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CSIS briefing paper


OTTAWA - From cryptocurrencies, to artificial intelligence, to the rise of millennials, a top-secret document by Canada's spy agency explores the so-called 'mega trends' on its radar and details how they will transform the economy, society and security.  The evolution of these trends - set to play out over the next 5 to 15 years - will unlock new opportunities and new threats, said the recently released document prepared for Michel Coulombe, who was director of the CSIS at the time.  (CP) 


Case details scams


VANCOUVER - A shocking BC Supreme Court case that pitted 2 rich families from China against each other provides grim revelations about the kind of migration, tax, and real-estate scams regularly occurring in Metro Vancouver and beyond.  Immigration and tax lawyers are stunned that the Fu and Zhu families became embroiled in a lengthy civil suit over 3 multi-million dollar houses they purchased together in Vancouver, since their case provides evidence of their illicit schemes around real estate, tax avoidance and immigration.   (Vancouver Sun)


MORE:   2018 BCSC 0009 


Double suicide bombing


BAGHDAD - A double suicide bombing in central Baghdad has killed at least 38 people.  Monday's early-morning attack also wounded 105 other people.  The rush-hour attack struck at the city's Tayran Square.  The area around the square is usually crowded by labourers seeking work.  (PA) 


Casino shuttle boat fire




PORT RICHEY - A woman who was on a casino shuttle boat that caught fire on Sunday has died from her injuries.  The boat shuttling passengers from land to the Tropical Breeze Casino boat had engine trouble, so the captain tried to return the boat to the dock.  50 people, including crew members and passengers, jumped off the boat and into the water.  (WFLA)  


MORE:   Woman dies 


Record homicides


TIJUANA - After spiking to unprecedented levels last year, the bloodshed in Tijuana has continued at an unrelenting pace in these first days of the new year as 2 powerful drug trafficking organizations battle for control of the city's lucrative street drug sales: The long-established Sinaloa cartel and a newer, aggressive group known as the CJNG.  The tally for the year was a record 1,744 homicides - almost double the record of 910 homicides set in 2016.  (San Diego Union-Tribune) 


Company liquidation


LONDON - Carillion, one of the British state's biggest contractors collapsed Monday, putting thousands of jobs at risk after creditors and the government refused to bail out a company struggling under the weight of more than $2.1B of debt.  The construction and services company is working on major public works projects. The company employs 43,000 people worldwide who now face the risk of redundancy. The company employs 6,000 people in Canada, with an annual revenue of $1B.   (Global)   


MORE:   Government contractor liquidation


This is not a drill




HONOLULU - A push alert that warned of a ballistic missile heading straight for Hawaii and sent residents into a full-blown panic Saturday was issued by mistake, state emergency officials said.  The emergency alert, which was sent to cellphones just before 8:10am, said in all caps, 'Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.'   The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted there was no threat about 10 minutes after the initial alert, but that didn't reach people who aren't on the social media platform. (AP)


MORE:  HI-EMA statement   .pdf   Credibility   Worker reassigned   38 minutes of terror


Plane dangling




TRABZON - A commercial plane that skidded off a runway after landing in northern Turkey dangled precariously off a muddy cliff with its nose only a few feet from the sea.  Some of the 168 people on board the Boeing 737-800 described it as a 'miracle' that everyone was evacuated safely.  (AP) 


Lawmaker arrested


Julio Antonio Juarez Ramirez


GUATEMALA CITY - A ruling-party lawmaker accused of orchestrating the murder of 2 journalists in 2015 was arrested in SW Guatemala on Saturday.  Julio Antonio Juarez Ramirez was detained in the morning at his home in Suchitepequez department on a warrant sought by prosecutors and a UN anti-corruption commission.  Juarez is suspected of murder, attempted murder and criminal association for allegedly hiring hit men to kill journalist Danilo Efrain Lopez, fearing that his coverage would hurt Juarez's electoral campaign. A second journalist, Federico Benjamin Salazar, also died in the March 10, 2015, shooting.  (AP) 


Hike sticker shock


Toronto-area parents, whose child care costs are already the highest in the country, say their fees have jumped by as much as 24% this month in the wake of Ontario's new $14 minimum wage.  And this is despite a $12.7M provincial fund, announced in Nov, to help daycares weather the wage increase and shield parents from fee hikes.  (Toronto Star)


COMMENT:   Minimum wage a poor option

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Exit strategy


MALTA - The island nation of Malta lures millions of tourists every year with its dramatic Mediterranean scenery and historic sights, but increasingly it seems rich Russian visitors are attracted by something they can take with them when they leave - Maltese citizenship.  Malta has just published a list of its newest citizens, and it's striking for the number of wealthy Russians on it.  The list contains the names of the owners of Russia's biggest information technology companies, distilleries, real estate conglomerates and banks - more than 730 Russians in all.   (CBC)


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Sealed indictments


WASHINGTON - Since late October, more than 9,000 sealed indictments have been filed in districts across the US. Sealed indictments are typically used in prosecuting individuals or criminal networks in cases where revealing names could lead individuals to flee or destroy evidence.  As of Dec 22, 2017, there were 9,294 sealed indictments, according to data collected by researchers and gathered from the PACER service of the federal judiciary. The number of indictments filed in less than 3 months is in stark contrast to previous years. (Epoch Times)




KELOWNA - A celebrated University of BC psychologist who specializes in the science of lying has 'agreed to step aside from his teaching duties' after his practice was placed under supervision with a 'particular focus on' sexual harassment and boundary issues.  Dr  Stephen Porter has also agreed to issue letters of apology to an unknown number of complainants.  (CBC)


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Built to fail


OTTAWA - The government's problematic Phoenix payroll software was 'deliberately customized' to perform a number of tasks that have led to a cascade of pay errors.  At the end of Nov, the government reported the total number of outstanding financial and non-financial Phoenix claims had reached 551,000, affecting approximately 156,000 government workers, or more than half of the workforce.   (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Entitled 




OTTAWA - It turns out Canada's immigration officials are as confused as prospective immigrants and travelers by the information provided on their own department website.  'We expect clients to know just what to do because 'it's on the website,' 'says an internal Immigration Department document from last year.  'Yet, even for immigration officers like ourselves, we often find the website to be confusing and not user-friendly.'   (Toronto Star) 


Next director quits


OTTAWA - The inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls has lost another executive director - this one after only 4 months.  The federally funded commission - plagued by many staffing changes throughout its tenure - said Debbie Reid, who joined in Oct, had left the commission.  Reid's appointment followed the high-profile resignations last summer of inquiry commissioner Marilyn Poitras and executive director Michele Moreau.  (CP)


PREVIOUS:   First Nations


Charges dropped


Hassan Diab


PARIS - Terrorism charges against Hassan Diab, a former University of Ottawa professor, have been dropped by French authorities.  The Lebanese-Canadian was arrested by RCMP in Nov 2008 and extradited to France in 2014. He has spent the last 3 years in prison after being charged with first-degree murder in a 1980 Paris synagogue bombing that killed 4 people.  Diab, 64, denied involvement, maintaining he had been in Lebanon at the time of the attack.   (CBC)


MORE:   Court drops terror allegations 


Food riots


MERIDA - Hungry mobs ransacked a food collection center, and a supermarket in Venezuela's western Andean state of Merida on Thursday and reportedly even slaughtered cattle grazing in a field as unrest over food shortages spread through the country.  Looting has been increasing in the provinces since Christmas, with food shortages and hyperinflation leaving millions of people hungry, though the capital, Caracas, has so far been largely unaffected.  (Reuters)


MORE:   Shortages in subsidized food system

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New intelligence chief


Alberto Bazbaz


MEXICO CITY - Mexicans have expressed incredulity at the appointment of a former prosecutor to the country's top intelligence position, even though he once oversaw a notorious 9-day search for a missing girl who was eventually found lying dead in her own bed.  Alberto Bazbaz, a close ally of President Enrique Pena Nieto, was named as the new head of Mexico's intelligence agency, CISEN.  Bazbaz previously led the finance ministry's intelligence unit since shortly after Pena Nieto took office in Dec 2012.  Analysts say that during Bazbaz's leadership of the financial intelligence unit, Mexico failed to make progress tracking down the fortunes of the country's drug cartels.   (Guardian UK)


Murders increase


PUERTO RICO - 32 people have been slain in Puerto Rico in the first 11 days of the year, double the number killed over the same period in 2017. Hurricane Maria plunged much of the island into darkness, increased economic hardship and contributed to a sickout by police, all fueling lawlessness.  Already bankrupt, the island's overwhelmed government has fallen behind with millions of dollars in overtime payments owed to police officers, who have begun calling in sick in big numbers to protest.  (Time)


Scavengers threaten US landmark


McCurdy Smokehouse


CAMPOBELLO ISLAND - A piece of Down East fishing history sits stranded on a Canadian island and its American owners despaired Wednesday of rescuing it before scavengers finish tearing it apart.  A nonprofit group has contractors ready to salvage the brining shed from the American historical landmark McCurdy's Smokehouse in Lubec, Maine. The Jan 4 blizzard tore the shed from its moorings in Lubec Narrows and it floated to Campobello Island.  (BDN)


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Funeral home sells body parts


MONTROSE - The FBI is interviewing former employees of a funeral home whose owner runs a side business on the same premises selling human body parts.  An agent with the FBI has interviewed at least 4 former employees who worked for funeral director and body broker Megan Hess, seeking information about how she operates her businesses.  (Reuters) 


Preparing for US NAFTA withdrawal


OTTAWA - With senior Canadian officials acknowledging there is an increasing chance that President Donald Trump is preparing to pull the US out of NAFTA, Canada's main minister on the file, Chrystia Freeland says Canada is ready.  (CP)


MORE:   Canada drops a trade bomb on the US   US lashes out    Escalating trade tensions    Nafta most likely outcomes

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More funding


WINNIPEG - The federal government has announced a cash infusion of $291.2M over 5 years for policing in First Nation and Inuit communities.   (CP)


MORE:   Funding to improve FN policing 


Board was wrong to heed opinions


TORONTO - A comprehensive, 3-year research project on the value of having cops in schools has provided a stunning rebuke to the decision last fall by the Toronto District School Board to abruptly cancel its 'School Resource Officer' program.  The 258-page analysis, done by 2 Carleton University professors and their PhD students, shows unequivocally that students overwhelmingly feel safer in school with SROs.  The project actually began in 2012, long before Black Lives Matter, the amorphous activist group that was most visible - and voluble - in Toronto in the fight to see the program dropped.  (National Post)


REPORT:   School resource officer program


Justice for Zainab  



Zainab Ansari              Suspect


KASUR - Riots erupted in Kasur on Wednesday as residents agitated against perceived police inaction over the rape and murder of a 7-year-old resident of the city.  The post-mortem report of the child confirmed suspicions that she was raped before being murdered.  The brutal murder of the girl, the 12th such case to occur within a two-kilometre radius of the city over the last year, ignited a wellspring of anger among the city's residents.  2 people were killed by gunshot wounds as enraged protesters armed with sticks and stones attempted to storm the deputy commissioner's office and clashed with police.  (Dawn)


MORE:   Murder of Zainab Ansari    Rape and murder   Mob attacks police   CCTV of suspect


Leave the US


WASHINGTON - The Trump administration will end protections for certain nationals of El Salvador.  The termination will come with an 18-month delay, as the administration also recently did in ending other recent Temporary Protected Status for other countries. That time will allow individuals who have lived under the status to either seek other means of staying in the US or prepare to leave. The delay means the more than 250,000 TPS protectees will have until Sept 9, 2019, to either find a different way to stay in the US or prepare to leave.  (CNN) 


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Troy Dax McKinnon


NANAIMO - Troy Dax McKinnon, 34, of Nanaimo was found dead at 10:50am Saturday in the parking lot of the housing complex at Jingle Pot Road.  Police believe he was the victim of a targeted shooting.  He was a longtime gang member with a lengthy criminal record.  (Victoria Times Colonist)


MORE:   RCMP identify victim

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WAYCOBAH FN - Nova Scotia's police watchdog says no charges are warranted after an intoxicated 17-year-old girl fractured her ankle while being arrested on the Waycobah First Nation in August. The girl told investigators with SiRT she had been kicking the cell door and hurt her ankle that way, and acknowledged there was no police wrongdoing.  (CTV)




Baljit Thandi    Avtar Kaur


BRAMPTON - Baljit Thandi, 32, and her mother, Avtar Kaur, 60, were found dead at 100 Starhill Crescent in Brampton.  Police say the incident took place on Friday night (Jan. 12) at roughly 10:45pm.  Dalwinder Singh, 29, was arrested by police. He has since been charged with two counts of second-degree murder.  Singh was the husband of Thandi.   (Brampton Guardian)


MORE:  Identified   2 dead, 1 in custody   2 people found dead   Domestic related deaths 


Jury hands down verdicts


Melissa Merritt    Christopher Fattore


MISSISSAUGA - The jury found Melissa Merritt guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her ex-husband Caleb Harrison but failed to return a verdict in the murder of Bridget Harrison (Caleb's mother).  The jury, meanwhile, found Merrit's common-law partner Christopher Fattore guilty of first-degree murder in the deaths of Caleb Harrison and Bridget Harrison. Fattore was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Bill Harrison.  All 3 victims were found dead in the same Mississauga family home between 2009 and 2013.  (CP24)


MORE:   Found guilty

PREVIOUS:   3 murdered years apart


Stabbing at home


MISSISSAUGA - Police were called to the address on Marmac Crescent at around 1am Saturday for a stabbing call.  One person was then subsequently pronounced dead.  A male was arrested at the scene.   (CP24)


MORE:   Man in custody   Domestic related deaths   SIU involved   


Victim identified 


Neveithan Baskaran


OSHAWA - Police rushed to the area of area of Harmony and Taunton Rds around 3pm Thursday.  Witnesses told police the victim was involved in a verbal altercation with the suspect, which led to the stabbing.  When police officers arrived, they found the victim, with stab wounds and no vital signs. Neveithan Baskaran, 17, was rushed to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.  Police have charged a 16-year-old boy with second-degree murder.   (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Youth charged   Teen stabbed identified


Man dies of injuries


VANCOUVER - An elderly man who was seriously hurt after an assault in Vancouver last month has died of his injuries.  It happened on Dec 20th just outside the Costco in Downtown Vancouver.  Police have said 86-year-old man was pushed to the ground during an altercation with a 57-year-old man. The senior hit his head and never recovered from his injuries.  The VPD has identified a suspect, but charges have not been laid. (NEWS 1130)


Victim identified


Manricco Sansalone


VANCOUVER - Manricco 'Ricco' Sansalone, 26, died from gunshot wounds on Dec 22, after making his way to Ridge Meadows hospital from nearby Kin Park, where the shooting is believed to have occurred at about 6am.  His father Joseph Sansalone and great-uncle Vincenzo 'Jimmy' Sansalone are both members of the Hells Angel's Haney chapter.  (Vancouver Sun)




STONY MOUNTAIN INSTITUTION - Max Maurice Richard, 42, died after a fight involving multiple inmates at Stony Mountain Institution on Jan 7. The altercation also left 2 other inmates, ages 30 and 21, with non-life-threatening injuries.  Victor Travis Ross and Michael Frank Okemow, both 29, and Wilfred George Cook, 27, have been charged with second-degree murder.  3 other inmates also face charges of attempted murder, and another inmate has been charged with assault with a weapon, in connection with the altercation.  (CBC)


MORE:   Inmates charged  

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Virgil Jack


TORONTO - The body of Virgil Jack, 31, was found half-submerged in a stream in Derrydowns Park on Aug 19, 2017.  An autopsy later revealed that Jack sustained multiple penetrating wounds, resulting in her death.  Nicholas Johnson, 24, of Toronto, was charged with second-degree murder.  (CP24)


PREVIOUS:   Identified   Victim ID'd   Body found    


Found guilty


TORONTO - For decades, a Toronto man took advantage of a man with limited intelligence, treating him like a servant, taking his disability cheques and eventually stealing his baby in order to raise the child as his own, an Ontario judge has found.  Ontario Superior Court Justice John McMahon found Gary Willett guilty Friday of assault, theft and abduction of a child in a saga that began in the late 1980s.   (CP)


Body found


Hossein Lotfi


WINNIPEG - Police said the investigation started after a traffic stop in the area of St Anne's Road and Fermor Ave.  'Suspicious behaviour by the occupants of the vehicle and property found at the time didn't make sense to the officers,' said police.  The stop led officers to Manila Road where the body of Hossein Lotfi, 77, was found inside the home. An autopsy revealed Lotfi had been murdered.  (Global)


MORE:   Man found dead   Police investigation 


Death a homicide


VANCOUVER - The IHIT has confirmed that a suspicious death that happened in the 17800-block of 64 Ave in Surrey on Jan 7 was a homicide.  Police identified the victim as Shawnn Patrick Cotter, 37.  (Global)


MORE:    Identified   Homicide   Death a homicide

PREVIOUS:    IHIT investigates    


Care home homicide


HALIFAX - The 'tragic' death of an elderly Halifax-area woman has been ruled a homicide, but investigators say no charges will be laid because the 77-year-old suspect is not criminally culpable.  An 86-year-old woman died on Sept 3 following complications from an injury sustained during an altercation with a 77-year-old woman on June 7 at a nursing home.  (CP)


MORE:   Suspect wouldn't be charged   No charges laid 


Child abuse


EDMONTON - 2 young sisters had numerous broken bones when they were discovered by a babysitter inside furniture boxes left in a dark, barricaded, basement room at a NE Edmonton townhouse.  A court-ordered publication ban protects the names of the children, so their mothers' names cannot be released. CBC News is identifying the mothers by their initials: JL, age 24, and AM, 23.  JL has 2 young daughters, ages 6 and 3. AM has 3 children: ages 2, 3 and 5.  The 2 women have been charged with the attempted murder of the 6-year-old girl and the aggravated assault of her 3-year-old sister.   (CBC) 


Victim stalked


Angelo Musitano


HAMILTON - Police now have evidence that more than one person - and as many as 4 vehicles - were involved in the "stalking" of mobster Angelo Musitano in the week before he was executed in the driveway of his Waterdown home.  (Hamilton Spectator)


MORE:   Mobster stalked before hit



Found dead


Melbourne & Etta Flake


SAINT THOMAS - 2 Winnipeg seniors have died after being assaulted at their vacation home in Jamaica.  The bodies of Melbourne Flake, 81, and Etta Flake, 70, were discovered in their house in St Thomas Tuesday morning.   (CBC)


MORE:    Couple tied up and killed    Couple found murdered 


Senior identified 


TORONTO - Police said Edith Brezina, 87, was driving westbound on Eglinton Ave Sunday night when a Highlander travelling eastbound crossed into the westbound lanes and struck her head-on.  Brezina was pronounced dead at the scene.  The 28-year-old driver of the Toyota was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  Investigators said she is facing charges including impaired driving causing death.  Police have not yet identified her.  (Global)


PREVIOUS:   Impaired arrest


Truck driver arrested


MONTREAL - A truck driver from Brampton, ON, has been arrested in connection with a fatal hit and run south of Montreal in August.  Harmandeep Singh, 23, was arrested by SQ at Montreal's Trudeau airport when he returned from India on Wednesday.  A 21-year-old Mexican national vacationing in Quebec was killed in the collision Highway 30 eastbound in Brossard, QC, on Aug. 3.  A tractor trailer struck the vehicle at about 1am, causing it to hit a lamppost, before driving away.   (CP) 


Guilty plea


Serena McKay


SAGKEENG FN - The 2nd teenager charged in the death of student Serena McKay pleaded guilty to manslaughter Wednesday.  McKay, 19, was found dead in April and two youth were charged with second-degree murder.  A video of the bloody assault circled around social media and in Dec the 1st teen, 18, pleaded guilty to murder.  (CTV)


MORE:   Crown seeks adult sentence for 2nd teen   Teen pleads guilty

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Sandra, Gordon & Monica Klaus


CASTOR - Jason Klaus, 41, and Joshua Frank, 32, have been found guilty of 3 counts of first-degree murder in the Dec 2013 deaths of Gordon, Sandra and Monica Klaus. All 3 victims - the parents and sister of Jason Klaus - were shot to death and their bodies were burned in the Klaus home on a farm near Castor, AB.  (CBC)


MORE:    Duo convicted   Found guilty

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Officer faces internal charges


Nick Lisi


DURHAM - A high-ranking Durham police officer is facing internal police charges for allegedly drinking on the job and 'tyrannical' behaviour toward subordinates.  Insp. Nick Lisi is accused of being verbally abusive toward 4 officers, calling one sergeant a 'back-stabbing weasel' and berating a constable in an 'intimidating' and 'inappropriate' way, according to the allegations included in a notice of hearing.  (Toronto Star) 


Class action


BRAMPTON - 3 more officers have filed affidavits as part of a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit against Waterloo Regional Police.  The class action lawsuit was filed in May 2017.  The class action lawsuit is on behalf of every female officer with Waterloo Regional Police unless they back out. (CBC) 


Disorganized evidence room


NIGADOO - The NB provincial government has ordered an independent audit of a small northern police force's exhibits after a review found serious shortcomings that could put pieces of evidence, and the criminal cases that rely on them, at risk.   (CBC) 


NL settles


ST JOHN'S - The lawyer for a former resident of the Mount Cashel orphanage who was sexually abused by his social worker says she has reached a settlement with the government of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Lynn Moore says the province admitted liability for the 1986 abuse and agreed to pay $750,000 to the man, who is now in his 40s.  (CP)





Tarek Dakhil


OTTAWA - Police identify Tarek Dakhil, 23, as the victim in Tuesday night's fatal shooting.  Officers were called to Paul Anka Drive around 8:30pm after reports of gunfire.  Dakhil was treated at the scene but died of his injuries later in hospital.   (CTV)


MORE:   Shooting    Man gunned down 


RCMP seek witness


LAMONT - RCMP were asking the public for help finding witnesses to an 'altercation' at an Esso station that resulted in the death of an elderly man.  The man was injured around 3:15pm Saturday in Lamont, AB.  He later died from his injuries.  (Edmonton Journal) 


MORE:   Man dead after altercation 




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