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Bill to remove terrorist propaganda


Michel Coulombe


OTTAWA - The anti-terrorism bill unveiled Friday by Prime Minister Stephen Harper includes a section that gives his government the power 'to order the removal of terrorist propaganda' from the internet. Government backgrounders on Bill C-51 point out that the Criminal Code already permits the removal or seizure of hate propaganda or child pornography.  (CBC)


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No permit


Hamza Chauoi


MONTREAL - Hamza Chauoi has been denied an operating licence for his proposed community centre at a site that is not zoned for public worship in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.  But Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre says the refusal is not a matter of religious freedom, but rather one of public safety and order. He described Chauoi as 'an agent of radicalization and instigator of social tensions,' adding that the imam has 'his own agenda' for the site.  (CTV)    


MORE:   Mayor rebukes centre     


Union boss appeals


Jocelyn Dupuis


MONTREAL - The former leader of one of Quebec's main construction unions is appealing his 12-month jail sentence for fraud.  Jocelyn Dupuis, who was convicted in September of faking and inflating bills worth more than $63,000, will remain free until his case is heard by the Quebec Court of Appeal.  (CBC)


MORE:   Former FTQ head sentenced   Boss sentenced   Prison for fraud

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Government sues law firm


Tony Merchant & Pana Merchant


The civil suit against the Merchant Law Group was filed earlier this week in SK  It's owned by Tony Merchant, a big player in Canadian class actions and husband to Liberal Senator Pana Merchant.  Merchant claimed MLG was owed $80M for its more than 7,000 clients, but the judge wasn't satisfied with MLG's documentation and discussions continued.  The government claims that in 2005, Merchant started falsifying its billing records - sometimes as small increments of the same time spread across multiple files.  MLG filed a new lawsuit against the government for $15M on Jan. 27.  (QMI)  


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Ottawa pays wrongly accused


Steve de Jaray


VANCOUVER - A Vancouver businessman has been paid millions of dollars in a secret settlement with the federal government after the CBSA wrongly accused him of exporting military technology to China in violation of export controls.  (W5)  


MORE:   Phantom Menace   Wrong accused collects millions

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Half-way house


SEPT-ELES - The Kapatakan Gilles Jourdain facility in the lower north shore of Quebec which cost $1.9M, opened in in March 2013.  Since then, it has been home to only 12 residents, despite having 20 beds available and an annual operating cost of $680,000.  Currently it holds just a single resident.   (QMI) 


Ponzi scheme


TORONTO - 5 former executives of Seaquest Capital Corporation have been arrested and charged by the RCMP's Toronto financial crimes unit for allegedly bilking investors out of $92M.  Seaquest and its related companies are privately owned corporate and commercial lenders for short-term funding for companies that can't access financing from banks. It then collects money from investors promising a return from the lending practices.  (CBC)


Fracking linked to quake


FOX CREEK - Alberta's provincial energy regulator says a significant earthquake was likely caused by hydraulic fracturing.  Residents in the town of Fox Creek noticed the earthquake on Jan 22.  (CBC)  


File ignored


LONDON - Police were yesterday accused of a catastrophic series of blunders over their handling of a dossier containing more than 2,000 suspected paedophiles.  Despite being handed the information on a plate by Canadian police who traced the Toronto-based website's international network of clients, British suspects were left free to continue offending for up to 2 years and hundreds may now escape justice.  (Daily Mail)


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Mosque blast




SHIKARPUR - At least 49 people were killed and 55 others injured in an explosion inside a central imambargah in Sindh province's Shikarpur district on Friday. (Dawn)


MORE:   Death toll at 49   At least 56 killed  


IS claims responsibility


SINAI PENINSULA - An Egyptian militant group affiliated with the IS has claimed responsibility for coordinated and simultaneous attacks that struck more than a dozen army and police targets in 3 towns in the restive Sinai Peninsula, killing at least 26 security officers.  (CBS)


PREVIOUS:   Sinai insurgency    


Peace talks aborted




DONETSK - Civilians were killed on both sides in heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine on Friday, while an attempt to reopen peace talks in neighboring Belarus was aborted before it began.  (Reuters)  


MORE:    Bodies in streets    Battle rages for key town

COMMENT:  Russia outfoxes its enemies 

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Gas truck explodes




MEXICO CITY - A gas tank lorry has exploded outside a maternity and children's hospital in Mexico City, killing a woman and a baby, the city's mayor said.  The explosion, on the western edge of Mexico City, was so large that much of the building was destroyed.  Officials initially said 7 people had been killed, but Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera later revised the figure.   (BBC)  


MORE:   3 dead, 9 with life-threating burns

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Anonymized isn't anonymous


Scientists showed they can identify you with more than 90% accuracy by looking at just 4 credit card purchases, 3 if the price is included - and this is after companies 'anonymized' the transaction records, saying they wiped away names and other personal details. The study out of the MIT, published Thursday in the journal Science, examined 3 months of credit card records for 1.1M people.  (CBC)


REPORT:   On the reidentifiability of credit card metadata   


Right to strike


OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down as unconstitutional a SK law that prevents public sector employees from striking.  The ruling will affect public service unions in provinces across the country.   (CP)


JUDGMENT:   2015 SCC 4

MORE:   SCC strikes down law

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Regulators failed


Nutrition labelling


OTTAWA - Studies show that most Canadians don't comprehend the per cent daily value or the variety of units common on food nutrition labels. One Canadian study showed that less than half of participants could identify the number of calories in a soft-drink bottle even after consulting the nutritional labels. (Troy Media)


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#1 and #2


Toronto and Montreal are the top two best places to live in the world, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit.   (CTV)


REPORT:   The Safe Cities Index 2015   .pdf

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Suge Knight


HOLLYWOOD - Marion 'Suge' Knight, the former music mogul who created one of hip-hop's leading labels and became the impresario of gangster rap, was arrested early Friday on suspicion of hitting and killing a man with his truck and then fleeing the crash near Los Angeles.  (AP)  


MORE:   Lawyer - he was fleeing for his life  


Suicide bomber at funeral


MEHTAR LAM - At least 12 people have been killed in a suicide attack on a funeral in eastern Afghanistan.  The bomber at the funeral in provincial capital Mehtar Lam mingled with friends and relatives of the police officer and 3 others killed earlier in the day by a roadside explosive.  The attacker then detonated explosives, leaving 12 dead and dozens injured.   (BBC)    


Malaysia declares MH370 an accident


KUALA LUMPUR - The Malaysian government has officially declared the disappearance of Malaysian Airline flight MH370 an accident and says there were no survivors.  No trace of the Beijing-bound aircraft has been found since it disappeared on 8 March 2014.   (BBC)  


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'Drowning in data'


OTTAWA - Mass trolling of internet data - as done by Canada's electronic spy agency in a project dubbed Levitation - can impede cyber spies in the hunt for extremists more than it helps, some security experts argue.  (CBC)


MORE:   How Levitation works   Spy agency defends role

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Bombardier accused


YONGIN - Bombardier Transportation was investigated in South Korea over corruption allegations but never charged.  A task force led by Korean prosecutors alleges that Bombardier offered gifts and trips to Canada for civil servants and politicians who decided to choose Bombardier's technology for an elevated train system.  Yongin has an impressive elevated train, which runs for 18 kilometres linking the Seoul subway system to a large amusement park named Everland.  The train is similar to Vancouver's SkyTrain but there is a major difference - it only has a single car.  The 'bus' is expected to cost taxpayers $3.5B over the next 30 years, including maintenance. (CBC)    


Government cost for an office


OTTAWA - The Harper government spent more than $180,000 last year to run the office of a corporate social responsibility counsellor for the Canadian mining industry.  The government says it cost $181,600 to operate the office from October 2013 to October 2014.  However, the position of counsellor was vacant all that time and remains so to this day.  (CP)


Tax changes payoff


OTTAWA - As Canadians begin to look forward to a series of new federal tax measures kicking in soon, newly-released figures show changes to taxes and tariffs are also helping bolster the government's bottom line.  Data tabled in the House of Commons this week shows a variety of tax changes and the elimination of old tax credits will rake in $3.4B more for the federal government in 2015-2016.  (CP)  


Military suicide figures


OTTAWA - There were 19 suicides among soldiers serving in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2014, one of the highest levels in the last decade, new figures show.  (Toronto Star)


REPORT:    Suicide in the Armed Forces

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Tough-on-crime changes


OTTAWA - The Conservative government is set to announce that it will make violent repeat criminals wait longer to get the near-automatic ticket out of jail known as 'statutory release.'  Few prisoners in Canada serve their full sentence. Most, if they do not receive parole, are set free with conditions at the two-thirds mark under statutory release. But the government intends to keep offenders with a violent history behind bars until they have just 6 months left in their sentence.  They will be introduced around the time the Conservatives table a new law that would end the possibility of parole for some convicted killers.  (Globe & Mail)


MORE:  Bill to criminalize the 'promotion of terrorism'

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Psychopathic violent offenders' brains can't understand punishment


Psychopathic violent offenders have abnormalities in the parts of the brain related to learning from punishment, according to an MRI study.  (University of Montreal)


RELATED:    Study finds link between depression, brain inflammation     


'Contraband' tobacco bust


HALIFAX - A 7 month investigation has led to a major contraband tobacco bust in the Halifax area.  Several convenience stores were searched and 12 people now face a total of 116 charges.  Police and Service Nova Scotia claim a retailer who legally bought the tobacco at a discount directly from manufacturers, broke the law by re-selling the tobacco to other retailers without a wholesaler's license.  (CTV)  


Endgame begins


Health officials are now focused on ending the biggest-ever Ebola outbreak rather than just slowing the deadly virus' spread, the WHO said Thursday.  (AP)


MORE:   Virus mutating   WHO admits Ebola mistakes

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Owners lose challenge


MONTREAL - A Superior Court Judge today ruled against some two dozen small business owners who were challenging the legality of the language-of-signs provisions of Bill 101.  Justice Salvatore Mascia ruled against all but 1 of 24 businesses, all mom and pop shops, that were prosecuted between 1998 and 2001 for breaking Bill 101 because their signage or web sites weren't predominantly in French.  The defendants had tried to prove that French is not in danger in Quebec.  (CJAD)  


MORE:   Court upholds Bill 101


Firm invents employee


WINDSOR - The strange saga of CEN Biotech, the company seeking to become Health Canada's largest producer of medical marijuana, has taken a bizarre new twist: The company has been caught creating a fake employee, and issued a press release quoting the made-up person.  (Globe & Mail) 


Group linked to terrorist organization


MONTREAL - One of the country's largest Muslim organizations gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to a Hamas-linked charity.  The Muslim Association of Canada, based in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ontario owns or operates at least 20 Islamic schools and 15 mosques in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec.  QMI obtained an RCMP search warrant linking the group to IRFAN-Canada, a banned charity group and a listed terrorist organization also based in Mississauga.  (QMI)  


PREVIOUS:   Government lists IRFAN-Canada as terrorist entity    IRFAN-Canada charity status pulled    


Hezbollah revenge attack




GHAJAR - The Israeli military says 2 soldiers have been killed and a further 7 wounded in a Hezbollah 'revenge attack' on a military convoy near the Lebanese border today.  Israel's military responded to the anti-tank missile strike on the convoy with aerial and ground attacks on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon.  The Hezbollah group struck the 9-vehicle convoy with several missiles in an apparent retaliation for a deadly Israeli airstrike in Syria that killed 6 Hezbollah fighters earlier this month.  A Spanish UN peacekeeper was also killed.  (Daily Mail)


MORE:   Israel-Hezbollah violence  


Head of congress a cartel boss


Diosdado Cabello


CARACAS - Leamsy Salazar, the former bodyguard of the head of congress has deserted from the socialist country's armed forces amid reports the man is in the US to testify against his former boss.  Two Spanish-language newspapers reported Monday that the chief bodyguard of National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello has gone to the US with information implicating him as head of a drug cartel made up of political and military officials. Cabello is the second most powerful figure in Venezuela's ruling party, after President Nicolas Maduro.  (AP)    


MORE:   Maduro defends Cabello from 'smear campaign'     Cartel de los soles    


Major swoop


CALABRIA - Italian police on Wednesday ordered the arrest of more than 160 alleged members of the 'Ndrangheta mafia.  More than 40 arrests were made in Calabria, the secretive crime group's southern homeland, but the bulk came in dawn raids in towns and cities across the much wealthier north of Italy, where it has spread its tentacles in recent years in order to launder drugs profits.  More than 100 people were arrested in the region of Emilia Romagna, including 6 alleged 'Ndrangheta bosses, former and currently serving police officers, a prominent local politician and several businessmen.  (Local)


MORE:   Police arrest 163   'Ndrangheta

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Dangerous post-mortem


Alexander Litvinenko 


LONDON - Pathologists examining the body of ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned with a rare radioactive isotope London in 2006, carried out the world's most dangerous-ever post-mortem, an inquiry into his killing heard on Wednesday.  They also said they would probably never have discovered the way he had been killed had unusual tests not been carried out just before his death.  British police say Kremlin critic Litvinenko died 3 weeks after drinking tea poisoned with polonium-210 at a plush London hotel which they believe was administered by two Russians Andrei Lugovoy and Dmitri Kovtun.  (Reuters)  


MORE:   Litvinenko inquiry   Litvinenko named Putin as his killer


Survivors mark liberation


Work makes (you) free


KRAKOW - Some 300 Auschwitz survivors have returned to the site of the Nazi death camp in southern Poland to mark 70 years since its liberation.  Some 1.1M people, the vast majority Jews, were killed there between 1940 and 1945, when advancing Soviet troops liberated it.  (BBC)  


MORE:  'Hell on earth'  Canadian survivor returns   Woman born in Auschwitz returns   70 years after liberation    70 years later   Holocaust Memorial Day   Liberation ceremony

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Thousands sue


TOKYO - A group of over 8,700 people have sued the Japanese daily newspaper Asahi for articles on sexual slavery during World War II and have sought compensation and apology for 'spreading erroneous facts to international society,' the Mainichi newspaper reported Tuesday.  (EFE)  


PREVIOUS:  Newspaper makes correction   Comfort women 


Uneasy calm


MAIDUGURI - After fierce fighting Sunday between Nigerian troops and Islamic militant group Boko Haram, the city of Maiduguri reached an uneasy calm Monday.  Over 100 combatants died in Maiduguri Sunday, mainly insurgents, according to a local journalist who counted bodies at the city's biggest morgue on Monday. The number of casualties may be even higher - soldiers and civilian self-defense fighters who counted bodies Sunday reported over 200 dead.  (AFP)  


MORE:   Africa urged to act    

PREVIOUS:   Satellite images   Boko Haram claims responsibility   2015 Baga massacre


Hostage decapitated


Jogo, Jihadi John, Yukawa


RAQQA - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he was 'speechless' after a video uploaded Saturday appeared to show the decapitated body of Haruna Yukawa, one of two Japanese hostages held by the Islamic State.  (Washington Post)


MORE:   IS losing ground   Kobane's streets of death   Woman's tweets tracked from Toronto to Raqqa   Airstrikes lead to defeat

PREVIOUS:   IS threat   Ransom demand     Did IS doctor footage?   War on Terror   Canadians Jihad    Siege of Kobane




Roberto Dixon


TORONTO - A double shooting at Dundas and Bathurst Sts. left one person dead and another seriously injured early Saturday morning.  Responders were called to Alexandra Park just after 4:15am.  Paramedics found one man shot in the head without vital signs and pronounced him dead on scene.  Police have identified the deceased as Roberto Dixon, 27.  A second victim, who was shot in the hip.  (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Shooting    Targeted shooting    


Victim ID'd 


CALGARY - Police have identified Cuong Hoang, 46, also known as Andy Hoang of Calgary as the man whose body was discovered Thursday morning.  His death has been deemed a homicide.  Just after 9:30am, on Thursday, Jan. 29, Police responded to the 0-block of Auburn Sound Circle SE after receiving reports of a shooting.  When police arrived, they discovered the body of Andy Hoang.  (Beacon)  


MORE:   Victim busted in 1998   Police identify victim    Vehicle recovered   Identified

PREVIOUS:   Shooting  Fatal shooting     


Mom to stand trial


CALGARY - Mom Tamara Lovett was ordered Friday to stand trial for criminal negligence causing death in the death of her 7-year-old son Ryan from a treatable strep infection.  Lovett, 46, who is free on bail, also faces a charge of failing to provide the necessities of life to her son.  Lovett called first responders to her basement suite on March 2, 2013, saying her child was having a seizure.  Emergency crews arrived to find the boy in cardiac arrest.  (QMI)    


6 years


WINNIPEG - A 22-year-old Manitoba man has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for a fatal, unprovoked attack on a man who had ordered him off his property.  Dillyn Friesen previously pleaded guilty to a 'one-punch manslaughter' that claimed the life of Lothar Krieg, 58, on July 7, 2012.  (QMI)


PREVIOUS:   Manslaughter charge    Assault victim dies     


Wine pricing fixing plan


VICTORIA - The provincial government has backed down from a new wholesale pricing structure for wine after merchants and industry experts noted the price of more expensive bottles would skyrocket.  (Globe & Mail)


Police shooting


CASTLEGAR - The IIO is being dispatched to Castlegar after person died following an incident with police on Thursday evening.  According to RCMP the incident happened after 8pm, following a complaint about a possibly impaired driver at a local business.  While conducting a traffic stop on the vehicle, the RCMP member discharged his service pistol. The driver was transported to hospital, but later died from his injuries.   (Global)  


MORE:   Man shot at traffic stop   Mountie shoots suspected drunk driver    




ABBOTSFORD - Police are investigating a suspected hit-and-run after the body of a male cyclist was found late Thursday night.  Police believe the incident happened between 10:30pm and 11:20pm on the 2200 block of Mt Lehman Rd.  They have not identified the cyclist and have found no witnesses to the incident.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Hit-and-run kills cyclist   Police on the hunt    


Child death now murder


Olive Rebekah Oluwafemi


CALGARY - Police are now investigating the suspicious death of a child in SE Calgary in December of last year as a homicide.  At about 3:30pm on Dec 19, emergency crews were called to a home in the 0-100 block of Erin Ridge Rd SE for reports of a young girl in medical distress.  The child, identified as Olive Rebekah Oluwafemi, 4, was in cardiac arrest and was not breathing when crews arrived.  The girl was transported to hospital, but was declared dead a short time later.  (CTV)


MORE:   Death deemed homicide   Death now a homicide   Death ruled homicide

PREVIOUS:   Suspicious death   Police investigating death     




Monica Burns


PRINCE ALBERT  - Police have charged a Prince Albert, SK, man in the death of Monica Burns.  Todd Daniel McKeaveney, 38, is charged with second-degree murder.  Burns's body was found Jan. 17 on a snowmobile trail NW of the city.  According to RCMP, the victim and the man charged were not "known to each other".  (CBC)  


MORE:   Murder charge laid   Man charged   Man charged   Charged   


Another murder charge



Bill Harrison         Merritt & Fattore


BRAMPTON - An Ontario couple accused of killing a man and his mother now face a new murder charge involving another member of the same family.  Melissa Merritt and her common-law husband Christopher Fattore had already been facing first-degree murder charges in the deaths of Merritt's ex-husband Caleb Harrison and his mother, Bridget Harrison.  The pair were also charged Thursday with first-degree murder in the death of William Harrison.  (CP)  


MORE:   Dad, mom and son all found dead in same home - years apart   Couple accused of 3 murders in same family

PREVIOUS:   Couple arrested   Ex-wife and boyfriend charged   Arrests   Homicide   Death deemed a homicide   3 deaths, 1 home    


Charge upgraded


PICKLE LAKE - OPP report they have laid a murder charge in the death of David Muckuck, 50.  Muckuck was found, unresponsive, at a Pickle Lake home on Jan. 8. He was pronounced dead a short time later.  Deborah Muckuck, 30, also of Pickle Lake, was charged with second degree murder in relation to the incident.  Police had previously charged Muckuck with aggravated assault in relation to the death.  (CBC)


MORE:   Woman charged with murder

PREVIOUS:   Woman faces more charges  




MARKHAM -   A Markham couple has been sentenced in connection with the Aug. 22, 2013 death of their 1-month-old son.  The pair, who were initially charged with second-degree murder, pleaded guilty to lesser charges.  The child's mother, Thi My Phuong Bui, 23, pleaded guilty to failing to provide the necessaries of life and was sentenced to 6 months in jail. The baby's father, Kien Phat Tran, 22, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was ordered to serve 6 years in prison.  (CP24)


MORE:   Parents sentenced

PREVIOUS:   Parents charged   Parents charged    Couple charged   


Manslaughter by minivan


Marcel Murdock


WINNIPEG - A 20-year-old Winnipeg woman who ran over and killed a man at the scene of a chaotic street brawl has been convicted of manslaughter.  The woman cannot be named because she was still a youth at the time of the Aug. 20, 2011 incident which claimed the life of Marcel Murdock, 40.  (QMI).    


MORE:   Woman found guilty    Manslaughter 


Cop arrested



Kyle Marynick


VANCOUVER - The off-duty VPD officer arrested on charges of assault and unlawful confinement last week is Kyle Marynick, 34, a 10-year veteran of the force. He has been charged with 2 counts of unlawful confinement and 1 count of assault causing bodily harm, according to RCMP.  (CTV) 


Police budget calls for 0 increase


TORONTO - The budget committee got its first detailed look at the police budget, which calls for a 0% increase over last year's budget but does not include ongoing contract negotiations.  The police budget - which is the largest portion of the city's budget - is $1.2B with 90% of the budget encompassing salaries.  (CityNews)


COMMENT:   Toronto racking up debt to keep special interests happy

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5% pay cut


EDMONTON - Premier Jim Prentice says he and his cabinet ministers will cut their pay by 5% to set a tone of self-sacrifice as Alberta deals with billions of dollars in lost oil revenue.  (Beacon)


MORE:   Unions won't accept wage roll backs

PREVIOUS:   Entitled controversy

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14 years


Phillip Boudreau


PORT HAWKESBURY - Cape Breton fisherman James Joseph Landry was sentenced today to 14 years in prison, less time served, for the killing of Phillip Boudreau in the so-called 'murder for lobster' case.  (CBC) 


PREVIOUS:   Found guilty    'Murder for lobster' case   Dragged out to sea     


Inmate identified


KAMLOOPS - Daryl Vic Belseck, 52, was found dead at Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre on January 19. His death isn't considered suspicious, but the Corners Service continues to investigate the death.  (CP)


PREVIOUS:   Inmate found dead

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Arrested, again


Abdullahi Mohamoud


FORT MCMURRAY - In May of 2011, Abdullahi Mohamoud allegedly pumped gas at a Mississauga gas station and fled without paying.  The gas station attendant, Hashem Atifeh Rad, 62, chased the fleeing car and was fatally injured as the vehicle left the lot.  (Beacon)


PREVIOUS:   Warrant issued   Man faces charges   Arrest in 'gas and dash'   Worker dies  


Confidence shaken


WINNIPEG - A new set of samples of the city's drinking water tested negative for E Coli Wednesday. The city is confident the initial tests that led to the scare, which showed E. Coli in a few suspect samples, were false positive.  But because Health Canada requires two sets of negative samples 24 hours apart to rescind a boil water advisory, the city has decided to uphold the advisory until new results are in.  (CBC)


MORE:   'Gotta learn to live with it'    Boil-water advisory for Wainwright, AB area

PREVIOUS:   Boil-water advisory continues   Officials urge residents not to panic   E. coli found in Winnipeg water      


Gone in 7 seconds


OTTAWA - A Quebecker who was denied part of a $27M jackpot because he missed the deadline to buy the ticket by 7 seconds has lost his appeal to get the money.  The Supreme Court of Canada ruling on Thursday ended a 7-year legal battle by Joel Ifergan to claim his share of the prize.  (Reuters)  


MORE:   7 seconds too late   


6 months


VANCOUVER - Emma Paulsen, the BC dog walker who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in the deaths of 6 dogs in her care, has been sentenced to 6 months in jail.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Dog walker gets jail time   Dog walker sentenced     


Harassment lawsuit


VANCOUVER - A female police officer who worked at the North Vancouver RCMP detachment filed a civil suit in BC Supreme Court Jan. 8 alleging she was sexually harassed and shunned during her time as a cop.  Shelley Whitelaw's allegations describe systemic humiliation that sabotaged her career and left her dealing with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  (North Shore News)




Danovan Anthony Lodge


TORONTO - Police say officers responded to a call for 'the sound of gunshots' on Flemington Rd, around 8:45pm.  The victim has now been identified as Danovan Anthony Lodge, 30, of Toronto.  (QMI)  


MORE:   Victim identified    




Dustin Craig McKay


WINNIPEG - Dustin McKay, 22, died after the incident on Isabel St and Pacific Ave on Jan  23.  Officers said he had been involved in a fight on the roadway. He was knocked unconscious and left on the road.  A vehicle hit McKay while he was unconscious on the road.  Desmond Evan Spicer, 50, of Winnipeg faces charges for driving while impaired causing death.  Police said the homicide unit identified a male suspect involved in the initial fight.  Billy Joe Couture, 28, of Winnipeg faces charges for manslaughter.  (CTV) 


PREVIOUS:  Homicide  Identified   Homicide  


Teen suing


TASIUJAQ - A young woman from an Inuit village in northern Quebec is suing for $400,000 after she was left handcuffed in a police vehicle with a repeat sexual offender and sexually assaulted.  The man, Joe Kritik, had already been convicted of 4 sexual assaults at the time and was listed on the sexual offender registry.  He was not handcuffed.  (CBC)     


Former Scout leader accused


Jeremy Nathaniel Gregg


TORONTO - A former Scouts Canada leader has been arrested and charged with 17 offences in connection with the sexual assault of two children over an 11-year-period.  Jeremy Nathaniel Gregg, 45, of Toronto, was arrested on Tuesday and charged.  Police believe Gregg may have additional victims.  (CP24)  


MORE:   Historic sexual assault     


Grow-op found


VANCOUVER - Several thousand marijuana plants were seized and more than 10 arrests made during a massive grow-op bust in Langley on Tuesday.  The investigation began 4 weeks ago, centring on a 7-acre rural property in Langley on 0 Ave and 264 St.  The focus is a 51,000 square feet barn.  (Vancouver Province)       


Wrong department


Bluenose II


HALIFAX - The delays and cost overruns plaguing the restoration of the Bluenose II stem from Nova Scotia's decision to hand the job to a government department that had little experience managing construction projects, the province's auditor general says.  Michael Pickup says the Heritage Department's supervision of the project was undermined by a lack of planning and weak management.  When the restoration was announced in 2009, it was estimated to cost $14.4M. But Pickup says that has grown to $20M, with $4M to $5M on top of that in dispute.  (CP)


REPORT:   Bluenose II restoration project   .pdf

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Missing man case, now homicide


Jordan McLeod


PRINCE GEORGE - A Prince George man who has been missing for 10 days is now believed to be the victim of foul play, RCMP said Monday, after linking the victim to gunshots.  Jordan McLeod was last seen on Jan. 16th in Prince George and Vanderhoof and reported missing 3 days later. He hasn't been seen since.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Victim of foul play    


Victim identified


WHISTLER - The BC Coroners Service has released the identity of the man who was killed following an altercation at the Aava Hotel Jan 20.  Police found Damon William Campbell, 45, from Port Coquitlam in medical distress at the hotel just after 3am.  First aid was given, but he was later declared dead at the hospital.   (Whistler Question)


MORE:   Victim ID'd

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Refused drivers licenses


VANCOUVER - ICBC has placed refuse-to-issue holds on 25,000 people who have more than $25 in unpaid tolls for crossing the new Port Mann Bridge.  And it's not just the Port Mann toll that drivers are avoiding. According to ICBC, more than 17,000 drivers have been designated refuse-to-issue for unpaid tolls on the Fraser River-spanning Golden Ears Bridge.   (CTV)   


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Paid neighbour's Hydro


VANCOUVER - Denise Dolnik owns a vacation condo in Whister. Last July, her tenants called to say the power was out in their suite.  When an electrician couldn't find the problem, BC Hydro was called in. It turns out the wires to Dolnik's smart meter number 376 were crossed with the condo next door, meter 377. For 12 years, the meter mix-up went undetected.  (CTV)  




VANCOUVER - April Smith says she disgraced herself, her family and the officers and employees of the Mission RCMP when she stole $116,000 from police exhibits to support her gambling addiction.  (Vancouver Province)    


Regimental funeral



David Matthew Wynn


ST ALBERT - Mourners including Prime Minister Stephen Harper will attend a regimental funeral service Monday in Alberta for RCMP Const. David Wynn.   (CTV)


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CAMBRIDGE, ON - Police responded to what was originally an assault investigation around 11:45pm Sunday.  When police arrived on scene, they discovered a man with serious injuries.  The man succumbed to his injuries.  A 53-year-old man, who lived in the same residence as the victim, is facing a charge of second degree murder.  (CTV)  


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Victim named



Bobby Pellicano


MONTREAL - Bobby Pellicano, 26, has been identified as the victim of an early-morning stabbing in downtown Montreal.  Pellicano, was allegedly stabbed at least once while attending a private party in a building under construction on Ste-Catherine.  The incident happened shortly before 4am Sunday on an upper floor of a commercial building, at a party Pellicano reportedly attended with his brother and a cousin.  (CBC)  


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Unprovoked attack


TORONTO - In a random and unprovoked attack, a man 'on a bit of a rampage' allegedly attacked 4 people with a knife near Maple Leaf Gardens in 4 separate incidents Sunday morning.  Shawn O'Neill, 62, faces charges including 4 counts of attempted murder, 4 counts of aggravated assault, 6 counts of weapons dangerous and 6 counts of assault with a weapon.  (Toronto Star)  


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Cities can spend taxpayers' money


VICTORIA - It appears there are no rules or even precedents to prevent municipalities from spending money on issues they deem to be of importance to voters. The office of the Auditor-General for Local Government also says that it is not the role of the office to tell municipal governments what they can spend money on.   (Globe & Mail)


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Some staff suspended


VICTORIA - 5 Community Vision staff members have been suspended as the result of an ongoing investigation into the home-care agency and the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development is no longer placing children in their care, Minister Stephanie Cadieux said Friday.  The ministry started an investigation into the agency in mid-January after several former employees came forward with allegations of falsified first aid certificates, poor work conditions and concerns about the level of care provided.  (QMI)  


Homicide-suicide situation


MELFORT - RCMP officers are investigating the deaths of a man and woman in Melfort, SK, and they say initial investigations appear to show it is a 'homicide-suicide situation'.   Officers say they responded to calls about the sudden deaths of a man, 46, and a woman, 48, in Melfort Friday evening.   (CBC) 


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