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Filipino peacekeepers fighting back




GOLAN HEIGHTS - More than 70 Filipino peacekeepers had been trapped at two posts in Syria since Wednesday by Islamist militants.  One group has been 'extricated' from their position but the second group 'is now under attack.'  On Thursday, the Syrian rebels laid a siege on 72 Filipino UNDOF troops stationed in the demilitarized zone between Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Syria.  (Telegraph UK)  


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Canadians participate


Gregory & Collin Gordon


OTTAWA - A 'small but notable number' of Canadians have travelled abroad to participate in terrorism-related activities, including to Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan, according to a new report issued by the federal government.  (CTV)


REPORT:   2014 public report on the terrorist threat to Canada

MORE:   Anti-radicalization program being developed by RCMP    Government plans targeted interventions

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Greatest terror threat


LONDON - Britain faces the 'greatest and deepest' terror threat in the country's history, David Cameron warned as he pledged emergency measures to tackle extremists.  The UK threat level was raised to 'severe' - its second highest - meaning that a terrorist attack is 'highly likely' in light of the growing danger from British jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria.   (Telegraph UK)


MORE:   Plans to seize passports  


Terrorist attack warning


CIUDAD JUAREZ - Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the US with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued.  (Judicial Watch)  


PM flees


Tom Thabane


LESOTHO - The prime minister of the southern African kingdom of Lesotho has fled to South Africa, alleging a coup by the army and saying his life is in danger.  (BBC)  


MORE:   Confusion    


Perils of eyewitness identification


LONDON , ON - In the winter of 2009, six weeks after she was the victim of a home invasion, Stephanie Reeves was in a London, Ont., convenience store when Kaylei Marie MacDonald walked in and instantly became a cautionary tale in forensic eyewitness psychology.  (National Post) 


Culture shock


OTTAWA - The move from small and isolated communities to larger urban centres can be quite jarring for aboriginals who join the Canadian Armed Forces, says a newly released document.  (CP)


IS executes soldiers




MOSUL - IS published a new video showing a line of Syrian army soldiers being made to walk in their underwear in the desert. A source within IS told FRANCE 24 that these men were later executed.  (AFP)  


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Rebels will allow forces to flee


NOVOAZOVSK - Pro-Moscow rebels fighting in Ukraine have said they would comply with a request from the Kremlin and open up a 'humanitarian corridor' to allow the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops they have encircled.  (Telegraph UK)  


MORE:   Rebels open path for trapped army   Ukraine wants NATO support   'Best not to mess with us' 

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Army intervenes


ISLAMABAD - The military has intervened in Pakistan's ongoing political crisis, playing the role of mediator between the government and opposition figures calling for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's resignation over alleged voter fraud and government inefficiency.  Imran Khan, the leader of the opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), and Tahir-ul-Qadri, a Canada-based anti-government cleric, have led separate protest sit-ins of thousands of demonstrators in Islamabad since August 14, calling for Sharif to resign.    (Jazeera)  


5th country


SENEGAL - Senegal's health ministry has confirmed a first case of Ebola, making it the fifth West African country to be affected by the outbreak.  Health Minister told reporters on Friday that a young man from Guinea was confirmed to have contracted the virus.  The current outbreak, which began in Guinea, has killed more than 1,500 people across the region.  At least 3,000 people have been infected with the virus.   (BBC)


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Graftbusters used


Jimmy Lai


HONG KONG - The raid Thursday morning on properties of media tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee-ying by the Independent Commission Against Corruption represents a new and disturbing development in the growing standoff between democracy advocates and the Establishment in Beijing and its allies in the territory.  Lai is the owner of the Next Media Group, which publishes the rambunctious Apple Daily, a regular and biting opponent of both Beijing and the government of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying in Hong Kong.  (Asia Sentinel)


MORE:   China warns of Hong Kong 'meddling'

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Trade deal threatened


BRUSSELS - EU lawmakers are threatening to block a multi-billion dollar trade pact between Canada and the EU - a blueprint for a much bigger EU-US deal - because it would allow firms to sue governments if they breach the treaty.  But European consumer and environmental groups say a mechanism in the accord would allow multinationals to bully the EU's 28 governments into doing their bidding regardless of environmental, labour and food laws and would set a bad precedent for the planned EU-US trade pact.  (Reuters)


REPORT:   Consolidated CETA text   .pdf

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Speed limits


Across Canada, motorists can be forgiven for being confused: a speed that's deemed to be just fine on a nice, 4 or 6-lane straightaway in one province could result in fines or demerit points in others.  But determining the prime speed, the one ultimately deemed best both for safety and for getting drivers where they want to go in the most timely fashion, isn't easy. It involves a complex equation of engineering, road safety concerns and politics.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Stop 100  


Asylum claim rejected


A refugee judge who found it hard to believe that a domestic abuse victim from Botswana did nothing to get help 'before allowing herself to be beaten some 100 times' rejected her claim for asylum based on her alleged lack of credibility.  Immigration and Refugee Board member Michael Sterlin wrote in his decision refusing Kgang's claim that 'The claimant made insufficient efforts to avail herself of the protection of her own state before coming to Canada.'    (Toronto Star) 


MORE:   Role of women in Botswana  




SYDNEY - Former Playboy model Brandi Brandt was sentenced to up to 6 years in prison Friday for being part of a drug smuggling ring that brought cocaine to Australia.  (AP)


Shooting rampage


Alexander Hernandez


LOS ANGELES - A man who authorities are now calling a serial killer opened fire on Los Angeles-area streets for 5 straight days until he was finally arrested, police said.  By then, 3 people and 2 dogs were dead, 4 people were critically injured and Alexander Hernandez, 34, was in police custody.  (AP)  


MORE:   Arrested for shooting dogs   Suspect in 5 day shooting rampage




OMAHA - Police officers who opened fire while disrupting a robbery at a fast-food restaurant in Omaha killed a crew member with the TV show Cops as well as the suspect, who was armed with a pellet gun that they thought was a real handgun.    (AP)


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HOUSTON - A Texas jury Wednesday acquitted a father of murdering a drunken driver who plowed into the back of his out-of-gas truck on a dark country road, killing his two young sons as they pushed the pickup to their nearby home.  David Barajas, of Alvin, was accused of shooting Jose Banda, 20, after the December 2012 accident outside Houston.   (USA Today)




Hunger among Inuit families is so prevalent in Arctic Quebec that it could be why almost half their children are shorter than average, new research suggests.  A paper published in the Journal of the Canadian Public Health Association says the height discrepancy implies that food insecurity is a long-running problem - not just something that happens occasionally.  (CP)


REPORT:   Food insecurity in Inuit children  


'Administrative error'


OTTAWA - The fate of one of the federal government's toughest crime bills is in doubt after the House of Commons sent the wrong version on to the Senate, which debated that version and sent it on to a committee for further study.  The Commons's mistake affects a key government priority - victim rights - by leaving out 4 amendments approved for the Fairness for Victims Act.   (Globe & Mail)    


MORE:   Private members bills get scant scrutiny   Bill filled with mistakes


Judge recuses himself


MONTREAL - Judge Bruno Leclerc, a Quebec Court judge who was scheduled to hear the preliminary inquiry in the anti-corruption case brought against Antonio Accurso and Richard Marcotte, the former mayor of Mascouche, has recused himself from the proceedings. Leclerc's reasons for stepping away from the case cannot be reported on due to a publication ban.   (PostMedia)


PREVIOUS:   Greed & Corruption Quebec


Legal extortion by regulation


WASHINGTON - The formula is simple: find a large company that may (or may not) have done something wrong; threaten its managers with commercial ruin, preferably with criminal charges; force them to use their shareholders' money to pay an enormous fine to drop the charges in a secret settlement (so nobody can check the details). Then repeat with another large company.   (Economist)    


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Signs of change


GLASGLOW - Offensive tweeting is replacing traditional graffiti while Xboxes and Playstations have helped to reduce levels of hooliganism by lowering the fitness of modern youths, according to Scotland's top policeman.  Sir Stephen House said a rise in abusive behaviour on social media was replacing 'traditional' forms of vandalism.   (Telegraph UK)   


Data fixing


DEKALB COUNTY - CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson has, after a week of silence since his role in manipulating data for a CDC study came to light, issued a press release via his attorney clarifying his position.  Thompson confirmed the main issue, which was data manipulation conducted inside the CDC to hide a causal connection between the MMR vaccine and autism, when the vaccine was given in the first 36 months to African American boys.  (Epoch Times)


Mental health report


Despite persistent calls for more training in de-escalation techniques, there are a handful of police academy instructors in Canada who continue to believe that use of force is 'inevitable' when dealing with people who appear psychotic or are irrational, according to a new report by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. (PostMedia)


REPORT:   Tempo: police interactions

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CHARLOTTETOWN - The federal government is rejecting renewed calls for a public inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women in advance of a meeting Wednesday between premiers and native leaders, one of whom says the prime minister is isolated in his position.  (CTV)


MORE:   Surprise, premiers want more federal money

COMMENT:   Posturing is the only reason for an inquiry   Federal inquiry was never going to accomplish much   We already know why   Another inquiry is the best way to avoid actual action   Nothing of substance 

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Bodies found


LAKE RWERU - Mystery surrounds the discovery of dozens of bodies wrapped in plastic and dumped in a lake bordering Burundi and Rwanda.  Fishermen in Burundi claim to have found 40 corpses floating in Lake Rweru since July, some with their limbs bound. A government spokesman said this figure is probably exaggerated but an investigation is under way.  (Guardian UK)


Metadata like telephone book


CANBERRA - The outgoing head of the ASIO, David Irvine, has compared intelligence agencies' use of metadata to 'looking up a telephone book' and says requiring a warrant for metadata access would cause intelligence gathering and law enforcement to 'grind to a halt'.  (Guardian UK)


PREVIOUS:   Big Brother surveillance    


Under investigation


Christine Lagarde


PARIS - IMF chief Christine Lagarde revealed on Wednesday that she had been placed under formal investigation for 'negligence' over her role in a corruption case dating back to 2008, which involved a massive state payout to French tycoon Bernard Tapie.  (AFP)  


MORE:   IMF chief faces probe


Girl kills instructor


WHITE HILLS - A 9 year-old girl in the US has killed her shooting instructor by accident while being shown how to use a high-powered submachine gun.  The instructor was giving the girl a lesson at a shooting range in Arizona when the recoil from the automatic fire caused her to lose control of the Uzi.  Charles Vacca, 39, was shot in the head and died after being airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas.  (BBC)  


MORE:   Fateful seconds   Gun tourism


Potential ceasefire




GAZA - A long-term ceasefire has been agreed between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian and Egyptian officials say.  Egyptian state media reported that the truce, ending seven weeks of fighting that has left more than 2,200 people dead, would begin at 19:00.  (BBC)  


MORE:   Extended ceasefire

PREVIOUS:    21 executed   2014 Israel-Gaza conflict 


Road crash


LUXOR - 19 people have been killed and 17 wounded in a road accident involving two microbuses in southern Egypt.  The accident took place late on Monday in a village called Al-Dabaiya in the temple city of Luxor when two microbuses collided, left the road and fell into a canal.  (Ahram)  


MORE:   Buses collide

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'Active shooter' is a suicide


FORT LEE - An enraged soldier barricaded herself inside a major command's headquarters and shot herself in the head Monday. She died later in the day. The soldier was a sergeant 1st class who has been in the Army for 14 years and at Fort Lee for 3.  (AP)      


Sex abuse scandal


ROTHERHAM - At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, a report has found.  Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated, it said.  The report, commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council, revealed there had been 3 previous inquiries. (BBC)


REPORT:   Inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham 1997-2013

MORE:   No council officers will face disciplinary action  Evidence ignored by police and council    Fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers

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Suspect wouldn't be charged


Person of interest video


OTTAWA - A 19-year-old man has been identified by police as the intruder who broke into the Ottawa home of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau nearly two weeks ago.  But police are not expected to charge him because it would be difficult to prove criminal intent.   (Huffington Post) 


COMMENT:    Symptom of debased debate   Reefer madness, isn't  

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Deal done


Tim Hortons has agreed to be bought by the company that owns Burger King in a deal that could culminate in the world's third largest fast-food company. (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   'Legal' tax avoidance   Taking Tim Horton's   Global meltdown - wealth    Sharing personal information   FATCA   Uncle Sam shake down   Get in line   Lawsuit    


Meeting filmed


Stretto web


FRAUENFELD - The men, alleged leaders of the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta, were secretly filmed by Italian and Swiss police in the tiny town of Frauenfeld during a two-year investigation that led to the arrest of 18 people on Friday.  The video has given investigators a rare and valuable insight into the private rituals of the Calabrian Mafia and the often discreet expansion of its international operations. (Telegraph UK) 


Suspicious death


Edmonton Journal


EDMONTON - Police officers were called to a home in the area of 37 Ave and 13 St NW, at about 8:30am Friday, after a call was made to 911.  Police said a man who lives in that home, showed up at another house nearby, where a relative lives - it's believed he told family members that a woman had died inside his home.  The body of a female had been found inside the home.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Woman found dead     






TORONTO - A 31-year-old man has died after a hit-and-run in the west end early Saturday morning.  It happened around 5am on St Clair Ave West at Mondovi Gate.  Police said he had been revived by the time he got to Sunnybrook hospital and was later pronounced dead.  A witness told police the driver fled west in a grey or silver van.  (CityNews)  


MORE:   Hit-and-run death    






HALIFAX - Police are investigating a fatal stabbing on Windmill Road in Dartmouth Friday night.  Police are looking for 2 men who they believe stabbed the victim multiple times in the parking lot of Farrell Hall around 10:30pm.  Witnesses told police 3 men were involved in a fight.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Police look for 2 men   Stabbing  




WINNIPEG - Police announced that a second-degree murder charge has been laid in a fatal stabbing on Aug 25 in the 200-block of Austin St N.  Police identified the victim as Jeffery Campbell, 25, of Winnipeg.  Officers said the suspect had been consuming drugs and got into a dispute with the victim.  Michael Tyler John Boubard, 21, of Winnipeg has been charged with second-degree murder.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Arrest made   Homicide arrest

PREVIOUS:   Stabbing victim dies in hospital  


18 years


Chun Qi Jiang & Guang Hua Liu


TORONTO - Chun Qi Jiang will serve life in prison with no parole eligibility for 18 years for violently killing and dismembering his old girlfriend Guang Hua Liu, 41, and disposing of her body parts around the GTA.  A jury found Jiang, 42, guilty of second-degree murder in June.  Jiang killed Liu in a 'spontaneous act' on Aug 10, 2012, after Liu told him she was reconciling with her new boyfriend.   (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Victim not forgotten   Sentenced to life   18 years

PREVIOUS:   Guilty   Found guilty   Police confirm torso ID   Arrest made    


7 years


Justin Dagenais


SUDBURY - Blake Lapierre, the man found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Justin Dagenais, 22, was sentenced 7 years in prison.  Lapierre was found guilty following a deadly fight at a Sudbury area pit party in Aug. 2012.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Found guilty of manslaughter   Killing a result of bad choices   Man stabbed   


6 years


QUEBEC CITY - An HIV positive Quebec man who allegedly had sex with 15 partners and never told them about his health issues was sentenced to 6 years in jail.  Steve Biron, 36, entered a guilty plea in September, 2013 to sexual assault of 15 victims between the ages of 23 and 61. He had already spent 1 year in jail awaiting sentencing, and will now return for another 5.  (QMI)


RELATED:   Teacher gets jail for sex with 15-year-old    


44 to be charged


MONTREAL - 44 city employees face charges for their role in the storming of Montreal city hall last week to protest municipal pension plan reform.  (CBC)


MORE:   2,320 workers left posts 


Fired teacher wins appeal


Lynden Dorval


EDMONTON - Lynden Dorval was suspended in 2012 for giving students zeros when they missed tests or didn't hand in assignments. Four months later, he was fired from his position at Ross Sheppard High School.  In Friday's ruling, the Alberta appeal board found that Dorval’s treatment was unfair. There was "no evidence of deliberate misconduct" in Dorval’s grading practices, the board said.  (CTV)


MORE:   Review vindicates teacher   


No parent planning allowed


VICTORIA - School districts in BC are holding off telling parents that classes will be cancelled next Tuesday as the teachers' strike continues and negotiations unfold.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Neither 'entitled' side will tell parents if they need daycare   


Good to be appointed and set own wage


MONTREAL - For the third straight year, top managers at Montreal's STM transit authority have voted themselves major salary increases, with salary hikes representing between 3.5% and 4.5%, boosting the average salary for the top 11 managers to $226,400.  The same brass recently cut services by $65M, raised fares on January 1 and decreased bus service by 3%.  (CTV)


Tour bus crash




MERRITT - 43 people have been injured, several critically, in a tour bus crash on the Coquihalla Highway, 30 kilometres south of Merritt, BC.   Police initially said the tour bus was heading from the Okanagan Valley to the Vancouver area when it appears to have hit a median and flipped.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Coquihalla crash   Tour bus crashes   Speed not a factor   Family recalls crash 


3 persons of interest



Jabeir Jemmie            Persons of interest


OTTAWA - Ottawa police have released new photos of 3 persons of interest they hope will help them solve the city's latest homicide.  Jabeir Jemmie, 21, was fatally stabbed early Saturday morning at 360 Elgin St.    (CTV)


MORE:   Police release images   3 sought  


Tip pays $150K


HALIFAX - The Nova Scotia Justice Department says it has paid out its first cash reward under the province’s Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes program.  The department says the recipient of the $150,000 reward provided a tip that led to the arrest and conviction of 2 brothers in the disappearance of Melissa Dawn Peacock, who vanished in November 2011.  (CTV)  


8 years


WETASKIWIN - Jonathan Pratt was sentenced to 8 years behind bars, along with a lifetime driving ban.  He was convicted in May, on 3 counts each of manslaughter and impaired driving causing death in the collision on November 26, 2011 that killed Bradley Arsenault, 18, Kole Novak, 18, and Thaddeus Lake, 22.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Guilty of manslaughter   Guilty   Found guilty   Brad, Kole, Thad memorial  


Info for sale


TORONTO - 6 GTA hospitals compromised their patients' personal health data by routinely handing it over to baby photographers who paid for access to maternity wards.  (Toronto Star)




FOX LAKE - In the early hours of Aug 22, 2014, North Peace Tribal Police Service responded to a report of a shooting and found Ramona Noskiye, 46, dead at the scene.  Andy Noskiye, 20, was apprehended at a nearby residence.  (Edmonton Journal) 





Natasha Farah      Wanted suspect


CALGARY - Police have now identified the man charged in connection with the fatal shooting of Natasha Farah over the weekend.  Police say Hussein Ibrahim, 21, has been charged with one charge of discharging a firearm recklessly.  CPS identified Ibrahim as one of the shooters involved, but they have also determined that there was more than one shooter, thus the single charge.  Police are awaiting the results of forensics and ballistics testing before additional charges are considered.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Suspect in custody   Innocent bystander   Bystander shot   Woman shot dead  




EDMONTON - More Albertans died from drug overdoses in 2012 than vehicle crashes.  In 2012, 345 people died in collisions compared to 387 who died from accidental overdoses.  The numbers from the medical examiner did not distinguish between prescription and illicit drug deaths. (QMI) 


2 women charged


TORONTO - A disturbance forced a Sunwing flight bound for Cuba to return to Pearson International Airport under a military escort.  Peel Region police say Lilia Ratmanski, 25, of Whitby, and Milana Muzikante, 26, of Vaughan, have been charged with smoking on board an aircraft and endangering the safety of an aircraft.   (CP)  


MORE:   Women released on bail  Could face $50K bill  




Des Hague


VANCOUVER - A US millionaire caught on camera apparently repeatedly kicking a puppy in a Vancouver elevator has been ordered to donate $100,000 and complete 1,000 hours of community service, or lose his job as CEO of a major catering company.   (CTV)  


MORE:   CEO put on probation

PREVIOUS:   Centerplate     


Aquarium launches legal action


VANCOUVER - The Vancouver Aquarium has launched a legal challenge over the city park board's attempt to prohibit the breeding of whales, dolphins and porpoises at the popular tourist attraction.  (CP)


Woman an innocent bystander


Jelena Loncar


TORONTO - Jelena Loncar, 32, who lived about two blocks from C Lounge on Wellington St, died at hospital after shots rang out near the downtown bar.  Tremaine Nigel Fraser, 25, who was shot 5 times, was taken to hospital in critical condition after stumbling into a nearby gas station. (QMI)  


MORE:   Victims identified

PREVIOUS:   Shooting   Shooting outside nightclub   Woman dead, man injured    


Wanted arrested



Kevin Bowser       Shilo Beals


NEW TECUMSETH - A man wanted after a fatal shooting 10 years ago in Halifax has been arrested in Ontario.  A Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued last month for Shilo Marcino Beals, 31, of Cherry Brook, NS.  Beals is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Kevin Bowser on July 10, 2004.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Warrant arrest

PREVIOUS:   Rewards for unsolved crimes: Kevin James Bowser  


Charges upgraded


HAMILTON - Charges against Brantford police officer Ryan Grant will be upgraded to impaired driving causing death, after 27-year-old Joey Flaherty, a passenger who fell out of Grant's Jeep in early Tuesday morning incident, has died in hospital.   (CBC)  




Cody Legebokoff


PRINCE GEORGE - Cody Allan Legebokoff admitted he was 'involved' in the murder of 2 women as he took the stand in his own defence Tuesday.  Accused of killing them and 2 other women, Legebokoff testified that 3 others were involved in 3 of the deaths but refused to give their names other than to refer to them as X, Y and Z.  During morning testimony Legebokoff admitted he was 'involved' in the murders of Jill Stacey Stuchenko, 35, and Cynthia Frances Maas, 35.  (Prince George Citizen)  


PREVIOUS:   Legebokoff trial   Highway of tears    


Coroner's investigations


TORONTO - A coroner's investigation into the suicide of a Toronto police officer may end a mother's five-month battle to see her dead son's final words.  Const. Clint Cibulis hanged himself at his home in March at the age of 34, two days after he had been temporarily suspended for allegedly sending a harassing video to a female officer.  A coroner's investigation has also been launched into the death of Sgt. Richard 'Bucky' Rogers, who hanged himself in July.  Rogers' family claims that before his suicide, the 24-year veteran of the force had tried for more than a year to get help but was ridiculed, bullied and humiliated by his supervisors.  (CityNews)


PREVIOUS:   Suicide  


We want more money


VANCOUVER - ICBC says it will file an application Friday with the BC Utilities Commission to ask for a 5.2% increase in basic insurance rates. The changes would take effect Nov. 1.  (CTV)


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Lawyer charged


Meerai Cho


TORONTO - A Toronto real estate lawyer has been charged with 75 offences after a condo development went bust - and more than $12M in deposits disappeared from a trust account.  Meerai Cho, 63, was handling investors' money for a proposed 14-storey hotel and 30-storey residential tower, with some commercial space, in North York.  In advance of construction, Ms. Cho allegedly began holding money in trust for developer, Yo Sup (Joseph) Lee.  It's not known where Mr. Lee is, and his lawyer, Ms. Cho, has filed for bankruptcy. (PostMedia)  


MORE:   How safe is deposit money

PREVIOUS:   Lawyer arrested   Project raises red flags

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Williams settles with some


Russell Williams


BELLEVILLE - 4 years after he was sentenced to life behind bars, serial sex killer Russell Williams has reached an out-of-court financial settlement with some of his many victims.  (Macleans)


I didn't steal anything


Murray Clearsky


WINNIPEG - Adamant he took nothing from the community he once represented, former Southern Chiefs' Organization grand chief Murray Clearsky faced the media Monday amid allegations he and others are responsible for more than $260,000 in questionable transactions.  (QMI)    


MORE:   Trouble at the Southern Chiefs' organization  Organization must explain expenses




Thomas Lukaszuk


EDMONTON - Progressive Conservative leadership contender Thomas Lukaszuk stuck taxpayers with over $20,000 in international data roaming charges while on a personal trip to Poland and Israel in 2012.  (QMI)


MORE:   RCMP search for leaker   'Urgent government business' 


1 charged


Benard Asante


TORONTO - Olatoyebi Waheed, 24, died of a gunshot wound to the chest on Aug. 19.  A second man, 23, was wounded in the shooting.  Charged with murder and attempted murder is Franklin Afrifa, 25.   Police are also searching for another suspect, Benard Asante, 24, also known as Benard Kissi.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Cops hunt accused killer   1 arrested, 1 wanted  

PREVIOUS:   Victim Identified   Known


Foul play not ruled out


SHEFFIELD - RCMP say the remains of a body have been found on an island in the Sheffield area.  Foul play has not yet been ruled out.  RCMP say they responded to a call around 12:30pm Saturday. The human remains were spotted by people walking on the island near McGowans Corner.  (CTV)  




WINNIPEG - Police said they were called to the scene at about 1:40pm after a passer-by noticed the unconscious man on Spence St.  Winnipeg police said Helder Serpa, 57, was walking home in the area when he was confronted by an unknown man. Serpa was stabbed several times in the upper body.  Matthew James Sellner, 35, is facing charges of second degree murder.  (Metro)


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