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Taxes rule


Canadian federal election 2015 


TORONTO - Canadians retain just 21% of their income after paying the taxman and covering the cost of necessities, according to a Fraser Institute study.  Taxes gobble up a whopping 42% of the average Canadian family's income. About 37% of income goes to cover housing, food and clothing.  (Sun Media)


REPORT:   Consumer tax index 2015

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Migrants suffocated




PARNDORF - At least 20 migrants, and possibly up to 50, have been found dead inside a lorry in eastern Austria, with indications that they had suffocated.  Police believe the victims had been dead for some time and the state of the bodies made it difficult to say how many there were in the lorry.  (Reuters)


MORE:   Abandoned truck   Bodies found in truck 


Cop killed by cousin


SUNSET - A cop shot dead in Louisiana was killed by his cousin using his own service weapon after the suspect stabbed the mayor's sister to death and injured 2 more.  Officer Henry Nelson, 51, was shot dead after responding to a domestic violence call at the home of Harrison Lee Wiley Jr at around 5pm yesterday.  According to police, Wiley stabbed sisters Shameka Johnson, 40, and Surlay Johnson, 34, after they tried to protect Wiley's wife Courtney Jolivette while the pair were arguing.  (Daily Mail) 


Father wanted


Saren Azer


COMOX - A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for a Vancouver Island man who failed to bring his 4 children home to his ex-wife following a European trip.  (CBC)    


MORE:   Kids abducted by dad   Fund Razr 


PM ducks corruption conference


Najib Razak


PUTRAJAYA - In what has to be a major embarrassment, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has quietly cancelled his appearance as a speaker at the prestigious 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) gathering, to be held Sep 2-4 in the country's capital of Putrajaya.  (Asia Sentinel)


MORE:   16th international anti-corruption conference speakers   Robert G. Card, President and CEO of SNC-Lavalin

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Cash cow laws under spotlight


It's not exactly breaking news that Canada has sometimes perplexing alcohol laws.  The ongoing trial of Gerard Comeau aptly illustrates the point.   NB's law - as well as its counterparts in other provinces - gets its teeth from a 1928 federal statute called the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act. It mandates that alcohol can only move in or out of provinces with permission from its liquor control board.  (CBC)  


MORE:   NB Liquor says it could go out of business if it loses 

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Like a bullet with an airbag


OAKVILLE - In a bid to better equip themselves against unruly crowds and violent psychiatric episodes, Canadian police agencies have been stocking up on a new kind of non-lethal projectile designed to cause maximum pain without doing permanent damage.  'You're causing more pain, but you're not getting that depth and penetration that causes injury,' said Gregory Sullivan, president and CEO of Security Devices International, a Canadian company selling 'blunt impact projectiles' to the North American market.  (National Post) 


Global crackdown


Human rights organizations and campaign groups are facing their biggest crackdown in a generation as a wave of countries pass restrictive laws and curtail activity. Almost half the world's states have implemented controls that affect tens of thousands of organizations across the globe.  Over the past 3 years, more than 60 countries have passed or drafted laws that curtail the activity of non-governmental and civil society organizations.  (Guardian UK)


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Downside of over charging


TORONTO - Statistics Canada says the country's broadcasters saw profits decline by more than 20% in 2014, partly as a result of the impact of factors like online streaming and mobile viewing on advertising revenue.  The federal agency says total revenues for the broadcast television industry dropped 0.3% in the year to $7.6B, while profits before interest and taxes fell 22% to $836.8M.  (CP)


REPORT:   Television broadcasting 2014


News crew shot



Parker & Ward                           Flanagan


MONETA - The man suspected of killing 2 WDBJ7 employees Wednesday morning shot himself on I-66 in Faquier County and is in critical condition.  The suspected shooter has been identified as Vester Lee Flanigan.  He is a former WDBJ7 employee.  The suspect opened fire on WDBJ7 photographer Adam Ward and WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker around 6:45am during a live broadcast at Bridgewater Plaza.  (WDBJ7)  


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Roma camp shootout


ROYE - A man shot dead 4 people, including a baby and policeman, at a Roma camp in northern France on Tuesday.  3 other people, including the gunman, were seriously wounded in the attack, which took place in the northern town of Roye.  Witnesses said a fight erupted in the camp and a man, who may have been drunk, started shooting when police turned up to investigate.  (Local)


MORE:   Gunman shoots 4   Police dismantle Roma slum   Roma (Gypsies) 


Hungary scrambles




ROSZKE - Hungary made plans on Wednesday to reinforce its southern border with helicopters, mounted police and dogs, and was also considering using the army as record numbers of migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, passed through coils of razor-wire into Europe.  Authorities said over 140,000 migrants had entered Hungary from Serbia to far this year.  (Reuters)  


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Caste protest





AHMEDABAD - India has deployed paramilitary forces and imposed a curfew in Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat state, after violence broke out at a protest led by a powerful Patel caste to demand more government jobs and college places.  Stone-throwing Patels torched cars, buses and police stations over the arrest of their leader, Hardik Patel, who had hours earlier on Tuesday led a massive protest in Ahmedabad, (Jazeera)  


MORE:   Patel agitation for quota   India turns off mobile internet for 67M 


Court greenlights impeachment



Otto Perez Molina     Roxana Baldetti


GUATEMALA CITY - The Supreme Court of Guatemala 'unanimously' decided to process an impeachment request against President Otto Perez Molina, which will lift his presidential immunity and allow investigators to probe his alleged involvement in a customs fraud case and for corruption in social security.  (EFE) 


MORE:   Former VP to stand trial for corruption   Cop court approves bid to impeach President    President resists calls to resign   Political crisis


Bombs strapped to 2 children


DAMATURU - At least 6 people were killed after explosives strapped to 2 children detonated in the NE Nigerian city of Damaturu on Tuesday.  A girl about 12-years-old exploded around 7:30am at a motor park killing herself and 3 others.  The motor park blast also injured 22 others.  Meanwhile, the bombs carried by a boy detonated as a man tried to disarm him in the city's Pompari area.  (Bloomberg)


Explosion at gas terminal


HERAT - At least 10 children and 1 adult were killed by a series of explosions and subsequent blaze which began at a gas storage facility outside Herat on Monday night.  The casualties were residents of an adjacent camp for people displace by the fighting.   (Vice)


MORE:   Gas blast




 Mike Duffy  


OTTAWA - The battle on Monday erupted over the continuing question of who among Prime Minister Stephen Harper's staff knew about the $90,000 secret repayment of Duffy's expenses made by former chief of staff Nigel Wright.  Duffy has pleaded not guilty to 31 counts of fraud, breach of trust and bribery at his trial, which is hearing a final week of testimony before taking another break.  (CP)


COMMENT:   Rise of a Machiavellian PMO

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System broken


VANCOVUER - Money laundering experts say there is no way for Canadians to know how much dirty money is being laundered in Vancouver real estate through Canadian lawyers.  Some experts say an even bigger money-laundering risk in BC real estate is a loophole involving lawyers and trust funds.  Canadian lawyers claimed a decisive victory in February when the SCC ruled the federal government could not hold lawyers to the same standards as other FINTRAC-regulated sectors because that would violate solicitor-client privilege.  The result is that lawyers do not have to report suspicious transactions to Fintrac.  (Vancouver Province)


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Latest warrantless access scheme


OTTAWA - Telecommunications companies and other service providers - such as banks and rental companies - now demand court approval for nearly all types of requests from authorities for basic identifying information, the police chiefs say.  They reveal that a discussion paper spearheaded by the Department of Justice was recently presented to the federal, provincial and territorial cybercrime working group of senior officials. It outlined 3 legislative options for allowing access to basic subscriber information.  (CP)


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2 suicides linked


Ashley Madison  


TORONTO - Police revealed Monday they are investigating 2 unconfirmed reports of suicides relating to the data hack targeted against adultery website Ashley Madison.  The Toronto-based website, which offers to connect people looking to have an affair, was initially hacked last month by a group called The Impact Team.  (Global) 


MORE:   Ashley Madison data breach


IS destroys more history



Temple of Ba'al


PALMYRA - A resident in the Syrian city of Palmyra says Islamic State militants have demolished the ancient temple of Baalshamin after laying explosives around it for over a month, confirming earlier reports. The UN cultural watchdog UNESCO called the destruction of the temple a 'war crime.'   (AP)


MORE:   Photos show temple destruction    Temple blown up   Suicide bomber kills 2 Iraqi generals

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Officers killed


KAILALI - Demonstrators armed with spears and axes have killed 8 police officers in western Nepal during escalating protests against a proposed new constitution.  The government announced a curfew and plans to send in the army to Kailali district in the country's remote far west, where authorities said there were reports that 3 demonstrators may have also died.  (Guardian UK)


MORE:   Deaths in Kailali 


Trash crisis





BEIRUT - Protests over corruption and political dysfunction are rattling Lebanon, threatening more instability in a country already hobbled by a huge influx of Syrian refugees and attacks by Islamist militants.  On Sunday, demonstrators clashed with police for a second day in a row amid a crisis over garbage collection that has evolved into a broader protest against the government.   (Washington Post)  


MORE:   Rubbish protesters   Protests 


2 arrested



James Stumbo & Kevin Norton 


BOSTON - 2 men referenced the Columbine killings and made online threats toward attendees at the Pokemon World Championships before their arrest on weapons charges.  Kevin Norton, 18, and James Stumbo, 27, both of Iowa, were arraigned Monday.  (Boston Globe)   


MORE:   'Squeaky' and 'Stumbo' denied bail   Pokemon  


New mass graves




PERLIS - New mass graves with 24 bodies thought to be those of migrants have been found in Malaysia.  The graves were found in the state of Perlis near the Thai border not far from 139 grave sites unearthed in May.  (BBC)


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Death toll rises




SUSSEX - 11 people are now thought to have died after a vintage jet crashed into a main road in West Sussex.  This figure could rise further as police continue their investigation.  The Hawker Hunter plane plummeted into traffic on the A27 on Saturday after attempting a loop manoeuvre.   (BBC)


MORE:   Shoreham plane crash video   Huge scale of explosion   

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Secret extraditions


NEW YORK - Through what it calls 'Operation Fox Hunt,' the Chinese Communist Party is sending agents abroad who are threatening and harassing people wanted for corruption in China.  Since 2014, the program has repatriated 930 suspects, only 70 of whom returned voluntarily.  While the CCP has branded the operation as a drive to enforce Chinese law abroad - it's not the case. The operation is being done out of fear that former Chinese officials running from the law may expose the internal affairs of the CCP.  (Epoch Times) 


Placed under control


Jiang Zemin


BEIJING - Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping has made his first significant move against the former Party boss, and his chief rival, Jiang Zemin. The source said that Jiang and his 2 sons have been 'placed under control,' meaning that their freedom of movement has been temporarily restricted.  (Epoch Times)  


State of exception


TACHIRA STATE - More than 2,000 soldiers of Venezuela's FANB are making a 'house by house' search in an area along the Colombian border in a hunt for paramilitary forces, smugglers and people wanted for other crimes, as part of the 'state of exception' decreed by President Nicolas Maduro. The search, it said, is being carried out in an area of Tachira state 'invaded' illegally by around 1,900 families, 90% of whose members are 'of Colombian origin.'  On Friday night, Maduro declared a state of exception in Tachira for 60 days and closed 'until further notice' all border crossings to and from the neighboring country. (EFE) 


MORE:   Colombians deported   House to house search called a census 


Canada censorship row


Margaret Atwood


OTTAWA - On Friday Margaret Atwood found herself at the centre of a censorship debate.  The acclaimed author penned a satirical column lambasting Canada's conservative prime minister Stephen Harper's hair, which has become an unusual talking point in the lead up to the general election in October.  Hours after publication on the National Post website, the piece was removed. Senior newspaper staff later said 'the necessary fact checking had not been completed'.  (Guardian UK)


MORE:   Column vanishes, returns   Hairgate


Gunman on train


Sadler, Sharlatos & Norman      Stone


PARIS - A gunman overpowered by passengers on a train in France on Friday was known to European authorities as a suspected Islamist militant, provided the identity he has given interrogators is correct.  2 people were wounded in the struggle to subdue the Kalashnikov-toting attacker aboard the train from Amsterdam to Paris. (Reuters)


MORE:   Attack foiled   Gunman overpowered   Video   Suspect's profile   Gunman says he is a robber not a terrorist


Death toll rises to 121




TIANJIN - The death toll from a warehouse blast in north China's Tianjin has risen to 121, including 67 firefighters and 7 policemen.  (Xinhua)


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Convoy attacked




KABUL - An explosion has rocked the diplomatic area of the Afghan capital, Kabul, police have said, with at least 10 people killed and 60 injured.  Police say it was a suicide attack on a foreign military convoy which was travelling through the area.  (BBC)   


MORE:   3 NATO contractors among 12 killed


Policing Canada in 2015


TORONTO - In this special 6-part series, PostMedia walks the beat with officers from across the country. Plus, what the experts, and law enforcers themselves, see as the future for policing.  (National Post)  


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So what


Many Canadians swell with pride over the fact that every year, one or more of our cities rank among the most livable places in the world.   The rankings undoubtedly have a halo effect on the country as a whole, but city planning and branding experts say these surveys are inherently limited and unintentionally misleading.   (CBC)


MORE:   World's most liveable cities  


Resume fraud


OTTAWA - There were 79 allegations of fraud in the 2013-2014 fiscal year out of 72,000 hires and job changes.  In the last 14 months, the commission says it has completed 94 fraud investigations.  66 were founded and 28 unfounded.  The commission says it still has 49 investigations ongoing.  (CP)  


Identity confirmed


Michael Mvogo


TORONTO - CBSA officials have at last verified the identity and birthplace of Michael Mvogo, who has been in detention in Canada for more than 9 years over immigration violations.  The CBSA has a notarized copy of his birth certificate as well as a video and a written statement that establish Mvogo's identity and birthplace in Cameroon.  Those documents and the video eliminate the last obstacle facing the CBSA in its attempt to remove Mvogo from Canada.  (Toronto Star)


Suspicious death


CALGARY - According to the CPS, during the early morning hours of Friday, July 10, the child, Eneas Emilio Perdomo of Calgary, was brought into the Alberta Children's Hospital.  The young boy was suffering from injuries that the family said were caused by a number of accidents.  Hospital staff noted swelling and bleeding all over his body, injuries which Police report were not consistent with the activities of a 5-year old boy.  One week after being admitted into hospital, Emilio died from his injuries.  (Beacon)  


MORE:   Homicide investigating   Suspicious death 




Jonathan Martin


CALGARY - Police were called in after officers were responded to a 'check on welfare' complaint at a home in the 400-block of Pinehill Road NE Tuesday around 5:45pm. A woman was found dead within the home.  Police identify the victim as Chelsea Serpentini-Harty, 24.  Jonathan Edward Martin, 26, is now charged with first-degree murder in the case. It's believed the two were in a relationship and living together at the home where Seprentini-Harty's body was found.  (CFFR)


MORE:   Man charged   Man charged   Identified 





Nadine Skow           Silva Koshwal


EDMONTON - Police have identified Nadine Skow, 38, as the woman whose body was found in an apartment located in the area of 106 Ave and 104 St just after 9am on August 25.  Ms. Skow died from multiple stab wounds and her death was determined a homicide.  Silva Koshwal, 38, was arrested on Tuesday and has since been charged with second degree murder and indignity to a human body.  (Beacon)


MORE:   Horrific crime scene   Former boyfriend charged   Stabbed to death   Gruesome 


Drug bust


HALIFAX - The RCMP say 14 people are facing a total of 48 charges following a 10-month drug trafficking investigation in Lunenburg County and the Halifax Regional Municipality.  Police launched Operation Hamlin last fall. Roughly 100 officers arrested 10 people while searching 8 homes Wednesday morning.  (CTV)


Gun play death


GRANDE CACHE - A boy has died after the firearm he and his brother were playing with accidentally was fired at the family home near Grande Cache, AB.  The boy who died was 10, and his brother was younger.  (CBC)


Victim ID'd


CALGARY - Police have identified David Quach, 27, as the man who was killed in a shooting in NE Calgary.   At about 9pm on Saturday, Aug. 22, CPS officers responded to a home in the 7000-block of California Blvd NE after receiving reports of a man found injured on a driveway.  (Beacon)  


MORE:   Identified   Man arrested    Man arrested    





Cecilia Larez          Raynald Letourneau


MONTREAL - Raynald Letourneau, 46, appeared in court Tuesday for the murder of girlfriend Charlie Cecilia Garcia Larez.  He was charged with first degree murder and indignity to a body after Larez was found dead inside her apartment.  (Global)


MORE:   Charged    Suspect arrested

PREVIOUS:   Sought   Woman's body discovered    


Guilty plea


Myrna Letandre             Traigo Andretti


WINNIPEG - A man already serving a life sentence for killing and dismembering his wife (Jennifer McPherson) pleaded guilty to the murder of Myrna Letandre, whose remains were found in a Winnipeg rooming house in 2013 after she went missing years earlier.  Traigo Ehkid Andretti, 40, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.   (CBC) 


MORE:   Wife killer admits to 2nd murder     Convicted killer admits to 2nd murder

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Alisha Lamers


TORONTO - Konstantin Lysenko, a Toronto homeowner is facing $75,000 in fines in connection with a fatal house fire that occurred in November, 2013.  The fire happened in the basement of a home at 189 Sheridan Ave at approximately 1:40am on Nov 20, 2013.  8 people who live in the house were able to escape, but Alisha Lamers, 23, was trapped in the basement.   (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Bylaw delays


Man found dead


Ian Begg


PRINCE GEORGE - RCMP's serious crime section is investigating a suspicious death after the body of a dead man was found near the south end of Haldi Lake Road on Sunday morning.  The man has been identified as Ian Matthew Begg, 35, of Prince George.  A member of the detachment's general duty section found him at about 8:40am.   (Prince George Citizen)  


MORE:   Suspicious death   Homicide  


Declared a homicide


MONTREAL - Relatives of a 55-year-old man discovered his body around 9pm Monday in a house on Toulon St. in Terrebonne. They said his body showed marks of violence when they called 911.  Soon after police began searching the home they determined the man had been killed, and arrested 2 people as important witnesses to the crime.   (CTV)     


Suspicious death


Mimi Luong 


TORONTO - Mimi Luong, 30, died last Thursday after plunging from the sixth floor of her 1 De Boers Dr condo building and suffering serious injuries.  Police are investigating the events surrounding her death.  (CBC)


MORE:   Funds raised    Woman remembered




EDMONTON - The remains of Lan (Lana) Cam Kasjaniuk, 51, were found in a yard near 108 St and 108 Ave NW.  Kasjaniuk had a lengthy criminal record that dates back to 1998, including 4 convictions for offences related to prostitution.  (CBC)     


MORE:   Suspicious death   Suspicious death 




Rockwell Ewenin


REGINA - Rockwell Robert Ewenin, 30, appeared in court Monday on a charge of second-degree murder in the death of his cousin, Jonathon Michael Ewenin, 34.  Around 12:30pm Saturday, police responded to a report of a deceased male at a home in the 1600-block of Ottawa St. (CTV)  


MORE:   Man charged   Charged    Murder charge


Husband smothered wife



Lori & Wayne Constable


HAMILTON - Autopsies performed on a couple who were found dead inside their home Friday have revealed that the woman died from being smothered.  Police have identified her as Lori Constable, 55.  Police also released the name of her husband, Wayne Constable, who was also found dead in the home on Riley St in Waterdown.  The immediate cause of Wayne Constable's death wasn't determined. Officials are now waiting on toxicology reports.   (CBC)  


MORE:   Murder-suicide 

PREVIOUS:   Possible murder-suicide


Guilty of misconduct


David (Mark) Fenton


TORONTO - More than 5 years after he gave the orders to 'kettle' protesters during the G20 Summit, Toronto police Supt. David (Mark) Fenton has been found guilty of 3 of 5 charges related to his role in the largest mass arrests in Canadian peacetime history.  Fenton was convicted of 2 charges of exercising unlawful or unnecessary authority and 1 charge of discreditable conduct. He was exonerated of 2 other charges.  (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Officer found guilty

PREVIOUS:   G-20 Toronto summit protests   Toronto Police  


Seaplane crash


BERGERONNES - 4 people have died and 2 are unaccounted for after a seaplane crash on Sunday afternoon.  The Beaver seaplane went down north of Bergeronnes in a remote wooded area not accessible by road after taking off from Bouchette Lake. (CBC) 


MORE:   Victims named 


Head-on collision




MONTREAL - One man is dead after a head-on collision between 2 bicyclists on the Jacques Cartier Bridge.  The crash happened around 4am on the bike path that links Montreal to Longueuil.  The 2 people were bicycling in opposite directions when they smashed into each other.  A 55-year-old man died at the scene, while the younger woman, 24, suffered serious injuries including broken bones.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Bike path crash   Cyclist collision 


Driver to face charges


MONTREAL - A 36-year-old woman was killed early Sunday morning when her car was struck by another vehicle at a construction site on Highway 40 west in Charlemagne, off the eastern tip of Montreal.  One car struck the victim's vehicle just after midnight.  The driver, a 46-year-old man, is expected to face charges of impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving.  (CTV) 


Potential conflict


Allan Thompson   Gord McClure


CALEDON - Property records obtained show that Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson and Councillor Gord McClure were involved in separate land transactions worth at least $24M in the SW part of the municipality, where they are alleged to have pushed development.  (Toronto Star)




MONTREAL - A drive-by shooting killed a 21-year-old Saturday afternoon.  Police said someone inside a car fired at a man standing on the sidewalk near the corner of Robert Blvd and 25th Ave, next to Rene Goupil Park.  The shooting happened at around 3:30pm Saturday, in broad daylight.  (CBC) 


Victim ID'd


TORONTO - Police were called to Rustic Park at 6:30pm Aug 19 for reports of a shooting. Paramedics took an adult male with life-threatening injuries to a trauma centre, where he was pronounced dead.  Police identified the victim as Aiwernogheno Osawe, 34.  (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Police identify victim 




Shaka Reid


TORONTO - Shaka Reid, 36, of Toronto, has been identified as the man shot and killed in the shooting that happened last Wednesday at 12:10am.  The incident occurred near the intersection of Dundas and Sherbourne streets. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.  (CBC)


MORE:   Shooting   Targeted    

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Impaired charge


MONTREAL - A 36-year-old woman is dead after a crash in Terrebonne, QC, late on Saturday night.  The incident happened around midnight in a construction zone on Highway 40 West near Charlemagne, NE of Montreal.  Police said a 46-year-old man will appear in court on Monday to face charges of impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving.  (CBC)


Inmate dies


EDMONTON - A 31-year-old inmate died from a drug overdose at the Edmonton Max following 3 other drug overdoses at the federal institution.  Ryan William Witvoet was found unresponsive in his cell and died in the Royal Alexandra Hospital about 11:10pm on Aug 20.  (Sun Media)    


MORE:   Inmates OD 


Suspect surrenders



Kabil Abdulkhadir    Mohamud Abdiwal Diri


TORONTO - Mohamud Abdiwal Diri, 25, turned himself in to authorities at 23 Division at around 1am, hours after police held a news conference to identify him as a suspect in the murder of Kabil Abdulkhadir.  Abdulkhadir, 27, was with several friends when he was gunned down in front of the Marriott Hotel on Bay St in the early morning hours of Aug 9.  A second man, Abdullahi Alifarah, 20, is facing a charge of accessory after the fact to murder.  (CP24)


MORE:    Warrant issued

PREVIOUS:   Shooting   Downtown shooting   Man shot   Shooting   Shooting 




Chantal Demers


QUEBEC CITY - The boyfriend of a Quebec City woman who was arrested shortly after her disappearance has now been charged with murder.  Chantal Demers, 46, was missing for 10 days in May before police found her body in a wooded area in the Portneuf region.  Demers' partner, Victor Poirier, 47, was charged with first-degree murder.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Body of missing woman found   Disappearance 


Curfew over


MEDICINE HAT - A woman who was 12 when she helped murder her family in AB is no longer under any curfews.  A Medicine Hat judge has ruled the woman will no longer have to remain home after a certain hour on week nights.  The woman, to in court as JR, was convicted along with her then-boyfriend of killing her mother, father and 8-year-old brother in the family's Medicine Hat home in April 2006.  She is now 21 and living on her own in Calgary and has been enrolled in university.  (CBC)   


PREVIOUS:   Richardson family murders 




CALGARY - Former police chief Rick Hanson did nothing wrong in assigning new officers just before he announced his political run, says Alberta's police watchdog.  (CBC)  


TransLink board expended


VANCOUVER - The BC government has responded to widespread public distrust at TransLink by appointing 2 members to the transit provider's Board of Directors.  Former Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu and former Surrey city manager Murray Dinwoodie will be joining board.  (CTV)


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Disappearance declared murder



Taylor Samson        William Sandeson


HALFIAX - Taylor Samson, 22, was last seen on Saturday after he left his home in the city's south end to go for a walk around 10:30pm.  Investigators have laid charges against William Michael Sandeson, 22.  Investigation led police to search a home in the 1200-block of Henry St in Halifax.  Police say they believe the Henry St address is where Samson was murdered. The victim's body has not been found.  (CBC)


MORE:   Man charged   Arrest   Murdered over drug rip


Foul play suspected


Delores Brown


PENELAKUT ISLAND - Delores Brown was last seen on the Penelakut Island on July 27, 2015.  Her uncharacteristic disappearance and details of the investigation have led investigators to believe the disappearance is as a result of foul play.  (RCMP) 


MORE:   Remains are those of woman  





Tariq Mohammed     Abdirisak Yusuf Ibrahim


TORONTO - Police were called to the Garden Restaurant on Sunday, Nov. 16, shortly before 4am.  2 women were taken to hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, while Tariq Mohammed, 31, was pronounced dead at the scene.  Police said Abdirisak Yusuf Ibrahim, 30, had been charged with first-degree murder and robbery in connection with the case.  The charges filed in January against 2 other men have been stayed.  (CTV)


MORE:   Charged   Man charged

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Hindsight is 20/20


VANCOUVER - 2 of the 4 RCMP officers involved in the incident at YVR that resulted in the tragic death of Polish traveller Robert Dziekanski were found guilty of perjury in bizarre decisions and given custody sentences. And the reality is that none of the 4 needed to be put through the hell that they have these last 7 years.  (Crime & punishment) 


PREVIOUS:   Robert Dziekanski taser incident   BC Police 


Officer charged


QUEBEC CITY - A Quebec City police officer has been charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing the death of a cyclist.  Officer Simon Beaulieu was charged in court on Wednesday, almost 11 months after a police patrol car struck and killed Guy Blouin, 48.  (CTV) 


Cop faces child porn charges


TORONTO - A 30-year veteran of the Peel Region police force is under arrest and facing charges related to child pornography.  Det. Craig Wattier was arrested Wednesday morning by the force's Internal Affairs Bureau and charged with both accessing and possessing child porn, breach of trust and two counts of fraud over $5,000.  (Sun Media)


MORE:   Bail 


High level of alcohol


VANCOUVER - The pilot of a cargo plane that crashed in the North Shore mountains in April had a 'significant level of alcohol' in his body at the time, according to toxicology results released by the BC Coroners Service.  Robert Brandt, 34, was the captain and Kevin Wang, 32, the first officer on a Metro II cargo plane operated by Kelowna-based Carson Air, which crashed on Coliseum Mountain about 7:10am on April 13, 2015.  (Vancouver Sun)


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Teens awarded


TILLSONBURG - A pair of Ontario teenagers will soon be collecting $26,000 after their employer fired them for observing a religious holiday.  The province's Human Rights Tribunal ruled that vegetable grower Country Herbs discriminated against the young siblings on the basis of their creed.  (Toronto Star)


Son charged



Galina Alexander       Hassan Salifu


BRAMPTON - Galina Alexander, 44, was killed inside her Kennedy Rd S home on Saturday.  Police said that the victim's son was arrested without incidence at the residence that same day.  Police were called to the victim's home at approximately 11:10am.  Upon arrival, officers found the victim deceased within the home, with signs of trauma.  The victim's son, Hassan Salifu, 23, has been charged with second degree murder.  (Toronto Star)  


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Coroner calls inquest


VANCOUVER - BC's Coroners Service will hold an inquest into the deaths of 3 patients who died shortly after leaving an Abbotsford hospital.  The patients were admitted to Abbotsford Regional Hospital for mental health issues and each died within days of leaving.   (CBC) 




VAL-D'AMOUR - A man has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of a man in northern NB last week and ordered to undergo a 30-day psychiatric assessment.  Steve Levesque, 33, is accused of shooting and killing Denis Lablanc, 48 on Aug 12.  He was previously charged with breaking and entering 1309 Val-d'Amour Rd in a separate investigation. Then, at about 8am, police were called to another home at 1356 Val-d'Amour Rd, where they discovered the body of Leblanc.  (CBC)    


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