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Suicide bomber




MANCHESTER - A 23-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the Manchester concert bomb attack which killed 22 people, and injured 59 more.  The lone suicide bomber detonated a homemade device in the foyer of the Manchester Arena just as thousands of young people were leaving a concert by US pop star Ariana Grande.   (Manchester Evening News)  


MORE:   Manchester Arena bombing    Naming of victims begins    Salman Abedi named as suicide bomber 


Gay couple caned


Getty Images


BANDA ACEH - 2 men in Indonesia's Aceh province were publicly caned dozens of times Tuesday for consensual gay sex, a punishment that intensifies an anti-gay backlash in the world's most populous Muslim country.  More than a thousand people packed the courtyard of a mosque to witness the caning.   (AP)


MORE:   Police detain 141 men at gay sauna 


Gunned down


PALERMO - Giuseppe Dainotti, regarded as a senior godfather in Sicily's Cosa Nostra mafia, died on Monday after 2 men riding a motorbike drew up alongside him and shot him in the head.  Police believe he was killed by rivals within Cosa Nostra.  The 67-year-old was riding a bicycle when he was shot dead.  (Independent UK)  


MORE:   Boss killed in the streets 


Foreign funds in 2015 election


CALGARY - Foreign money funneled towards Canadian political advocacy groups affected the outcome of the 2015 federal election, according to a document filed last week with Elections Canada.  The 36-page report entitled: Elections Canada Complaint Regarding Foreign Influence in the 2015 Canadian Election, alleges third parties worked with each other, which may have bypassed election spending limits.  In total, the 114 third parties spent $6M and many of those third parties were funded by Tides Foundation - which is known in Canada for holding numerous anti-Canadian oil campaigns.  (PostMedia)


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Lobster fraud


Terry Banks


SHAG HARBOUR - RCMP charged Terry Banks, 51, with fraud and theft involving allegations he was part of a scheme that stole about $3M from 4 different seafood companies.  His brother, Wayne, 69, and Chris Malone, 52 are also charged with theft and fraud. Over two decades, Terry Banks has bought and sold tens of millions of dollars worth of lobster, often through a plant he operated in the fishing village of Shag Harbour, NS. He's exported to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Italy and Spain.  Along the way, he's also defrauded one of Canada's largest banks out of $8M, been convicted of stealing tens of thousands of pounds of lobster and has left a trail of creditors in his wake.  And yet, somehow, he has continued to operate.   (CBC)


Drive them out




RIYADH - President Donald Trump delivered a forceful address in Saudi Arabia on Sunday summoning the Muslim world to confront 'the crisis of Islamic extremism' as he seeks to present a united front against global terrorism.  (Washington Post)


MORE:   Text of speech    Arms deal   Trump in Israel 


WHO's travel spending


LONDON - The World Health Organization (WHO) routinely spends about $200M a year on travel - far more than what it doles out to fight some of the biggest problems in public health including AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria, according to internal documents.   (AP)


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Facebook flooded


MENLO PARK - Leaked documents show Facebook struggles with mammoth task of policing content ranging from nudity to sex abuse.  (Guardian UK) 


MORE:   Facebook files    Leak exposes policy


Sunshine on non-profits


TORONTO - Many of the biggest charitable organizations headquartered in Ontario pay their top executives more than $250,000 a year.   Charitable agencies that receive more than $1M in annual funding from the Ontario government are required to disclose top salaries on the province's Sunshine List of public-sector earnings.   (CBC)


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Rallies face off




CARACAS - On one hand, red pro-government caps, on the other, the colors of the Venezuelan flag: sympathizers and opponents of President Nicolas Maduro hit the streets Saturday in a tense standoff on the 50th day of violent protests.  (AFP)


MORE:   Capital roads shut down

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Mob attack


CANCUN - A mob of angry Mexicans attacked a Russian man in the Caribbean resort of Cancun with sticks and rocks over his repeated insults against locals.  Aleksei Makeev, 42, was accused of fatally stabbing a youth in the melee.  Authorities said Makeev made videos of himself insulting people in public places in Russian, English and Spanish.  (Reuters)


MORE:   Man killed during mob attack on Ukrainian 


China stifled US spying


WASHINGTON - The Chinese government systematically dismantled CIA spying operations in the country starting in 2010, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources over 2 years and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward.  Current and former US officials described the intelligence breach as one of the worst in decades. It set off a scramble in Washington's intelligence and law enforcement agencies to contain the fallout, but investigators were bitterly divided over the cause.  (NY Times)


MORE:   China's reply: Story full of narcissism


Fortress of bureaucratic incompetence




To get an idea of why the federal commission (MMIWG) has acquired such a reputation for uselessness, try getting in touch with it.   (CBC)


MORE:   Poor communication   Frustrated

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Body of teen found


THUNDER BAY - The family of Josiah Begg, the 14-year-old boy who has been missing in Thunder Bay, ON, for nearly 2 weeks, says he was the person discovered dead in the McIntyre River on Thursday evening.   Begg was last seen in the city on May 6. He had traveled to Thunder Bay from Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug with his father to access medical services not available in the First Nation.  (CBC)


MORE:   Watchdog expands probe of TBPS    TBPS   Question safety of youth 

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Food insecurity


Canada's Food Report Card 2016 was released by The Conference Board of Canada on Thursday. It grades the country's regions on their food performance based on five factors: industry prosperity, healthy food and diets, food safety, household food security, and environmental sustainability.


REPORT:   Canada's food report card 2016


Conflict of interest lapse


McMaster University says it did not follow proper procedures for reviewing financial conflicts of panel members who crafted new national standards for prescribing opioids.  As a result of not properly following the administrative process for reviewing the conflict-of-interest forms, a voting panel member's financial ties to drug companies were not brought to the steering committee's attention until after the recommendations had been completed.   (Globe & Mail)


MORE:    Review of guidelines ordered

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MAYERTHORPE - The RCMP has agreed to reinstate a Mountie who developed post-traumatic stress disorder after four of his fellow officers were murdered at Mayerthorpe, AB, in 2005.  Const Trevor Josok took the force to Federal Court after he was involuntarily medically discharged from the force last summer after several years of being on leave.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   4 Mounties killed   Mayerthorpe Incident 


Agency in crisis


The council that oversees thousands of immigration consultants in Canada is in the midst of what many describe as a crisis, beset by resignations, infighting and harsh criticism from lawmakers and lawyers.  The chief concern about the apparent crisis confronting the ICCRC is that those who will suffer most are the immigrants and refugees who often use consultants in their efforts to live in Canada.  (CBC) 


Another accused being released


Van Son Nguyen


MONTREAL - A judge stayed the second-degree murder proceedings against Van Son Nguyen Friday, after he ruled delays in his trial violated a 2016 decision by the SCC.  Nguyen, 52, is a UK citizen and was still awaiting trial 55 months after being charged.  He was charged with allegedly slashing a man 34 times with a machete in a home that housed an illegal marijuana grow-op.   (CP)


MORE:   Another Jordan stay   Charges stayed 


Smuggling charge


John Chang


SHANGHAI - A BC husband and wife are facing 10 years to life imprisonment in China for allegedly under-reporting the value of wine (Lulu Island Winery) they export to that country.  Chinese customs officials in Shanghai have charged John Chang, 62, and his wife Allison Lu with smuggling.  Both have been under arrest since March 2016. Chang has been in jail since then. Lu was held until January, but was forced to surrender her passport and is barred from leaving China.   (CBC)


Play taken out of playground


TORONTO - As the city, the school board and other agencies install the newest generation of CSA Group-approved equipment, the result is often playgrounds with gear designed almost exclusively for very young children; the more traditional elements - including sandboxes and swings suitable for under doggies - have been scrapped in the name of risk management.   (Globe & Mail)


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GPS darts


TORONTO - High-speed car chases could soon be a thing of the past for Ontario's provincial police.  The OPP says it has launched a pilot project that will test the use of laser-aimed darts armed with GPS technology to help track fleeing cars.  OPP says 3 of their marked front-line patrol vehicles have been equipped with a global positioning projectile-launching system.  When a motorist fails to stop or accelerates away after being stopped a projectile can be fired at the vehicle where it sticks - by adhesive and a magnet - and emits a GPS signal that can be tracked by one of the force's communications centres. (CP)


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Attack on airbase


BRAK - An attack on an airbase in southern Libya has killed 141 people, mostly soldiers loyal to military strongman Khalifa Haftar.  On Thursday, members of the Third Force militia loyal to the UN-backed government of national accord (GNA) in Tripoli attacked the base used by Haftar's self-proclaimed Libyan National Army (LNA), according to military sources.  (AFP) 


MORE:  Dozens killed   Libyan Civil War 


Woman castrates rapist


KOLLAM - A 23-year-old Indian woman has cut off the genitals of a Hindu religious teacher in the southern state of Kerala, claiming he raped her for years.  Police said the suspect, named as Gangeshananda Theerthapada, would come to the woman's house to perform prayer rituals for her father's health.  On Friday night, she grabbed a knife and attacked him when he allegedly tried to rape her, and then called the police herself.  The alleged rapist was rushed to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College for emergency surgery.  (BBC)  


MORE:   Woman cuts off penis


National carbon tax


OTTAWA - The federal government has released details of how it plans to put a 'price on pollution' that would ensure a carbon price of at least 11 cents a litre on gasoline in all provinces by 2022 but will include flexibility for provinces working towards their own plans.  The plan is intended to ensure all provinces put a price on carbon starting next year, and details how the federal government would impose that price in provinces that don't do it themselves.   (CBC)


REPORT:   Pricing carbon pollution in Canada

MORE:   Ottawa has the right to impose carbon tax on provinces     Sue feds over carbon tax   Latest tax grab 

COMMENT:   Carbon tax has become unnecessarily costly

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UBC Innocence project


VANCOUVER - While wrongful conviction cases seem dramatic in Hollywood movies, the day-to-day reality is far from glamorous.  It is more about inventorying 'boxes upon boxes' of police documents, mounting court challenges to see a psychiatrist's letter, and shuffling through musty file folders, said Tamara Levy, who has spent most of the last decade focused on this work. 'It can be really tedious.'  (Vancouver Sun)


MORE:   UBC Innocence Project at the Allard School of Law

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Court strikes down suspension


EDMONTON - AB's highest court has struck down a provincial law that allows police to suspend the driver's licences of suspected impaired drivers.  In a majority decision filed Thursday, the Court of Appeal of Alberta ruled that suspending the licences of people who have yet to be found guilty of impaired driving violates those individuals' Charter rights.  The court has granted the government one year to figure out how to implement the change.   (PostMedia)


COMMENT:   Blow for liberty    Don't sacrifice rights   

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CSIS warning 20 years ago


Remember when the RCMP and CSIS accused the Chinese government of purchasing real estate in Canadian urban centers as a method of threatening Canada? No? That's because the recommendations from a former classified program called Sidewinder was abandoned. All documents were ordered destroyed, and buried in 1997 by the Liberal government. Turns out we were as anxious to build ties with China then as we are now.  (Better dwelling)


PREVIOUS:   Asian triads and Sidewinder


No one in command


MONCTON - A retired assistant RCMP commissioner says no one took command during a 2014 shooting rampage in Moncton, NB, so officers were forced to make their own decisions amid the chaos.  Alphonse MacNeil, who conducted an independent review of the shootings for the force, told the RCMP's Labour Code trial that few front-line supervisors were trained to take control of such situations at the time.  (CP)


MORE:   RCMP showed due diligence

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Double homicide


TORONTO - Officers were flagged down in the area of Logan Ave and Gerrard St E at around 11:50pm and directed to a vehicle with a gravely injured man inside.  The man, who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, told police and paramedics that a female shooting victim was inside a home on Cavell Ave.  Investigators entered the home and located the body of a female inside.  (CP24)


MORE:   Man shot, woman found dead 


Victims identified


CALGARY - Friends and family have identified the 2 men killed in a shooting in the Superstore parking lot at 130 Ave & 48 St SE on Sunday night as Colin Reitberger and Anees Amar.  Investigators believe the 'pre-arranged meeting' between the 3 individuals involved was drug-related. They say the 2 victims, both in their early 20s, arrived at the lot together, then a third man showed up and shot them.  (Global) 


PREVIOUS:   2 dead    Parking lot shooting 


Hit-and-run victim


Glen Owens


WINNIPEG - Police said a man was walking in the 300-block of Cumberland Ave around 3:15am Sunday when a vehicle travelling eastbound on Cumberland struck him and drove off. Paramedics rushed Glen Ownes, 30, to hospital where he died of his injuries.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Pedestrian dead   Pedestrian killed 




Najeeb Saad


TORONTO - Najeeb Saad was re-arrested May 17 and charged with an additional 14 offences.  Saad was arrested and charged in March 2016 with sexual interference, sexual assault and luring a child under the age of 16.  (Global)


MORE:   More charges


Body found


MISSISSAUGA - Police are investigating after the body of a woman was found in a Mississauga apartment unit on Sunday night.  Police received a call about the death at a residence on Ceremonial Drive at about 6:30pm.  When officers arrived on scene they found the body of a 50 years old woman.  (CBC)


MORE:   Woman found dead   Woman found dead 


Body found


Beata Paciorek


SAULT STE MARIE - Police said an investigation was launched on May 19 into the disappearance of a Brampton woman identified as mother of two Beata Paciorek, 35.   On Sunday police executed a search warrant on a U-Haul truck in the Sault Ste Marie area and discovered Paciorek's body in the rear compartment of the vehicle.  Mike Madill, 28, and Amy MacDonald, 37, have been charged with first-degree murder.   (CP24)


 MORE:  Body found    Body identified 




Akiem-Jamell Health


MONTREAL - Police say Akiem Heath, 30, was arrested without incident on Friday at a Niagara Falls motel.  Heath faces a charge of second degree murder in the May 7 slaying of Ader Nicolas Marchi-Karzazi, 28, in the Montreal suburb of Brossard.  (CP)


PREVIOUS:   Suspect  Suspect ID'd in gang shooting  


14 years



Dale Dennis         Albert Michael Bernard


ESKASONI - Albert Michael Bernard, 38, was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of Dale Dennis on Nov. 3, 2016.  Bernard will have to serve at least 14 years of his life sentence behind bars before he's eligible for parole.  After a night of drinking on July 4, 2015, Bernard viciously attacked Dennis.  Dennis died in an ambulance on his way to hospital.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Guilty   Found guilty   Fatal beating


Assault victim dies


PRINCE GEORGE - Police were called to a report of a disturbance near the corner of Oak St and Porter Ave around 1:45am. 2 people, 1 male and 1 female were suffering from life threatening injuries. The adult male has died from his injuries, with the female victim expected to survive.  An adult male suspect was located and arrested near the scene.  (CKPG) 


Missing found murdered


Bayram Abolhassani-Larki


KAWARTHA LAKES - Bayram Abolhassani-Larki, 19, was found dead in a vehicle located in a field off of Post Road on Tuesday afternoon.  Police said that an autopsy has since confirmed that Abolhassani-Larki was the victim of a homicide.  Police said that the six-foot-two, 210-pound teen was last seen near Front and John streets in Toronto on Dec 12 at around 11pm.  (CP24)


MORE:   Body found    Homicide investigation


 Death a suicide


VICTORIA - Following a week of testimony, a 7-person inquest jury has classified a Victoria man's death as a suicide.  The jury was asked to look into the death of Rhett Mutch, 20, who was fatally shot in 2014 when he charged at police officers with a knife.  The jury also made a dozen recommendations to improve police responses to people in a mental health crisis, as well as added support for young people transitioning out of care.    (CBC)  


Gang war to the streets


KELOWNA - On a sunny Sunday afternoon in August 2011, outside a popular hotel and casino, a Porsche Cayenne carrying gangsters from Metro Vancouver was sprayed by gunfire.  When the shooting stopped, notorious Red Scorpion Jonathan Bacon was dead, his Hells Angels pal Larry Amero was seriously wounded, and their Independent Soldier associate James Riach was grazed and in shock.  18 months later, 3 men linked to a rival gang - Jujhar Singh Khun-Khun, Jason Thomas McBride and Michael Kerry Jones - were charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.  (Vancouver Sun)


PREVIOUS:   Vancouver Sun: Jonathan Bacon   Gangs


Sexual assault


CALGARY - Police are looking for a man believed to be in his 50s after a 5-year-old boy was sexually assaulted while riding his bike in an alley on Elbow Drive.  (CBC) 


Caught on video



STEVESTON - A Richmond resident captured dramatic video on Saturday showing a sea lion grabbing a young girl by the dress and dragging her into the water off a dock at Steveston in Richmond, BC.  (CBC) 


MORE:   Reckless behaviour 


Suspicious death


APEX - RCMP responded to reports of an 'unresponsive adult male,' aged 23, at an Apex home around 5am, May 19.  The man was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead.  The death was deemed suspicious. Shortly after noon May 19, a 37-year-old man was taken into custody in relation to the incident.  (Nunatsiaq online)


MORE:   Sudden death 


Charge laid


BURNS LAKE - A charge of first-degree murder has been laid in relation to a death in Francois Lake.  Albert Gordon Giesbrecht, 66, faces the count in the death of Raymond George Bishop, 59, who was found dead on Thursday in the community south of Burns Lake.   (Prince George Citizen)  


MORE:   Murder charge laid 


3 more suspects


Ahmad Afrah                  Suspects


OTTAWA - Police are searching for 3 more suspects in relation to Monday night's homicide at a MacLaren St apartment building.  Canada-wide warrants have been issued for Daniel Jean Charles, 20, Nia Denton-Akpalialuk, 16, and Jahvon Bloomfield, 16, all of Ottawa.  All 3 have been charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault.  Ahmad Afrah, 19, died after falling from an apartment.  Liban Gure, 29, was charged with manslaughter and aggravated assault earlier this week.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Charged   Man charged    Fleeing a fight 


Long-term offender charged


Christopher Pascal


REGINA - Christopher Sean Pascal, 25, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Rodney James Nippi, 46.  Police were called to a home on the 1400-block of 12 Ave just before 8:00pm on May 14. When they arrived on scene, they learned that an assailant had entered the home and assaulted the resident with a weapon before fleeing the scene.   (Global)


PREVIOUS:   Police identify victim   Man dies after assault   Homicide probe     Long term offender designation


22 months



Eva Ravikovich    Olena Panfilova


VAUGHAN - Olena Panfilova, who pleaded guilty in the death of 2-year-old Eva Ravikovich, was sentenced to 22 months in jail Friday.  Eva died in 2013 after being left in a hot car by Panfilova, the owner of an overcrowded, unlicensed Vaughan daycare, for about 8 hours. Panfilova pleaded guilty on April 4 to criminal negligence causing death.  (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Shocked at sentence

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Documents reveal details


LA LOCHE - The night before a SK teen killed 4 people and injured 7 others in La Loche, he used his iPad to search "What does it feel like to kill someone."   The teen who was 17 at the time of the shootings pleaded guilty in Oct to 2 counts of first-degree murder, 2 counts of second-degree murder and 7 counts of attempted murder.  His sentencing hearing is now underway in Meadow Lake, SK, to determine whether he should serve time as a youth or an adult.   (CBC)


MORE:    Ask for gift to mark anniversary

PREVIOUS:   La Loche shootings 


How a baby died at hospital


TORONTO - Miles Cohen died in his parents' arms at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.  A leaking feeding tube patched with tape. Lack of consent. A surgeon training to be a pediatric specialist. These are some of the red flags Miles's parents discovered over the past 16 months as they traced the steps and missteps that left their baby dead in a world-class hospital.  (Toronto Star)  


Assault did not happen


REGINA - A SK judge has found an inmate not guilty of assaulting a guard after a videotape the Crown wanted to exclude showed no such attack occurred and it was the staff that acted unlawfully.  According to a decision by provincial court Judge Kevin Lang, inmate Kevin Otu was charged in August 2016 with assaulting Regina Provincial Correctional Centre peace guards Christopher Lemay and Nicholas Hutchins.  (CBC) 


2 years


TORONTO - A former Ontario school teacher has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for her involvement in sexual encounters with her teenaged students.  In March Jaclyn McLaren, 36, pleaded guilty to multiple sex-related offences in connection with a series of incidents that occurred while she was working as a French teacher in Tweed, ON.  (CTV)


MORE:   Teacher sentenced   Teacher says she was blackmailed 


Body of missing teen found


Makayla Chang


NANAIMO - RCMP believe it has found the body of Makayla Chang.  Chang, 16, was reported missing on March 22, her body was found in Nanaimo.  RCMP are treating this as a homicide investigation.  (Black Press)


MORE:   Body found   Missing teen found dead   Body found

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Michael Di Biase


VAUGHAN - Councillor and deputy mayor Michael Di Biase has resigned his seat after an investigation by the city's integrity commissioner concluded a city employee was sexually harassed amid an intimidating work environment, according to a report (.pdf) released this week.  (CTV)


MORE:   Deputy mayor resigns 




Frank Elsner


VICTORIA - Suspended Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner has stepped down from his job amid a lengthy investigation into his alleged misconduct, according to the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   BC police 


Charged with assault


VANCOUVER - Surrey Creep Catchers founder Ryan Laforge has been charged with assault and uttering threats in connection with two stings by the controversial vigilante group.  Mounties in Surrey say the first charges stem from an April 3 confrontation between Laforge and a man who has since been charged with child luring.  The second incident occurred on April 19. RCMP say there was a confrontation between 3 members of the Surrey Creep Catchers and a man believed to be involved in child luring.   (CTV)  


MORE:   Assault charges

PREVIOUS:   Sex crimes 


Banned for fraud


James Schouw


VANCOUVER - A BC Securities Commission panel has permanently banned a developer for fraud. However, the developer, James Schouw, says he doesn't believe the panel's decision will impact 5 Metro Vancouver developments he is currently involved in.  (Vancouver Sun)   


MORE:  Developer used investor dollars   BCSC news release

PREVIOUS:   Developer fined for tax evasion


Music festival bankrupt


PEMBERTON - Facing a possible cash shortfall of over $10M, BC's Pemberton Music Festival (PMF) has been cancelled due to bankruptcy.  (CBC)


MORE:   This is fraud 




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