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IED detonated inside restaurant


MISSISSAUGA - Police are looking for 2 suspects who they say set off an improvised explosive device inside a Mississauga restaurant, leaving 15 people injured.  Police and paramedics said they were called to the Bombay Bhel Restaurant at around 10:30pm on Thursday.  (Global)


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MB evacuations


WINNIPEG - Almost 900 people have been evacuated from two fire-threatened eastern Manitoba First Nations, with another 200 expected to touch down in Winnipeg by the end of Thursday, as a 20,000-hectare fire continues to burn toward the communities of Little Grand Rapids and Pauingassi.   (CBC)


MORE:   BC evacuation alert 


Mother, daughter wounded


Alexander C Tilghman


OKLAHOMA CITY - Officers responded at about 6:30pm Thursday to reports of a shooting at Louie's Grill & Bar at Lake Hefner. Police said Alexander C Tilghman, 28, walked into the restaurant and started firing. A mother and a daughter, Natalie Giles, 39, and Syniah Giles, 12, were shot as they were walking in.  Police said the shooter walked outside, and was shot and killed by 2 armed citizens, Juan Carlos Nazario, 35, and Bryan Wittle, 39.  (KOCO)


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Harvey Weinstein


NEW YORK - Harvey Weinstein was released on $1M bail in New York City on Friday, after surrendering to police for rape, criminal sex act and other sex charges stemming from encounters with two women.  (AP)


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Visa and Translink drop ads


Morgan Freeman


VANCOUVER - Marketing experts are warning of the volatility of male celebrity endorsements following allegations of sexual harassment against Morgan Freeman, and Visa ending its advertising agreement with the actor.  On Thursday morning, CNN reported that 8 people had come forward alleging inappropriate behaviour or sexual harassment at the hands of Freeman, an 80-year-old actor with an iconic voice. Later that day, Freeman issued an apology.   (StarMetro) 


$1B verdict


ATLANTA - A Georgia jury has awarded an eye-popping $1B verdict against a security company after an apartment complex guard was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl. The guard, identified in the lawsuit as Brandon Lamar Zachary, was convicted of statutory rape and is serving a 20-year prison sentence.  The jury on Tuesday handed down the verdict against Crime Prevention Agency, the security company that employed Zachary.  (AP)


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Mussels test positive


SEATTLE - Scientists at the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife have found that mussels in Seattle's waters are testing positive for opioids.  The finding suggests 'a lot of people' are taking oxycodone in the Puget Sound, researchers say.   Washington's King County, home to Seattle and the Puget Sound, saw a record number of drug deaths in 2016, with 332 opioid-related overdoses.  (BBC)


Russian missile downed flight


BUNNIK - Detailed analysis of video and photos has unequivocally established that the Buk missile that brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 came from the Russian military's 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade based in the city of Kursk.  (AP)


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Trump cancels summit with Kim


Trump        Kim


WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump on Thursday called off his planned June 12 summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a letter released by the White House.  (Reuters)


REPORT:   Letter to Chairman Kim Jong Un

MORE:   Trump says summit could be back on


NFL new policy


ATLANTA - NFL owners have unanimously approved a new national anthem policy that requires players to stand if they are on the field during the performance but gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer.  (ESPN)


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4 teens charged with murder  



Amy Caprio              Dawnta Anthony Haris


BALTIMORE - After Dawnta Anthony Harris, 16, was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly accelerating a stolen Jeep at a Maryland police officer Amy Caprio and fatally running her down, 3 more teenagers have been charged as adults in her death.  Darrell Jaymar Ward, 15, Derrick Eugene Matthews, 16, and Eugene Robert Genius IV, 17, were charged with first-degree murder even though they were allegedly burglarizing a nearby home when she was killed.  (Time)


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Couple guilty



Sophie Lionnet      Kouider     Medouni 


LONDON - French nanny Sophie Lionnet was waterboarded and beaten to death at the London home of Sabrina Kouider and her partner Ouissem Medouni after being put through brutal interrogations which were recorded by the paranoid pair.  The couple were convicted of murder after an often-disturbing trial heard how they became convinced their nanny was spying on them for the mother's former Boyzone member ex.  (Daily Mail)  


New rules


On Friday the EU will bring into effect some of the world's strictest online privacy rules - new regulations that some experts say will afford Canadian internet users more protections, as well, if companies opt to extend the privacy features to users worldwide.  Companies that infringe on sections of the GDPR could face costly punishments, including potential fines of up to 20M euro or 4% of their total global revenue from the preceding year - whichever is greater. And it's not just European companies that must adhere to the new rules around data collection, storage and third-party sharing: any company that collects user data from European citizens or does trade with European companies has to comply.   (CBC)


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DeeAnn Fitzpatrick


SCRABSTER - The family of a woman from Bell Island, NL, is speaking out about alleged workplace abuse of their sister - which included being bound and gagged in an office chair.  DeeAnn Fitzpatrick said the incident occurred in 2010, but it was part of a decade-long pattern of bullying and abuse that she experienced when she worked as a fisheries officer at Marine Scotland's Scrabster office on Scotland's northern coast.


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Clear evidence


GRASSY NARROWS - More than four decades after mercury was dumped upstream from Grassy Narrows First Nation, the physical and mental health of the people there is by many key measures “considerably worse” than that of other First Nations in Canada, according to a landmark new government-funded survey.  (Toronto Star)


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Sale blocked


OTTAWA - The federal government has blocked the sale of Canadian construction company Aecon to China's CCCC.   (CBC)


MORE:   Ottawa blocks takeover   Why it fell through and matters


Active deadly threat


An active deadly threat is when an individual is actively killing or attempting to kill people, generally in a confined and/or populated area, and, in most cases, with a firearm.  What would you do?  (VPD)


Taxpayer funded weirdness


Why is the Province of BC suing Alberta?  To keep getting Alberta oil.  Which BC is also suing to not get.  (PostMedia)


MORE:   Pipeline battle courts   BC files lawsuit against AB over Bill-12   BC Supreme Court dismisses environmental certificate challenges   Van to pay legal costs   Pipeline debate dividing First Nations   Tracking indigenous communities affected

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Unpaid taxes


VANCOUVER - The CRA has found nearly $600M in unpaid taxes in Ontario and British Columbia's real estate sector over the past 3 years. It has levied $47M in penalties for the same period.  In BC alone, $169M in unpaid taxes were related to real estate transactions and income tax, the agency found. In Ontario that number was $423M.  (StarMetro) 


Patients escape


MBANDAKA - 3 patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus slipped out of an isolation ward at a hospital in the Congolese city of Mbandaka.  Two patients left the hospital on Monday, one was found dead and another was sent back to hospital and died shortly afterwards. Another patient left on Saturday, but was found alive the same day and is under observation.  Health officials are particularly concerned by the disease's presence in Mbandaka, a crowded trading hub upstream from Kinshasa, a city of 10M people.   (Reuters) 


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Piracy attacks


LONDON - Pirate attacks around South American and Caribbean waters are growing, and violence is increasingly used during robberies committed on vessels at anchor, a report showed on Wednesday.   The Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) non-profit group recorded 71 incidents in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2017, a 163% increase over 2016. (Reuters)


REPORT:   State of Maritime piracy 2017 




Michael Rotondo


CAMILLUS - State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood tried everything he could today to convince a 30-year-old man to move out of his parents' Camillus house on his own.  But after half an hour of back-and-forth, primarily between the son, Michael Rotondo, and the judge, the judge had had enough:  Rotondo would have to move out, the judge ruled.  (Syracuse Post-Standard)


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Protesters killed


THOOTHUKUDI - At least 9 people have been killed after police fired at protesters calling for the closure of a copper smelter in southern India.  Residents of the port city of Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu state, alongside environmentalists, have been demonstrating against one of India's biggest copper plants for more than 3 months, alleging it is a major source of pollution and a risk to fisheries.  The plant's owner, the London-based Vedanta Resources, is one of the world's largest mining companies.   (Reuters)




KARACHI - An intense heatwave across south Asia has killed dozens of people with sustained temperatures in excess of 40C (104F) coinciding with power cuts and Ramadan, when many Muslims avoid eating or drinking water.  At least 65 people have died in Karachi in recent days according to the charitable organization that runs the central morgue.   (Guardian UK) 


Found guilty


Philip Wilson


NEWCASTLE - The most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child sexual abuse - Adelaide's Archbishop Philip Wilson - has been found guilty by a New South Wales court, in a landmark ruling.  The 67-year-old was accused of covering up abuse by priest Jim Fletcher in the NSW Hunter region in the 1970s.  (ABC AU)


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EDMONTON - Officers responded to reports of gunshots fired in the area of 111 St and 23 Ave at approximately1am Thursday.  A 25-year-old man was taken to hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries at 6am.  Police deemed the death a homicide and detectives are investigating.  (CTV)


MORE:    Homicide 




REGINA - The body of Shawn Robert Coghill, 35, was found in a home on the 1100-block of Retallack St early Wednesday morning.  Brent Stacee Creely, 26, is facing a second-degree murder charge.  (Regina Leader-Post)


MORE:    Man charged 




Abbegail Elliott


TORONTO - Police have identified the woman fatally stabbed at an apartment on Spadina Road at around 4:30pm Wednesday as Abbegail Elliott, 21.  (Toronto Star)


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TORONTO - A jury has acquitted Havard McKenzie of second degree murder in the fatal shooting of Tariq Mohammed, 31, in a downtown Chinese food restaurant on Nov 16, 2014.  (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Alleged shooter acquitted

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VANCOUVER - A Vancouver police search of a Yaletown apartment that resulted in the seizure of an illegal AK-47, two Ruger guns, a silencer and ammunition violated the Charter rights of the condo resident, a BC Supreme Court judge has ruled.  Justice Heather MacNaughton acquitted Michael John French of several firearms charges after she ruled that the guns could not be used as evidence because the police initially searched his 16th floor unit in May 2014 without a warrant.   (Vancouver Sun) 


No police wrongdoing


VANCOUVER - The province's police watchdog has found no wrongdoing in the case of a man who lit himself on fire inside a Vancouver McDonald's earlier this year.  A report released Thursday into police actions on the night of March 15 said the man's injuries were a result of his own actions, and that no officer had committed an offence.  (CTV)


MORE:   IIOBC Serious Harm 2018-034  .pdf


Retired officer charged


BRAMPTON - A retired Peel Regional Police officer is facing charges of fraud and laundering proceeds of crime.  Police say retired constable Mark Androlia, a 40-year employee of the force, was arrested and charged on Tuesday.  Androlia, resigned on May 4.  (Sun Media)


MORE:   Charged


Child found dead


BURLINGTON - Emergency crews were called to the Crossroads Centre, a faith-based television station on North Service Road, around 5:30pm Wednesday following reports of a boy who wasn't breathing.  The boy, who police believe is three years old, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say that by the time they arrived, the boy was outside the vehicle.  Police would not comment on whether the heat was a factor in the child's death.   (CBC)


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Living in Vancouver


Ariel Gandulla


VANCOUVER - Ariel Gandulla is alleged to be one of 4 men who participated in the vicious killing in 2011 of Camilo Salazar.  US prosecutors have been aware that Gandulla is in Canada.  Gandulla is facing charges of murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder. Roberto Isaac and Alexis Vila have pleaded not guilty and remain in jail in Miami. Manuel Marin, who investigators say orchestrated the hit, is believed to be hiding in Spain.  (PostMedia) 


Officers arrested


MONTREAL - Patrick Guay, 33, and Pierre-Luc Furlotte, 35 - were arrested Wednesday morning.  Both men are charged with assaulting, threatening and the forcible confinement of Tobie-Charles Angers Levasseur, a man who is now 32. The alleged crimes took place on March 31, 2010.  Angers Levasseur, a homeless man, was reportedly picked up by police officers in downtown Montreal and driven to a remote area outside Montreal and left to fend for himself.   (Montreal Gazette)


Cyclist killed in hit-and-run


Daunte Thompson-Bruce


TORONTO - Police say the victim was riding in the Ninth Line and Bethesda Sideroad area when he was struck between 2am and 6am Tuesday.  They say a passerby spotted the injured cyclist's mangled bicycle on the roadside, stopped their vehicle and found the man in a nearby ditch.  Friends identified the victim as Daunte Thompson-Bruce, 20.  (CTV)


MORE:   How could you leave him to die


Charged in cold case



Terrie Ann Dauphinais     Kenneth Dauphinais


CALGARY - The body of Terrie Ann Dauphinais, 24, was found in a home in the 100-block of Citadel Peak Circle NW on April 29, 2002 and an autopsy deemed her death a homicide.  Terrie Ann's estranged husband Kenneth Dauphinais has been charged with second-degree murder.   (CTV)


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I want your life


TORONTO - Police are warning the public after two 15-year-old boys were stabbed by a stranger while walking on a quiet suburban street in Scarborough.  The man, described as white with average build, very short dark hair and full beard, is believed to be armed, violent and dangerous.  (CBC) 




Leonardo B. French


VANCOUVER - Leonardo B French, 74, a Richmond man with a long history of sexual offences is facing sexual assault charges after a young girl was allegedly groped while riding a Coast Mountain bus.  French, who also has used the aliases Leonardo Da Vancouver and Victor Leonard Boudreau, is well-known to police and is known to travel often on public transit. The Mounties believe there may be other victims and are hoping to speak with them.   (PostMedia)


2 bodies found


WINNIPEG - Police said they were called to the home on Buckingham Road just before 9pm Monday and found 2 dead bodies.  Officials said both of the deceased were adults.  (CTV)


MORE:   2 found dead   Lorne and Angela Turner ID'd   




Philip Butler


CONCEPTION BAY SOUTH - Philip Charles Butler, 36, was charged Tuesday with second-degree murder in the death of George Allan Butler.  Police were called to Philip Butler's home on Comerford's Road shortly after 8pm Monday.  Police discovered George Allan Butler dead inside the home.   (CBC)


MORE:   Serious incident     Man charged in death of brother 


Human remains found


TORONTO - Police are investigating after human remains were found near Highway 401 and Morningside Ave.  Officers were looking for an unrelated suspect, with the help of police dogs, when they came upon the remains Sunday night.   (CBC)


MORE:   Remains identified, not foul play    




Jaiden Jackson


TORONTO - Investigators said the victim left Pick 6ix with an unidentified woman at around 9pm Sunday.  As they walked westbound on Wellington St a four-door Honda Civic pulled out of nearby laneway and 2 of the 3 suspects jumped out of the car and started shooting.  Jaiden Jackson, 28, was rushed to hospital in critical condition but did not survive.  Jackson was targeted and known to police.   (CP24)


MORE:   Victim ID'd

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FISHING LAKE METIS SETTLEMENT - RCMP were called to the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement at about noon Saturday.  Police arrived and found a deceased woman.  Marc Jess, 27, has been arrested and charged with first degree murder.   (CTV)


MORE:   Shooting   Charged laid 




Carleton Stevens


VANCOUVER - Police have arrested a man in connection with a targeted double shooting on Friday at the back of a print shop on Industrial Ave that left a man injured and caused a heavily pregnant woman to lose her unborn baby.  Carleton Stevens, 37, has been charged with one count of attempted murder+.   (CTV)


MORE:   Arrest   Suspect has a history 


Missing father


Gilles Giasson


TROIS-RIVIERES - Police searched a landfill in St-Etienne-Des-Gres on Monday for clues about the disappearance of Gilles Giasson, 67.   SQ said investigators are operating on the thesis that Giasson was murdered.  Giasson shared an apartment with his son Francois Asselin, 35, who was charged on Friday for the second-degree murder of Francois Lefebvre, as well as committing an indignity to a body.  Lefebvre's body was discovered on Thursday in a truck belonging to the Trois-Rivieres company that employed him and Asselin.   (CTV)


MORE:   Father of suspect missing   Possible double murder   Body found in garbage    


No charges


HALIFAX - The Serious Incident Response Team police watchdog says there are no grounds to charge an officer who shot a man suspected in a homicide.  RCMP were investigating a homicide in Bayhead last Sept when they began pursuing a possible suspect in a car.  Officers tried for several hours to get him to surrender, but gunfire erupted and the man was wounded by the RCMP officers.  The team says it doesn't believe charges are warranted, but can't release any details since the matter is before the courts.   (CTV)   




TORONTO - Police were called to the scene on Milford Haven Drive and Greenock Ave around 3am Sunday for the sound of gunfire. Mohammed Gharda, 17, of Toronto was pronounced dead on scene. Police say the shooting also left an 18-year-old man seriously injured. Both were believed to be in the same car at the time of the shooting.   (CBC)


MORE:   Teen shot   Teen dead in shooting   1 dead, 1 injured 




FLIN FLON - Officers responded to a call of a disturbance on Bellevue Ave around 6:00am Saturday.  Officers determined that there had been a fight and 2 people had been stabbed.  One victim, a 23-year-old woman was transported to hospital, where she later died.  The second victim was a 22-year-old woman taken to hospital in stable condition.  Faith Margaret Rose Linklater, 23, has been charged with one count of second degree murder and one count of attempted murder.   (Global)


MORE:   Stabbing   Charges 




Richard Green


TIMMINS - A vehicle fire occurred Friday afternoon. Firefighters responded and quickly knocked down the fire only to discover that human remains were inside the car.  Police said they are seeking public assistance in trying to find Richard 'Ricky' Green, 41.   (Timmins Press)


MORE:   Now in custody


Police custody death


PRINCE ALBERT - Ryan Kereluk, 34, was found in his cell unconscious and not breathing at 7:54am Friday. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful, and he was pronounced dead.   (CTV)


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