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Airplane debris found



REUNION ISLAND - An aircraft wing section washed up on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean is very likely to be wreckage from a Boeing 777.  MH370 is the only unaccounted for 777 in the world.   (Guardian UK)


MORE:   Debris to be tested in France

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New leader


Mohammed Omar


KANDAHAR -  The death of Mullah Omar - reported by the Afghan government on Wednesday - was confirmed by the Taliban on Thursday.  His deputy, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, will replace him, sources close to the Taliban leadership said.  (BBC)


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Cop pleads not guilty



Samuel DuBose    Ray Tensing


CINCINNATI - A University of Cincinnati police officer who shot a motorist after stopping him over a missing front license plate pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of murder and involuntary manslaughter.  Ray Tensing, 25, was indicted in the July 19 shooting of Samuel DuBose, 43, during a traffic stop.  (AP)


MORE:   Video

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Google rejects worldwide demand


Google has rejected the French data protection authority's demand that it censor search results worldwide in order to comply with the European Court of Justice's so-called right to be forgotten ruling.  A spokesperson said: 'as a matter of principle, we respectfully disagree with the idea that a national data protection authority can assert global authority to control the content that people can access around the world.'  (Guardian UK)


Less Kojak and more Dr Phil



Kojak                Dr Phil


OTTAWA - Canada's national police force is taking a gentler, less accusatory approach to suspect interrogations amid growing criticism that certain interview tactics used widely by law enforcement agencies can lead to false confessions.  Under the RCMP's new approach, quietly adopted in December, investigators are encouraged to keep an open mind, resist presuming guilt, and focus more on gathering information than on getting a confession.  (National Post)


I'm Canadian


Donald Sutherland


My name is Donald Sutherland. My wife's name is Francine Racette. We are Canadians. We each hold one passport. A Canadian passport. That's it. They ask me at the border why I don't take American citizenship. I could still be Canadian, they say. You could have dual citizenship. But I say no, I'm not dual anything. I'm Canadian.  (Donald Sutherland)


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Anonymous opens door on secrets




OTTAWA - Here's what we know today about CSIS that we didn't know before, according to the document released by hacker collective Anonymous.  (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Leak probed   Demand   Integrity of Feds 'secret network' questioned

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Class action certified


OTTAWA - The Federal Court of Canada has certified a class-action lawsuit involving 40,000 people in the medical marijuana access program.  The case was launched in 2013 after Health Canada sent letters to people with the program's name on the envelope.  Recipients were upset, saying their privacy had been violated.  In March this year, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada ruled that Health Canada had violated federal privacy laws.    (CBC)


Copyright invalid


A documentary filmmaker making a movie about the ubiquitous song Happy Birthday says she has unearthed conclusive proof that a copyright on the song claimed by Warner Music Group either expired decades ago, or never existed in the first place.  (CBC)  


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Attempt to storm the Tunnel


Channel Tunnel


CALAIS - A Sudanese man died on Wednesday as migrants desperate to enter Britain from France stormed the channel tunnel entrance.  There were about 1,500 attempts by migrants to enter the tunnel on Tuesday night, after 2,000 attempts the previous night.   (Reuters)  


MORE:   Operation stack is not enough   France boost security

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Warlord killed


Malik Ishaq


SHAHPUR - Leaders of Pakistan's most infamous sectarian terrorist group, including its founder Malik Ishaq, were killed in a gun battle with police on Wednesday that many suspect may have been deliberately staged.  Ishaq and 13 other militants from the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi - including 2 of his sons and a top official - died after gunmen attempted to free them from custody in a pre-dawn operation, police claimed.   (Guardian UK)


Dozens killed in factory fire




CAIRO - A gas cylinder has exploded in a furniture factory outside Cairo, causing the blaze that killed dozens of people. Most of the victims were factory workers.  At least 25 people died in the fire, with 22 more workers suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.  (DW)  


MORE:   Factory blaze


NATO gives Turkey backing


BRUSSELS - NATO gave Turkey its full political support in fighting militants in Syria and Iraq at an emergency meeting on Tuesday but several nations urged Ankara not to undermine the Kurdish peace process by using excessive military force.  Following a 90-minute meeting in Brussels, Turkey won the backing it sought for stepping up its role in the US-led fight against Islamic State with air strikes.  (Reuters)  


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Death sentences


Saif al-Islam Gaddafi


TRIPOLI - A Libyan court on Tuesday sentenced Muammar Gaddafi's most prominent son, Saif al-Islam, and 8 others to death for war crimes including killings of protesters during the 2011 revolution that ended his father's rule.  The former Gaddafi regime officials sentenced to die by firing squad included former intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi and ex-prime minister Baghdadi al-Mahmudi.  8 ex-officials received life sentences and 7 jail terms of 12 years each. 4 of the 37 defendants were acquitted, others got shorter jail terms.  (Reuters)  


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US trafficking in persons report


WASHINGTON - The US took Malaysia off its list of worst offenders in human trafficking on Monday, removing a potential barrier to a signature Asia-Pacific trade pact despite opposition from human rights groups and nearly 180 US lawmakers.  The US State Department's annual Trafficking in Persons report also upgraded Cuba from its lowest rank for the first time since it was included in the annual report in 2003.   (Reuters) 


REPORT:   USDS 2015 trafficking in persons report

MORE:   Is the US undermining efforts to combat human trafficking?   

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How Americans die abroad


Last year, 68 million Americans traveled internationally. The overwhelming majority returned safely to US shores. An unlucky few didn't.  The State Department is required to collect and publish information on citizens' deaths from unnatural causes, recording more than 8,000 in the past 10 years. The picture that emerges from that data tells us a little bit about risks around the globe.  (Bloomberg)


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NSA to stop using calling records


WASHINGTON - The Obama administration has decided that the NSA will soon stop examining - and will ultimately destroy - millions of American calling records it collected under a controversial program leaked by former agency contractor Edward Snowden.   (AP)


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SCC appointment


Russell Brown


OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced the appointment of Justice Russell Brown, of Alberta's Court of Appeal, to replace Justice Marshall Rothstein on the Supreme Court of Canada.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Judge named to SCC   Ideology has limited role   Power of trial judges


Treatment inexcusable


The Canadian Forces ombudsman says the Department of National Defence should immediately offer financial compensation and physical and psychological assessments to the victims of the fatal Valcartier explosion.  6 military cadets were killed and 65 others were injured July 30, 1974, after one of the cadets pulled the pin on a live grenade that was mixed in with dummies during a lecture.  (CTV)


REPORT:   Investigation into the 1974 Valcartier Cadets grenade incident


12 years


Milowe Brost    Gary Sorenson


CALGARY - Gary Sorenson and Milowe Brost were sentenced to 12 years in prison on Tuesday for what is billed as the largest Ponzi scheme in Canadian history.  The pair were found guilty of bilking more than 2,000 investors of up to $200M.   (CBC)  


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Stepped down



Sylvia Asa         Shereen Ezzat


TORONTO - A top Toronto doctor has stepped down from running the country's largest medical laboratory amid a University Health Network (UHN) investigation that found falsified data in 2 scientific articles she co-authored.  The papers, which describe the genetics of breast cancer, were authored jointly by UHN physicians Dr. Sylvia Asa and her husband, Dr. Shereen Ezzat, and 2 other authors.  (Toronto Star)


Officer facing charges


Mason Stalker


EDMONTON - The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service says Lt.-Col. Mason Stalker has been charged with 10 offences including sexual assault, sexual exploitation and breach of trust.  The investigative service says the charges are connected to a series of incidents that are alleged to have occurred in Edmonton between 1998 and 2007.  The 40-year-old Stalker is commander of the 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, based in Edmonton.   (CP)


MORE:   Facing sex charges


Insurance warning


EDMONTON - The Alberta government says people are taking a risk if they use ride-sharing services such as Uber.  The office of the Superintendent of Insurance says Albertans who use such services may not have access to coverage and accident benefits under Alberta law.  The office says drivers may believe they are covered by Uber's supplemental insurance in the province, but that isn't the case.  (CP)  


MORE:   Waterloo region to fine Uber drivers

COMMENT:   Not the first time

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Fiat Chrysler recall


DETROIT - The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) fined automaker Fiat Chrysler (FCA) a record $105M for poorly executing 23 vehicle safety recalls covering more than 11M defective vehicles over several years.  As part of that deal, Fiat Chrysler has been ordered to fix or buy back 500,000 Ram pickup trucks and 1.5M Jeeps that that might be vulnerable in rear-end collisions.   (AP)  


MORE:   NHTSA enforcement action   Historic settlement


Lord resigns


John Sewel


LONDON - Parliamentary authorities have called in Scotland Yard after a peer who oversees standards in the House of Lords was pictured allegedly taking cocaine with two prostitutes.  Baron Sewel of Gilcomstoun, a Deputy Speaker of the Lords, resigned amid claims he took the Class A drug at a sex party.     (Telegraph UK)


MORE:   Cameron vows more peerages   Failure of the houses of sober second thought

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Gun battle at wedding


BAGHLAN - A gun battle between supporters of two rival warlords at a wedding party has killed 21 people in Afghanistan's northern Baghlan province.  (Washington Post)


MORE:   Wedding shootout

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Police station attack


DINA NAGAR - Indian security forces have overcome an assault on a bus and a police station in Punjab, ending a 12-hour gun battle that left at least 10 people dead, including the attackers.  The Indian home ministry said on Monday police killed 3 unidentified attackers who had pulled up at the police complex in Dina Nagar and opened fire with automatic weapons.  3 policemen and 3 civilians were among the dead.  (Jazeera)


Search turns up graves, bodies


GUERRERO STATE - The search for 43 missing college students in the southern state of Guerrero has turned up at least 60 clandestine graves and 129 bodies over the last 10 months.  None of the remains has been connected to the youths who disappeared after a clash with police in the city of Iguala on Sept 26, and authorities do not believe any will be. Prosecutors say the students were turned over to a drug gang that killed them and incinerated their bodies.  (AP)


PREVIOUS:   2014 Iguala mass kidnapping


Mr Big shot


Paul Massey


SALFORD - A well-known businessman dubbed 'Mr Big' for his links to organized crime has been shot dead in what police have described as a 'targeted attack'.  Paul Massey, who ran a security firm in Salford, Manchester, was found dead after being wounded several times.  Police believe the 55-year-old was shot as he got out of his BMW by a lone gunman lying in wait at his house.   (Daily Mail)  


MORE:   Mr Big shot dead   Targeted


Attacker killed


Neal Falls


CHARLESTON - A woman in Charleston may have saved her own life and the lives of many other women, as well, when she shot and killed an alleged attacker in her home last week.  Neal Falls showed up at the woman's home on July 18 after answering an escort ad she had placed on He showed up with a 'kill list,' multiple pairs of handcuffs and a Subaru full of weapons and tools.  In Falls's pocket, police said, was a list of names of potential future victims, all of whom are sex workers who advertised on Backpage.  Now investigators are trying to determine whether Falls, 45, was responsible for a string of slayings targeting sex workers in Ohio and Nevada.  (Washington Post)


Did not report


SYDNEY - Australia began a national inquiry into child sexual abuse in 2013, after claims of abuse in the Catholic Church.  Members of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, whose remit includes religious groups, NGOs and state-care providers, say more than 4,000 victims have come forward.  (BBC)


WEBSITE: Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


Cosby's accusers



35 accusers         Bill Cosby


NEW YORK - 35 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault appear on the cover of the new issue of New York magazine.  New York said the feature in the July 27-Aug 9 issue was 6 months in the making. The magazine reported that 11 other women have come forward with similar claims. Cosby, 78, has denied all allegations and has never been charged.  (Global)  


MORE:   We can't be disappeared


Bar bombing


MAROUA - At least 20 people were killed in a suspected suicide bomb attack carried out by a child on a bar in Maroua in the far north of Cameroon on Saturday night, just days after 13 died in twin bombings in the city.  State television reported that a 12-year-old girl suicide bomber blew herself up in the bar, killing 20 people and injuring at least 79 in the blast.  (AFP) 


MORE:   Suicide bomber   Children and mentally ill lead new wave of suicide bombers

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Hotel blast




MOGADISHU - At least 10 people have been killed in a huge bomb explosion at a hotel in the Somali capital Mogadishu.  A lorry was used to attack the Jazeera Palace Hotel near the airport.  Somali militant Islamist group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack.   (BBC)


PREVIOUS:   War on Terror


Hunting paedophiles


LONDON - Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey said police forces were scaling back probes into traditional crimes in an effort to hunt down paedophiles.  MPs have been warned that investigations into child sex abuse will cost Britain's police forces some $1.5B over the next 12 months due to an 80% increase in allegations over the past 3 years.    (Daily Mail)


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Why politicians defend boards


OTTAWA - Supply management makes food consumers pay for the cost of producing it. By matching supply quotas with market demand, the industry sets stable, predictable prices.  These farmers don't need government subsidies or bailouts.  The experience of other countries suggest ending marketing boards could lead to more concentrated industries, with farms operating on a larger scale in fewer locations.    (CBC)


No more named


OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he refuses to name any senators until the Senate is reformed, adding he hopes it will put pressure on the provinces to figure out a plan to update the institution.  22 of the Senate's 105 seats are currently vacant.   (CBC)


MORE:   Potential issues 


2 years


Benjamin 'Monty' Robinson


VANCOUVER - The former Mountie who lied to an inquiry into Robert Dziekanski's death been given a 2-year jail sentence and 1 year probation.  A BC Supreme Court judge found former corporal Benjamin 'Monty' Robinson guilty of perjury in March, ruling he colluded with 4 fellow officers to make up testimony that they gave at an inquiry into Dziekanski's death.  (CP)


MORE:   To appeal conviction

PREVIOUS:   Robert Dziekanski taser incident   BC police


Right to buy cheaper beer


CAMPBELLTON - A man whose drive from NB to Quebec to buy cheaper beer ended in arrest said Thursday he's looking forward to airing his constitutional challenge in court next month as a defence crowdfunding campaign gets underway.  As part of a sting operation, RCMP arrested Gerard Comeau, now 62, in October 2012 when he returned with 12 cases of beer and 3 bottles of liquor which he bought legally in Pointe-a-la-Croix, QC. Police seized the booze and charged him with illegally importing alcohol into his home province.  (Sun Media)


Sudden death  


Amelia & Hardy Leighton  


VANCOUVER - North Vancouver couple Hardy and Amelia Leighton, whose sudden deaths left their 2-year-old boy an orphan, ingested toxic levels of fentanyl, the BC Coroners Service confirmed Wednesday.  The couple - both in their 30s - were found dead in their home on July 20, and the use of illicit drugs was suspected at the time.   (CBC)


MORE:   75 fentanyl-related deaths in BC

PREVIOUS:   Fentanyl linked to 100+ deaths in AB in 2014 


Possible human remains  


NEW GLASGOW - Police in New Glasgow are investigating possible human remains found at the former Temperance Street School.  At 4:50 PM on Wednesday, police say they received a call that construction workers in the process of demolishing the former school came upon possible human remains inside the building.   (CBC) 


Support party  


Hells Angels 


SHERBROOKE - The Hells Angels in Sherbrooke are throwing a biker-gang support party, and anybody with $50 to spare is invited.  The Support 81 Sherbrooke party is scheduled to take place on Saturday in a Sherbrooke bar.  Sylvain Tremblay, a retired SQ officer who specialized in organized crime, said the party is likely timed to coincide with the start date of a biker mega-trial on Aug 3 for 10 people.  (CBC) 


2 charged with driving drunk 


OAKVILLE - 2 Oakville residents are facing charges after they allegedly took turns driving a vehicle while intoxicated on Tuesday evening.  (CP24) 


A contract is a contract 


Murray Rodd & Tim Farquharson


PETERBOROUGH - Peterborough's top police officers defended the controversial award that led to them receiving lavish severance payments despite keeping their jobs.  Police Chief Murray Rodd and Deputy Chief Tim Farquharson met reporters to discuss their recent successful arbitration.  Rodd added the situation was meant to be private and should never have been revealed to the public.  (PostMedia)    


MORE:   Arbitration 


Known to police


Samir Mokhtar


VANCOUVER - Witnesses reported hearing gunfire on Seaforth Drive around 9pm. Emergency crews arrived to find the body of Samir Mokhtar, 20.  Mokhtar was on bail at the time accused in the killing of Aladdin Ramadan, 20, who was gunned down in Burnaby last September. Police believe the shooting was connected to the drug trade.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Victim out on bail   Homicide  

MORE:   Homicide   Targeted killing     




Farida Abdurahman


CALGARY - At about 11:15pm on Monday, Farida Abdurahman, 33, was crossing Centre St N. at 43 Ave in a marked crosswalk when a silver Buick Regal hit her.  Abdurahman was left for dead in the crosswalk, the vehicle fleeing the scene.  Police charged Robert Mark Varley, 58, with hit and run causing death.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Hit-and-run   Notorious crosswalk    Woman killed  


Inmate found dead


NOVA INSTITUTION FOR WOMEN - Corrections officials are investigating the death of a 22-year-old inmate at the Nova Institution for Women in Truro, NS. Camille Strickland-Murphy was found unresponsive in her cell Tuesday.  (CP)




GRANDE PRAIRIE - A simple traffic stop rapidly turned into a serious altercation that left a combative man Tasered by police and under guard in hospital Monday evening.  The man acted aggressively and tried to reach into his backpack, but was prevented by the policemen.  The man was transported in handcuffs to the Queen Elizabeth II hospital, where it was determined by a doctor that he was high on 'several drugs' and overdosing.  Officers later found a sawed-off shotgun in the man's bag.   (Sun Media) 


UPAC raids home of ex-mayor


Gerald Tremblay


MONTREAL - Quebec's anti-corruption squad is conducting a raid at the home of former mayor Gerald Tremblay.  Tremblay was mayor when a $355M contract water meter contract was awarded in 2007 and when that same contract was cancelled in 2009 after the auditor general found problems with how it was awarded.  (CTV)  


MORE:   UPAC raids offices

PREVIOUS:    Greed & Corruption Quebec   


Biking topless


KITCHENER - 3 sisters in Ontario are demanding an apology from a police officer who they said stopped the women as they were riding their bicycles topless and told them to cover up.  (CP)  


MORE:   Woman can go topless in ON   It is legal for a woman to be topless in BC


Dirt on criminal brothers


CORNWALL - Kristopher Cadieux, 10, and his brother Clayton, 8, knew they'd have to get their hands dirty if they wanted to make some money this summer.  But the boys didn't realize that their successful worm-selling business could land them in trouble with the city of Cornwall, ON.  Through the first half of the season, they dug up and sold more than 1,200 of the critters, earning $250 in sales. But the business came to a halt when they arrived home one day to a notice from the city, saying the sales violated local bylaws. (CTV)


MORE:   Brothers fight to keep business


Human remains ID'd  



Corrie Ottenbreit       Delores Brower


LEDUC - The RCMP recovered the human remains of Delores Brower on April 19, 2015 from a rural property near Leduc. Police were notified of the discovery by the landowner. Today, the RCMP announced that they now know that some of the human remains found that day belong to Corrie Renee Ottenbreit of Edmonton.   (Sun Media)  


MORE:   Serial predator  

PREVIOUS:   Edmonton serial killer(s)  




Don Head


CARROT RIVER - 2 people arrested in relation to the death of Dion Head, 42, have been officially charged with second-degree murder.  Head's body was discovered by Carrot River RCMP on the Red Earth First Nation on July 25.  Soon after, both Ernest McKay, 20, and a 16-year-old boy were arrested at separate residences on the reserve.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Murder victim

PREVIOUS:   2 arrested   Investigation  




VANCOUVER - Police have identified Jason Nguyen, 15, as the city's latest homicide victim.  Investigators initially treated his death as suspicious, but said they're treating it as a homicide on Monday.   On Sunday, officers and paramedics rushed to a home on East 24th Ave around 3pm after the injured young man was found by a family member. He was taken to hospital for treatment, but later died.  (CBC)


MORE:   Death deemed homicide 




Dean Tiessen


SAO PAULO - Brazilian police have arrested a man in the 2013 death of Canadian businessman Dean Tiessen, who was shot and killed while in Brazil.  The father of 4 was shot and killed in an attempted carjacking in December 2013, outside Sao Paulo.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Canadian shot   Botched car-jacking   


16 years



Cory Campbell           Andrew Burnett


TORONTO - Andrew 'Burnz' Burnett, 27,was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 16 years.  In September 2012, Burnett shot and killed Cory Campbell in a twisted love triangle tragedy.  (Sun Media)  


PREVIOUS:   2nd arrest  Arrest made   


Officer resigns  


David Bshouty  


WINDSOR - A Windsor police constable facing several drug charges has resigned.  Const. David Bshouty tendered his resignation July 23.  Bshouty faces a charge of trafficking a controlled substance, which was laid in March of this year. He also faces a charge of possession of a controlled substance, laid in April of 2014.   (CBC) 




CALGARY - The Alberta Utilities Commission has concluded that TransAlta Corp. deliberately timed power outages at power plants at peak times in order to drive up electricity prices.  The province's market surveillance administrator alleged that the Calgary-based company manipulated the electricity market by shutting down power plants in 2010 and 2011 to drive up power costs during periods when demand was high.  (Beacon) 


REPORT: Allegations against TransAlta   .pdf


Chauffeur and official now ok


TORONTO - Drivers wishing to use the designated high-occupancy vehicle lanes in the Toronto area now only need 2 occupants in the vehicle.  As of Tuesday morning, vehicles with 2 or more occupants can use the marked lanes along major roadways in the Toronto area.  (CTV)


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HARMONY - RCMP are investigating the death of a 16-year-old boy in Harmony, NS.  The body was discovered Monday morning.  Officers have set up a temporary tent where the body was found on Harmony Ridge Road for its forensic teams.  (CBC)     


MORE:   Investigating death   Sudden death 


Killed in home invasion 


Joe Potrebenko 


BOQUETE - A retired man from Port Alberni was shot and killed in a home invasion on July 18.  Joe Potrebenko, 53, grew up in Port Alberni and retired to Panama 5 years ago.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Tragedy at River Ranch    Canadian killed in home invasion 


Training death 


Kirby Tott  


CFB SHILO - A Canadian soldier in the reserves has died while training at a military base in Manitoba.  The military issued a news release saying that Pte. Kirby Tott died suddenly Saturday afternoon at Canadian Forces Base Shilo.  (CP) 


MORE:   May be related to medical condition


Suspect dead



Dirie             Abdullahi            Skene-Peters 


TORONTO - A 21-year-old man wanted for a double murder in the city's west end was killed during a shootout with cops in the Entertainment District early Saturday.  SIU say officers approached a vehicle on Peter St near Adelaide St around 2am.  As the officers moved in to arrest the suspect - identified as Kwasi Skene-Peters - there was an exchange of gunfire.  Skene-Peters was wanted for first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of Abdiweli Abdullahi and Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie, both 26.  (Sun Media)


MORE:   Police shooting  Wanted man dead

COMMENT:   Column on police shootings disingenuous   Quiet heroism of our police

PREVIOUS:   SIU investigating   Suspect surrenders  Man turns himself in   Wanted turns himself in    Victims ID'd   2 dead     


Victim identified



Traci Lynch


CHARLOTTETOWN - The body of a woman found in PEI on Friday has been identified by family as Traci Lynch.  Her body was found after RCMP responded early Friday afternoon to a complaint by a resident in the community.  Her remains were found in a wooded area on a property along Pleasant Grove Road.  Joel Lawrence Clow, 46, of Pleasant Grove, was taken into custody.   (Halifax Chronicle Herald)  


MORE:   Man in custody

PREVIOUS:   Body found  




SARNIA - A teenager has been charged with second-degree murder following a Friday morning attack on 2 young males at an Ontario St residence in Sarnia.  One of the victims died in hospital from his injuries, while the second victim was taken to a London hospital for treatment.  (Sun Media)    


Suspicious death


SOUTH INDIAN LAKE - RCMP have confirmed they are investigating 'the suspicious death' of a 28-year-old man Thursday morning.   (CBC)    


Looking for clues


Alma Teravianen


THUNDER BAY - On the 10 year anniversary of an unsolved murder in Thunder Bay, city police are appealing to the public for help.  It was on July 25, 2005, that Alma Teravainen was found murdered in the variety store she ran on Cumberland St.  (CBC) 


MORE:   10-years-later   Search for answers


Family sues


WINDSOR, NS - A NS family is suing the RCMP over how they were treated after the sudden death of their infant daughter.  Two years ago, Kayla and Mike Paradis of Windsor, NS, discovered their baby daughter Chloe had stopped breathing while sleeping in her crib.  The couple says RCMP officers descended on the home, interrogated them, and prevented them from following their daughter to the hospital.  An autopsy later revealed Chloe had died of sudden infant death syndrome.   (CTV)  


MORE:   Baby’s breath


Guilty plea


PORT HAWKESBURY - Craig Landry pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact in the death of Philip Boudreau in a Cape Breton court on Friday.  The court heard that Craig Landry assisted police in a re-enactment and the charges against him were later reduced from second-degree murder to accessory after the fact.  (CTV)  


PREVIOUS:   Murder page 4 


Officers charged


OTTAWA - 3 Ottawa Police officers are tonight facing criminal charges in connection with a botched training exercise last year.  The training exercise took place on March Road, June 18, 2014. Tactical officers were using explosives to stage a forced entry into an abandoned home.  5 people were injured in the explosion, including 2 paramedics who were seriously hurt.  Sergeant Martin Rukavina, Constable Serge Clement, and Constable Carl Grimard are facing charges of Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm, and Breach of Duty regarding an explosive substance.  (CTV)  


MORE:   SIU press release 


Garbage collector charged


AJAX - Durham Regional Police say a man became angry and assaulted a woman who complained Thursday about recycling bins being thrown on front lawns and damaged.  The 32-year-old man continued on his route and police say he again became angry when approached by two officers.  Police allege the officers were assaulted before the man was arrested.  The officers and the 29-year-old woman were treated at hospital for their injuries.  Police say Sheldon McPherson faces several charges.  (CP)


Body found


PELHAM - OPP and park wardens have closed off Short Hills Provincial Park after a body of a male was discovered Thursday morning.  OPP said a park user came across the body at around 9:12am. The circumstances are being treated as suspicious.  (Niagara This Week)  


MORE:   Death not suspicious  




Justin Harvey Chezick


WINNIPEG - The homicide unit is investigating the death of a man found in a Pritchard Avenue home burned in a fire on July 20.  Officers identified the man killed as Justin Harvey Chezick, 42.  The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service said the fire started on the main floor of a home at 676 Pritchard Ave just before 6am on Monday and spread to the attic.  (CTV) 


MORE:   Homicide victim

PREVIOUS:     Fire claims lives of 2 cats    


Reportedly arrested


Norman Riel


VANCOUVER - A Peruvian newspaper is reporting that a convicted murderer who escaped from a Lower Mainland prison nearly a year ago has been arrested in Peru.  Norman Gilbert Riel, 42, is believed to have broken out of the minimum security facility Mission Institution on Aug. 24, 2014 by climbing over a fence. Riel was serving an indeterminate sentence after being convicted of the second-degree murder of Patrick Pugh, who was shot in the head during a home invasion at his East Vancouver penthouse in September 1994.  (CTV)  


PREVIOUS:   Hunt on for fugitive    


Swatting incident


VANCOUVER - Police are investigating after a report of a man shot early Friday morning in Surrey, BC, turned out to be an apparent 'swatting' incident.  (CBC) 


PREVIOUS:   Swatting   


Home invasion



VPD suspects


VANCOUVER - A 7-year-old girl who had a gun pointed at her in a shocking home invasion in East Vancouver confronted the robbers after one struck her grandfather in the head with the weapon, the girl's father said.  The girl was home with her grandparents when 2 men dressed as construction workers forced their way into the house, corralled the family in the living room and then ransacked the house searching for valuables.  (CBC)  


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Reasonable force


SUDBURY - The Office of the Independent Police Review Director says Tanner Currie's complaint against Christopher Labreche is unsubstantiated.  Currie alleges Labreche used excessive force against him in June of 2014.  (CBC)


Believed to be homicide victim


Shawn Kapadia


TORONTO - Police said Shawn Kapadia, 22, of Mississauga, was likely killed on July 5 at Unit 118 of a townhouse complex at 7 Foundry Ave.  Investigators believe Kapadia's body was then moved from Toronto to a home on O'Reilly's Road South in Wainfleet.   (CBC)


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Gail Fawcett


OTTAWA - A 45-year-old man has been charged in connection with the stabbing death of his long-term partner, Gail Fawcett, 54, on Anna Ave Tuesday.  Gino Langevin appeared briefly in court and now faces first-degree murder charges.  (CTV)


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