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Gas explosions




KAOHSIUNG - A series of catastrophic gas explosions in southern Taiwan's port city of Kaohsiung that began late Thursday had caused 25 deaths and left 267 people injured.   (CNA)   


MORE:   Evacuees return  






PUNE DISTRICT - The death toll from a landslide that engulfed the entire Malin village in Pune district rose to 51 as heavy rains on Friday hampered efforts by hundreds of rescue workers digging through heavy mud and debris.  Rescuers are still looking for about 100 people missing and feared dead.  (Hindustan Times) 


MORE:   2014 Malin landslide  


Ceasefire crumbles




GAZA - A ceasefire quickly unravelled Friday as violence erupted in and around the southern town of Rafah, with 35 Palestinians killed by Israeli shelling and the military saying one of its soldiers may have been abducted.  Israel and Hamas accused each other of breaking the ceasefire, which had been announced by the US and the UN and took effect at 8:00am Friday. The fighting broke out less than 2 hours later.  (AP)


MORE:   Militants 'seize Israeli soldier'     

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Blast flattens police building




BENGHAZI - A strong explosion ripped through the main police building in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi early on Friday, nearly flattening it, days after Islamic militias overran army barracks and claimed control of the city.  The police headquarters has been empty for several days after militias pounded it with shelling.   (Daily Mail)


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Inquiry begins


Alexander Litvinenko


LONDON - On Tuesday, nearly 8 years after former KGB officer-turned-dissident Alexander V  Litvinenko was killed by radioactive poisoning, the British government announced it was opening a formal investigation into the matter.  (Canada Free Press) 


PREVIOUS:   Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko   


Carjackers charged




PHILADELPHIA - Two 'bastards,' bent on robbing a realtor, are facing murder charges for carjacking and sexually assaulting the woman before running down a family selling fruit on a Philadelphia sidewalk. 3 children, all siblings, were killed.  Jonathan Rosa, 19, and Cornelius Crawford, 23, face 15 charges each.   (NBC)


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Victim surcharge nixed


OTTAWA - Mandatory victim surcharges amount to cruel and unusual punishment, a judge has ruled in the case of a penniless Inuit man whose crimes are a 'social nuisance committed by the desperate and pitiable' yet faced an order to pay $900.  (QMI)   


MORE:   Judge strikes down mandatory surcharge  


Cyberbullying charges


OTTAWA - An unemployed Ottawa man faces 181 charges relating to 'a huge web' of cyber bullying and harassment.   The victims involved 38 people in Canada, the US and UK and the crimes stretch back a dozen years.  Robert Campbell, 42, was hit with 27 counts of criminal harassment, 85 charges of defamation libel and 69 more of identity fraud after an 8-month probe called 'Project Winter.'    (Toronto Star)  


MORE:   International cyberbullying   




VANCOUVER - Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetiem First Nation is listed as the chief and economic development officer and was paid $914,219 in remuneration and $16,574 in expenses.  Giesbrecht's salary as chief and economic development officer was only $84,800, but he received a bonus of $800,000.  The bonus was a percentage of the profit generated by the economic development officer.  (CBC)  


MORE:   There should be transparency on all levels of government  

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Ban on exclusivity clauses


OTTAWA - Wireless carriers in Canada have been banned from imposing exclusivity conditions in contracts that forced smaller firms to use more expensive roaming networks.  The CRTC issued the prohibition order Thursday, saying it was aimed at enhancing competition in the wireless marketplace.  (CTV)


Mr Big must be regulated


OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that confessions obtained through so-called Mr. Big police sting operations must be regulated more carefully in order to be admissible in court.  In a majority decision, the Supreme Court ruled that Hart's Charter rights may have been violated and that Canada's legal system does not adequately protect the rights of people who are subject to Mr. Big sting operations.  (CP)


JUDGMENT:   2014 SCC 52

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Rob Nicholson


OTTAWA - In its fight against Chinese espionage and other cyberthreats, Canada's electronic-intelligence agency intercepts citizens' private messages without judicial warrants.  A 22-page 'Operational Procedures for Cyber Defence' document obtained by The Globe speaks to just how CSEC can log, store and study volumes of electronic communications that touch government computer networks - including the 'private communications' of Canadians not themselves thought to be hackers.   (Globe & Mail)


MORE:   Ottawa warned about its vulnerability to hackers

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Order to remove


REGINA - The Saskatchewan government has ordered SaskPower to remove all 105,000 smart meters that have been installed across the province following several fires linked to the devices.  (CTV)    


MORE:    Recall balloons to $47M     BC says its smart meters are safe


State of emergency


MONROVIA - Sierra Leone's President Ernest Bai Koroma on Thursday declared a state of emergency as the country scrambles to contain an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus that has killed more than 700 people across West Africa.  The announcement from President Ernest Bai Koroma late on Wednesday came as neighbouring Liberia also ramped up its efforts to slow the virulent disease's spread, shutting down schools and ordering most public servants to stay home from work.  (AFP)  


MORE:   S Leone declares Ebola emergency   2 Americans with Ebola    Moving faster than efforts to control   Suspected case at British immigration centre

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House to sue Obama


WASHINGTON - The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to sue President Barack Obama for allegedly exceeding his constitutional powers.  The 225-201 vote along party lines means House lawyers will now draft legal documents to launch a lawsuit.  The president himself has dismissed it as a waste of time. 'Everyone sees this as a political stunt,' he said.   (BBC)


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Argentina defaults, again


NEW YORK - Argentina has defaulted on its debt - for the second time in 13 years - after last-minute talks in New York with a group of bond-holders ended in failure.  So-called "vulture fund" investors were demanding a full pay-out of $1.3B on bonds they hold.  Argentina has said it cannot afford to do so, and has accused them of using its debt problems to make a big profit.  The crisis stems from Argentina's 2001 default.  (BBC) 


MORE:   Very particular default   Argentina blames US   Power of US courts      

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Cop on a mission


SEATTLE - The Seattle Police Department has reassigned an officer who single-handedly issued about 80% of the marijuana tickets handed out in the city during the first half of this year, authorities said on Wednesday.  Staff reviewing data to prepare the department's first biannual report on marijuana enforcement found that 66 of 83 citations for public pot use were given out by just one officer. (AP)


'Stigmatized' real estate




CALGARY - The property listing for 11 Butler Crescent NW shows a "gem" of a house bookended by old trees and boasting a detached garage and handsome stucco-and-wood finish. But the photos of the little blue house in Calgary's Brentwood neighbourhood also belie the horror that occurred there 3 months earlier.  (CBC)




XINJIANG - A mob armed with knives rampaged through part of China's volatile northwestern region of Xinjiang and police responded with gunfire, leaving dozens of people dead in the latest violence blamed on Islamic militants, state media reported Tuesday.  (AP)  


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IS killing fields video


Daily Mail


MOSUL - Islamist militants in Iraq celebrated Eid by releasing a video showing scenes of them carrying out genocide.  The slickly produced footage shows prisoners being rounded up and summarily executed, suicide bombers boasting before blowing up buildings and Iraqis being gunned down in drive-by shootings.  (Daily Mail)


MORE:   IS weapons

PREVIOUS:   Northern Iraq offensive   Iraqi insurgency   ISIS   Syrian Civil War    PTC: War on Terror  


Raids on Microsoft offices


BEIJING - China regulators opened an anti-monopoly investigation into Microsoft Corp., seizing computers and documents from offices in four cities amid escalating tensions with US technology companies.  China stepped up the pressure on US companies after American prosecutors indicted 5 Chinese military officers in May for allegedly stealing corporate secrets. Microsoft, Google Inc. and Apple Inc. have since been criticized by state media for allegedly cooperating with a US spying program.  (Bloomberg)


Biggest 'tiger' yet


Zhou Yongkang


BEIJING - There was little doubt that the top echelons of Chinese leadership were after Zhou Yongkang, once one of the country's most powerful men.  On Tuesday night, the investigation against him was made formal by Chinese state media in a brief but high-profile update that said he is being placed 'under investigation for suspected serious disciplinary violation,' a routinely-used term of art for corruption.  (Globe & Mail)  


MORE:   Corruption inquiry into former security chief   China's fallen security chief    Central Committee announces inquiry    Investigated    Under investigation     


Changes afoot


OTTAWA - The Conservative government is launching more flexible options for aboriginal treaty talks after setbacks to its ambitious resource development plans.  The announcement signals Ottawa's desire to give its stagnant BC treaty process a boost by negotiating smaller, incremental treaties where possible and signing deals with aboriginal groups outside the formal treaty process.  (Globe & Mail)


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Bank of Canada doesn't know Canada


$10 design  .pdf


OTTAWA - The Bank of Canada had claimed that its new plastic $10 bank notes included an image of majestic Mount Edith Cavell, a prominent peak in the Canadian Rockies south of Jasper, AB.  Hitesh Doshi contacted the Bank of Canada by email last November, shortly after the new $10 notes were released, to say something was amiss. He kept getting the runaround until last week.  That's when the central bank quietly changed its website, removing Mount Edith Cavell and several other peaks from its official description of the back of the $10 bank note, replacing them with some other peaks.  (CP)     


Another Mafia mistake


Mariano Bottari


NAPLES - Mariano Bottari, 75, was shot dead as he was returning home after doing his grocery shopping in the small town of Portici, 8 miles from Naples.  He is the 30th innocent victim to have been killed by mistake by Naples' notoriously violent Camorra in the past 25 years and his murder has provoked fresh debate about the power of the mafia and need for greater security on the streets.   (Telegraph UK)  


MORE:   Deadly ambush    


Schoolgirl confesses


SASEBO - The Japanese high school girl who was arrested on Sunday has reportedly confessed to killing and dismembering her classmate, say local media.  National news agency Kyodo quoted police sources as saying the girl had admitted she 'wanted to kill someone' and dismember a body.  The body of Aiwa Matsuo, 15, was found in the suspect's home early on Sunday morning, after she failed to return home and her parents called the police.  (BBC)  


MORE:   Teen held for decapitating friend


Massive decompression


KIEV - A Ukrainian security spokesman says data from the recovered flight data recorders shows Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed due to a massive, explosive loss of pressure after being punctured multiple times by shrapnel.   (AP)  


MORE:   Forensic scientists reach MH17 site   1,129 people killed in civil war

COMMENT:   Combustion of small events   Collateral damage

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Russia ordered to pay


HAGUE - An international court on Monday ordered Russia to pay more than $50B to the former majority shareholders of now defunct oil company Yukos, ruling that the state engaged in a ruthless campaign to destroy what was once the country's biggest oil producer.  (CP)


JUDGMENT:   Final awards issued between Yukos and Russian Federation

MORE:   Russia forced to pay $50B to shareholders   Russia to appeal

COMMENT:   Trillion dollar boo-boo   Good luck collecting the $50B


Militants kill 21


JOLO - About 50 Abu Sayyaf gunmen opened fire on two vehicles in the remote town of Talipao on Jolo island, killing 21 people and wounding 11 others.  Jolo is one of the Abu Sayyaf's main strongholds, where militants are able to hide with relatives in the remote jungles of the mainly Muslim populated island. (AFP) 


MORE:   Death toll rises to 23    


Mob kills grandmother, girls




GUJRANWALA - A Pakistani mob killed a woman member of a religious sect and 2 of her granddaughters after a sect member was accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook, police said Monday, the latest instance of growing violence against minorities.  The dead, including a 7-year-old girl and her baby sister, were Ahmadis.  (Rakyat Post) 


MORE:   Facebook post led to killing   2014 Gujranwala attacks  


Cops arrested


TARIMBARO - More than 30 police officers have been arrested in Mexico for alleged organized crime ties and possible involvement in the killing of fellow cops.  Those detained include a former top public safety chief from the town of Tarimbaro, an ex-commander of the same unit and 18 more active duty agents.  A second operation netted 12 municipal police officers in Charapan.   (AFP) 


19 years


Narco submarine


TAMPA - Alex Gonzalez-Arango, 39, of Buenaventura, Colombia, was sentenced to 19 years and 7 months in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute.  Gonzalez-Arango was a manager/supervisor of a drug trafficking organization operating out of Colombia and Venezuela. In that role, during July and September 2011, he helped to organize and execute multi-ton shipments of cocaine via two different self-propelled semi-submersible vessels.  (LAHT)  


MORE:   Sub builder gets 27 years   Trafficker gets 25 years  


Silver price rigging


NEW YORK - Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Bank of Nova Scotia have been accused of attempting to rig the price of silver, in a lawsuit filed in the US.  The plaintiff alleges the banks, which set the price of silver each day, abused their position in the market.  The lawsuit follows similar filings in the gold price-fixing market.  (BBC)


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Pentagon overpays for everything


WASHINGTON - The average major Pentagon acquisition comes in at 40% over budget, according to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office.   (Bloomberg)  


REPORT:   Acquisitions testimony  .pdf


Paying for unelected spin doctors


OTTAWA - Spending on Information Services staff among the core federal departments is projected to reach almost $263M this year - and that doesn't include communications gatekeepers within the RCMP, Canada Revenue Agency or independent tribunals.  The number of communications staffers has declined since its height of 3,824 (at a cost of $281M) in 2010.  'When you compare the payroll of unelected federal spin doctors at $262M to payroll at the House of Commons - all our elected MPs and all their staff - at $329M, the costs are seriously out of line,' Greg Thomas, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said.  (QMI)     


National missing persons DNA databank


OTTAWA - The Conservatives' latest budget, tabled in February, pledged up to $8.1M over 5 years starting in 2016-2017 to create a DNA-based national missing persons index (MPI).  (Globe & Mail)  


Mercury poisoning report


ASUBPEESCHOSEEWAGONG - Water around the Grassy Narrows First Nation near Kenora, ON, has been contaminated with mercury since a local paper mill dumped an estimated 10 tonnes of neurotoxins into the system between 1962 and 1970.  Grassy Narrows says it has now obtained a report commissioned by the Mercury Disability Board in 2009, but never publicly released, that found the government played down the scope of mercury poisoning and failed to provide adequate treatment for those affected.  (CP)


MORE:   ON pledges better help   


Another regulated market success


WINDSOR - The cost of beef is up 17%.  A US drought last year and a shortage of pork today have increased the demand for - and cost of - beef.  The average price of beef is 17% higher than last year but some cuts, such as brisket, have risen by 65%.  (CBC)


CRA says probe even handed


OTTAWA - CRA says a special political-activities audit of charities was designed to be balanced across the political spectrum rather than focus on groups with particular leanings.  The tax collector is responding to public allegations that it's being used by the Harper government to target charities that are outspoken critics of the Conservative Party.  (Globe & Mail)


COMMENT:   PEN and the politics of charity   Soft targets

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Funding misuse claims


LONDON - An investigation has begun into the use of taxpayer-funded grants by the charity set up to lead David Cameron's Big Society initiative.  The Charity Commission was examining whether funding for a childhood obesity project was used to pay the debts of a linked company, the Independent reported on Saturday. News of the investigation comes days after a public spending watchdog issued a critical report about how National Lottery and government funds were handed over to and used by the BSN.  (Guardian UK)  


MORE:   Misuse allegations

PREVIOUS:   Investigation into grants from Big Lottery Fund   .pdf  

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Forming an empire



Jimmy Cournoyer


MONTREAL - Who can say for certain what triggers a person to choose a life of crime? In some the seed may be poverty; in others, psychological distress. For others still, a taste of the good life - carefree wealth and influence - is the high that feeds an addiction to breaking laws.  In the case of Jimmy Cournoyer, the 34-year-old Montreal man nicknamed the King of Pot, it may have been all of these things and more.  (Toronto Star)


PREVIOUS:   Canadian Drug Kingpin pleads guilty   Organized crime


Prison population at all-time high


OTTAWA - Canada's prison population is now at its highest level ever, even though the crime rate has been decreasing over the past 2 decades. 10 years ago, the number of inmates in federal prisons was close to 12,000. It's now more than 15,000.  These are just some of the statistics expected to be examined, when the annual report of Correctional Investigator of Canada Howard Sapers is tabled in Parliament.   (CBC)


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RELATED:   Disciplinary measures against prison guards skyrockets    Un-deportable man jailed for 8 years   Bail system set up to punish   Set up to fail   .pdf     


Lethal force report


TORONTO - A report by Frank Iacobucci, a former Supreme Court of Canada justice, into the use of lethal force by Toronto police has made 84 sweeping recommendations which, if implemented, would mean far more training and support for officers dealing with those in crisis.  (CP)


REPORT:   Police encounters with people in crisis   .pdf

MORE:   Body cameras and Tasers   Innovative recommendations 

COMMENT:   Taser support a delicious irony


Calling in former cops


MONTREAL - Since the Charbonneau Commission began its state-mandated inquiry into the construction industry in 2012, complaints brought to the Quebec Order of Engineers have increased by 500%.  Toward the end of 2013 the Order hired GJB, a firm staffed with former RCMP and SQ detectives who specialize in financial crimes.  (Montreal Gazette)    


MORE:   Order of Engineers won't lay blame in overpass collapse 

PREVIOUS:   City Hall searched by UPAC   Picture of party financing   Quebec Liberal Party   UPAC workload to increase    Greed & Corruption Quebec           


Transit police custody death


VANCOUVER - A 41-year-old Surrey man arrested under the Mental Health Act died in the custody of Transit Police early Friday morning.  The man was arrested at 11:30pm on Thursday for 'irrational behaviour' on a bus at the Surrey Central bus loop.  Officials say he was compliant during the arrest and was transported to hospital by transit police officers.  The man received immediate medical assistance, but was pronounced dead.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Watchdog investigating  


Man turns himself in


Michael Bradley Laronde


EDMONTON - Police report that on Wednesday, Justin Mark Nanaquawetung, 26, turned himself in to homicide detectives working on the investigation into the death of Michael Laronde in June.  Nanaquawetung was then charged with manslaughter in the death of Michael Bradley Laronde, 33, of SK.  Laronde died from blunt force trauma to the head after an altercation outside a pub in the area of 91 St and 83 Ave.  His body was discovered at about 10:30am, on Sunday, June 22.  (Beacon)  


MORE:   Charges laid

PREVIOUS:   Homicide   Victim fatally injured in altercation   Victim ID'd   Suspicious death   Police investigating     


Manslaughter charge


Brian Black Kettle


CALGARY - Brian Blackkettle, 35, was found unconscious in the Century Gardens Park, at 8 Street and 7 Avenue SW, on Sunday, July 27 and died later in hospital.  Police believe Blackkettle was hit by another man and an autopsy done earlier this week, determined his death to be a homicide.  Blaine Manywounds, 26, is now charged with manslaughter.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Victim ID'd   Homicide    Death a homicide   Warned of going downtown 


Police used reasonable force


HALIFAX - A watchdog agency has concluded police used reasonable force when they subdued a man suffering from a mental illness earlier this year.  The 31-year-old man's leg was broken as police took him into custody and used a conducted energy weapon on him.  Two members of the Kentville Police Service were involved in the May 23 arrest.  (CP) 




AURORA - York Regional Police say their professional standards bureau began probing an officer, his wife and a fitness facility manager in February after the force received complaints from its benefits provider.  Const. Stuart Coleman, 41, of Richmond Hill, has been suspended with pay since then, pending the outcome of the investigation.  He and Ruth Coleman, 41, of Vaughan, and Michael McCleary, 40, of Toronto, face charges of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, uttering false documents and fraud over $5,000.  (CTV)


Victim identified




VANCOUVER - IHIT says Trevor Koehler, 33, was found suffering multiple gunshot wounds after police were called to a home in a brand-new subdivision near 10300-block of 240 St.  IHIT says the victim is not known to police and the incident doesn't appear to be linked to gangs.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Shot dead    Murder in subdivision   Targeted    


Woman charged


Arthur Haussermann


WINNIPEG - Murder and arson charges have been laid in the death of a man found in an apartment on Hargrave St in downtown Winnipeg that was the site of a fire on July 26.  Officers identified the man killed as Arthur Haussermann, 53.  On July 30, police announced Clarissa Dawn Ponace, 29, of Winnipeg faces charges.  (CTV) 


MORE:   Victim identified   Arrest made   Woman charged    


Soccer field death




BRADFORD - A 15-year-old girl is dead in Bradford, Ont., north of Toronto, after an apparent accident on a soccer field.  The girl was playing on the field with a friend when she became trapped under the crossbar of an overturned soccer net, according to South Simcoe police, who were called to the scene at about 3:30pm.  (CBC)


MORE:   Girl identified


Cop charged


TORONTO - The Toronto officer charged with second-degree murder in the streetcar shooting of Sammy Yatim last summer has been charged again.  On Wednesday, the Crown revealed that it had added the charge of attempted murder to the indictment of Const. James Forcillo, leaving him in an apparent contradiction: prosecutors claim he both murdered and attempted to murder the Toronto teen.  (Toronto Star)


PREVIOUS:   Death of Sammy Yatim    


Blair out


Bill Blair


TORONTO - Chief Bill Blair's contract as head of the Toronto Police Service won't be renewed in April 2015 when it expires, the Toronto Police Services Board said.  (CityNews) 


MORE:   Contract not renewed


Ticket refund


WINNIPEG - Police are refunding more than 2,500 photo radar tickets issued between June 27 and July 1 because of an error on the tickets.  (CBC)


COMMENT:   60 means 60

MORE:   Million dollar typo


865 bust


VANCOUVER - They take their gang name from the prefix for Aldergrove phone numbers.  Now 856 gang members have expanded well beyond their Langley origins to traffic drugs in other parts of Canada.  (Vancouver Sun)     




Robert Pitcher


PARADISE - The death of Robert Pitcher, whose dead body was found in an unfinished subdivision in Paradise on Monday, involved a shooting.  Pitcher, 31, was named on Tuesday as the man whose body was found on Seascape Drive, a new housing development off St. Thomas Line.   (CBC) 


MORE:   Targeted killing  


Clear of wrongdoing


Andrew Leduc


VANCOUVER - The family of Andrew Leduc, killed last year in a hit-and-run incident is questioning why the civilian RCMP contractor involved wasn't arrested, after a final report on the case revealed he washed blood off his truck and stopped for coffee and gas before contacting police 3 hours later.  The truck driver, a civilian expert and consultant that RCMP and other law enforcement agencies use to assist in traffic investigations, did not stop.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   No charges   Family angered   Twist in hit-and-run death   Driver is RCMP consultant    


Suspicious death


TIMMINS - Police officers are on the scene of what has been termed 'a suspicious death'.  Police detectives and forensics investigators have been at the scene of an urgent medical call that was dispatched earlier on Monday evening in an older neighbourhood, south of Commercial Ave and West of Mountjoy St.  (QMI) 


'Nameless' murdered




CALGARY - A 16-year-old boy is facing second-degree murder charges in connection to the death of a woman at a home in the Radisson Heights/Albert Park area on Saturday.  Police were called to a home in the 2800-block of 14 Ave SE by a neighbour for a check on welfare.  A woman in her 40s was found dead in the home and police determined her death to be suspicious.  Police say the victim and accused are known to each other and that the homicide was not random.  The name of the victim is also being withheld to ensure the identity of the accused is not compromised.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Teen charged   Youth charged   Son accused of murdering mom    




Aaron Mullins


EDMONTON - Police report a man has turned himself in to police and has been charged with manslaughter in the death of Kerry McGill, 41, July 8 in the area of 105th St and 99th Ave.  Aaron Mullins, 28, turned himself in to EPS Homicide Unit detectives on Monday.  (Beacon)


MORE:   Suspect turns himself in   Homicide suspect

PREVIOUS:    Suspicious death   Police investigating   Autopsy results inconclusive 


Cow attack


CHERRYVILLE - The man killed in a cow attack on a BC farm on Canada Day has been identified by the BC Coroners Service as Allen Donald Powder, 49.  He was working on a farm in Cherryville, BC, the morning of July 1. According to a statement released by the coroner, Powder and another farm worker were moving cattle from one corral to another when the cow attacked. (CBC)  


PREVIOUS:   Man killed by horned cow

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Gang bust


Cory Lesperance


RED DEER - Police say they have hampered efforts by a BC drug trafficking gang known as the Red Scorpions to expand into central and southern Alberta.  Search warrants were executed last week in Airdrie, Red Deer and Calgary, leading to the arrest of one gang member and 3 associate members.  (CBC)


MORE:   Red Scorpion arrested   Gang members arrested   AB gang arrests   Gang member charged    


Wounded man was out on bail


VANCOUVER - A gang associate wounded in a SE Vancouver shooting on Sunday night was out on bail in a manslaughter case when he was targeted.  The man hurt near East 63rd Ave and Knight St just before 9pm Sunday is Chien Khac (Tim) Le, 28.  Le was charged in October for the Aug. 16, 2013, stabbing death of teenager The Vinh Nguyen outside a sushi restaurant on Kingsway near Slocan.  (Vancouver Sun)  




HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's acting ombudsman has identified several shortcomings in the way the province dealt with the case of a child who died after authorities were alerted to concerns about their well-being.  Christine Delisle-Brennan issued a report Tuesday that says there were problems with vague standards and poor communications.  (CTV)


REPORT:   CDR final report July 2014   .pdf


Taking care of their own


EDMONTON - Without fanfare, the province approved a 7% pay hike for deputy ministers and other political appointees, including those in the premier's office, a year and a half early.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Redford's flights had 'false passengers'


A TransLink 'solution'


VANCOUVER - Former GO Transit CEO Gary McNeil has been called in to evaluate SkyTrain's service after the transit system ground to a halt twice in just four days earlier this month.  His final report and recommendations are slated for release in late October.  TransLink has confirmed that McNeil will earn about $1,200 a day while he conducts his investigation.  (CTV)


Impaired driver charged


MUSKODAY - An 11-year-old boy is dead after he was struck by a vehicle early Saturday night while riding a bicycle on Highway 3 near the Muskoday Bridge.  The boy was with a group of children who were riding their bikes on the side of the highway when the vehicle hit him around 7pm.  He was seriously injured and was rushed to Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert. The boy later died in hospital.  RCMP arrested a 51-year-old man at the scene of the crash for impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death.  (CBC)  


Police probe


LONDON, ON - Police  will examine whether the car that reversed Friday into a Costco store, killing a 6-year-old girl and injuring others, was mechanically sound.  Addison Hall died, and her pregnant mother and young sister were injured when the car crashed through the store's entryway.  (CBC) 


Golf course plane crash


NANAIMO - Michael Weir and Gerald Thom had been friends for 28 years.  Both loved to fly and last year built an amphibious plane together on Salt Spring Island.  They were in that plane on Saturday night when it crashed shortly after takeoff at the Cottonwood Golf Course in Nanaimo.  Both men died in the crash.  (Global)  


MORE:   Home built aircraft crashes




OSHAWA - Alan Smith has been acquitted of murder in the 1974 killing of Beverly Smith.  Last month, Justice Bruce Glass threw out all the evidence gathered in an elaborate, nearly year-long undercover operation by Durham Regional Police that elicited two widely varying confessions by Smith, who was a neighbour of Beverly Smith (no relation) at the time of her death.  The Crown conceded in Oshawa court Monday that there was not sufficient evidence to proceed with a reasonable chance of conviction.  (Toronto Star) 


PREVIOUS:   Judge throws out all evidence   Mr. Big cold case arrest   Confession was coerced      


Shots fired at Mounties


ALEXIS CREEK - Police are on the hunt for several suspects who fired shots at RCMP officers in Alexis Creek early Sunday morning.  No officers were harmed, but more Mounties have been sent into the remote community.  (Vancouver Province)


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MONTREAL - A war of words has broken out over a fired cocaine-using locomotive engineer.  Canadian Pacific chief executive Hunter Harrison lashed out when CP was ordered this month to reinstate the engineer even though an arbitrator confirmed the employee had 'consumed cocaine at a time and of a quantity which could impact his work performance.'  (Montreal Gazette)




TORONTO - A Toronto man has been charged after police say an online post urged people to throw food at Mayor Rob Ford during a party in a city park.  It's alleged the author of the post offered free beer to anyone who threw eggs or tomatoes at Ford.   (CP)


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Dog handlers


VANCOUVER - A lot of time and money goes into producing an effective police dog.  What money can't buy is the bond that develops between the police officer and the canine member.  Typically after a work day, the dog goes home with the handler - and the animal becomes a part of the family right through retirement.  (Vancouver Province)


Murder investigation


Colton Crowshoe


CALGARY - Police now believe the 18-year-old pulled from a retention pond in the NE was murdered.  Colton Crowshoe was last seen leaving a party in Abbeydale with friends in the early morning hours of July 4th.  His family reported him missing when he didn't come home.  Initially, police did not believe there was any foul play.  On Thursday afternoon, Crowshoe's body was found in a pond just off Stoney Trail and 16 Ave NE.  (CTV)  


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Part 1: Big break


SASKATOON - When police officers set up an elaborate undercover sting targeting a Calgary murder suspect, they ended up ensnaring a cold-blooded killer who carried out his first murder in Saskatoon.  After two juries in two cities delivered guilty verdicts this year, Neil Lee Yakimchuk is serving two life sentences for first-degree murder.  (Saskatoon Star Phoenix)  


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Conclusion correct


HALIFAX - After a four-month review, Quebec police have confirmed the death of a blind woman in Halifax was accidental. However, they are also criticizing Halifax police for the way the investigation was handled.  Holly Bartlett was discovered unconscious under the McKay Bridge in Halifax early on March 27, 2010, and died in hospital the following day.  (CTV) 


Police call in sick


MONTREAL - The dispute over Quebec's proposed pension reform legislation took a new twist overnight Friday when more than 100 Montreal officers simultaneously called in sick.  (CBC)  


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VANCOUVER - About 200 people showed up on East Hastings Street for the start of Saturday's citywide housing march to Vancouver City Hall.  Organized by the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, the protest began across the street from Insite, Canada's only legal supervised-injection site.  Long-time housing activist Jean Swanson told the crowd that they needed to send a message to the city to stop the gentrification of the Downtown Eastside.  (Straight) 


No booze


PENTICTON - Boonstock, a major music festival scheduled for next weekend in BC's Okanagan that has Bacardi as one of its main sponsors has been told it can't sell alcohol.  (CBC)  


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Dennis Leonard Cardinal  


COLD LAKE - A 28-year-old man from Cold Lake has been charged with second-degree murder and indignity to a body.  Tyler Lionel John Arsenault is accused of killing Dennis Leonard Cardinalk 44.  Cardinal went missing from his hometown of Cold Lake back on Feb. 1, 2011.  (CHED)  


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VANCOUVER - A senior was stabbed to death near the Front Room Drop In Centre Friday.  At about 6:30am, Donald Williams Deweyn, 63, was fatally stabbed outside the building in the 10600-block of 135A St.  (Surrey Leader)  


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CFS contact


PEGUIS - Child-welfare workers were involved with Kierra Elektra Star Williams, the Peguis First Nation toddler who died July 17.  Little else is known about the 21-month-old, including how she died.  RCMP, who were mum on the death for nearly a week, are calling the toddler's death a homicide.  (Winnipeg Free Press)


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Police chase


MONT-LAURIER - One person is dead and another is in critical condition after the vehicle they were in was struck by a pickup truck being chased by police near Mont Laurier.  The incident happened at around 8:30pm Friday.  Police say the driver of the truck refused to stop for police, who then gave chase.  The speeding truck struck an oncoming vehicle near the intersection of Highways 17 and 309.  The 3 people in the truck are in police custody.  (CBC)    


Police chase death


Christian Fontaine


SAINT JEAN SUR RICHELIEU - Christian Fontaine, 20, fled in his car after police attempted to pull him over for speeding and driving with his lights off at around midnight.  St. Jean police followed in hot pursuit but the young man eventually lost control and crashed into a tree in front of a church in St. Blaise sur Richelieu.  Fortin's car exploded and was totally destroyed. He was declared dead in hospital soon after.  (CTV)   


'Learn from mistakes'



Doreen Chaikowsky     Adam Langan


WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg man is promising to 'learn from my mistakes and become a better person' after a drunken high-speed collision that killed a 71-year-old grandmother.  Adam Langan previously pleaded guilty to one count of impaired driving causing death for a Aug. 24, 2013, pile-up that claimed the life of Doreen Chaikowsky.  Langan was drunk and high on cocaine, racing in the curb lane during rush hour when his pick-up truck t-boned Chaikowsky's vehicle.  (QMI)


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Son charged


TORONTO - A Toronto-area businessman who runs a payday loan and foreign exchange business - and is the son of a man named as a powerful Mafia boss in Ontario - has been arrested in what police call an ongoing fraud investigation.  Carlo DeMaria, 39, faces 10 charges, including fabricating evidence, identity theft, laundering the proceeds of crime and possession of property obtained by crime.  Mr. DeMaria is the owner of the Cash House and is the son of Vincenzo 'Jimmy' DeMaria, who is currently imprisoned for an alleged breach of lifetime parole after a murder conviction in 1981.  (National Post)


Canadian charged


Ali Shahi


TORONTO- A 25-year-old Canadian man has been charged after he allegedly made 'direct threats' to the safety of a flight to Panama City this morning, resulting in the plane returning to Toronto for an emergency landing.  Flight 772 turned around after 45 minutes in the air for the emergency landing at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. It was escorted by two US F-16 military jets.  Ali Shahi, a Canadian citizen, has been charged.  (CBC)  


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Notice they raised the price of beer


VICTORIA - The provincial Ministry of Justice announced Friday that it had lowered the minimum price for servings of beer and cider over 50 ounces, dropping the price of a standard 60-ounce pitcher from $15 to $12.  The ministry says the move is 'to better meet the expectations of British Columbians,' and comes on the heels of consumer and industry complaints that the province's new happy hour rules actually made it more expensive.  (CTV)





Lorie Maureen Bearbull


WINNIPEG - Police have arrested and charged a suspect in the case of Lorie Maureen Bearbull who was fatally stabbed July 18.  On July 24, Naomi Ross, 20, was arrested and charged with second degree murder due to her alleged involvement.  Police identified the victim as Lorie Maureen Bearbull, 37.   (CTV)  


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