   Bill C-41


UK rejects EU demand


BRUSSELS - David Cameron has angrily insisted the UK will not pay $2.73B being demanded by the EU by next month.  Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the proposal should not have come as a surprise to the UK.  He said it was made under a system agreed by all the member states and based on data provided by them.  EU finance ministers have agreed to the UK's request for emergency talks about the top-up payment, which would add about a fifth to the UK's annual net EU contribution of $13.8B.  (BBC)  


MORE:   Why the UK is being asked for more 


Next phase of anti-spam law


TORONTO - Canada's controversial anti-spam law has already forced businesses to change how they communicate with consumers by email.  Early next year, the law will also start targeting software makers.  Starting on Jan. 15, 2015, companies will have to get consent before installing a program on a person's computer if the software has the ability to covertly send electronic messages or has other functionality outlined in the legislation.  (CP)


RELATED:   Government's weak response    Corporate Canada rejected plan


Homicide taking over



Gamteysa Muhamed


EDMONTON - Police said that investigators with the Homicide Unit had taken over the investigation of a missing person case.  Gamteysa Muhamed, 21, was last seen Sunday, Sept 7, walking through the Dickinsfield neighbourhood in the area of 146 Ave and 72 St.  EPS detectives said it's believed Muhamed was involved in some high-risk behaviours that may have contributed to his disappearance.  (CTV)  


Victim identified




PINE FALLS - RCMP released the name Wednesday of a man found dead on the weekend outside a residence in the Powerview-Pine Falls area.  Police identified the homicide victim as Ryan Sinclair, 31, of Powerview.  (CTV)  


MORE:   RCMP investigate    


Manslaughter verdict


Darin Monias  


WINNIPEG - A man has been found guilty of manslaughter in a grisly case where the victim was dismembered and scattered throughout the city.  Emery McLeod, 40, had pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder for the Feb 2012 slaying of his roommate and co-worker, Darin Monias.   (Winnipeg Free Press)


PREVIOUS:   Hand in dumpster   Girlfriend saw blanket on news   Homicide arrest   Hand found in dumpster  


12 years


Anthony Chang


TORONTO - Kimnarine Keshan Maharaj, 25, had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in connection with the homicide of Anthony Koko Chang, 62, in Sept 2013.  Police say he was stabbed 31 times, and his head had been bashed repeatedly with a brick. He was also strangled. Maharaj was given a life sentence with no chance of parole for 12 years.  (CTV)


MORE:   Guilty plea

PREVIOUS:   Accident linked to death   Stabbing   Police identify   Death treated as a homicide      


Fine, driving ban


EDMONTON - A $2,000 fine and a 3-month driving ban were the maximum penalty a judge could give an Edmonton-area man who slammed into a car full of seniors, killing Mee Wong, 72.  Larry McMurter, 65, had earlier pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of careless driving.  (QMI)    


5 years


Scott Stanley


OTTAWA - Ottawa Scout leader Scott Stanley was sentenced Wednesday to 5 years in prison for sex crimes against 4 children in his charge.  (QMI)  


MORE:   5 years  


RCMP accused


VANCOUVER - Earlier this month, 2 men were convicted in what's known as the Surrey Six murders.  Now, with new information emerging about alleged police misconduct involving 4 officers and witnesses in the case, defence lawyers say they want the two convictions thrown out.  (CBC)   


PREVIOUS:   Allegations    Surrey Six     


BC watchdog snarled


Richard Rosenthal


VICTORIA - The province's independent police-oversight body has been dogged by high turnover, questions about the integrity of investigations and complaints about the leadership style of its civilian director, a special legislative committee heard Wednesday.  The Independent Investigations Office was set up in Sept 2012 to investigate police-involved deaths or serious injuries. But of its 32 investigators, 12 have left since the unit opened its doors.  The office is now the subject of two reviews, both of which were submitted Wednesday. (Victoria Times Colonist)    


Traffic stop


OTTAWA - A 39-year-old man facing 4 charges after allegedly punching an officer in the face on Saturday afternoon was under RCMP surveillance.  The suspect is charged with assaulting police, obstructing police, resisting arrest and driving while being suspended.  According to courthouse documents, he is also facing more than $70,000 in parking tickets.  (CBC)    


Fleeing police


HALIFAX - Regional Police say a man suspected of breaking into a home is facing charges after he tried to flee the scene in a canoe.  Officers sought the assistance of boat owners and were about to launch a chase after the man, but he paddled ashore to a nearby park where he was arrested.   In addition to the alleged break-and-enter, police says marine laws could have been violated, as it isn't clear whether the man was wearing a life-jacket.  (CTV)


Died from injuries


WINNIPEG - Police said a 31-year-old pedestrian has died from injuries after a collision on Oct 26.  Officers previously announced they had recovered a Dodge Charger involved in the hit-and-run following over what appeared to be an argument over driving.  The victim was taken to hospital in critical condition. On Tuesday, police said the man had died from injuries.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Road rage victim dies   Hit-and-run victim dies    




Elizabeth Nugent


BURLINGTON - Police have identified the woman found dead inside a Burlington apartment as Elizabeth Nugent, 32.  Nugent lived at the 478 Pearl St apartment, and was involved in an 'intimate relationship' with her accused killer, Malcolm Copeland, 41, who has been charged with second-degree murder.  (Toronto Star)  


MORE:   Woman identified   Police ID woman


Jail guards charged


HEADINGLEY CORRECTIONAL - RCMP say 3 Manitoba Corrections officers, including a supervisor, are charged with assault causing bodily harm.  Police say the 24-year-old man was allegedly assaulted last year at the Headingley Correctional Institution.  Guards Michael Haddad, Mark Svendsen and Michael Delorme, who are all from Winnipeg, are to appear in court.  (CP)   


'Nephew Bandit' 


Richard Earl Rupert


VANCOUVER - The suspect in the so-called 'Nephew Bandit' case, who appears in provincial court in Vancouver this week, was the subject of a Canada-wide police search, as well as episodes of America's Most Wanted and CTV's W5.  And this week, dozens of victims, their families, and police agencies from across the country will wait for the expected resolution of the case against Richard Earl Rupert.  (Vancouver Province) 


Teens plead guilty


KAMLOOPS - 3 teenage boys originally charged with possession and distribution of child pornography have pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of criminal harassment in a sexting scandal in Kamloops, BC.  Crown lawyer Sarah Firestone said the 15-year-old boys, who attend separate schools, coerced several girls between the ages of 13 and 15 to send nude photos of themselves on social media sites.  (Toronto Star)    


'Cowboy' cops 


OSOYOOS - The official motto of Osoyoos is 'Canada's Warmest Welcome.' But for 7 people who felt intimidated, fearful and humiliated, Osoyoos was a place to flee.  Their stories are varied, but all say they left town for the same reason: the behaviour of some local RCMP officers.  2 separate civil lawsuits have been filed naming members of the Osoyoos RCMP.   Two RCMP members, who previously served in Osoyoos, have gone on record with concerns of their own.  (Vancouver Province)


Man released


Jenique Dalcourt


LONGUEUIL - A man arrested in connection with last week's fatal beating of Jenique Delcourt, 23, on a Longueuil bike path was released Monday afternoon.  The suspect, a man in his mid-20s, was arrested on Saturday.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Beaten woman dies   Woman assaulted   


Man charged



Rachel Middleton


SAINT-ALEXIS -  Anthony Belanger, 25, of Ste. Julienne is facing charges after a car smashed through the bedroom of a family home in the rural community killing Rachel Middleton.   (CTV)


MORE:   Driver charged   Man charged  


25 years



Otto Loose                Timmy Engel


LETHBRIDGE - Timmy Douglas Engel was found guilty Monday evening of the first-degree murder of Vulcan, AB-area senior Otto (Bunty) Loose in January 2012.  A jury convicted Engel, 37, of the gruesome murder and dismemberment of Loose, 77.  On the first-degree murder charge, Engel received a life sentence with no eligibility for parole for 25 years.  (QMI)


PREVIOUS:   Man charged   Charged   Senior killed    


Killer apologizes


Justin Bourque


MONCTON - Justin Bourque apologized for the shootings in Moncton, NB, that killed 3 RCMP officers and injured 2 others, saying the rationale that he gave to police for the rampage was the talk of 'some arrogant pissant.'  (CP)


PREVIOUS:   2014 Moncton shootings  


New mayor


John Tory


TORONTO - John Tory will replace Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto.  (Global)


MORE:   CBC: Toronto Votes  ON's new mayors   Voter turnout   Global: Toronto Election   Rob Ford wins council seat

PREVIOUS:    Paid to canvass   OSSTF




QUESNEL - A man who had his tooth knocked loose by a police officer at a NW BC detachment's booking counter has been found guilty for the reason he was punched - threatening to put the cop's daughter in the trunk of his car.   (QMI) 


Ex-biker boss suing


Ernie Dew


WINNIPEG - Ernie Dew admits he's done some pretty dumb things in his life.  But the former president of the Manitoba Hells Angels says selling drugs out of his own home is not one of them.  That is why Dew is now fighting the federal government in court, claiming they stole his house by illegally seizing and selling it under proceeds-of-crime legislation.  (Winnipeg Free Press)


Publication bans


TORONTO - The Star is challenging 'an overly broad' publication ban that keeps the identity of a 2-year-old girl, as well as the parents who killed her, secret.  The parents were convicted of manslaughter by a jury earlier this month. The publication ban is the latest in a series of obstacles preventing the public from easily accessing Ontario's court system.  (Toronto Star)  


Grilled on union deal  


Gregor Robertson 


VANCOUVER - Mayor Gregor Robertson fenced hard with the 3 people competing for his job in November, vigorously defending his party's record on homelessness, building bike lanes and opposing the proposed expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.  But the Vision Vancouver mayor didn't have an answer when he was prodded at the 4-candidate debate Sunday about what his party might have promised to a major city union in exchange for $102,000 in campaign donations.  (Globe & Mail)


MORE:    Mayor denies trading favours


Double stabbing


Toronto Star


VAUGHAN - Police are investigating after one person was killed and another sent to hospital following a stabbing in the Canada's Wonderland parking lot early Sunday.  York Regional Police were called to the parking lot of the popular amusement park in the Jane St area around 12:30am for a weapon call.  When police arrived, they found two males suffering with stab wounds. One of them was pronounced dead at the scene. The other victim was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.  (CP24)  


MORE:   Stabbings    


Hit-and-run victim dies


Paramjeet Sidhu


EDMONTON - An Edmonton woman is pleading with the public to help police find the driver who killed her husband in a hit and run on Rabbit Hill Road.  The victim, Paramjeet Sidhu, 46, was hit as he was in a marked crosswalk at Hodgson Boulevard around 9:30pm Oct 5.  Officials said the married father of two remained in hospital where he died Thursday, Oct. 23 as a result of his injuries.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Widow pleads for driver to come forward   Victim dies in hospital     


Kissing equals sexual assault


SARNIA - A man who sought comfort by kissing his neighbour was convicted of sexual assault in Sarnia Superior Court Friday. His name was also placed on the sexual offender registry for 20 years.  The 35-year-old man, who cannot be named, was convicted after a trial two weeks ago on the 2011 sexual assault charge.  (QMI)




Rene Sortolovo


THUNDER BAY - Police have now identified Jeffrey Luke Achneepineskum, 22, as one of two people charged with 2nd degree murder in connection with the death of Rene Sortolovo, 51.  A 17-year-old girl has also been charged with 2nd degree murder in the case, but under law she cannot be publicly identified. Sortolovo's body was discovered in his Marks St N residence on Oct. 19. His death was deemed a homicide on Oct. 20, following a post mortem examination. (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   2 arrested  




Bill & Donna Lee Powers


CALGARY - Derek Puffer has been found not criminally responsible for the deaths of his mother and stepfather.  A Calgary justice has ruled the 40-year-old has an acute mental disorder.  Puffer stabbed Donna Lee Powers and her husband, well-known sportscaster Bill Powers, while they were sleeping in their Braeside home last July.  The couple had been stabbed 25 times.  During the trial, the court was told Puffer had heard voices that told him to kill the couple.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Found not criminally responsible    Deemed NCR   Found legally insane

PREVIOUS:   Psych exam   Stepson charged   Broadcaster and wife found dead   2 bodies found  


Trial takes bizarre twist



Lin Jun                Luka Magnotta


MONTREAL - It was another of those days at the Luka Magnotta trial, with Quebec Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer and the jurors watching endless pictures and video of Magnotta's acknowledged killing and dismemberment of a human being.  (PostMedia)


PREVIOUS:   Toll on jurors   Gruesome package   Murder page 6     




VICTORIA - First Nations' leaders say yesterday's apology by BC Premier Christy Clark for the hangings of 6 chiefs 150 years ago is as important as a recent Supreme Court of Canada victory.  In 1864 five chiefs were called to what they thought were peace talks to end the Chilcotin War, but instead they were hanged. A sixth chief was hanged after trying to offer reparations.  (CBC) 


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Mayor successfully appeals


BRAMPTON - Mayor Susan Fennell has dramatically reduced the amount she must pay back to taxpayers after appealing the results of a forensic audit that found she should return $34,118.  (Toronto Star)  




Samuel Nuqingaq 


IQALUIT - Uqqummiut MLA Samuel Nuqingaq, who represents Clyde River and Qikiqtarjuaq, has been expelled from the Nunavut Legislative Assembly.  The vote happened Friday morning in Iqaluit, when Justice Minister Paul Okalik tabled a motion that said he wanted Nuqingaq immediately expelled from the legislature and his seat declared vacant.  (CBC)  


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No further discipline


VANCOUVER - The RCMP has quietly cleared Const. Susan Gastaldo, the BC officer who claimed she was sexually assaulted and coerced into an affair by her unit commander, but was punished by the force in 2012 for disgraceful misconduct. (Vancouver Province)


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10 years


EDMONTON - The ringleader of a $6M mortgage fraud was described as an 'economic predator' and a 'heartless racketeer' and handed a 10-year prison term Friday.  Allan Dawson MacMullin, 53, was also ordered to pay more than $1M in restitution to two financial institutions and various individual straw buyers after earlier being convicted of 38 counts of fraud over $5,000.   (QMI)


Impaired charge


PINCHER CREEK - RCMP have charged Joseph Jean-Rene Richard, 40, following a Sept 6 fatal collision near Pincher Creek that claimed the life of Shelly Lee Dunbar, 49.  Dunbar was thrown from the vehicle and was pronounced deceased at the scene of the collision.  (Beacon)  


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Publication ban


HALIFAX - The lawyers for Glen Eugene Assoun and the federal Justice Department argued last week against allowing the public to hear or see details from the initial federal review of Assoun's second-degree murder conviction.  The Justice Department said the recently completed assessment shows there may have been a miscarriage of justice and a more in-depth investigation has been launched.  (CP)


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EDMONTON - Police report that Michael McNeill, 22, the young man whose body was found in a 116 St NW apartment suite just after 8am on Saturday, Oct 18, died as a result of a stab wound.  Cody Ross Larson, 23, of Edmonton has been charged with second-degree murder and possession of a weapon in connection with the death of McNeill.   (Beacon)


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Cop charged


VANCOUVER - A Delta police officer has been charged with second-degree murder in the high-profile shooting death of an armed man near a New Westminster casino in 2012.  Crown prosecutors announced Monday that Delta Police Const. Jordan MacWilliams is charged with the second-degree murder of Merhdad Bayrami, 48, who died in hospital several days after being shot in a five-hour standoff near the Starlight Casino on Nov. 8, 2012.  (CTV)  


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